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1. “Some women don't care what you can do for them. They care about what you could make of them in the inside.”

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2. “Persistence drives the achievement of the desired outcome for reality.”

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Source : Life Is Simply A Game

3. “Don't limit your imagination,the best part of your life,is living your desires.”

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4. “She was lucky to be wanted not desired though, worse pain is the feeling of being unwanted in love.”

Tags : Desired Fear Judge Judgemental Love Rejected Unwanted Wanted
Author : Pushpa Rana
Source : Just the Way I Feel

5. “Hardened cement chunks languished on the ground. Gray dust particles spewed into every crevice. The homeless desired this place as a sheltered haven.”

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Author : Jazz Feylynn

6. “Life cannot deny you of what you desired when you are committed to your dreams”

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7. “I tried to abandon my tenacity, but I just couldn't let it go.”

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Author : Tim Fargo

8. “You would always have undesired people around you but desired one’s are least likely”

Tags : Desired Fake People Genuine Likely People Undesired
Author : Pushpa Rana
Source : Just the Way I Feel

9. “The desired shape of your dreams is different from the supposed shape of another person’s dream. When shaping your own, you may watch the process of another person’s dreams, but keep eyes away from the destination.”

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Source : Shaping the dream

10. “Life really is the chance to experience the material world in whatever form desired.”

Tags : Chance Desired Experience Life Material World World
Source : Life Is Simply A Game

11. “As you search for a person, place, or thing, be prepared to continue your quest, should the end result not yield your desired outcome. Enjoy the process and you’ll avoid disappointment…!”

Tags : Avoid Disappointment Be Prepared Continue Desired End Result Enjoy The Process Outcome Person Place Quest Search Thing Yield
Source : The Waves of Life Quotes and Daily Meditations

12. “For a man so strong, he was gentle. When his hands, his arms, his mouth were on her, he moved as if afraid she might shatter if held too tightly. Their nights together had been and remained a blaze of passion, for he was a wickedly patient lover who took delight in her responses to him. But more than that, in the quiet hours after he would hold her, both of them weary, content, sleepy. She would lie in his arms and feel no worry, or sadness, or anxiety. She only felt beautiful. And desired. And safe.”

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Author : Jim Butcher
Source : Academ's Fury