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1. “AFTER SCHOOL SPECIALDear Mr. Schneider,I attended your elementarySchool almost thirty years agoAnd I'm very sure thatYou will rememberMe.My name is Suzy.I'm that hyperactive girlFrom the Egyptian familyWho used to always play deadOn the playground duringRecess.You used to keep meAfter school a lot,And then my father wouldForce me to make the longWalk home in the cold or rain.Sometimes I would arriveAfter dark.I'm writing to tell youThat I was bored as a kid.I was bored by your curriculumAnd the way I was always taught aBunch of uselessJunk.I did not like being locked upIn a prison of scheduled timeLearning about irrelevant material,And watching belittling cartoons andShows approved by academia thatMade me even moreBored.As a kidWho was constantlyGrowing, evolving, andBeing shaped by all around me,I wanted to travel, See other kidsIn the world like me,To understand what was goingOn amongst us and around us,To know what we were here forAnd what was our real purposeFor existence.I have some questionsI would like to ask you, Mr. Schneider,Now that I know that you are noLonger a school principal,But the new superintendentOf the entire schoolDistrict.I want to knowWhy racism todayWas not clearly explained to meEven though we covered eventsThat happened long ago.I want to know why youNever shared with usWhy other countriesNever liked us,Why we are taught to compete,To be divided in teams,And why conformity is associatedWith popularity, whileEccentricity is consideredUndesirable?I want to knowWhy my cafeteria lunchesWere slammed packedWith bottom-tierProcessed junk foodOnly suitableFor pigs?And why is itThat whenever a bullySlammed a kid into a locker forHis lunch money,Nobody explained to usThat egotism, selfishness and greedWere the seeds ofWar?I want to knowWhy we were never taughtTo stick up for each other,To love one another, and thatSegregation sorted by theOccupations of our fathers,The neighborhoods we lived in, our houses,Choices of sport, wealth, clothing,Color of our skinAnd the texture of our hairShould never, everDivide us?And lastly,I want to know whyIs it that whenever I pledgedAllegiance to the flag,I was never told that I wasActually hailing to theChief?You used to say thatI was a troubled child,A misfit, and that I neededObedience training,But you never acknowledged thatI was the fastest runner in the districtAnd that I took the schoolTo State and Nationals to competeIn the Spelling Bee among kidsGrades higher than me.And that it was me,Who won that big trophyThat sat in your office when youUsed to detain me for hoursAnd tell me I was noGood.Mr. Schneider,If we are not taught truths as kids,Then how do you expect us toGrow up to be truthful citizens?If we are only being taught the written way,And it has not shown positive effectsIn societies of yesterday or today,Then how can we progress as aUnited and compassionateNation?What good is it, To memorize the histories Of our forefathers,Without learning what could beGained from their lessons and mistakesTo improve our future Tomorrows?And finally,I want to thank you;For I know you have a tough jobDealing with rebellious children like me.Your job of mass processing and boxingThe young minds of America has not been an easy one,And I congratulate you On your recent promotion.But I sincerely want to thank you,Thank you,And thank you,For always pointing outThat I wasDifferent.”

Tags : Boxing Bright Minds Country Discipline Educational System Evil Intelligent Lunch Money Playground Poetry Popular Promotion Punish Question Racists School School Lessons Skin Color Teams Training Travel Trophy Unique Wealth
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

2. “She knows herself to be at the mercy of events, and she knows by now that events have no mercy.”

Tags : Circumstances Events Mercy
Source : The Blind Assassin

3. “Very young children often accept the paranormal as “normal” until adults squeeze it out them.”

Tags : Children Events Infinity Kids Metaphysical Paranormal Supernatural Youth
Author : Doug Dillon

4. “Paranormal events are just edges of the infinite we “happen” to encounter.”

Tags : Events Infinity Inspiration Metaphysical Paranormal Supernatural
Author : Doug Dillon

5. “The holy time establish the holy-event.”

Tags : Birthday Childbirth Christianity Events Faith Hope Inspirational Life Pregnancy Spiritual Spiritual Life Time Wisdom Of Lailah Gifty Akita Words Of Wisdom
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

6. “Mistake is an event not a person.”

Tags : Character Consistency Counselling Courage Determination Essence Ethos Events Failure Forgetting Fortitude Goodness Inspirational Attitude Inspirational Quotes Letting Go Life And Living Living Marriage People Relations Resolve Success Virtue Virtues
Source : Psychology of Friendship for Leadership

7. “Your thinking depends on your perception, just asyour perception depends on the way you think.”

Tags : Character Counselling Define Definition Determination Essence Ethos Failure Forgetting Fortitude Hate Inspirational Inspirational Attitude Inspirational Quotes Life Loyalty Marriage People Persistence Preferential Thought Thoughtful Virtue Virtues
Source : Psychology of Friendship for Leadership

8. “Hang out with successful people and you'll acquiresuccess characters”

Tags : Counselling Courage Determination Dreams Essence Events Failure Forgetting Hate Help Inspirational Inspirational Life Inspirational Quotes Inspirations Letting Go Life Life And Living Life Lessons Marriage Motivation People Persistence Resolve Self Reliance Strength Success Quotes Virtue Virtues
Source : Psychology of Friendship for Leadership

9. “Unimaginative thinking has never produced a genuis”

Tags : Better Consistency Determination Essence Ethos Fortitude Goodness Hate Imaginations Inspirational Life Inspirational Quotes Inspirations Leadership Letting Go Life And Living Living Losers Manpower Marriage Output Reasoning Resolve Resources Strength Win
Source : Psychology of Friendship for Leadership

10. “For feeling, not events, is to me the essence of history.”

Tags : Essence Events Feeling History
Source : The Last Vampire

11. “Forgiveness means that you will not allow a temporary event to have “forever” repercussions.”

Tags : Circumstance Event Events Forget Forgetting Forgive Forgiveness Free Freeing Release Releasing Repercussion Repercussions Temporal Temporary

12. “Cyber bullying occurs online daily. Most don't consider their actions or words to be bullying. Here's a few clues that you're a cyber bully.(1) You post information about someone in order to ruin their character.(2) You post threats to someone.(3) You tag someone in vulgar degrading posts.(4) You post any information intended to harm or shame another individual seeking to gain attention.Then, you are a cyber bully and need to get some help.”

Tags : Adult Attention Author Bad Times Caring Criticism Cyber Decisions Development Expression Faith Fake Fear Guilt Happiness Harm Help Hope Inspire Internet Man Materialism People Personal Growth Places Seeking Attention Shame Spiritual Trouble Understanding Wicked Woman
Source : Sweet Destiny

13. “We should count our blessings more than our happenings, as much as we should count our savings more than our earnings.”

Tags : Blessings In Disguise Economy Events Losses Lost Love Spirituality Spirtitual Growth Value In A Person Values And Beliefs Values In Life

14. “Happiness gives you the freedom to enhance your ability to achieve success. Your choices in life are a direct reflection of your level of happiness. It's the sunshine for your soul that you need in order to grow”

Tags : Ability Above Caring Cause Choices Decisions Development Events Giving Grow Happening Happiness Honesty Inspiration Inspirational Inspire Kindness Man Notable Peace People Quotes Reflection Smile Soul Space Time Trusting
Source : Sweet Destiny

15. “Right now though, there is little that concerns me more than the impending assault on the human rights and equality of women and the pink community in South Africa. Right now there are events afoot in this country which justify my concern.”

Tags : Concern Concerns Country Equality Events Human Rights Impending Assault Justify Pink Community Right South Africa Women
Source : The Time Saving Agency

16. “When you understand the internal process of life, first time, you realize that the personal identity that you carry in your mind, exists only at the time of momentary experience, and as the experience is forgotten, so the personal identity gets forgotten with it.”

Tags : Events Experience Momentary People Situation
Author : Roshan Sharma

17. “Stolen moments” create a feeling of enjoyment in our “intensive time” awareness. The glow and the intensity of those instants can guide us throughout a whole lifetime. They can expose a second or a third dimension of the daily events and shed an expounding light on all the little details we encounter. ("Stolen moments" )”

Tags : Awareness Create Daily Details Dimension Encounter Enjoyment Events Experience Expose Expound Feeling Glow Guide Instant Intensity Intensive Lifetime Light Moments Second Shed Stolen Time

18. “The best thing to do when someone is trying to argue with you is to repeatedly state "Stay Away" and video record the entire event. You may need that video for the police afterwords when the aggressor starts fabricating fantasies about the event.”

Tags : Argue Arguements Arguing Argument Argumentativem Event Events Fabricate Fabricated Evidence Fabricated Memory Fabricated Quotes Fantasy Fantasy Fiction Police Police Brutality Police Corruption Police Officer Police State Policemen Record Recording Video
Author : Steven Magee

19. “Lo esperado no sucede. Es lo inesperado lo que acontece.”

Tags : Events Life Time

20. “Things just happen, one after another. They don't care who knows. But history... ah, history is different. History has to be observed. Otherwise it's not history. It's just... well, things happening one after another.”

Tags : Events History Humor

21. “Liberty is only possible on the condition of regularity. We cannot be free and play the game of life without abiding to the rules, but the rules have to be adapted constantly in line with our experiences and the events we encounter. ( “If he doesn't play ball “ )”

Tags : Abide Adapt Condition Constantly Encounter Events Experiences Free Game In Line Liberty Life Play Play Ball Regularity Rules

22. “Nowadays, her life is more like a newspaper: aimless, up-to-date and full of meaningless events”

Tags : Events Life
Author : Michel Faber

23. “Dates are convenient hooks on which we can hang our memories of events. But history is all about people - people like you and me who did things to change the world.”

Tags : Dates Events History Memories People
Source : Nightmare

24. “Not all events are stories.”

Tags : Events Stories
Source : Going Out

25. “People make events into stories. Stories give events meaning.”

Tags : Events Stories
Source : Going Out

26. “All contents of meaning are absorbed in the only dominant form of the medium. Only the medium can make an event.”

Tags : Events Information Meaning Media
Source : Simulacra and Simulation

27. “It's always the unexpected that happens.”

Tags : Events Life The Unexpected
Author : Marty Rubin

28. “I have no regrets. I believe in God, who controls every sacred-event.”

Tags : Challenges Dark Times Difficult Times Events Experience Failures Good Thoughts Lessons Learnt Motivation Positive Positive Attitude Positive Outlook Positive Thinking Regrets Free Life Struggles Success
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

29. “I cannot provide the reality of events, I can only convey their shadow.”

Tags : Events
Author : Stendhal
Source : The Life of Henry Brulard

30. “First comes the day, then the seconds of the event, then the days which become weeks, then the months, then the years.”

Tags : Comes Dead Events First Seconds Then Which Years
Author : Deyth Banger

31. “Everything is determined by your interpretation of what happens. You can change the meaning of what happens through your perception of events or memories.”

Tags : Change Events Interpretation Meaning Memories Perception
Source : Unleash The Power of Your Heart and Mind

32. “I want to have a choice to skip life events and the whole life as a overall.”

Tags : Events Life Overall Skip Whole
Author : Deyth Banger

33. “Sometimes the films are based on real events.”

Tags : Are Based Events Sometimes
Author : Deyth Banger

34. “The past has come apart events are vagueingthe future is inexploitable”

Tags : Aging Events Future History Past Time
Author : Mina Loy
Source : The Lost Lunar Baedeker: Poems of Mina Loy

35. “Our emotional response is driven by the proximity of events.”

Tags : Emotions Events Response

36. “Life's full of events - they occur and you adjust, you roll and move on. But at some point you realize some events are actually developments. You realize there's a big plan out there you know nothing about, and a development is a first step in that new direction. Sometimes things feel like big-time developmens but in time you adjust, you find a new way and realize they didn't throw you off course, they didn't change you. They were just events. The tricky part is telling the difference between the two.”

Tags : Events Fate Life
Author : Adam Johnson
Source : Fortune Smiles

37. “Our emotional response is driven by the proximity of the events.”

Tags : Emotions Events Facts Facts Of Life Response Think

38. “The events of life are unrepeatable.”

Tags : Events Faith Family Uplifting Good Moments Good Thoughts Hope Inspiration Life Moments Time Wedding
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

39. “The process of mind is mechanical, and the data of the thoughts and imagination can be changed, by changing the experiences and impressions of life.”

Tags : Events Experiences Impressions People Situations
Author : Roshan Sharma

40. “It didn't happen without a selfie. It's good Netiquette to take safe pictures of thy self at events.”

Tags : Events Internet Etiquette Netiquette Network Etiquette Pic Pics Picture Safety Selfie Social Media Timeline
Author : David Chiles

41. “Have you ever thought that if one thing hadn't happened, a whole set of things never would have either? Like dominoes in time, a single event kicked off an unstoppable series of changes that gained momentum and spun out of control, and nothing was ever the same again. Don't ever doubt that a mere second can change your life forever.”

Tags : Chain Reaction Change Control Dominoes Events Not The Same Sand Dollar Summer Things Happen Unstoppable
Source : Sand Dollar Summer

42. “Sometimes losses in life are not losses at all. They are simply the evidence God provides, in order to build a story so profound, that it will cause social change.”

Tags : Activism Case Choices Events Future Injustice Integrity Life Mission Life Purpose Novels Preparation Social Change Strength True Stories

43. “Not everything that happens during the day is an open portending a good or evil development in the future, but everything has meaning to one degree or another, for the world is an ever-weaving tapestry from which no thread can be pulled without destroying the integrity of the cloth. The breadth of Creation makes it impossible for us to step back far enough to see the story that the tapestry tells; the intricacy of it, from the macro to the micro to the subatomic, make sit impossible for us to comprehend the megatrillions of connections between the threads in just one small fragment of the whole.”

Tags : Connections Events Everything Is Connected Evil Good Odd Thomas Strings Tapestry Of Life
Author : Dean Koontz
Source : Deeply Odd

44. “You have no control of uncertainties! You can only control your life and your reaction to any event. May you find grace for patient endurance.”

Tags : Adversity Calm Difficulty Endurance Events Faith Fighting Spirit Hard Times Healthy Living Inner Strength Inspirational Life Long Suffering Overcomer Patient Positive Attitude Positive Outlook Positive Thinking Self Control Struggles Trouble Uncertainty Wisdom
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

45. “While the big events of our lives create the impetus for change, it is the moment-by- moment choices that mold and shape us.”

Tags : Change Choice Quotes Choices Events
Source : Co-Active Leadership: Five Ways to Lead

46. “A dessert to a deserter in the desert burst, "You trust your thirst. And you are too hot! You scream for ice cream. And believe it or not, I may not be your first. But I might be your lust! Give it a shot...”

Tags : Book Comic Desert Desert Survival Events Fast Flash Fiction Fun Humor Ice Cream Lines Mirage People Poems Poetical Puns Storytelling Survival Story Tales Thirsty True Accounts True Stories Word Count Words

47. “Planning of the next day’s activities should be done a night before. This makes you not to be destructed by people and events that do not contribute to the success of your dreams.”

Tags : Activity Dreams Events Food For Thought Israelmore Ayivor Make Plans Night People Plan Plan Ahead Planning Success
Source : Shaping the dream

48. “When we look back at life we realize no true moment defined us, but in fact the events leading up to that moment.”

Tags : Dedication Determination Driven Events Journey Life Love Moments Passion The Struggle

49. “The best stories come from deep within us and are of us. Either our inner child comes out to play and makes all things possible, or we mold our characters and events from our own experiences, or our dreams of wanting to experience.”

Tags : Characters Characters In Books Comedy Romance Dreams Events Experiences Humor Inner Child Metaphysical Spiritual Growth Spirtuality Suspense And Drama Visionary Fiction Within Writing Writing Process
Author : Judith Kohnen
Source : One Chance, One Moment

50. “Circumstances can have a motive force by which they bring about events without aid of human imagination or apprehension. On such occasions you yourself keep in touch with what is going on by attentively following it from moment to moment, like a blind person who is being led, and who places one foot in front of the other cautiously but unwittingly. Things are happening to you, and you feel them happening, but except for this one fact, you have no connection with them, and no key to the cause or meaning of them. [...] - a passage outside the range of imagination, but within the range of experience.”

Tags : Events Experience Imagination Life
Author : Karen Blixen
Source : Out of Africa / Shadows on the Grass

51. “I'm a novelist by trade and my job is to write a story rather than reconstruct actual events.”

Tags : Events Fiction Job Methodological Naturalism Novelist Reality Research Writer Writing
Author : Sara Sheridan

52. “Find out your most limiting tasks and deal with them as early as possible. Use a diary, and jot little points of reminder about specific tasks for reference later.”

Tags : Activities Deal Diary Events Find Food For Thought Israelmore Ayivor Jotter Limit Management Notes Plan Planning Possible Reference Reminder Task Time
Source : Shaping the dream

53. “Don't be in a hurry in life. The sacred-time determines the due events.”

Tags : Answers To Prayers Christian Life Events Faith Hope Inspiration Life Motivational Patience Persistence Spiritual Time Waiting Wisdom Of Lailah Gifty Akita
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

54. “I can't determine the order of events. But I can trust God to guide my footsteps.”

Tags : Adventure Christian Life Crossroad Determined Spirit Events Faith Future God Guidance Hope Journey Path Philosophy Of Life Spirituality Uplifting Wisdom Of Lailah Gifty Akita Wise Words
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

55. “For us to change history, we first need to change the future.”

Tags : American History Arise Changes Events Future History Repeats Itself Unity

56. “One word absent from a sentence, or misinterpreted incorrectly, can change the entire meaning of a sentence. One word can change the meaning of everything. Before you believe anything about God or anybody, ask yourself how well do you trust the transmitter, translator or interpreter. And if you have never met them, then how do you know if the knowledge you acquired is even right? One hundred and twenty-five years following every major event in history, all remaining witnesses will have died. How well do you trust the man who has stored his version of a story? And how can you put that much faith into someone you don't know?”

Tags : Believe Communication Died Events Evolution Fact Facts Fiction God Information Interpret Language Meaning Media Passing Religion Sentence Speak Stored Stories Time Translate Translation Translator Transmit True Witnesses Word
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

57. “The asylum, and later the national health service, warehoused thousands of patients made mad by the intrusions of a sexual predator. But these institutions had been dominated by the discredited Freudian fantasy that sexual abuse doesn’t happen - that it is our illicit desires that drive us crazy. A century ago, Freud recoiled from his own theory of the sexual seduction of children and projected the problem back into the patient. He claimed in his Aetiology of Hysteria that clients, typically women, were describing their fantasies, not facts, not ‘real events’. P3”

Tags : Asylum Child Abuse Crazy Discredited Events Facts Fantasy Freud Health Hysteria National Health Service Patient Pedophile Projection Rape Real Sexual Abuse
Source : Stolen Voices: The People And Politics Behind The Campaign To Discredit Childhood Testimony

58. “The aim of scientific thought, then, is to apply past experience to new circumstances; the instrument is an observed uniformity in the course of events. By the use of this instrument it gives us information transcending our experience, it enables us to infer things that we have not seen from things that we have seen; and the evidence for the truth of that information depends on our supposing that the uniformity holds good beyond our experience.”

Tags : Aim Events Evidence Experience Inference Information Instrument Past Science Scientific Scientific Thought Transcending Truth Uniformitarianism Uniformity
Source : Lectures and Essays by the Late William Kingdon Clifford, F.R.S.

59. “Every time bring certain events with it”

Tags : Certain Events Time

60. “I don’t believe in the Law of Attraction. There were things I wanted in my life that no amount of positive thinking was going to make it a reality for me. However, I have learned to believe in the Law of Tough Love. Life has thrown a dozen tragedies at me. I did what any Christian would do--prayed for the outcome I wanted, but God was tough and only gave me what I needed. I now realize that life is not about fulfilling a wish list; rather a need list. Good and bad experiences are on the horizon. How else does a person change, grow and evolve? And just like any warrior woman, I won’t simply survive-- but thrive!”

Tags : Adversity Events Experiences Fairness Growth Law Of Attraction Life Choices Obstacles Overcoming Perserverance Purpose Of Life The Secret Trajedy

61. “Don't be in a hurry. Everything arise in the due time.”

Tags : Advice Answers To Prayer Desires Events Hurry Inner Strength Lailah Gifty Akita Affirmations Lessons Learnt Life Love Marriage Advice Motivation Patient Prayer Strong Woman Time Waiting Wishes
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

62. “God is in control of all events and is able to protect and provide for you His child.”

Tags : Bible Child Christian Control Events Faith God Protect Provide Word
Author : Jim George

63. “You never know when one seemingly unrelated event may become the catalyst that sets off a chain of synchronistic events. Though you may not know for sure when something important will happen, you can always be ready to take action.”

Tags : Action Catalyst Chain Events Important Synchronistic

64. “If I waited for a proper occasion to get dressed up I'd never wear half of these clothes. Put on the clothes and you make things happen to match them. It doesn't work the other way around.”

Tags : Clothing Events Inspirational Life
Author : Erin Kelly

65. “Once upon a time, began the story of you.Many perilous, wonderful, harrowing, brilliant, delightful, profound things happened.And yet—the most exciting twists and best turns are yet to come. And it absolutely does not matter how old or young you are.Like a bright carpet of wonders, enjoy the unrolling of your story.”

Tags : Development Events Future Life Lifetime Past Present Self Story Twist Twists You Your Sory
Author : Vera Nazarian
Source : The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

66. “An event in the present evokes past sensations. But science couldn't explain how a foolish heart had the power to overrule common sense.”

Tags : Common Sense Events Heart
Author : Susan Wiggs
Source : Summer by the Sea

67. “Her action in defending Marcão meant one thing to him and something quite different to her; it was so different that it was not even the same event.”

Tags : Defense Difference Events Meaning Novinha Perspective Protection
Source : Speaker for the Dead

68. “Multilevel multitasking multiplied multiple times is Event Management.”

Tags : Event Managment Events Multi Tasking Plan Planning
Author : Rehan Waris

69. “I have no control over events. I can only be courageously to conquer every challenge.”

Tags : Adversity Challenges Circumstance Confidence Conquer Control Courage Encouragement Events Fighting Spirit Inner Strength Obstacles Overcomer Positive Thinking Strong Woman Warrior Wisdom Of Lailah Gifty Akita
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

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Tags : Birthday Party Events Fun Things To Do Sports

71. “Then the clarifying thing happens, and what you need to do, what you must do, is not a question, not demand more revelation than what is given, be quiet in the face of it, quiet and grateful that it has been given to you to see this, to be for even a short time aware of the extraordinary layered depths and profound beauty of the world to which we mostly blind ourselves.”

Tags : Clarifying Moment Clarity Eddie Fischer Events Gratitude Layered Depths Life Odd Thomas Universe
Author : Dean Koontz
Source : Deeply Odd

72. “Creativity & innovation is to events, what the heart & soul is to the living”

Tags : Activity Creativity Event Management Event Planning Events Heart Human Idea Ideas Ideation Life Out Of The Box Rehan Waris Soul
Author : Rehan Waris

73. “A new theory doesn't change the way things actually happen.”

Tags : Events Reality Theory
Author : Marty Rubin

74. “Rumors spread faster than news and news spreads faster than the happenings”

Tags : Events Happenings News Rumors
Author : Amit Abraham

75. “Son, anything can happen to anyone," my father told me, "but it usually doesn't.”

Tags : Events Happenings Life Probability
Author : Philip Roth
Source : The Plot Against America

76. “It will happen but it will take time.”

Tags : Events Patience Patience And Timing Time
Author : John Bowlby

77. “It's such a big world," She'd say wistfully. "Something is always happening somewhere.”

Tags : Events
Author : Mitch Albom
Source : For One More Day

78. “What do I think? I think it makes no difference what I think.”

Tags : Events Reality Thinking Thought
Author : Marty Rubin

79. “The fire alarm is not the fire.”

Tags : Events Reality Signs Symbols
Author : Marty Rubin

80. “The average author hawks their books at many events. They are vigilant promoters, waiting for a breakthrough. They do this, or else watch their novel wither away.”

Tags : Author Book Events Novel Promoter

81. “Life's journey is one big path with series of events. All these events are connected.”

Tags : Connection Events Journey In Life Journey Of Life Journey Quotes Journey To Yourself Life Philosophy Path Path Of Life

82. “Our choices are made, our will flexed, in the teeth of events that overwhelm us and devour us.”

Tags : Choices Events Will

83. “What happens is always worth more than words.”

Tags : Actions Events Reality Words
Author : Marty Rubin

84. “Pleasure and pain are immediate; knowledge, retrospective. A steel ball, suspended on a string, smacks into its brothers and nothing happens: no shock of recognition, no sudden epiphany. We go about our business, buttering the toast, choosing gray socks over brown. But here's the thing: just because we haven't understood something doesn't mean we haven't been shaped by it.”

Tags : Events Knowledge Life Pain Pleasure Understanding
Author : Mark Slouka
Source : Essays from the Nick of Time: Reflections and Refutations

85. “. . . for meaning is never in the event but in the motion through event. Otherwise we could isolate an instant in the event and say that this is the event itself. The meaning. But we cannot do that. For it is the motion which is important.”

Tags : Events Meaning Motion
Source : All the King's Men

86. “Everyday we are innudated with exciting string of events on social media and news, even suffer sensory overload at times. Keep it simple; embrace one thing at a time”

Tags : Events Exciting News Overload Simple Quote Social Media Time Quotes Wisdom Quotes
Author : Val Uchendu

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