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1. “It is from the Bible that man has learned cruelty, rapine, and murder; for the belief of a cruel God makes a cruel man.”

Tags : Belief Bible Cruel Cruelty Murder Rapine The Bible
Author : Thomas Paine
Source : The Age of Reason

2. “Those who pray for your downfall are concentrating negative thoughts towards you, without taking cognisance of the slippery ground in which they are standing, which could lead to their downfall.”

Tags : Annihilation Bad People Concentration Cruel Curse Destruction Downfall Enemies Haters Hatred Image Karmic Malicious Michael Bassey Johnson Murder Negative People Negativity Prayer Prayers Ruin Slippery Spoilers Tarnish Thinking Evil Witchcraft

3. “Why is there ever this perverse cruelty in humankind, that makes us hurt most those we love best?”

Tags : Cruel God Human Hurt Love Pain
Source : Kushiel's Chosen

4. “What we call evil sometimes depends on point of views. The one at the receiving end calls it evil while the inflicting party considers it the best thing he can do.”

Tags : Barbarity Cruel People Cruelties Cruelty Devil Devil Quotes Evil Man Evil Men Evil People Evil Spirit Evil Words Evilness Evils Good Good And Evil Quote Good Deeds Good Deeds Quotes Good Vs Evil Iniquity Wicked Wicked Intensions Wicked People Wickedness
Source : Pearls Of Eternity

5. “Some people will submit to you only in order to get what they want from you. If it is power that they wanted, once they have managed to separate it from you, they will turn against you and turn you into their slaves. Take care to discover the true intentions of men beforehand. Men are experts at hiding their true selves”

Tags : Ambition Quote Cunning Quotes Devil Devil Quotes Disguise Disguised Enemies To Lovers Enormity Evil People Evils Friend Friends Good And Evil Quotes Good Vs Evil Inhumanity Lust For Power Macchiavelli Political Ambition Quotes Politicians Power Addiction Reality Bites Submit Survival Instinct Survival Is The Name Of The Game Survivalist Survivor
Source : Pearls Of Eternity

6. “Good at the wrong place and time becomes evil; evil in the right place and time becomes good.”

Tags : Barbarity Cruel Cruel People Cruel World Cruelty Devil Devil Quotes Evil Men Evil People Evil Quotes Evil Thoughts Evilness Evils Good Good And Evil Good And Evil Quotes Good Deeds Good Vs Evil Inhumanity Iniquitious Iniquity Wicked Wicked Intensions Wicked People
Source : Pearls Of Eternity

7. “The universe runs on the principle that one who can exert the most evil on other creatures runs the show.”

Tags : Ambitions Cruel People Cruelties Devil Devil Quotes Dictatorship Enormity Evil Evil Men Evil Thoughts Evils Good And Evil Good And Evil Quotes Good Vs Evil Iniquity Lies Politics Love Of Power Lust For Power Political Political Philosophy Power Survival Is The Name Of The Game Survivalist The Great Pearl Of Wisdom Universe Quotes Wicked People Wickedness
Source : Pearls Of Eternity

8. “Can anyone maintain power without lying? It looks to me like living without breathing. Morality apart, I think some evils are part and parcel of nature and we cannot do without them. Sometimes evil is even necessary to run this evil nature.”

Tags : Ambition Ambitions Barbarity Cruel Cruel People Cruelties Devil Evil Evil Quotes Evil Spirit Evil Words Evilness Good Deeds Good Vs Evil Honesty From Within Inhumanity Lust For Power Misuse Of Power Morality Morality Quotes Political Power Addiction The Great Pearl Of Wisdom
Source : Pearls Of Eternity

9. “What if a man could write everything that came into his mind. You could find there gems of wisdom, depth of utter despair, heights of the most cherished hopes, killing fields where we slaughter our enemies, moments of faith and moments of doubts, dark chambers where we commit infidelity against our partners, counting the goods we have stolen, hell nightmares, heaven blessedness, cursing of our enemies and blessing of our friends, and many other things. If one could write his mind, it would be a mirror to other minds where they could find themselves and not feel as the only wretched souls in existence. Go on then, write your mind in a book and publish it”

Tags : Bangambiki Bangambiki Habyarimana Evil Men Evil Thoughts Faith In Yourself Gods Good And Evil Quotes Happiness In Hard Times Happiness Quotes Happyquotes Hopelessness Inspired Soul Intelligent People Motivation Religious Faith Wisdom Quotes Wise Quotes Wise Thought Writers And Writing Writers Block Writers Life Writing Books
Source : Pearls Of Eternity

10. “If we believe that god is the creator of evil, maybe there is evil also in heaven, if that is the case, we are not out of the woods yet”

Tags : Belief Evil Quotes Evil Spirit Evil Thoughts Faith Faith Reason Faithful Faithfulness Gods Good And Bad Good Deeds Quotes Heaven Heaven Quotes Heavenly Heavenly Rewards Iniquitious Iniquity Paradises Religion Spirituality Wicked Intensions
Source : Pearls Of Eternity

11. “I think this business of good vs. evil is of no interest to the power hungry”

Tags : Ambition Ambition Quote Ambition Quotes Barbarity Cruel Cruelties Devil Devil Quotes Dictatorship Enormity Evil Man Evil Quotes Evil Spirit Evil Thoughts Iniquity Lies Politics Love Of Power Misuse Of Power Political Correctness Politicians Survival Instinct Survival Is The Name Of The Game Survival Story Survivalism Wicked
Source : Pearls Of Eternity

12. “Stop blaming evil on the Devil, blame it on the Creator of everything, if you don't understand, ask Him or at least hope that someday He will reveal it to you”

Tags : Belief Belief Quotes Blame Game Creator Creator Quotes Cruel Cruelties Cruelty Demon Demon Quotes Devil Quotes Enormity Evil Man Evil People Evil Quotes Evil Spirit Evil Thoughts Evil Words Evils Faith Good And Evil Good And Evil Quote Good And Evil Quotes Good Deeds Good Deeds Quotes Good Vs Evil Inhumanity Satan Quotes Wicked People Wickedness
Source : Pearls Of Eternity

13. “Good gods are scarce because the majority of gods are created by evil men”

Tags : Agnostic Agnosticism Agnostics Atheist Club Bangambiki Barbarity Belief In God Belief System Cruelty Despair Quotes Enormity Evil Evil God Evil Man Evil Men Evil Thoughts Evil Words Heaven Heavenly Father Hopeful Hoping Integrity Integrity Of A Salesman Life Spirituality
Source : Pearls Of Eternity

14. “He was a committed ladies' man and obtained a great deal of sustenance from the seemingly inexhaustible supply of women, but he guarded himself vigilantly against addiction, fearful of becoming fodder for that feminine allure which is so paradoxically generous to those who take from it and so destructively cruel to those who give.”

Tags : Cruel Feminine Allure Fodder Generous Ladies Man Paradox Relationship Seduction Women

15. “Ellen had said that her mother was afraid of the ocean, that it was too cold and too big. The sky was, too, thought Annemarie. The whole world was: too cold, too big. And too cruel. ”

Tags : Cold Cruel Sky World
Author : Lois Lowry
Source : Number the Stars

16. “Cruel young men usually sit on their beds with their riding boots.”

Tags : Boots Cruel Spell Young
Author : Pet Torres
Source : The Spell

17. “Fate is a woman, I said to them. In fact, she is three women. Young, like us, so that they will have the courage to be cruel, having no weight of memory to teach temperance. Young, but so old, older than any stone. Their hair is silver, but full and long. Their eyes are black. But when they are at their work they become dogs, wolves, for they are hounds of death, and also hounds of joy. They take the strands of life in their jaws, and sometimes they are careful with their jagged teeth, and sometimes they are not. They gallop around a great monolith, the stone that pierces our Sphere where the meridians meet, that turns the Earth and pins it in place in the world. It is called the Spindle of Necessity, and all round it the wolves of fate run, and run, and run, and the patterns of their winding are the patterns of the world. Nothing can occur without them, but they take no sides. I could also say that there is such a stone, such a place, but the dogs who are women died long ago, and left the strands to fall, and we have been helpless ever since. That in a wolfless world we must find our own way. That is more comforting to me. I want my own way, I want to falter; I want to fail, and I want to be redeemed. All these things I want to spool out from the spindle that is me, not the spindle of the world. But I have heard both tales.”

Tags : Choice Cruel Fail Falter Fate Free Will Old Redeem Spindle Wolves Young
Source : The Habitation of the Blessed

18. “He who makes fun of a short and fat man’s weight is much less cruel than he who makes fun of his height.”

Tags : Chubby Cruel Cruelty Deride Dwarf Exercise Fat Fatty Flabby Fleshy Gym Heavyset Hope Meaty Midget Mock Overweight Paunchy Plump Portly Potbellied Ridicule Tall Tease Weight Weight Loss

19. “You want war??...Out there you can find books, films about the war how brutal is it. If you disire for more... it sounds like you are cruel, so far I can understand it you are the bad guy, aren't you?”

Tags : Bad Books Brutal Cruel Films Guy You
Author : Deyth Banger

20. “The moment you have to recruit people to put another person down, in order to convince someone of your value is the day you dishonor your children, your parents and your God. If someone doesn't see your worth the problem is them, not people outside your relationship.”

Tags : Bullies Confidence Dishonoring Parents Divorce 101 Empowering Girls Evil Hateful Husbands In Denial Jealousy Love Relationships 101 Revenge Rise Up Ruthless Self Evaluation Shallow Shame Shameful Stalkers Stayingpositiveuniversity Com Vengeful Wives

21. “People that don't know what they are worth will always see their capture's wings, but never their tail.”

Tags : Bad Marriages Blindsighted Brainwashed Cruel Evil Gideon Hateful People Have A Conscience Have A Heart Have Compassion Immoral Insecure Men Insecure Women Love Yourself Staying For Kids Stupid Choices Stupidity Used Whipped Your Living A Lie Your Wife Is Evil

22. “A daughter of God knows that insecurity is not an excuse for doing evil to others, nor will God rest until caring for everyone is a lesson you learn.”

Tags : Brainwashed Compassionate Women Control Freaks Controlling Spouses Copouts Criminal Cruel Empowering Women Evilness Growth Hateful Illegal Immature Insecurities Liar Manipulatora Mentally Biased Relationships 101 Self Righteous Stereotypers Twisted Uncaring Unjustified Writers

23. “You want to know what I'm afraid of? All right, I'll tell you. I'm afraid of men - yes, I'm very much afraid of men. And I'm even more afraid of women. And I'm very much afraid of the whole bloody human race. Afraid of them? Of course I'm afraid of them. Who wouldn't be afraid of a pack of damned hyenas? [...] And when I say afraid - that's just a word I use. What I really mean is that I hate them. I hate their voices, I hate their eyes, I hate the way they laugh. I hate the whole bloody business. It's cruel, it's idiotic, it's unspeakably horrible. I never had the guts to kill myself or I'd have got out of it long ago.”

Tags : Afraid Cruel Cruelty Fear Guts Hate Horrible Horror Human Race Humanity Hyenas Idiocy Idiotic Men Suicide Women
Author : Jean Rhys
Source : Good Morning, Midnight

24. “Nature can be cruel. Predators are everywhere. Those who don't need to be protected from outside forces often need to be protected from themselves. In society, women are referred to as "the fairer sex". But in the wild, the female species can be far more ferocious than their male counterparts. Defending the nest is both our oldest and strongest instinct. And sometimes, it can also be the most gratifying.”

Tags : Cruel Defend Female Gratifying Instinct Male Nature Predators Protect Revenge Revenge Tv Series Society Women
Author : Emily Thorne

25. “If blood can produce money through rituals or the so-called human sacrifice, then it is the basis on which we live, so it is very essential to save and protect it from the fiendish eyes of blood sucking predators.”

Tags : Blood Blood Money Cruel Cruelty Darkness Essential Evil Horrific Horror Human Sacrifice Making Money Michael Bassey Johnson Predators Ritual Rituals Sacrifice Wicked Wickedness

26. “Compassion is a lifetime business. You can't say something like, "I will have compassion on Monday, Thursdays and Fridays only. But for the rest, I will be cruel". That is hypocrisy.”

Tags : Business Compassion Cruel Cruelity Days Of The Week Food For Thought Friday Hypocrisy Hypocrite Hypocritical Israelmore Ayivor Kind Kindness Life Lifetime Love Monday Passion Saturday Sunday Thursday Tuesday Wednesday Week

27. “If we could believe that he [Jesus] really countenanced the follies, the falsehoods, and the charlatanism which his biographers [Gospels] father on him, and admit the misconstructions, interpolations, and theorizations of the fathers of the early, and the fanatics of the latter ages, the conclusion would be irresistible by every sound mind that he was an impostor... We find in the writings of his biographers matter of two distinct descriptions. First, a groundwork of vulgar ignorance, of things impossible, of superstitions, fanaticisms and fabrications... That sect [Jews] had presented for the object of their worship, a being of terrific character, cruel, vindictive, capricious and unjust... Jesus had to walk on the perilous confines of reason and religion: and a step to right or left might place him within the gripe of the priests of the superstition, a blood thirsty race, as cruel and remorseless as the being whom they represented as the family God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob, and the local God of Israel. They were constantly laying snares, too, to entangle him in the web of the law... That Jesus did not mean to impose himself on mankind as the son of God, physically speaking, I have been convinced by the writings of men more learned than myself in that lore.[Letter to William Short, 4 August, 1820]”

Tags : Cruel Fake Freethinker Freethought God Of Abraham Imposter Jehovah Judaism Lies New Testament Reason Skeptic Skepticism Yahweh
Source : Letters of Thomas Jefferson

28. “Wild animals are less wild and more human than many humans of this world”

Tags : Animal Animals Cruel Cruel World Fact Human Humanity Humans Inhuman Inhumanity Less Many More Philosophical Philosophy This War Wild Wildlife Wildness World
Author : Munia Khan

29. “Nothing is ever certain.”

Tags : Absolutes Cruel Death Lies Phrases Sad Truth
Author : Alice Sebold
Source : The Lovely Bones

30. “Have you never known a cruel wind? What an easy, balmy, tropical life you must have! I never tease, madam! I coax, I beguile, I stomp, I throw tantrums, and for certain, I freeze — I am the Coldest and Harshest of all the Harsh Airs! I am the shiver of the world! But I do not tease. You can cause ever so much more trouble by taking folk seriously, asking just what they're doing and doing just what they ask.”

Tags : Beguile Coax Cruel Tantrums Teasing Trouble Winds
Source : The Girl Who Soared Over Fairyland and Cut the Moon in Two

31. “Please don´t drown into his fears, his concrete fists don´t let him again, break the bridge of your nose with his cruel born hits. Then disappear into that mask of misery.”

Tags : Abuse Concrete Control Cruel Death Disappear Domestic Violence Drown Fear Fears Fight Fists Hide Husband Marriage Mask Misery Shelter Silent Pain Society Strike Tears Violence Women Abuse

32. “You know if you would just do as I say I wouldn't have to hurt you.”

Tags : Amanda Stephan Awesome Cruel Evil Hurting Mean Romance The Price Of Trust
Source : The Price of Trust

33. “They send a person who can never stay," she whispered. "Who can never accept my offer of companionship for more than a little while. They send me a hero I can't help ... just the sort of person I can't help falling in love with."...As I sailed into the lake I realized the Fates really were cruel. They sent Calypso someone she couldn't help but love. But it worked both ways. For the rest of my life I would be thinking about her. She would always be my biggest what if.”

Tags : Calypso Cruel Fates Love Percy Jackson Punishment Regret
Author : Rick Riordan
Source : The Battle of the Labyrinth

34. “Disappointed with someone,Be Compassionate Not Cruel to them. (Ephesians 4:32)”

Tags : Compassionate Cruel Disappointed Santosh Thankachan

35. “At first I did not love you, Jude; that I own. When I first knew you I merely wanted you to love me. I did not exactly flirt with you; but that inborn craving which undermines some women's morals almost more than unbridled passion--the craving to attract and captivate, regardless of the injury it may do the man--was in me; and when I found I had caught you, I was frightened. And then--I don't know how it was-- I couldn't bear to let you go--possibly to Arabella again--and so I got to love you, Jude. But you see, however fondly it ended, it began in the selfish and cruel wish to make your heart ache for me without letting mine ache for you.”

Tags : Craving Cruel Deception Flirting Heartbreaker Heartbroken Love Lying Selfish Sue Bridehead
Author : Thomas Hardy
Source : Jude the Obscure

36. “If you look for evil in people you will not have friends”

Tags : Cruel Cruel People Cruel World Cruelties Cruelty Enormity Evil Man Evil Men Evil People Evil Thoughts Evil Words Evilness Evils Friendliness Friendship Friendship Quotes Good Vs Evil Inhumanity Iniquity Wicked Wicked Intensions Wicked People Wickedness
Source : The Great Pearl of Wisdom

37. “Instead of recognizing their mistakes, some people commit crimes to hide them”

Tags : Barbarity Cruel Cruel People Cruelties Cruelty Enormity Evil Evil Man Evil Men Evil People Evil Spirit Evil Thoughts Evil Words Evilness Evils Good Vs Evil Inhumanity Iniquity Mistakes Quotes Wicked Wicked Intensions Wicked People Wickedness
Source : The Great Pearl of Wisdom

38. “You don't need Satan to explain the evil in the world. He is not the creator of the universe”

Tags : Barbarity Cruel Cruelties Cruelty Enormity Evil Evil Men Evil People Evil Spirit Evil Thoughts Evil Words Faith In God Faith Quotes Faithful Inhumanity Iniquitious Religion Religion Spirituality Religion Vs Science Religious Faith Satan Wicked People
Source : The Great Pearl of Wisdom

39. “Envy: Instead of focusing on your own goals, your goal becomes throwing off the rails other people’s goals and at the end of the day you gain nothing but a mischievous satisfaction that you have destroyed someone’s dream”

Tags : Barbarity Cruel World Cruelty Enormity Envious Of People S Achievements Envy Envy Is Evil Envy Quotes Envying Evil Evil Men Evil Spirit Evil Thoughts Evil Words Evilness Evils Inhumanity Iniquitious Iniquity Wicked People
Source : The Great Pearl of Wisdom

40. “The most savage of human kind are the most advanced”

Tags : Barbarity Cruel Cruel People Cruel World Cruelties Cruelty Enormity Evil Evil Man Evil Men Evil People Evil Spirit Evil Thoughts Evil Words Evilness Evils Good Vs Evil Inhumanity Iniquitious Iniquity Wicked Wicked Intensions Wicked People Wickedness
Source : The Great Pearl of Wisdom

41. “He who does nothing to stop evil condones it”

Tags : Barbarity Cruel Cruel People Cruel World Cruelties Cruelty Enormity Evil Evil Man Evil Men Evil People Evil Spirit Evil Thoughts Evil Words Evilness Evils Good Vs Evil Inhumanity Iniquitious Iniquity Wicked Wicked Intensions Wicked People Wickedness
Source : The Great Pearl of Wisdom

42. “Some people are here on earth because they were sent to hell”

Tags : Barbarity Cruel World Evil Evil Men Evil Thoughts Evilness Evils Faith In God Faith In Yourself Faith Quotes Faithfulness Good Vs Evil Hell Hell On Earth Hellhound Inhumanity Iniquity Religion Religion Spirituality Religious Faith Wicked People Wickedness
Source : The Great Pearl of Wisdom

43. “In a cruel world kindness is certainly an unsafe virtue”

Tags : Cruel Cruel World Cruelty Kindness Kindness Quote Kindness Quotes Unsafe Virtue Virtue Quotes Virtues Wisdom Wisdom Quotes World
Author : Munia Khan

44. “. . . In all parts of our globe, fanatics have cut each other's throats, publicly burnt each other, committed without a scruple and even as a duty, the greatest crimes, and shed torrents of blood . . . Savage and furious nations, perpetually at war, adore, under divers names, some God, conformable to their ideas, that is to say, cruel, carnivorous, selfish, blood-thirsty. We find, in all the religions, 'a God of armies,' a 'jealous God,' an 'avenging God,' a 'destroying God,' a 'God,' who is pleased with carnage, and whom his worshippers consider it a duty to serve. Lambs, bulls, children, men, and women, are sacrificed to him. Zealous servants of this barbarous God think themselves obliged even to offer up themselves as a sacrifice to him. Madmen may everywhere be seen, who, after meditating upon their terrible God, imagine that to please him they must inflict on themselves, the most exquisite torments. The gloomy ideas formed of the deity, far from consoling them, have every where disquieted their minds, and prejudiced follies destructive to happiness.”

Tags : Atheism Blood Carnage Consoling Crime Cruel Death Deity Divine Fanatics God Gods Happiness Jealous Killing Massacre Meditating Monotheism Murder Sacrifice Savage Selfish War

45. “Many writers make the mistake of making their readers appear like Lazarus, without any iota of care, throwing down books to readers to crunch as if they are dogs.”

Tags : Boring Book Carnal Cruel Cruelty Disease Dog Ego Egoism Egoist Epidemic Impolite Impoliteness Improper Lack Of Respect Madness Maltreatment Mistake Pride Readers Rigid Shallow Stupidity Unpopularity Weird Writers Writing

46. “Don't let a cruel word escape your mouth. There's no greater sin than breaking a heart.”

Tags : Be Good Be Kind Be Nice Break Cruel Cruelty Do Good Escape Good Goodness Greater Heart Inspiration Inspirational Inspiring Kind Kindness Kojouri Mouth Nice Niceness Quote Sin Sinful Word

47. “There was a super-8 steel town somewhere, where all the forgotten things in the cruel world ended up eventually, Mandy was sure of it… this place, she decided, was called Smog City.”

Tags : Abandoned Canada City Concept Cruel Death Film Forgotten Grief Heaven Kodachrome Kodak Nostalgia Smog Steel Super 8
Source : Smog City

48. “Meradinis! Turtle Island! It was a little corner of chaos!This was the scene the speeding black ship had left behind three days ago, fleeing in humiliating shame, those three days a constant running battle. For three days the accursed Imperial ship Indomitable had followed, firing on them at every opportunity. Death or imprisonment now awaited those who called themselves Corsairs – and though this death was now more certain rather than just a possibility, Sona Kilroy, or “The Hammer” as he was called by his men, was not prepared to give up his freedom so easily. Piracy was his life and he’d known no other. He was tough and cruel, a despicable man, a case in point when academics quoted the barbarism by which the Corsairs had made themselves known and feared across the star systems of the peaceful Terran Empire.”

Tags : A Awaited Black Called Chaos Constant Corsairs Easily Fleeing Island Man Men More Now Possibility Shame Ship Star Terran To Tough
Source : Dead Beckoning

49. “Which is more colder, the hand or the gun?”

Tags : Bullet Cold Blooded Cruel Death Execute Fear Feelingless Gun Hand Hand In Hand Hard Hearted Iron Man Murder No Conscience Parallel Pull Trigger Same Shoot

50. “A little inhumanity does not describe you as heartless, rather, it is a way of telling others that you have a heart that can get angry.”

Tags : Anger Angry Cruel Cruelty Emotion Emotional Emotions Hatred Heart Heartless Inhumanity Stone Heart Stubborn Unhappy Vex Vexation

51. “between the disfigurement and the muzzle, it's nearly impossible to catch what she's saying. Always, though, while tripping and stumbling to the music, she looks out into her audience and tells the story about her mother. Most people laugh and yell for her to lift her skirts, but every so often she'll spot someone weeping and swear they can understand her every word.”

Tags : Cruel Sad Tragic Unaware
Author : David Sedaris
Source : Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Modest Bestiary

52. “It does pain a lot for not able to say a different & caring thought being felt inside, but it feels even more agony by saying out the same and then seeing the indifferent attitude of the people towards it.”

Tags : Brilliant Crafty Cruel Duffers Factual Hypocrisy Leadership Materialist Motivation Notable People Original Thought Originality Pain Quotes Self Centred Selfish Thoughts True Mentor True Motivational Speaker Wisdom Quotes Wise Wise Sayings
Author : Anuj Somany

53. “I opened my louvres and looked at Comfort, walking in the heavy rain, crying bitterly. I heard mom saying, Anywhere you want to go, you can, but don't come back again to this house. Comfort was beautiful, but her stealing attributes brought reproach on her and painted her beauty with dark impressions. I looked at her, walking barefooted on the muddy ground congested with rain water.”

Tags : Abuse Anger Child Abuse Childhood Abuse Cruel Cruelty Curse Frustration Hatred Housegirl Maid Maidenhood Pang Servitude Visscitude
Source : Comfort

54. “Before you leave here, Sir, you’re going to learn that one of the most brutal things in the world is your average nineteen-year-old American boy.”

Tags : Americans Boys Brutal Brutality Cruel Teenage Teenagers War
Author : Philip Caputo
Source : A Rumor Of War

55. “Soft feathers cannot make a cruel bird kind”

Tags : Avian Bird Birds Cannot Cruel Cruelty Feather Feathers Kind Kindness Make Soft Wisdom Wisdom Quote Wisdom Quotes Wise Quotes
Author : Munia Khan

56. “If you're all so peaceful up there, how did you get such greedy and cruel ideas?"The dragon was silent for a long time after this question. And at last he said: "It just came over me. I don't know why. It just came over me, listening to the battling shouts and the war-cries of the earth - I got excited, I wanted to join in.”

Tags : Cruel Dragon Earth Greedy Peace The Iron Man War
Author : Ted Hughes
Source : The Iron Man

57. “If she had learnt any lesson today it was that men were stupid, helpless creatures made needlessly cruel by their terror of showing their feelings.”

Tags : Cruel Feelings Helpless Lesson Men Stupid Terror
Author : Jayne Bauling
Source : Thai Triangle

58. “The number of your antagonists are far more greater than that of your companions, so you have to keep a stone of awareness to mark the boundary line.”

Tags : Alert Antagonists Awarenessa Boundary Companion Cruel Cruelty Dare Devils Devils Enemies Friendships Harmful Hate Haters Hatred Kill Killer Killers Michael Bassey Johnson Negative Negative People Relationships Stone Sycophants Unfriendly Friends Villain Wolves

59. “It’s a cruel fact of war that it takes little more than applying pressure to one finger to end another person’s life. More than that, it’s a cruel fact of life that we are hardwired to follow the crowd in a moment of panic.”

Tags : Crowd Cruel Death End Fact Firearms Guns Hardwired Joe Vagrant Life Panic Sad Shoot Trigger Truth War
Source : Dystopia Boy: The Unauthorized Files

60. “I could never understand the purpose of my kind. They are cruel, heartless beings. And the way they obtain legs is even crueler still. But what can be said about a being who is heartless even though they possess one?”

Tags : Cruel Cruel People Depravity Heartless Mermaids
Author : Amy Astorga
Source : Waters of Change

61. “The weakest ones are the wickedest cruel When the strongest ones in gentleness rule!”

Tags : Civil Civilization Combat Cruel Cruel People Cruelty Gentleness Kind Living Peacemaking Reign Reigning Rule Strenght The Art Of War Weak Weakness And Strength Wicked People Wickedness Witches World
Source : The Witches Of Avignon

62. “It was so much easier when I didn't want anything. Not getting what you want can make you cruel.”

Tags : Cruel David Levithan Desire Every Day Wants
Source : Every Day

63. “Dragon kind was no less cruel than mankind. The Dragon, at least, acted from bestial need rather than bestial greed.”~ A thought by Lessa ~”

Tags : Cruel Greed
Source : Dragonflight

64. “How cruelly sweet are the echoes that start, when memory plays an old tune on the heart!”

Tags : Cruel Echoes Heart Memory Sweet Tune
Author : Eliza Cook

65. “Vampires are cruel." Steopa said. "we exist to weed out the weak and the unneeded. We feed on humans.”

Tags : Cruel Vampires
Author : Mari Miniatt

66. “Cruel', O'Kelly laughed, 'it's cruel to tell children the truth. If anything convinces me of God's mercy, then it's his gift of making us unable to lie.”

Tags : Cruel Cruelty Lie Lying Truth
Source : Islanders And, The Fisher Of Men

67. “Nudist Colony Halloween parties are especially scary. They give the word "moon" a new cruel meaning.”

Tags : Cruel Halloween Nudist Party Scary
Author : Ray Palla
Source : H: Infidels of Oil

68. “Time is the cruelest force of all.”

Tags : Cruel Eternity Force Time
Author : Cixin Liu
Source : Death's End

69. “Some kids also think it makes them coolWhen they pick on other kids, being cruel.”

Tags : Cool Cruel Kids Pick On
Source : Other Kids Are Kids Almost Just Like You

70. “You can never heal completely. The scars will always stay behind, just to remind how cruel the time was once to you. But someday, you will learn to see beauty in the world that gave you these scars. And your eyes will shine with no lies in it. That day, you become beautiful. With baring all the scars, Which you always tried to hide from everyone.”

Tags : Beauty Cruel Eyes Heal Hide Learn Lie Scars Someday Stay Time World
Author : Akshay Vasu

71. “He was a chicken in the outside world that turned into a lion on entering the house.”

Tags : Courage Cruel Cruelty Double Standards Family Issues Personality
Author : Pawan Mishra
Source : Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy

72. “So who is cruel? You, cruel reader, you are.”

Tags : Barthes Cruel Cruelty Deconstruction Postmodern Postmodernism Reader Readers Reading Signification Signified
Author : Johnny Rich
Source : The Human Script

73. “No man is brave that has never walked a hundred miles. If you want to know the truth of who you are, walk until not a person knows your name. Travel is the great leveler, the great teacher, bitter as medicine, crueler than mirror-glass. A long stretch of road will teach you more about yourself than a hundred years of quiet introspection.”

Tags : Bitter Brave Bravery Cruel Cruelty Glass Identity Inspiration Inspirational Introspection Lesson Medicine Mirror On The Road Quiet Road Silence Travel Traveler Truth Wayfarer
Source : The Wise Man's Fear

74. “Being yourself is an old myth, being fake in this world of cruelness is a new trick”

Tags : Being Fake Being Yourself Cruel Cruelty Life Myth Old Trick World
Author : Srishti

75. “Astarte has come again, more powerful than before. She possesses me. She lies in wait for me.December 97My cruelty has also returned: the cruelty which frightens me. It lies dormant for months, for years, and then all at once awakens, bursts forth and - once the crisis is over - leaves me in mortal terror of myself.Just now in the avenue of the Bois, I whipped my dog till he bled, and for nothing - for not coming immediately when I called! The poor animal was there before me, his spine arched, cowering close to the ground, with his great, almost human, eyes fixed on me... and his lamentable howling! It was as though he were waiting for the butcher! But it was as if a kind of drunkenness had possessed me. The more I struck out the more I wanted to strike; every shudder of that quivering flesh filled me with some incomprehensible ardour. A circle of onlookers formed around me, and I only stopped myself for the sake of my self-respect.Afterwards, I was ashamed.I am always ashamed of myself nowadays. The pulse of life has always filled me with a peculiar rage to destroy. When I think of two beings in love, I experience an agonising sensation; by virtue of some bizarre backlash, there is something which smothers and oppresses me, and I suffocate, to the point of anguish.Whenever I wake up in the middle of the night to the muted hubbub of bumps and voices which suddenly become perceptible in the dormant city - all the cries of sexual excitement and sensuality which are the nocturnal respiration of cities - I feel weak. They rise up around me, submerging me in a sluggish flux of embraces and a tide of spasms. A crushing weight presses down on my chest; a cold sweat breaks out on my brow and my heart is heavy - so heavy that I have to get up, run bare-foot and breathless, to my window, and open both shutters, trying desperately to breathe. What an atrocious sensation it is! It is as if two arms of steel bear down upon my shoulders and a kind of hunger hollows out my stomach, tearing apart my whole being! A hunger to exterminate love.Oh, those nights! The long hours I have spent at my window, bent over the immobile trees of the square and the paving-stones of the deserted street, on watch in the silence of the city, starting at the least noise! The nights I have passed, my heart hammering in anguish, wretchedly and impatiently waiting for my torment to consent to leave me, and for my desire to fold up the heavy wings which beat inside the walls of my being like the wings of some great fluttering bird!Oh, my cruel and interminable nights of impotent rebellion against the rutting of Paris abed: those nights when I would have liked to embrace all the bodies, to suck in all the breaths and sup all the mouths... those nights which would find me, in the morning, prostrate on the carpet, scratching it still with inert and ineffectual fingers... fingers which never know anything but emptiness, whose nails are still taut with the passion of murder twenty-four hours after the crises... nails which I will one day end up plunging into the satined flesh of a neck, and...It is quite clear, you see, that I am possessed by a demon... a demon which doctors would treat with some bromide or with all-healing sal ammoniac! As if medicines could ever be imagined to be effective against such evil!”

Tags : Astarte Cruel Cruelty Decadence Decadent Decadents Possession Sadism Shame Ashamed
Author : Jean Lorrain
Source : Monsieur De Phocas

76. “It was understood that they shared the same thresholds--the same inexhaustible appetite for wasting time, for discussing lofty ideas, for dissecting trivial things, for driving to nowhere in particular, for listening to music, for talking about books, for obsessing over pop culture, but mostly for laughing, talking, and simply being together. There was nothing one could say that the other would find too cruel or too kind. And on those rare occasions when they did tire of each other, they needed only go a day without talking before they yearned to reconnect.”

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Source : The Romantics

77. “Though some may see their shortcomings as the greatest evil from the pit of hell, while some throw invectives at God for bringing them into a cruel, problematic world. These shortcomings are transient, the greatest evil does its work and needs no interrogation, their invectives are just a waste of time, and the world is the most sweetest to those with a functional taste buds.”

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78. “The difficulties connected with my criterion of demarcation (D) are important, but must not be exaggerated. It is vague, since it is a methodological rule, and since the demarcation between science and nonscience is vague. But it is more than sharp enough to make a distinction between many physical theories on the one hand, and metaphysical theories, such as psychoanalysis, or Marxism (in its present form), on the other. This is, of course, one of my main theses; and nobody who has not understood it can be said to have understood my theory.The situation with Marxism is, incidentally, very different from that with psychoanalysis. Marxism was once a scientific theory: it predicted that capitalism would lead to increasing misery and, through a more or less mild revolution, to socialism; it predicted that this would happen first in the technically highest developed countries; and it predicted that the technical evolution of the 'means of production' would lead to social, political, and ideological developments, rather than the other way round.But the (so-called) socialist revolution came first in one of the technically backward countries. And instead of the means of production producing a new ideology, it was Lenin's and Stalin's ideology that Russia must push forward with its industrialization ('Socialism is dictatorship of the proletariat plus electrification') which promoted the new development of the means of production.Thus one might say that Marxism was once a science, but one which was refuted by some of the facts which happened to clash with its predictions (I have here mentioned just a few of these facts).However, Marxism is no longer a science; for it broke the methodological rule that we must accept falsification, and it immunized itself against the most blatant refutations of its predictions. Ever since then, it can be described only as nonscience—as a metaphysical dream, if you like, married to a cruel reality.Psychoanalysis is a very different case. It is an interesting psychological metaphysics (and no doubt there is some truth in it, as there is so often in metaphysical ideas), but it never was a science. There may be lots of people who are Freudian or Adlerian cases: Freud himself was clearly a Freudian case, and Adler an Adlerian case. But what prevents their theories from being scientific in the sense here described is, very simply, that they do not exclude any physically possible human behaviour. Whatever anybody may do is, in principle, explicable in Freudian or Adlerian terms. (Adler's break with Freud was more Adlerian than Freudian, but Freud never looked on it as a refutation of his theory.)The point is very clear. Neither Freud nor Adler excludes any particular person's acting in any particular way, whatever the outward circumstances. Whether a man sacrificed his life to rescue a drowning, child (a case of sublimation) or whether he murdered the child by drowning him (a case of repression) could not possibly be predicted or excluded by Freud's theory; the theory was compatible with everything that could happen—even without any special immunization treatment.Thus while Marxism became non-scientific by its adoption of an immunizing strategy, psychoanalysis was immune to start with, and remained so. In contrast, most physical theories are pretty free of immunizing tactics and highly falsifiable to start with. As a rule, they exclude an infinity of conceivable possibilities.”

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79. “It strikes me profoundly that the world is more often than not a bad and cruel place.”

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Source : American Psycho

80. “The heart of a man is a small thing but it desires great matters. It is not big enough for a dog’s dinner but the whole world is not big enough for it. Man spares nothing that lives; he kills to feed himself, he kills to clothe himself, he kills to adorn himself, he kills to attack, he kills to defend himself, he kills to instruct himself, he kills to amuse himself, he kills for the sake of killing. From the lamb he tears its guts and makes his harp resound; from the wolf his most deadly tooth to polish his pretty works of art; from the elephant his tusks to make a toy for his child.(...)And who will exterminate him who exterminates all others?”

Tags : Art Cale Cruel Death Derfend Desire Divine Exterminate Game Great Last Left Man Men Paul People Spare Story Tomas Toy True World
Author : Paul Hoffman
Source : The Last Four Things

81. “It is the honey which makes us cruel enough to ignore the death of a bee”

Tags : Bee Beehive Beehives Bees Cruel Death Death And Dying Enough Honey Ignore Makes Philosophical Wise Words
Author : Munia Khan

82. “Which is colder, the hand or the gun?”

Tags : Bullet Cold Blooded Cruel Death Execute Fear Feelingless Gun Hand Hand In Hand Hard Hearted Iron Man Murder No Conscience Parallel Pull Trigger Same Shoot

83. “Words are drunk, the writer is sober;Priests are cruel, the butcher is noble.”

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84. “What about those Promises of yours to never leave me? she asked, stammering too much this time. His cruel smirk was as gut-wrenching as his words— Promises are meant to be broken, sweetheart.”

Tags : Betrayal Quotes Broken Heart Broken Promises Quotes Cruel Evil Quotes He Quotes Hurts Khadija Rupa Khadija Rupa Quotes Love Quotes Unexpressed Feelings
Author : Khadija Rupa
Source : Unexpressed Feelings

85. “We cherish reprobates, not for their cruelty, but for their little show of patronage.”

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86. “As cruel as life might be at times, if you throw in the towel, which is what everyone will expect, then nothing good will happen and your life will fall apart. Be better than that!”

Tags : Bad Better Cruel Expect Fall Good Happen Life Time Towel
Author : Bill Courtney
Source : Against the Grain: A Coach's Wisdom on Character, Faith, Family, and Love

87. “What's the difference between Darling Cruel, the wind, and a vacuum? A vacuum only sucks. The wind only blows. But Darling sucks, blows, and swallows.”

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Source : Born of Silence

88. “C’mon, sweetness. You don’t have to run. I won’t hurt you.”A pause, as though he was contemplating.“Much.” he amended, punctuating this last with a high-pitched tittering laugh that seemed to settle at the base of her neck like a giant insect, making her grind her teeth.”

Tags : Black Humor Cruel Taunting Woken
Author : Kaine Andrews
Source : Woken

89. “It’s weird like, you can see the cruelest part of the world. The cruelest part. But then on the other side you see the most beautiful part, do you know? And it’s like you go from one extreme to the next and they’re both worth it, because you wouldn’t see one without the other. But that cruel part, is damn cruel and you’ll never forget it. But that heaven…is heaven.”

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90. “See, it’s like I’ve always told you, you’re a waste of human life and you would be better off as a grain of sand. If you were a grain of sand, you would serve a purpose in this life. The dirt that holds me up from touching something lower than you. Now you know where you stand in this world. Right below me.”

Tags : Cold Cruel Heartless Hurtful Words
Author : Charles Lee
Source : The Way To Dawn

91. “Killing a cruelty is not a cruelty.”

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Author : Amit Kalantri

92. “He was not going to move on until she let go of him, of her guilt. And that was one thing she could not do. If she lost that, she would lose the thread that had sewn her new life together. She would become that careless, cruel person she had been before.”

Tags : Cruel New Life
Source : Lost Lake

93. “Como soy una idiota, me quedo junto al teléfono toda la noche esperando que 'pronto' signifique 'pronto'. Pero no es así.”

Tags : Cruel Idiota Love Pronto Significado Triste

94. “True monsters are not those lurking under the bed, but the ones sleeping in it.”

Tags : Cruel Cruelty Darkness Human Humanity Life Monster Monsters

95. “We are faithful as long as we love, but youdemand faithfulness of a woman without love, and the giving ofherself without enjoyment. Who is cruel there--woman or man?”

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96. “She was only really a female to him.But perhaps that was better. And after all, he was kind to the female in her, which no man had ever been. Men were very kind to the person she was, but rather cruel to the female, despising her or ignoring her altogether. Men were awfully kind to Constance Reid or to Lady Chatterley; but not to her womb they weren’t kind. And he took no notice of Constance or of Lady Chatterley; he just softly stroked her loins or her breasts.”

Tags : Cruel Female Ignore Kind Man Sexuality Womb
Author : D.H. Lawrence
Source : Lady Chatterley's Lover:

97. “How people are often mercilesson those they love the most”

Tags : Cruel Love Merciless Ruthless
Author : Maggie Nelson
Source : Jane: A Murder

98. “The Baudelaire orphans hung on to one another, and wept and wept while the adults argued endlessly behind them. Finally-as, I'm sorry to say, Count Olaf forced the Quagmires into puppy costumes so he could sneak them onto the airplane without anyone noticing-the Baudelaires cried themselves out and just sat on the lawn together in weary silence.”

Tags : A Series Of Unfortunate Events Absurd Black Humor Cruel Dark Humor Lemony Snicket Puppy Costumes Random The Austere Academy
Source : The Austere Academy

99. “I thought of Sammy Glick rocking in his cradle of hate, malnutrition, prejudice, suspicions, amorality, the anarchy of the poor; I thought of him as a mangy puppy in a dog-eat-dog world. I was modulating my hate for Sammy Glick from the personal to the societal. I no longer even hated Rivington Street but the idea of Rivington Street, all Rivington Streets of all nationalities allowed to pile up in cities like gigantic dung heaps smelling up the world, ambitions growing out of filth and crawling away like worms. I saw Sammy Glick on a battlefield where every soldier was his own cause, his own army and his own flag, and I realized that I had singled him out not because he had been born into the world anymore selfish, ruthless and cruel than anybody else, even though he had become all three, but because in the midst of a war that was selfish, ruthless and cruel Sammy was proving himself the fittest and the fiercest and the fastest.”

Tags : Cruel Poor
Source : What Makes Sammy Run?

100. “Open the doors of your heart and they will come…And for every cruel arrow,Sweet caresses of delirium alsoTo nourish your soul.”

Tags : Arrow Caress Caresses Come Cruel Delirium Doors Heart Inspirational Love Nourish Open Poetry Quotes Romance Soul Souls Spiritual Spirituality Sweet Wisdom Quotes
Author : Scott Hastie

101. “Many years later when I began training as a plastic surgeon, I understood something that I had not that day in the kitchen arguing for Thalia to leave Tinos for the boarding school. I learned that the world didn't see the inside of you, that it didn't care a whit about the hopes and dreams, and sorrows, that lay masked by skin and bone. It was as simple, as absurd, and as cruel as that. My patients knew this. They saw that much of what they were, would be, or could be hinged on the symmetry of their bone structure, the space between their eyes, their chin length, the tip projection of their nose, whether they had an ideal nasofrontal angle or not.Beauty is an enormous unmerited gift given randomly, stupidly.”

Tags : Absurd And The Mountains Echoed Beauty Cruel Dreams Hope Khaled Hosseini Pain Plastic Surgeon Sorrows Superficial Unfair Unfairness Of Life World
Source : And the Mountains Echoed

102. “To truly strip a man of everything, one must take away his money, community, and the core of his beliefs until he is bathed in the agony of isolation.”

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103. “Madoka: Won't anyone notice that Mami-san is dead?Homura: Mami Tomoe's only relatives are distant relations. It will be quite some time before anyone files a missing persons report. When one dies on that side of the wards, not even a body is left behind. She'll wind up forever a "missing person"... That is what happens to magical girls in the end.Madoka: ...That's too cruel! Mami-san has been fighting all alone for a long time for everyone's sake! For no one to even notice that she's gone... That's just too lonely a fate...Homura: It is just that kind of contract that gives us the power in the first place. It isn't for anyone else's sake. We fight on for the sake of our own prayer. So for no one to notice... for the world to forget us... That is just something we have to accept.”

Tags : Alone Cruel Cruel Lesson Dead Death Dying Fight Fighting Fighting Battles Fighting Spirit Forget Forgotten Loneliness Lonely Missing Missing Persons Sacrifice Sacrifices
Source : Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Vol. 01

104. “Life. We'd long known it was cruel.”

Tags : Cruel Life The Walls Around Us Walls
Author : Nova Ren Suma
Source : The Walls Around Us

105. “Now that lilacs are in bloomShe has a bowl of lilacs in her roomAnd twists one in her fingers while she talks."Ah, my friend, you do not know, you do not knowWhat life is, you who hold it in your hands"; (slowly twisting the lilac stalks)"You let it flow from you, you let it flow,And youth is cruel, and has no remorseAnd smiles at situations which it cannot see."I smile, of course,And go on drinking tea.”

Tags : Cruel Nostalgia Remorse Tea Youth
Author : T.S. Eliot
Source : Prufrock and Other Observations

106. “How the hell am I supposed to respect someone who sold herself to the highest bidder?" he growled with tight control, and she gasped, stung. "I have no respect for you, Theresa, not even as the potential mother of my child, because, quite frankly, you can't even do that right.”

Tags : Cruel Marriage Unwanted
Source : The Unwanted Wife

107. “Do you dislike Children? I ask, entertained at the little one’s cleverness in dodging capture attempts. “I don’t dislike them, nor do I like them. I’ve never understood why one must love children simply because they are children. I don’t love people because they are people; in fact, I rarely like any people at all. If a child is somehow deserving of admiration, I certainly won’t deny it, but why hand it out like candy on Queen’s Day?” I laugh, surprising him. “Do you think me terribly cruel, then?” “Actually, I agree. It is another great fault of mine my mother endeavored to correct. Children in general I’ve never cared for, though individual children I love very much.”

Tags : Children Cruel Dislike Children Loving People
Source : Illusions of Fate

108. “Some selfish people rise because some kind people haven't learned the art of saying no to them.”

Tags : Art Of Saying No Cruel Evil Kind Learn To Say No Mean No People Selfish World

109. “I'm hurting you to make you a better soldier in every way. To sharpen your wit. To intensify your effort. To keep you off balance, never sure what's going to happen next, so you always have to be ready for anything, ready to improvise, determined to win no matter what. I'm also making you miserable.”

Tags : Better Cruel Honest Suffering
Source : Ender's Game

110. “Holy shadows of the dead, I am not to blame for your cruel and bitter fate, but the accursed rivalry which brought sister nations and brother people to fight one another. I do not feel happy for this victory of mine. On the contrary, I would be glad, brothers, if I had all of you standing here next to me, since we are united by the same language, the same blood and the same visions.[Addressing the dead Hellenes of the Battle of Chaeronea]”

Tags : Battle Bitter Cruel Death Fight Greece Greek Happy Regret Remorse Rivalry United Victory War

111. “Against a set of desolate scenery, amid spectral crags and livid mountains of ash, beneath the funereal daylight of slopes illuminated in blue, she personified the spirit of the witches' sabbat. Morbid and voluptuous, sometimes with extenuated grace and infinite lassitude, she seemed to carry the burden of a criminal beauty, a beauty charged with all the sins cf the multitude. She fell again and again upon her pliant legs, and as she outlined the symbolic gestures of her two beautiful dead arms she seemed to be towing them behind her. Then, the vertigo of the abyss took hold of her again, and like one possessed she stood on point, holding herself fully erect from top to toe, like a spike of flesh and shadows. Her arms, weighed down just a few moments earlier, became menacing, demoniac, and audacious. Twisting like a screw, she whirled around, like a winnowing-machine - no, like a great lily stirred by a storm-wind. Clownish and macabre, a nacreous gleam showed between her lips... oh, that cruel and sardonic smile, and the two deep pools of her terrible eyes!Ize Kranile!”

Tags : Cruel Dance Decadence Macabre Sardonic
Author : Jean Lorrain
Source : Monsieur De Phocas

112. “The nicest men in the world were horribly cruel. They took no great pleasure from it, it was just part of being a male, with a perpetual deep gulf between the sexes.”

Tags : Cruel Cruelity Male Men
Author : Margaret Way
Source : A Lesson in Loving

113. “So agressive, so much screaming, so cruel picture... But that's the truth, better the truth than the lie after a lie and a lie...”

Tags : Agressive Cruel Lie Picture Truth
Author : Deyth Banger

114. “I was taught to follow the light, but the light got me lost, I was taught to see the light, but the light blinded my sight.It was the light who gave me judgment, and the judge was cruel and sick,I was taught to love the light, but darkness woke me up, and I was free.”

Tags : Cruel Judge Light Love
Author : Quetzal

115. “It had taken her a good deal of time before she believed that she was worth all that fierce affection he lavished upon her. To have it stolen away unjustly was that much more cruel.”

Tags : Affection Cruel Love Rejection Self Worth
Author : Gail Carriger
Source : Blameless

116. “Did life treat everyone so wantonly, ripping the good things to pieces while letting bad things fester and grow like fungus”

Tags : Bad Cruel Life Sad Unfair
Source : A Fine Balance

117. “Fate has a cruel sense of humor, don't you think?”

Tags : Cruel Fate Sense Of Humor
Source : Inheritance

118. “There was the cruel kind of Eustace silence.”

Tags : Cruel Silence
Author : James Purdy
Source : Eustace Chisholm and the Works: A Novel

119. “Hugo, we are taught to be advanced in every form from academically to socially. I think our parents fucked it up, taking that advancement for granted. They wanted us to grow up with everything and in return of that we became spoiled.”

Tags : Cruel Love Parents
Source : My Silent Hero

120. “Never be cruel to anyone; no one deserves it.”

Tags : Cruel Debasish Mridha Debasish Mridha M D Inspirational Never Be Cruel No One Deserves Cruelty Philosophy Quotes