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1. “All that is gold does not glitter,Not all those who wander are lost;The old that is strong does not wither,Deep roots are not reached by the frost.From the ashes a fire shall be woken,A light from the shadows shall spring;Renewed shall be blade that was broken,The crownless again shall be king.”

Tags : Frost Glitter Gold Lost Poetry Roots Strength Strong Wander Wither
Source : The Fellowship of the Ring

2. “All that is gold does not glitter,Not all those who wander are lost.”

Tags : Glitter Journey Shine Tolkien Travel Wander Wanderlust
Source : The Fellowship of the Ring

3. “Being gay is like glitter, it never goes away.”

Tags : Gay Glitter Lady Gaga
Author : Lady Gaga

4. “What glitters may not be gold; and even wolves may smile; and fools will be led by promises to their deaths.”

Tags : Death Fools Glitter Gold Promises
Author : Lauren Oliver
Source : Delirium Stories: Hana, Annabel, and Raven

5. “Consider the fact that maybe…just maybe…beauty and worth aren’t found in a makeup bottle, or a salon-fresh hairstyle, or a fabulous outfit. Maybe our sparkle comes from somewhere deeper inside, somewhere so pure and authentic and REAL, it doesn’t need gloss or polish or glitter to shine.”

Tags : Authentic Authenticity Beauty Being Fabulous Being Yourself Fabulous Fashion Glitter Inner Shine Loving Yourself Makeup Maybelline Outer Beauty Positive Thinking Self Worth Shining Sparkle What S Inside That Counts Worth Worthiness
Author : Mandy Hale
Source : The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass

6. “Rejoice with glitters of ashes tonightSparkling for moon's spiced silver biteUpon skin of darkness, loving night moreStorm begins unlocking cold wind's door”

Tags : Ash Ashes Bite Bites Cold Darkness And Light Door Glitter Glittering Loving Moon Moon Magic Moonlight Poem Poems Poetry Silver Sparkle Sparkling Sparkling Darkness Spice Storm Unlocked Wind
Author : Munia Khan

7. “The place where the sea kisses the sky is a beautiful beginning to a painful end.”

Tags : Bad Beauty Beauty Of Life Best Black Holes Crack Darkness Depth Evil Feel Feelings Good Hail Heart Heartbreak Intense Known Life Loss Death Lovers Maybe People Prince Rain Someday Successful Suffering Synonyms Temporary Universe Vanshikadhyani

8. “We humans are made up of stardust. Our eyes reflect starlight. And when we crack it escapes and shines through.”

Tags : Bad Beauty Best Better Black Holes Evil Feelings Find Losing Someone Lovers Prince Princess Quotes Random Someday Something Special Star Starlight Success Successful Suffer Synonyms Today True Universe

9. “Happy and sad are words for the same feeling in different time zones.”

Tags : Author Best Better Destroy Feel Find Heart Insecurity Intense Losing Someone Princess Quotes Rain Room Someday Something Sparkle Special Star Temporary Universe Knowing Oneself

10. “The true depth of failure is known by the successful.”

Tags : Bad Beauty Of Life Broken Crack Darkness Destroy Find Glitter Healing Heart Heartbreak Intense Known Life Love Love Story Lovely Maybe Pain Princess Quotes Rain Room Someday Something Sparkle Success Successful Suffer Suffering Today True Vanshikadhyani

11. “The exact location of your dream lies in entangled in your childhood memorie”

Tags : Author Bad Beauty Destroy Evil Feelings Find Glitter Hail Healing Heart Heartbreak Hurt Life Loss Death Love Heals Lovely People Rain Room Someday Special Star Starlight Successful Suffer Temporary True Universe

12. “The exact location of your dream lies in entangled in your childhood memories.”

Tags : Beauty Best Better Black Holes Destroy Evil Feelings Find Good Healing Heart Heartbreak Known Losing Someone Loss Death Love Lovely Pain People Princess Quotes Rain Random Room Special Successful Suffer Temporary Universe

13. “The exact location of your dream lies entangled in your childhood memories.”

Tags : Bad Beauty Better Black Holes Broken Darkness Depth Destroy Find Glitter Good Healing Hurt Intense Love Love Heals Love Story Maybe Pain Princess Quotes Random Someday Something Special Star Starlight Success Suffer Suffering Temporary Today Vanshikadhyani

14. “Zoe was wearing a yello batik cotton dress, her typewriter keys bracelet, plaid sneakers, and glitter in her hair, in honor of meeting such a luminous personality as Bronwyn Gilwen.”

Tags : Bracelet Celebrity Dress Glitter Plaid Typewriter Keys
Source : The Glass Puzzle

15. “Broken glass. It's just like glitter, isn't it?”

Tags : Broken Glass Glitter Pete Doherty
Author : Pete Doherty

16. “Lucky! I can only eat glitter and rainbows. Darn my sensitive stomach!”

Tags : Food Glitter Rainbows Unicorn
Author : Bob Shea
Source : Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great

17. “...He sat back on his heels and watched the stars one by one cut their way through onrushing darkness, till all was reversed, day was night, and the blackness glittered with all the desert's sands, each a tiny flame beyond the bounds of time.”

Tags : Africa Black Darkness Day Desert Flames Glitter Night Planetary Sand Sky Solar System Stars The Last Savanna Time
Author : Mike Bond
Source : The Last Savanna

18. “SAPPHIRE AND DIAMONDSWhen I look up at Heaven,I see the souls of those who diedBeaming down at me,Wanting to scream: “I'm still alive!”,Wishing to scribble across the sapphire sky -Letters to their loved ones,But a million dark oceans stand between us,Between those who passed and the living,Between those of us still stuck below,And those who have crossed over the threshold of time -Where what seems like eternityIs really only a few minutes.So you see, there is no reason to weep over the shining ones -For even though the space that separates us is limitless,The wall of time that divides us is only paper-thin.And one day, we shall all reunite with them,When our souls are released like fishBack into the vast shimmering seaTo shine together likeGlittering diamonds.”

Tags : Crossing Over Cry Death Diamond Divide Glitter Life Love Loved Ones Minutes Mourn Ocean Other Side Passed Sapphire Scream Shimmer Shining Shining Star Sky Souls Space Star Threshold Time
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

19. “Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies.”

Tags : Art Crafts Glitter Herpes

20. “I am wary of the whole dreary deadening structured mess that we have built into such a glittering top-heavy structure that there is nothing left to see but the glitter, and the brute routines of maintaining it.”

Tags : Glitter Routine Society Structure
Source : The Deep Blue Good-By

21. “Note to self: Never leave home without glitter.”

Tags : Glitter
Source : The Friday Society

22. “I half imagined I could taste the silver on his nails, as sharp as glitter in my mouth. Maybe when he touched me, colour would spill from his hands like heat.”

Tags : Glitter Nails Silver
Author : Alexis Hall

23. “Magic was not in glitter and sparks. Real magic didn't need to be.”

Tags : Glitter Magic
Source : We Shadows

24. “I've been working on my craft for a long time. People never want to let go of the whole 'Glitter,'... I'm like, 'It's eight years later, people. Let's move on.”

Tags : Glitter Music
Author : Mariah Carey

25. “He lived then before me, he lived as much as he had ever lived---a shadow insatiable of splendid appearances, of frightful realities, a shadow darker than the shadow of the night, and draped nobly in the folds of a gorgeous eloquence. The vision seemed to enter the house with me---the stretcher, the phantom-bearers, the wild crowd of obedient worshipers, the gloom of the forests, the glitter of the reach between the murky bends, the beat of the drum regular and muffled like the beating of a heart, the heart of a conquering darkness.”

Tags : Conquering Darkness Death Descriptions Forests Funeral Glitter Heart Heart Of Darkness Life Murky Worship
Author : Joseph Conrad

26. “I graba small containerof glitter.Because this day,this wonderful,beautiful,glorious dayjust wouldn't be completewithout a little,or a lot, ofglitter”

Tags : Beautiful Day Complete Glitter Inspirational
Source : The Day Before

27. “She glitters like she walked out of a Klimt painting”

Tags : Glitter Klimt Love
Author : Jandy Nelson

28. “Everybody out there, don't ever take anybody for granted, 'cause you never know when you might lose them and you may never get the chance to tell them how you really feel.”

Tags : Glitter
Author : Mariah Carey

29. “Madison sparkled like the words on her oversized chest. There was glitter embedded in her eye shadow, in her lip gloss, in her nail polish, hanging from her ears in shoulder grazing hoops, dangling from her wrists in blingy bracelets. If the lights went out in the hallway, she could light it up like a human disco ball.”

Tags : Girls Glitter Humor Popular Girls
Source : Dorothy Must Die

30. “She dug into one of the boxes, finding clay angels she’d made in art class when she was seven years old. She found plastic swans on strings and red crystal cardinals. She found a blue-and-white rocking horse covered in glitter. She found a porcelain Santa Claus. She found that she couldn’t figure out where the hell time had gone.”

Tags : Christmas Fleeting Time Glitter Holiday Life Memory Moment Nostalgia Past Plastic Rocking Horse Swan Time Youth
Source : Mandy and Alecto: The Collected Smog City Book Series

31. “It's not what you have on the outside that glitters in light, it's what you have on the inside that shines in the dark.”

Tags : Appearence Bling Contentment Darkness And Light Flashy Flesh Glitter Happiness Jewelry Materialism Modest Money Poor And Humble Rich And Pride Shine Silver And Gold Spiritual

32. “What are you doing?” Alecto asked in surprise, stepping back. Laughing brightly, she dragged him towards the greenhouse, the shattered glass reflecting rainbows as brilliant as a million Kodak flashcubes, glittering as they were cascaded through the breeze. “See, don’t be afraid of the glass, it can’t hurt us,” Mandy laughed, spectacularly eccentric, her eyes reflecting the fallen glass.“I wasn’t afraid of the glass, but this isn’t a very secluded place that you just decided to vandalize,” Alecto cautioned, smiling despite his words. Before Mandy could reply, she heard loud whispering in the air, behind the trees… it sounded like a group of people, all whispering in unison… “Somebody’s out there,” she exclaimed nervously.“Yeah, you’re right,” Alecto replied. Suddenly a sharp new vibrancy seemed to fill his eyes and he smiled coldly, taking the tree branch from Mandy and rapidly smashing in all of Mrs. Matthias’ stained glass house windows with it. Blue, green, yellow, red, turquoise, purple and an array of other colors showered through the sky noisily, sounding like wind chimes and crashing waves. “They’ll go away,” he told her, glancing up at the sky.“…Alecto, do you like me?” Mandy questioned, holding out her arms like a lopsided scarecrow as the glass fell through her dark red hair.“Yeah, sure,” he answered.“Will you be my friend, then? A real friend, not just another person who feels sorry for me?” Mandy asked.“…Alright, Mandy Valems,” Alecto agreed.”

Tags : Afraid Blue Canada Children Colored Crashing Depression Friends Friendship Fun Glass Green Greenhouse Growing Up House Love Noir Noise Nostalgia Red Scarecrow Smile Sorry Stained Glass Trees Vibrancy Waves Whispering Wind Chimes
Source : Smog City

33. “The complexity of your earthly array is not a guarantee for a truimphant eternity. The fact is that you need a simple life to go to heaven; not an excessively glittering body, shiny lips and charming face.”

Tags : Beauty Is Vain Body Charming Charming Face Clean Heart Complex Life Eternal Life Everlasting Life Garden Of Eden Glittering Heaven Hell Holy Jesus Christ Life Lipstick Shiny Lips Simple Simple Life Sincere Soul Spirit Truimpant Truimpant Eternity Vanity

34. “Whatever it is, don't do it!" said Catarina. "It's a bad idea." "And why do you say that?""Because they're the only kind you have," she said. " I have known you a long time, and I am absolutely certain on this subject. If you are planning on becoming a pirate again, its a bad idea.""I don't repeat my mistakes,"Magnus said, offended. "You're right. You make all new and even worse mistakes," Catarina told him. "don't do it, whatever it is. Don't lead a werewolf uprising, don't do anything that might contribute to the apocalypse, and don't start your own line of glitter and try to sell it at Sephora”

Tags : City Of Heavenly Fire Glitter Humor Magnus Bane

35. “This is what it had come to. Glitter. How he thought glitter had been a good idea, the Gods only knew."- Charles' thoughts”

Tags : Charles Glitter Haha
Author : K.F. Breene
Source : Charles

36. “Perhaps she had received diamonds, Strike thought; she had always said she didn't care for such things, but when they argued the glitter of all he could not give her had sometimes been flung back hard in his face...”

Tags : Diamonds Glitter Poor
Source : The Silkworm

37. “What I lack in brilliance, I more than make up for in glitter”

Tags : Brilliance Glitter Humor Lack More
Author : Josh Stern
Source : And That's Why I'm Single: What Good Is Having A Lucky Horseshoe Up Your Butt When The Horse Is Still Attached?

38. “I graba small containerof glitter.Because this day,this wonderful,beautiful,glorious dayjust wouldn't be completewithout a little,or a lot, ofg i t r l t e”

Tags : All You Need Beautiful Day Complete Glitter Inspirational
Source : The Day Before

39. “I don't want Christmas season to end, because it's the only time I can legitimately indulge in on particular addiction: glitter.”

Tags : Christmas Glitter
Author : Eloisa James
Source : Paris in Love

40. “it turns out, teachers think of glitter as the herpes of craft world- impossible to contain or exterminate. (Beer Buckets and Baby Jesus)”

Tags : Glitter Holiday
Author : Myra McEntire
Source : My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve Holiday Stories