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1. “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”

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2. “There’s only one way America’s neighborhoods will begin to integrate: people have to want it more than vested public and corporate interests are opposed to it. And more people should want it. Mixed-race, mixed-income housing is a product we need to market. It’s the only real solution to segregated schools, for one. (140)”

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Author : Tanner Colby
Source : Some of My Best Friends Are Black: The Strange Story of Integration in America

3. “Housing is a human right. There can be no fairness or justice in a society in which some live in homelessness, or in the shadow of that risk, while others cannot even imagine it.”

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Source : Floodlines: Community and Resistance from Katrina to the Jena Six

4. “All our hope rests upon the possibility of a change of the laws which concern it, so that only rape or the comission of public offence, when this can be proved at the same time, shall be punishable.”

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Source : Psychopathia Sexualis: The Case Histories

5. “I therefore submit to you that what qualifies a person to be called a man according to God, is the ability of the individual to live by the right standard and values that heaven values. Standards like, justice, judgement, truth and equity.”

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6. “We tend to think that God doesn’t struggle with mundane things like frustrations and anger. But one of his major points of frustrations is WHEN there is no man to stand for justice, fairness and equity”

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7. “Equality of opportunity is not enough. Unless we create an environment where everyone is guaranteed some minimum capabilities through some guarantee of minimum income, education, and healthcare, we cannot say that we have fair competition. When some people have to run a 100 metre race with sandbags on their legs, the fact that no one is allowed to have a head start does not make the race fair. Equality of opportunity is absolutely necessary but not sufficient in building a genuinely fair and efficient society.”

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Author : Ha-Joon Chang
Source : 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism

8. “In my opinion, if 100% of the people were farming it would be ideal. If each person were given one quarter-acre, that is 1 1/4 acres to a family of five, that would be more than enough land to support the family for the whole year. If natural farming were practiced, a farmer would also have plenty of time for leisure and social activities within the village community. I think this is the most direct path toward making this country a happy, pleasant land.”

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Source : The One-Straw Revolution

9. “Societies where there are worthy men and women of God, not necessarily preachers or religious men, but men that know the ways of God, they stand up against the collapse of equity in their land”

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10. “When a society begins to lack men that, that they stand up against the collapse of equity in their land that is the kind of thing that brings sorrow to the heart of our King”

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11. “Many people in Nixon’s camp had genuine faith in affirmative action. It wasn’t designed to fail, but it wasn’t designed to succeed, either; the intent behind it was not rooted in a desire to help black people attain equal standing in society. It was riot insurance. It was a financial incentive for blacks to stay in their own communities and out of the suburbs. (183)”

Tags : Affirmative Action Community Diversity Equality Equity Housing Nixon
Author : Tanner Colby
Source : Some of My Best Friends Are Black: The Strange Story of Integration in America

12. “Let me be me, or let me be.”

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13. “Whenever judges of the highest state courts have actually examined the details of the "savage inequalities" that continue to be imposed on most low-income and minority students in the United States, they have virtually unanimously held that these conditions deny students the opportunity to be educated at the basic levels that are needed to function well in contemporary society.”

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Source : Courts and Kids: Pursuing Educational Equity through the State Courts

14. “The majority of any society comprised, Smith knew, not landlords or merchants, but "servants, laborers, and workmen of different kinds," who derived their income from wages. Their welfare was the prime concern of economic policy, as Smith conceived it. "No society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far greater part of the members are poor and miserable," he wrote. "It is but equity, besides, that they who feed, clothe and lodge the whole body of the people should have such a share of the produce of their own labour as to be themselves tolerably well fed, clothed, and lodged." The chief economic concern of the legislator, in Smith's view, ought to be the purchasing power of wages, since that was the measure of the material well-being of the bulk of the population. (p. 64)”

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Source : The Mind and the Market: Capitalism in Western Thought

15. “If God fairness, impartiality, equity, are his essence, that should become dominant in any society”

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16. “Each and every one of us was created to carry out justice, judgment, truth and equity on the earth. It could be in different spheres of life, in various professions or in diverse gifting. But the mandate is clear, his nature must be reflected on the earth. If he is a God of justice, people must see his justice on earth. If he is a God of sound judgment, that sound mind must be revealed in people who identify themselves with him on daily basis. If God is truth, that truth must reign supreme on the earth even as he reigns over the universe. If fairness, impartiality, equity, are his essence, that should become dominant in any society”

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17. “Fairness does not mean everyone gets the same. Fairness means everyone gets what they need.”

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Author : Rick Riordan
Source : The Red Pyramid

18. “Each and every one of us was created to carry out justice, judgment, truth and equity on the earth. It could be in different spheres of life, in various professions or in diverse gifting”

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19. “When Steve Eisman stumbled into this new, rapidly growing industry of specialty finance, the mortgage bond was about to be put to a new use: making loans that did not qualify for government guarantees. The purpose was to extend credit to less and less creditworthy homeowners, not so that they might buy a house but so that they could cash out whatever equity they had in the house they already owned.”

Tags : Credit Debt Equity Homeowners Loans Mortgage Bonds Recession Steve Eisman
Author : Michael Lewis
Source : The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine

20. “Beyond a certain speed, motorized vehicles create remoteness which they alone can shrink. They create distances for all and shrink them for only a few. A new dirt road through the wilderness brings the city within view, but not within reach, of most Brazilian subsistence farmers. The new expressway expands Chicago, but it sucks those who are well-wheeled away from a downtown that decays into a ghetto.”

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Author : Ivan Illich
Source : Energy and Equity

21. “The thing that breaks the heart of God and makes him to cry out of frustration for his men and their whereabouts is when equity has been squeezed out of the public square”

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22. “When God speaks about equity, that choice of word, makes us understand that God is not referring to the leaders of the land or the elite this time around. He is actually talking about how ordinary citizens of the land relate to each other in fairness and impartiality”

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23. “Those who are men in God’s eyes would live and die for the promotion of equity, fairness and impartiality”

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24. “In a fair and just society you can't create laws based on how you feel at the worst moment in your life.”

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25. “The principal reason that districts within states often differ markedly in per-pupil expenditures is that school funding is almost always tied to property taxes, which are in turn a direct function of local wealth. Having school funding depend on local wealth creates a situation in which poor districts must tax themselves far more heavily than wealthy ones, yet still may not be able to generate adequate income. For example, Baltimore City is one of the poorest jurisdictions in Maryland, and the Baltimore City Public Schools have the lowest per-pupil instructional expenses of any of Maryland's 24 districts. Yet Baltimore's property tax rate is twice that of the next highest jurisdiction.(FN2) Before the funding equity decision in New Jersey, the impoverished East Orange district had one of the highest tax rates in the state, but spent only $3,000 per pupil, one of the lowest per-pupil expenditures in the state.(FN3) A similar story could be told in almost any state in the U.S.(FN4) Funding formulas work systematically against children who happen to be located in high-poverty districts, but also reflect idiosyncratic local circumstances. For example, a factory closing can bankrupt a small school district. What sense does it make for children's education to suffer based on local accidents of geography or economics? To my knowledge, the U.S. is the only nation to fund elementary and secondary education based on local wealth. Other developed countries either equalize funding or provide extra funding for individuals or groups felt to need it. In the Netherlands, for example, national funding is provided to all schools based on the number of pupils enrolled, but for every guilder allocated to a middle-class Dutch child, 1.25 guilders are allocated for a lower-class child and 1.9 guilders for a minority child, exactly the opposite of the situation in the U.S. where lower-class and minority children typically receive less than middle-class white children.(FN5) Regional differences in per-pupil costs may exist in other countries, but the situation in which underfunded urban or rural districts exist in close proximity to wealthy suburban districts is probably uniquely American. Of course, even equality in per-pupil costs in no way ensures equality in educational services. Not only do poor districts typically have fewer funds, they also have greater needs.”

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26. “Your water is in the bottles, and my water is in the bucket, but we are brothers? I am collecting garbage, and you are in the bed, but we are sisters? My fingers are broken, and your hands are so soft, but we are family? Your God is like an angel, and my God is like an evil, but we are equal? My stomach is empty, and your stomach is so big, but we are humans?”

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27. “We cannot have a just society that applies the principle of accountability to the powerless in the principle of forgiveness to the powerful.”

Tags : Equity Fairness Politics Rule Of Law Power Social Classes
Source : Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy

28. “What is equity? It is the quality of citizens of a given society to relate to each other in fairness and impartiality”

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29. “We hear things like “we elected a black president,” as if that event was the magic eraser to wipe away all of the racial problems in our country in one fell swoop.But that would be like saying that in 1932, we elected a president with a physical disability, so we should stop building ramps and having reserved handicap spaces because that’s reverse discrimination against the able-bodied”

Tags : Equity Fdr Justice Obama Racism Reverse Racism Social Justice
Author : Simon S. Tam

30. “being critical is more than just doing critique, as social change that leads to equity also requires informing policy and practice through advocacy and activism”

Tags : Critical Method Equity Social Change

31. “The only way I can keep clear of force is by justice. Far from being willing to execute his enemies, a real king must be willing to execute his friends.”

Tags : Equity Favoritism Justice
Author : T.H. White
Source : The Candle in the Wind/The Book of Merlyn

32. “Christian equality can be described as equity, or even-handedness. Egalitarianism, in contrast, demands sameness, or equality of outcome. These two visions of equality are about as comparable as dry and wet. Think of it in terms of ten teenage boys trying to dunk a basketball: equity means that they all face the same ten-foot standard, and only two them them can do it — equity thus usually means differences in outcome. Egalitarianism wants equality of outcome, and there is only one way to get that — lower the net. Sameness of outcome requires differences in the standards.”

Tags : Egalitarianism Equality Equity
Source : For a Glory and a Covering: A Practical Theology of Marriage

33. “Anger should be especially kept down in punishing, because he who comes to punishment in wrath will never hold that middle course which lies between the too much and the too little. It is also true that it would be desirable that they who hold the office of Judges should be like the laws, which approach punishment not in a spirit of anger but in one of equity.”

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Author : Johannes Voet

34. “In the past, only some of the males, but all of the females, were able to procreate. Equality is more natural for females.”

Tags : Equality Equity Femininity Feminism History Past
Source : The Bed of Procrustes: Philosophical and Practical Aphorisms

35. “With you it is always the law, never equity.”

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Source : Scaramouche

36. “The country he had left thirty years ago had been a realistic place. There were political realities there, then and now, that precluded blind faith, that discouraged one from thinking that everything, always, would work out fairly and equitably. But he had come to believe such things in the United States. Things had worked out. Difficulties had been overcome. He had worked hard and achieved success. The machinery of government functioned.”

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Author : Dave Eggers
Source : Zeitoun

37. “Authority is essential to society, but what we called in King Lear "transcendental" authority, with an executive ruler on top, depends on the ruler's understanding of equity. If he hasn't enough of such understanding, authority becomes a repressive legalism. Legalism of this sort really descends from what is called in the Bible the knowledge of good and evil. This was forbidden knowledge, because, as we'll see, it's not a genuine knowledge at all: it can't even tell us anything about good and evil. This kind of knowledge came into the world along with the discovery of self-conscious sex, when Adam and Eve knew that they were naked, and the thing that repressive legalism ever since has been most anxious to repress is the sexual impulse.”

Tags : Equity Justice Legalism Righteousness
Author : Northrop Frye

38. “Shane met him owing to the storybooks she studied to discover what attributes made one princessly—this wasn't technically a word, but she felt there should be equity in adjectives if not in life.”

Tags : Adjectives Equity Feminism Princess Storybooks
Source : Find What You Love and Let It Kill You

39. “Esmenda Jenkins Dube the first was all about fairand saw her house as an oasis in the middleof corruption, saw herself as a missionaryconverting stupidity into reason. She thoughtthat was much more useful than a miracle.”

Tags : Education Equity Fairness Learning Reason
Author : Thylias Moss
Source : Slave Moth: A Narrative in Verse