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1. “We have known for a long time that Prince Charles' empty sails are so rigged as to be swelled by any passing waft or breeze of crankiness and cant. He fell for the fake anthropologist Laurens van der Post. He was bowled over by the charms of homeopathic medicine. He has been believably reported as saying that plants do better if you talk to them in a soothing and encouraging way.”

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2. “In the controversy that followed the prince's remarks, his most staunch defender was professor John Taylor, a scholar whose work I had last noticed when he gave good reviews to the psychokinetic (or whatever) capacities of the Israeli conjuror and fraud Uri Geller. The heir to the throne seems to possess the ability to surround himself—perhaps by some mysterious ultramagnetic force?—with every moon-faced spoon-bender, shrub-flatterer, and water-diviner within range.”

Tags : 2010 British Monarchy British Royal Family Charles Prince Of Wales Controversy Credulity Frauds Gullibility John G Taylor Monarchy Psychics Scepticism Uri Geller

3. “It has been my personal experience that the government engages in a wide range of frauds with the common people.”

Tags : Common Engage Engages Experiences Quotes Fraud Fraud And Blackmail Fraud And Conspiracy Fraudelent Frauds Fraudsters Fraudulence Government Government Abuse Government Corruption Government Cover Ups Government Propaganda Government Quotes Government Regulation Government Spending Governments People People Quotes Personal Range Wide
Author : Steven Magee

4. “Corporations and their government minions are capable of anything...just look at the frauds the recent wars became known as. Hundreds of thousands killed in the name of corporate "liberation".”

Tags : Anything Capable Corporate Corporations Frauds Government Government Abuse Government Corruption Government Cover Ups Hundreds Killed Known Liberate Liberation Look Minions Name Recent Thousands Wars
Author : Steven Magee

5. “Our works in stone, in paint, in print, are spared, some of them, for a few decades or a millennium or two, but everything must finally fall in war, or wear away into the ultimate and universal ash - the triumphs, the frauds, the treasures and the fakes. A fact of life: we're going to die. "Be of good heart," cry the dead artists out of the living past. "Our songs will all be silenced, but what of it? Go on singing." Maybe a man's name doesn't matter all that much.”

Tags : Authenticity F For Fake Frauds Orson Welles Post Modernism
Author : Orson Welles

6. “One of life’s ironies is that the more honest and vulnerable you are, the more others try to discredit you as a fraud and a fake. Shut them up by not caring.”

Tags : Fake People Frauds Honesty Insecurity Irony
Author : Dan Pearce
Source : Single Dad Laughing

7. “What a pair of frauds.”

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Source : Engleby

8. “I arrived in the USA in 2001 and by 2015 I knew through experience that I was living in a country of corporate incompetence and blatant frauds.”

Tags : 2001 2015 Arrived Blatant Corporate Country Experience Frauds Incompetence Knew Living Usa
Author : Steven Magee

9. “Radiation frauds are alive and well in western societies.”

Tags : Alive Frauds Radiation Societies Well Western
Author : Steven Magee

10. “If you love your country, you must be willing to defend it from fraud, bigotry, and recklessness--even from a president.”

Tags : Bigoted Bigotry Bigots Donald Trump Quotes Fraudelent Fraudsters Lgbt Rights Lgbtq Love Patriotic Citizens Patriotic Freedom Patriotism President Donald Trump President Of The United States President Trump Presidents Race Race Relations Racism Quotes Reckless Behavior Recklessness Trump United States United States Of America

11. “Accepting fraud from our leaders means accepting fraud in our personal lives.”

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