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1. “Maybe part of find what you wanted was recognizing what you didn't want. Maybe there was hope for me yet.”

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Author : Claire Cook
Source : Must Love Dogs

2. “There’s life after divorce, Sarah,’ my father proclaimed, not that he’d ever been divorced.”

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Author : Claire Cook
Source : Must Love Dogs

3. “Divorce is an expensive punishment love gets when it fails”

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Source : The Great Pearl of Wisdom

4. “Divorce is not always a doorway to happiness. The same can be said about marriage.”

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5. “Hey lady.” Sandy wrapped her arms around Darcy’s neck and kissed her cheek quickly. “So, are we burning anything of his in some occult ritual that will curse him and all his unborn children till the end of their days, or are we just going to key his car?”

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Author : D.A. Rhine
Source : Vampires of the Chesapeake: Kian MacTiernan

6. “Never make a person feel, that he/she is very (extra) special.. Cause, then that person starts feeling that 'You' are not worth him/her.”

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Author : honeya

7. “Never allow anyone to break your bond of love.”

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Source : Think Great: Be Great!

8. “God has the key to open the heart of every soul.”

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Source : Think Great: Be Great!

9. “He's half my ex-husband's age, but twice as energetic when we have sex. And twice as grateful afterwards.”

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Source : Power of a Woman

10. “The groom should not see you in the dress just before the wedding, that’s bad luck. You know what’s worst luck? Is getting married, itself. I’ve read studies. It’s like 2 out of 3 of those end in divorce, sometimes more. 3 out of 2, some.”

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Author : Hank Moody

11. “Marriage is a blast. Like a bomb.”

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Source : Spelling It Out for Your Man

12. “Go out, get wasted, bang a bimbo.”

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Source : The Unwanted Wife

13. “For those who have true love, have no limits of expressing their love to one another yet it is a sad fact that those who are searching for love, fear expressing their love to even those who love them.”

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Author : Auliq Ice

14. “If she’d kept up her AAA membership, she would have called them, but after the divorce, she’d had to cut some things out. Roadside assistance was one of them. Aargh.”

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Source : Craving Candy

15. “Does speed dating necessarily end up in a quickie divorce....?”

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Author : Josh Stern
Source : And That’s Why I’m Single

16. “It's hard to imagine, seeing all of us breathing yet one day each of us shall be gone, leaving memories.”

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Author : Auliq Ice

17. “Love is not a landmine but a sinkhole.”

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Author : Auliq Ice