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1. “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.”

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2. “I don't fit into any stereotypes. And I like myself that way.”

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Author : C. JoyBell C.

3. “There are people who are generic. They make generic responses and they expect generic answers. They live inside a box and they think people who don't fit into their box are weird. But I'll tell you what, generic people are the weird people. They are like genetically-manipulated plants growing inside a laboratory, like indistinguishable faces, like droids. Like ignorance.”

Tags : Difference Differences Droids Fitting In Generic Generic People Ignorance Life Life And Living Living Living Inside A Box Monotonous People Societies Society Weird Weirdness
Author : C. JoyBell C.

4. “So you're a little weird? Work it! A little different? OWN it! Better to be a nerd than one of the herd!”

Tags : Accepting Yourself Being Different Being Yourself Conformity Different Fitting In Herd Loving Yourself Nerd Not Fitting In Standing Out Unique Uniqueness Weird Weirdness
Author : Mandy Hale

5. “Life is like butter - when things cool down it can be reshaped”

Tags : Actions Art Attributed Be Yourself Belief Best Confidence Faith Fate Fear Freedom Inspirational Integrity Light Magination Mistakes Peace Plans Relationships Romance Sadness Smile Smiling Strategy Strength Those Who Matter
Source : Alan Sheinwald is Building a Perfect Home

6. “You’ll learn, as you get older, that rules are made to be broken. Be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never, ever apologize for it. Go against the grain, refuse to conform, take the road less traveled instead of the well-beaten path. Laugh in the face of adversity, and leap before you look. Dance as though EVERYBODY is watching. March to the beat of your own drummer. And stubbornly refuse to fit in.”

Tags : Adversity Authenticity Being Yourself Breaking The Rules Dance Dancing Finding Yourself Fitting In Getting Older Go Against The Grain Happiness Journey Of Life Laughter Lessons Lessons Learned Life Lessons Living Life On Your Own Terms Loving Yourself Non Conformity Positive Thinking Road Less Traveled Rules Standing Out Taking Chances The Single Woman Uniqueness
Author : Mandy Hale
Source : The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass

7. “Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?”

Tags : Fitting In Inspirational Love Yourself
Author : Ian Wallace

8. “Human tragedies:We all want to be extraordinaryand we all just want to fit in.Unfortunately, extraordinary people rarely fit in.”

Tags : Excellence Fitting In Talent

9. “Each of us is a book waiting to be written, and that book, if written, results in a person explained.”

Tags : Boston Boston Harbor Boston History Bully Bullying Castle Island Cirignano Discrimination Dorchester Drinking And Driving Fitting In Forced Busing Gas Shortage Irish Mob Italian Memoir Murder Nonfiction Osracism South Boston Southie True Crime Whitey Bulger
Source : The Constant Outsider

10. “Those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it.”

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Author : Rick Warren
Source : The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here for?

11. “I think fitting in is highly overrated. I’d rather just fit out... Fitting out means being who you are, even when people insist that you have to change. Fitting out means taking up space, not apologizing for yourself, and not agreeing with those who seek to label you with stereotypes.”

Tags : Fitting In Inspiration Stereotypes

12. “We're so quick to cut away pieces of ourselves to suit a particular relationship, a job, a circle of friends, incessantly editing who we are until we fit in.”

Tags : Fitting In Self Editing
Source : Happily Ever After

13. “I am wired by nature to love the same toys that the world loves. I start to fit in. I start to love what others love. I start to call earth "home." Before you know it, I am calling luxeries "needs" and using my money just the way unbelievers do. I begin to forget the war. I don't think much about people perishing. Missions and unreached people drop out of my mind. I stop dreaming about the triumphs of grace. I sink into a secular mind-set that looks first to what man can do, not what God can do. It is a terrible sickness. And I thank God for those who have forced me again and again toward a wartime mind-set.”

Tags : Christianity Fitting In Materialism Mind Set Missions Money Sickness Worldliness
Author : John Piper
Source : Don't Waste Your Life

14. “One must conform to the baseness of an age or become neurotic.”

Tags : Conforming Conforming And Attitude Conformity Fitting In Immorality Individual Vs Society Morality Neurosis Neuroticism Societal Expectations Societal Norms
Author : Robert Musil

15. “But then I have always been somewhat of a square peg in a round hole.”

Tags : Fitting In Hiccup
Source : How to Speak Dragonese

16. “Very deep. You should send that in to the Reader's Digest. They've got a page for people like you.”

Tags : Deep Thoughts Fitting In Humor
Author : Douglas Adams
Source : The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

17. “Taking into account the public's regrettable lack of taste, it is incumbent upon you not to fit in.”

Tags : Fitting In Humor Individuality Taste
Source : Feel This Book: An Essential Guide to Self-Empowerment, Spiritual Supremacy, and Sexual Satisfaction

18. “I myself am opaque, for some reason. Their eyes cannot see me. Yes, that's it: The world is autistic with respect to me.”

Tags : Adjustment Autism Fitting In
Author : Anne Nesbet
Source : The Cabinet of Earths

19. “I am too much alien and not enough monkey to fit in here.”

Tags : Alien Fitting In Funny Monkey

20. “Omigosh—I'm a squash!”

Tags : Being Oneself Belonging Fitting In Self Acceptance Squash
Author : Dave Horowitz
Source : The Ugly Pumpkin

21. “Maybe it's wrong-footed trying to fit people into the world, rather than trying to make the world a better place for people.[as quoted in "Brain Gain" by Margaret Talbot, The New Yorker, 4/27/09 issue]”

Tags : Betterment Fitting In People World
Author : Paul McHugh

22. “How can I expect readers to know who I am if I do not tell them about my family, my friends, the relationships in my life? Who am I if not where I fit in the world, where I fit in the lives of the people dear to me?”

Tags : Family Fitting In Friends Life Living Relationships Sharing Sharing Life Writing
Source : I, The Divine: A Novel in First Chapters

23. “But you don't have to fit in to be okay. Believe me! I am the not-fitting-in world expert. I have not fit in in maybe five different countries so far. I am homelandless. I even make mistakes when I speak Bulgarian. But it's not big deal, not really. It's not the end of the world, right? It's okay.”

Tags : Fitting In Home Homelandlessness Not Fitting In
Author : Anne Nesbet
Source : The Cabinet of Earths

24. “No one belongs when they are new to this world. All children are Changelings.”

Tags : Belonging Children Fitting In
Source : The Girl Who Raced Fairyland All the Way Home

25. “Whether you try too hard to fit in or you try too hard to stand out, it is of equal consequence: you exhaust your significance.”

Tags : Art Be Yourself Consequence Creativity Exhaustion Fashion Fitting In Gimmick Honesty Meaning Niche Originality Popularity Purpose Significance Standing Out Success Trend Truth Trying Hard
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

26. “Anything that causes you to change who you are just to fit in is not good for you.”

Tags : Fitting In Misfits
Source : 12 Keys to Success for Misfits, Weirdos & Introverts: A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Understanding Your Place in the World

27. “Me, I trust people who show you what freaks they are. It's the ones who blend in that ya gotta watch out for.”

Tags : Different Fitting In
Author : Hope Larson

28. “Did other people have this much trouble fitting in, or was it just her?”

Tags : Acceptance Fitting In
Source : Diamonds are Forever

29. “Everyone at school has their little group. Even the people nobody likes seem to tolerate each other enough to sit together at lunch. But I just sort of wander around by myself most of the time. It'd almost be better if I thought no one liked me, if I had some weird tick or social inadequacy that could easily explain my alienation, but it's not that easy. People talk to me at school and invite me to parties, but something's missing on the smaller scale. I don't belong to anybody. I don't have anyone who is mine.”

Tags : Fitting In Social Concerns
Author : Amy Reed
Source : Crazy

30. “The world accommodates you for fitting in, but only rewards you for standing out.”

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31. “Don’t try to fit in; try to change.”

Tags : Debasish Mridha Debasish Mridha Md Don T Try To Fit In Fitting In Inspirational Quotes Philosophy Quotes Try To Change

32. “When I was young, I used to wish I would fit in… I’m glad I didn’t get my wish.”

Tags : Fitting In Growing Up Inspirational Life Young
Source : Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

33. “Believe in your future and your future will believe inyou.”

Tags : Adversity Attitudes Authenticity Being Yourself Belief Believe In Yourself Boldness Chances Confidence Dance Dancing Dreams Finding Yourself Fitting In Getting Older Inspiration Journey Of Life Laughter Lessons Learned Life Lessons Loving Yourself Overcoming Adversity Positive Thinking Power Road Less Traveled Self Esteem Or Lack Thereof Standing Out Talents Uniqueness
Source : Psychology of Friendship for Leadership

34. “They weren't smiling and were looking in opposite directions, but it was as if their bodies flowed smoothly into each other's, through their arms and fingers. . . . There was a shared space between their bodies, the confines of which were not well delineated, from which nothing seemed to be missing and in which the air seemed motionless, undisturbed.”

Tags : Acceptance Connectedness Fitting In Love Pieces Relationships
Source : The Solitude of Prime Numbers

35. “We''re all misfits here,” he says, almost proudly. “That's why I started this squat, after all.  For people like us, who don't fit in anywhere else.  Halfies and homos and hopeless romantics, the outcast and outrageous and terminally weird.  That's where art comes from, Jimmy, my friend.  From our weirdnesses and our differences, from our manic fixations, our obsessions, our passions.  From all those wild and wacky things that make each of us unique.”

Tags : Art Bordertown Dreams Fitting In Inspiration Misfits
Source : Welcome to Bordertown

36. “What matters most is not 'what' you are, but 'who' you are.”

Tags : Be Yourself Fitting In Honesty Identity Inclusivity Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Philosophy Self Appreciation

37. “It’s better to be a “misfit” than a “one-size-fits-all”!”

Tags : Being Yourself Conformity Fitting In Loving Yourself Misfit Not Fitting In Positive Thinking Standing Out
Author : Mandy Hale

38. “How was Savannah supposed to pretend this glamorous life was what she’d always known? She was from a slummy neighborhood in a town outside San Francisco. These people were going to see right through her.”

Tags : Fitting In Misfit Unsure
Source : The Secret Diamond Sisters

39. “Ordinary people are products of their environment and fit in. Artists transcend their environment and stand out.”

Tags : Art Artists Artists Quotes Being Different Being Yourself Being Yourself Quotes Environment Fitting In Herd Behavior Herd Mentality People Society Standing Out Unique Uniqueness

40. “If we can’t repair things with the Romans—well, the two sets of demigods have never gotten along. That’s why the gods kept us separate. I don’t know if we could ever belong there.”Percy didn’t want to argue, but he couldn’t let go of the hope. It felt important—not just for him, but for all the other demigods. It had to be possible to belong in two different worlds at once. After all, that’s what being a demigod was all about—not quite belonging in the mortal world or on Mount Olympus, but trying to make peace with both sides of their nature.”

Tags : Annabeth Chase Families Fitting In Percy Jackson Percy Jackson And The Olympians Relationships The Heroes Of Olympus The Mark Of Athena
Author : Rick Riordan
Source : The Mark of Athena

41. “When people look at me, they automatically assume I'm dark and weird. Why can't they see the truth? I'm just a girl, trying to find my place in the world.”

Tags : Bullying Emo Fitting In Friendship Fright Goth High School Melodrama Morbid Nonconformist Weirdo

42. “That empty sick feeling came over me again. In a big school it was easy to fade into the background, but I didn’t know if that would be possible here. I tried not to think about it anymore.”

Tags : Acceptance Fitting In Peer Pressure Popularity School
Source : Spiritus

43. “It was the fact that they tried so hard that doomed them.”

Tags : Fitting In Nonchalance Peer Pressure
Source : The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth: Popularity, Quirk Theory and Why Outsiders Thrive After High School

44. “Take comfort in the knowledge that you are different, even from the different ones.”

Tags : Different Fitting In Standing Out Unique

45. “She may have been among them but she could never be one of them. She was without inclusion for-as-much as she was not "one of the girls" and she wasn't "one of the guys." She was an outsider gazing in, endlessly comfortless, while they wished they had what it took to be less like the others and more like her.”

Tags : Alone Belonging Fitting In Isolated Odd Outcast Outsider Unique

46. “You really are a chameleon, aren't you? Fitting in wherever you go."Aren't we all?" she said...”

Tags : Chameleon Fitting In Human Nature
Source : The Witch of Belladonna Bay

47. “Starting this day, she was no longer going to be quiet, a wallflower no more.”

Tags : Fitting In Loners Popular Kids Popularity Wallflower

48. “People who fit don’t seek. The seekers are those that don’t fit.”

Tags : Acceptance Answers Believe Church Faith Findig Something To Believe Finding Yourself Fitting Fitting In God God S Plan Happiness Joy Life Pastors Peace Philosophy Prayer Religion Searching Searching For Truth Seeking Truth Unhappiness

49. “Everyone at school has their little group. Even the people nobody likes seem to tolerate each together enough to sit together at lunch. But I just sort of wander around by myself most of the time. It'd almost be better if I thought no one liked me, if I had some weird tick or social inadequacy that could easily explain my alienation, but it's not that easy. People talk to me at school and invite me to parties, but something's missing on the smaller scale. I don't belong to anybody. I don't have anyone who is mine.”

Tags : Fitting In Social Concerns
Author : Amy Reed
Source : Crazy

50. “And, anyway it's not always about fitting in.""It's not?""Nope. Sometimes, it's about reading your environment real quick, and then finding the bits that fit you.”

Tags : Fitting In
Author : Melissa Keil
Source : Life in Outer Space

51. “His eyes searched hers. “I’d rather just be me. Feel comfortable in my own skin and be able to speak my mind without having to carry a damned thesaurus. Sure doesn’t seem worth giving up who you are to please others. Far as I’m concerned, they either like me or they don’t. Their choice.”

Tags : Choices Emotion Fitting In Honesty Love Romance
Author : Leah Braemel
Source : Slow Ride Home

52. “Beauty is the replication and duplication of mind’s delusion. It is not uniqueness or exceptionality; it is the mentality of belonging and fitting in.”

Tags : Beauty Belonging Delusion Duplication Exceptionality Fitting In Mentality Replication Uniqueness

53. “Everybody struggles with this stuff, you know. With social discomfort and grief and fitting in. People with syndromes, people with disorders, people with diagnoses, and without. People who would be classified as neurotypical. Idiots and geniuses, maids and doctors. Nobody's got it all figured out.”

Tags : Fitting In Mental Health Normal
Author : Jael McHenry

54. “For the first time in my life, I actually wished that everyone was the same. And I despised myself for my "differentness" or "uniqueness" as an individual. In the world there are lots of social groups people can fit into, and I've spent time roaming in and out of a few and being kicked out of many. Now I stand on the outside and look in. Wondering where is my place. Coming to a conclusion, I have no place.”

Tags : Adolescence Fitting In Growing Pains Growing Up Life Loneliness
Author : Laura Hanna

55. “Never laugh at the man that asks 'stupid' questions. Just remember, when all of society thought the world was flat, a man once questioned, "What if the world was round?”

Tags : Fitting In Inspirational Philosophy Truth
Author : Jeremy Smith

56. “Want to know the truth about belonging?It takes courage to belong. It takes bravery to show up in your own skin.It’s easy to fit in. It’s easy to blend in and hide your outrageousness.And it’s also the easiest way to lose the precious parts of you.You deserve to be seen. You deserve to be heard. You deserve to be known for the real deal that you are.Stop taking the easy way out. Stop trying to fit in.The best place in life is where you’re already okay.Come home to you. It’s where you belong.”

Tags : Fitting In Individuality
Author : Anne Bechard

57. “Teenagers are complicated and at times stubborn, yes, but we are not dumb. We see the world in a different light than the rest do, and sometimes, we’re misunderstood because of it. And that’s alright. That must be the definition of ‘human being’: Misunderstood. But neither of us should tolerate degradation in any of it forms.”

Tags : Fitting In Inspirational Teenagers
Author : Pamela Nicole
Source : Fit In or Fit Out

58. “So the person you drag with you - she manages to fit in no matter where she goes?''Well - she didn't always. But she's levelled up a lot since she started out. She just upgrades her equipment and hopes that there aren't any evil guilds waiting to shoot her in the back. And anyway, it's not always about fiting in, Dex.”

Tags : Fitting In
Author : Melissa Keil
Source : Life in Outer Space

59. “Friends are a wonderful thing. They won't make you feel like a nothing.”

Tags : Childhood Fitting In Friends Friendship School Shyness
Author : Justine Hail

60. “Exactly. We don't belong here. They're not staring out of disdain, Jordan; they're staring out of jealousy. We don't have to be a part of the horrible modelling industry. You don't have to watch what you eat and I don't have to worry about how many zits are on my face. We can be whoever the fuck we want, a type of liberty that a majority of people crave.”

Tags : Being Yourself Fitting In Liberty

61. “Why, you'll be 'changed, m'dear. We'll just swap you for a human child who'll make a good servant to the Band. Half Humans never work out 'mongst the Folk. No, never do.""But--I'm half Folk too... What if I never work out 'mongst the humans?""Aye, you're neither one thing nor yet quite t'other. Pity, but there 'tis.”

Tags : Different Faery Fitting In Folk Human

62. “We won’t be able to choose who we’ll have to talk to in order to keep advancing in life. We won’t always like them, and they will most likely not like us back either, so it’s wrong to confine ourselves in our own little worlds when there’s plenty of it outside to explore.”

Tags : Fitting In People Teenagers
Author : Pamela Nicole
Source : Fit In or Fit Out

63. “It was happening. At least in that little section of the salon, women were connecting and doing what women knew how to do, show compassion, nurturing—helping someone fit in.”

Tags : Compassion Fitting In Helping Nuturing Salon Women
Source : Cut It Out!

64. “You, baby sister, keep trying to fit your body in a box it was never meant to be in.”

Tags : Dark Fantasy Fitting In Inspiration
Author : Auden Johnson
Source : The Sciell

65. “You won't fit in around here, Skid," he said lightly. "A do-gooder like you can burn out fast.”

Tags : Burn Out Do Gooders Fitting In
Author : Ashley Newell
Source : Freakhouse

66. “Honestly, if you don't fit in then you're probably doing the right thing.”

Tags : Fitting In Lights Bokan Lights Poxleitner Society

67. “Want a reliable road to emotional and spiritual suicide? Spend your life trying to fit in.”

Tags : Advice Fitting In Health Life
Author : Brandon Mull

68. “It's not the job of this town to make me feel happy. It's not this town´s fault that I don't feel I fit in. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, because it's about where you are in your head. It's about the other world I inhabit. The world of dreams, hope, imagination, and memories. I'm happy up here, and because of that I'm happy up there too”

Tags : Fitting In Loneliness Philosophy Of Life People
Author : Cecelia Ahern
Source : If You Could See Me Now

69. “The worst thing to call somebody is crazy, it's dismissive. 'But I don't understand this person', so they're crazy. That's bullshit cause people are not crazy, they strong people, maybe their environment is a little sick.”

Tags : Confidence Fitting In Individuality Inspirational Truth Wisdom
Author : Dave Chapelle

70. “When you don't fit in, be sure to stand out.”

Tags : Acceptance Fitting In Stand Out

71. “Leaders are influential because they live and inspire other people's future.”

Tags : Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel Belief Believe In Yourself Boldness Boss Breaking The Rules Chances Confidence Dancing Dreams Finding Yourself Future Go Against The Grain Influential Journey Of Life Laughter Leadership Life Lessons Loving Yourself Positive Thinking Power Road Less Traveled Rules Self Esteem Or Lack Thereof Talents Teamwork Uniqueness
Source : Psychology of Friendship for Leadership

72. “Why do the birds return?” “What d’you mean?” Brandon looked lost all of a sudden. “I mean, they could go anywhere. They’re free…so why do they return to this place?” Brandon grinned. “Cause home’s home no matter how bleak.”

Tags : Acceptance Battle Birds Fantasy Fitting In Fly Away Home Philosophy
Author : S.R. Crawford
Source : Bloodstained Betrayal