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1. “Sacrifice of the self is sheer stupidity if sacrifice is not for the self.”

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Author : Amit Kalantri

2. “Being stubbon has never helped anyone but just brought them more pain and suffering.”

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3. “Failure gives you the reason and motivation for success. Poeple who succeed dont just succeed but they have reasons why they should succeed.”

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4. “If you FAIL big now and you dont give up. What you see as your biggest failure now. Tomorrow will be your greatest story to tell.”

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5. “Any behaviour or habit can be learned. Just chose to learn the good ones.”

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6. “Fight for greater course than for greater loss”

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7. “All morning I struggled with the sensation of stray wisps of one world seeping through the cracks of another. Do you know the feeling when you start reading a new book before the membrane of the last one has had time to close behind you? You leave the previous book with ideas and themes -- characters even -- caught in the fibers of your clothes, and when you open the new book, they are still with you.”

Tags : Books Character Characters Ideas Impact Reading
Source : The Thirteenth Tale

8. “Dreams are the touchstones of our characters.”

Tags : Characters Dreams Touchstones

9. “You don't buy all the clothes in the market. You choose slowly and carefully, asking the prices for each before buying. The same way you choose your friends, by looking into their lives carefully, before taking any as a companion, then dropping those that are not relevant.”

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10. “War is not just the shower of bullets and bombs from both sides, it is also the shower of blood and bones on both sides.”

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Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

11. “You can't write a sory until you've felt. Breathe it in. Walked with your characters. Talked with them. That's why you come here. To live your story.”

Tags : Characters Feel Live Story Talk Walk

12. “If you are training and you are in the gym. But whatever excesize you are doing .You dont feel any straints or tension. You must be worried. Its either you are not doing the excesize in the right way and your body wont develop.Same as life. If you dont come across any challenges .You should be worried too. It means you are not growing, and it will be difficult for you to succeed. Obstacles are our ladder to the top.”

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13. “A slip of the foot may injure your body, but a slip of the tongue will injure your bond.”

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Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

14. “It [the Harlem Renaissance] was a time of black individualism, a time marked by a vast array of characters whose uniqueness challenged the traditional inability of white Americans to differentiate between blacks.”

Tags : African American History American History American Jazz Age Characters Characters In Books Demographics Harlem New York Harlem Renaissance Individuality Jazz Age Stories Racial Identity
Source : Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance

15. “The only way you can talk about this great tide in which you’re a participant is as Schopenhauer did: the universe is a dream dreamed by a single dreamer where all the dream characters dream too.”

Tags : Characters Dreaming Dreams Life Schopenhauer Universe
Source : A Joseph Campbell Companion: Reflections on the Art of Living

16. “Health is hearty, health is harmony, health is happiness.”

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Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

17. “The characters in my novels are my own unrealised possibilities. That is why I am equally fond of them all and equally horrified by them. Each one has crossed a border that I myself have circumvented.”

Tags : Characters Poetic Poetry Prose Writers
Author : Milan Kundera

18. “Before you worry about the beauty of your body, worry about the health of your body.”

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Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

19. “In general there should be gay characters in YA because a) surprise, there are gay folks everywhere and b) in my opinion as a father, there’s not a damn thing wrong with my child encountering gay folks in her literature, because see point a).”

Tags : Characters Gay Glbt Literature Raising Kids Writing Ya
Author : John Scalzi

20. “When wealth goes only happiness goes, when health goes even the hope goes.”

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Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

21. “My spouse is my shield, my spouse is my strength.”

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Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

22. “One who doesn't recognise an opportunity is bigger loser than one who tries his hand at an opportunity.”

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Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

23. “When you used violence to achieve "peace"; what did you achieve ? -Supressed violence!”

Tags : Army Characters Fighting Forgiveness Grudges Holding Grudges Move On Moving On Owe Owed Peace Peace Of Mind Revenge Strength Strength Of Character Substance Substantial Supression Terrorism Unforgiving United Nations Vengeance Violence War Weapons

24. “Manners and politeness will never become old-fashioned.”

Tags : Bad Behavior Behavior Characters Courage Displine Good Behaviour Good Character Happiness Learning From Mistakes Life Manners Personal Development Personal Growth Personality Politeness Respect Respecting Others
Author : Auliq Ice

25. “Believe in your character. Animate (or write) with sincerity.”

Tags : Animation Characters Sincerity Writing
Author : Glen Keane

26. “There's a time bomb for every oppression.”

Tags : Army Bomb Characters Forgiveness Freedom Of Choice Grudge Grudges Holding Grudges Love Nations Owe Owed Peace Peace Of Mind Revenge Strength Substantial Unforgiving United Nations Unity Use Vengeance War

27. “Principles in a poor is admirable as politeness in a prince.”

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Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

28. “Stephen King started to read comics first, I started to watch films and little reading books...Now everything has changed Stephen King reads books and watch films, I read comics, watch films, read books listen to audiobooks...This are two different stories, you were challanged to open them, good job you open them now but can you try to start a new life??To start by opening a new book??Meeting with new characters??With new writers??With one new book which has a story which you haven't heard??Probably, you aren't still ready!”

Tags : Authors Characters Heard Meeting New Probably Ready Story Writers
Author : Deyth Banger

29. “The world is administered by rich but it is constructed by poor.”

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Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

30. “If you're silent for a long time, people just arrive in your mind.”

Tags : Characters Mind People Silence Silent Writers Writing
Author : Alice Walker

31. “You take people, you put them on a journey, you give them peril, you find out who they really are.”

Tags : Characters Fiction Writing Human Nature Journey Life Lessons Truth
Author : Joss Whedon

32. “In Maurice I tried to create a character who was completely unlike myself or what I supposed myself to be: someone handsome, healthy, bodily attractive, mentally torpid, not a bad business man and rather a snob. Into this mixture I dropped an ingredient that puzzles him, wakes him up, torments him and finally saves him.”

Tags : Characters Glbtq Novelist
Author : E.M. Forster

33. “Truth is irrelevant; what matters is what people believe.”

Tags : Characters Novel Quotes Sleeper S Run Thriller
Source : Sleeper's Run

34. “When you don’t have honesty in love then there is no communication. Honesty is improvisation of the heart; anything less is a well thought out and rehearsed script.”

Tags : Anxiety Characters Conflict Delusion Dishonest Fake Fear Games Heart Felt Honesty Improvisation Liars Lies Love Make Believe Manipulation Mind Games Perspective Plans Preplanned Real Rehearsed Relationships Romance Scripted Secrets

35. “The only characters I ever don't like are ones that leave no impression on me. And I don't write characters that leave no impression on me.”

Tags : Characters Lauren Destefano Wither

36. “When writing a novel a writer should create living people; people not characters. A character is a caricature.”

Tags : Caricature Characters Skill True To Life Writing
Source : Death in the Afternoon

37. “I see God now as an unimaginative writer of popular fictions, someone who builds stories around sadistic and graceless plots, narratives that exist only to express His terror of a woman's power to choose who and how to love, to redefine love as she sees fit, not as God thinks it ought to be. The author is unworthy of His own characters.”

Tags : Authors Characters Loss Of Faith Love Women
Author : Joe Hill
Source : Horns

38. “Characters in a novel or a play who act all the way through exactly as one expects them to... This consistency of theirs, which is held up to our admiration, is on the contrary the very thing which makes us recognise that they are artificially composed.”

Tags : Characters Consistency Writing
Author : André Gide
Source : The Counterfeiters

39. “We live in a society where mutual respect and appreciation should be considered one of the pillars of modern life.”

Tags : Bad Behavior Behavior Characters Courage Displine Forgiveness Freedom Good Behaviour Good Character Happiness Joy Learning From Mistakes Life Love Manners Marriage Personal Development Personal Growth Personality Politeness Relationships Respect Respecting Others
Author : Auliq Ice

40. “I don't dislike him, but he's too perfect. You know what I mean? Like he was genetically engineered in a lab. Imperfections make a person more attractive, give them character, don't you think?”

Tags : Characters Imperfection
Author : Lou Harper
Source : Secrets and Ink

41. “...when you look at a photo or realistic drawing of a face, you see it as the face of another . But when you enter the world of the cartoon , you see yourself.”

Tags : Art Artists Character Description Character Design Characters Comics
Author : Scott McCloud
Source : Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art

42. “I'd write of people and places like I knew, and I'd make my characters talk everyday English; and I'd let the sun rise and set in the usual quiet way without much fuss over the fact. If I had to have villains at all, I'd give them a chance, Anne--I'd give them a chance. There are some terrible bad men the world, I suppose, but you'd have to go a long piece to find them...But most of us have got a little decency somewhere in us. Keep on writing, Anne.”

Tags : Character Development Characters Villians Writing
Source : Anne of the Island

43. “Delicious days ahead for solitude and writing and, oh yes, the holiday meal with family. Live with my characters until term starts in 2012!”

Tags : Character Development Characters Writing Writing Craft Writing Life
Author : Stella Atrium

44. “Sow a thought, and you reap an act;Sow an act, and you reap a habit;Sow a habit, and you reap a character;Sow a character, and you reap a destiny.”

Tags : Acts Characters Destiny Habits Thoughts
Author : Samuel Smiles
Source : Happy Homes and the Hearts That Make Them

45. “To keep any great nation up to a high standard of civilization there must be enough superior characters to hold the balance of power, but the very moment the balance of power gets into the hands of second-rate men and women, a decline of that nation is inevitable.”

Tags : Balance Of Power Character Characters Civilization Decline Great High Standard Inevitable Nation Superior

46. “Be sure not to discuss your hero's state of mind. Make it clear from his actions."(Letter to Alexander Chekhov, May 10, 1886)”

Tags : Characters Creative Process State Of Mind Writing
Author : Anton Chekhov

47. “Stories start in all sorts of places. Where they begin often tells the reader of what to expect as they progress. Castles often lead to dragons, country estates to deeds of deepest love (or of hate), and ambiguously presented settings usually lead to equally as ambiguous characters and plot, leaving a reader with an ambiguous feeling of disappointment. That's one of the worst kinds.”

Tags : Ambiguity Castles Characters Disappointment Dragons Hate Love Plot Readers Stories
Source : Sydney West

48. “Some of us are killers. It's in our blood... that ability. It doesn't mean we walk around killing withour conscience, but we're just... better equipped to do it. Some people don't have it in them, but we do. You'll feel a lot better once you accept that.”

Tags : Characters Davy Page39 Sean Sophie Jordan Unleashed
Author : Sophie Jordan
Source : Unleashed

49. “When you start listening to side talks, you begin to behave like a child, and you must kill the child to sustain the man, the man is always overlooking and philosophical.”

Tags : Approach Child Cowardice Criticism Devils Eavesdropping Gossip Hypocritical Ignorance Ignore Ignoring Indifference Indulgence Infantilism Intellectual Judgement Mean Michael Bassey Johnson Minding Your Business Negative People Paying Attention Philosophy Side Talks Small Minds Weak Wolves Words

50. “But, how do you know if an ending is truly good for the characters unless you've traveled with them through every page?”

Tags : Books Characters Plot Reading Books
Author : Shannon Hale
Source : Midnight in Austenland

51. “Plot is no more than footprints left in the snow after your characters have run by on their way to incredible destinations.”

Tags : Characters Plot
Author : Ray Bradbury
Source : Zen in the Art of Writing

52. “The principle I always go on in writing a novel is to think of the characters in terms of actors in a play. I say to myself, if a big name were playing this part, and if he found that after a strong first act he had practically nothing to do in the second act, he would walk out. Now, then, can I twist the story so as to give him plenty to do all the way through? I believe the only way a writer can keep himself up to the mark is by examining each story quite coldly before he starts writing it and asking himself it is all right as a story. I mean, once you go saying to yourself, "This is a pretty weak plot as it stands, but if I'm such a hell of a writer that my magic touch will make it okay," you're sunk. If they aren't in interesting situations, characters can't be major characters, not even if you have the rest of the troop talk their heads off about them."(Interview, The Paris Review, Issue 64, Winter 1975)”

Tags : Characters Creative Process Plot Storytelling Writing

53. “You can not control the thought, but you can control the tongue.”

Tags : Adage Advertisement Amit Kalantri Argument Catchphrases Inspirational Knowledge Motivational Movie Novel Writing Philosophy Proverbs Reserved Reticent Script Writing Sentences Slip Of Tongue Speak Less Speech Speechwriting Story Taciturnity Tag Lines Thought Tongue Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

54. “Monsieur Lerebour was short, round and jovial, with the joviality of a shopkeeper who liked to do himself well. His wife, who was thin, self-willed and perpetually discontented, had still not succeeded in overcoming her husband's good humour.”

Tags : Characters Married Couples The Conservatory
Source : Selected Short Stories

55. “Faster is fatal, slower is safe.”

Tags : 6 Word Story Adage Advertisement Amit Kalantri Quotes Book Writing Driver Drunk Driving Essay Fast Freeways Helmet Inspirational Movie Novel Writing Philosophy Public Speaking Script Security Six Word Memoirs Slogans Slow Slower Speechwriting Story Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

56. “. . . clumsiness is often mated with a love of solitude.”

Tags : Characters Isolation Loneliness Personality Solitude
Source : Orlando

57. “Don't bother to ring a bell in the ear that doesn't listen. Move to another ear, and if he doesn't listen to your bell, sit back and listen to his nemesis.”

Tags : Advice Behaviour Bell Characters Cliche Idiosyncracy Listening Mediocre People Michael Bassey Johnson Minding Your Own Business Nemesis Numbskulls Result Ring The Bell Sound The Trumpet Stubborn People Teacher The Result Trumpet Trumpet Like An Elephant Tutor Warning

58. “Never annoy an inspirational author or you will become the poison in her pen and the villian in every one of her books.”

Tags : Analogies Angry Men Annoy Authors Bitter People Characters Conflict Cruel People Drama Enemies Fake Christians Friends Irritation Jealous Women Life Events Made An Example Memories Stalkers Stories Villians Writers Writing

59. “Education makes your maths better, not necessarily your manners.”

Tags : Academics Adage Advertisement Amit Kalantri Arrogance Behaviour Book Writing Catch Lines Catchphrases Coaching Ego Inspirational Math Mathematics Movie Movie Dialogue Public Speaking Quotes Story Tag Lines Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

60. “Don't always use prudence for precaution, sometimes use it for progress.”

Tags : Adage Advise Alliterations Amit Kalantri Amit Kalantri Quotes Amit Kalantri Writer Book Writing Care Catchphrases Characters Creative Writing Discussion Experience Knowledge Meetings Movie Dialogue Opinions Proverbs Prudence Public Speaking Quotes Scared Script Scriptwriting Speech
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

61. “Uniform of a soldier and uniform of a student both are equally needed for the nation.”

Tags : Alliterations Amit Kalantri Army Catch Lines Characters Creative Writing Defence Essay India Knowledge Nation Novel Writing Philosophy Public Speaking Rhetoric Schools Script Soldier State Story Strength Student Tag Lines Uniform Wisdom Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

62. “Music shouldn't be just a tune, it should be a touch.”

Tags : Adage Alliterations Book Writing Creative Writing Drums Guitar Instruments Knowledge Melody Motivational Music Music Director Playing Quotes Rock Scriptwriting Singer Song Speechwriting Tag Lines Tune
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

63. “Everyday I think about the perfect life with you; Everyday I wish you existed.”

Tags : Characters Humour Life Philosophy Love Naive Realism Paradox Of Life Romantic Suspense Sacred Space Wisdom Wise

64. “Seed becomes tree, son becomes stranger.”

Tags : 6 Word Memoirs Alliterations Amit Kalantri Quotes Amit Kalantri Writer Catchphrases Children Creative Writing Daughters Essay Family Family Relationships Father Kids Knowledge Motivational Movie Movie Dialogue Parethood Scriptwriting Six Word Story Speech Story Tree Wisdom Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

65. “I wish we could sometimes love the characters in real life as we love the characters in romances. There are a great many human souls whom we should accept more kindly, and even appreciate more clearly, if we simply thought of them as people in a story.”

Tags : Books Characters Life
Source : What I Saw in America

66. “You look like a protagonist.”

Tags : Characters Protagonist
Source : Eleanor & Park

67. “I don't know where people got the idea that characters in books are supposed to be likable. Books are not in the business of creating merely likeable characters with whom you can have some simple identification with. Books are in the business of creating great stories that make you're brain go ahhbdgbdmerhbergurhbudgerbudbaaarr.”

Tags : Books Characters Humor
Author : John Green

68. “I care more about the people in books than the people I see every day.”

Tags : Books Characters
Author : Jo Walton
Source : Among Others

69. “I will go to my grave in a state of abject endless fascination that we all have the capacity to become emotionally involved with a personality that doesn't exist.”

Tags : Characters Fiction On Fiction

70. “It begins with a character, usually, and once he stands up on his feet and begins to move, all I can do is trot along behind him with a paper and pencil trying to keep up long enough to put down what he says and does.”

Tags : Characters Writing

71. “But some characters in books are really real--Jane Austen's are; and I know those five Bennets at the opening of Pride and Prejudice, simply waiting to raven the young men at Netherfield Park, are not giving one thought to the real facts of marriage.”

Tags : Characters Jane Austen Marriage
Author : Dodie Smith
Source : I Capture the Castle

72. “I won't do this movie because I don't believe the love story," she told Selznick. "The heroine is an intellectual woman, and an intellectual woman simply can't fall in love so deeply.”

Tags : Acting Characters Movie Screenplay Myth Perception

73. “The characters within a book were, from a certain point of view, identical on some fundamental level ‒ there weren't any images of them, no physical tangibility whatsoever. They were pictures in the reader's head, constructs of imagination and ideas, given shape by the writer's work and skill and the reader's imagination. Parents, of a sort.”

Tags : Books Characters Ideas Imagination Readers Writers
Author : Jim Butcher
Source : Small Favor

74. “In displaying the psychology of your characters, minute particulars are essential. God save us from vague generalizations!"(Letter to Alexander Chekhov, May 10, 1886)”

Tags : Characters Creative Process Detail Generalizations Specificity Writing
Author : Anton Chekhov

75. “Just me, my music, and the voices in my head.”

Tags : Characters Fun True Writers On Writing

76. “A winner is not someone who wins. It's someone who tries and isn't afraid to lose.”

Tags : Books Characters Confidence Hope Inspirational Life Original Strength

77. “And who would dare write their own death into the script so that the rest of the characters in the tale might live? God of course.”

Tags : Characters Christmas Death God Live Script Selfless Selflessness Tale Write
Source : An Intimate Collision: Encounters with Life and Jesus

78. “Real people, smart or otherwise, sometimes make stupid choices, and despite judgment, whether from other writers, readers, or haters, books with outwardly stupid characters making stupid choices will continue to sell, because if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find a reason for a character’s moment of idiocy; and more notably, this moment of idiocy amidst the chaos of life is real and relatable.”

Tags : Books Characters Relatable Stupid Writing
Author : Shona Moyce

79. “GreenHollyWood is a bad character, fat, liking jokes, liking jokes about size, about the large, about the how big are you. Likes to laugh when you make a mistake, ... but but he is a teacher?! With a glasses a fat guy!”

Tags : Bad Character Characters Fat Like Likes Liking Teacher
Author : Deyth Banger

80. “Is the writer cruel that makes his characters suffer only to bring them to triumph or tragedy in the end?”

Tags : Characters Cruelty Fiction Fictional Characters Tragedy Triumph Writers Writing
Author : Johnny Rich
Source : The Human Script

81. “Over the years I have forged intimate familial ties with these characters, who are reflections of a portion of myself. Consequently, even a character who appeared only once in a short story waits now in the wings, concealed by the curtain, for his next appearance on-stage. Not one of them has ever broken free of his familial ties with me and disappeared for ever - at least, not within the confines of my heart.”

Tags : Characterization Characters Fiction Writing
Source : The Final Martyrs

82. “The journey had been long and dangerous, and along the way he had met countless travelers, many of whom were so amazing that they must certainly rank among the most original and memorable characters in the history of recorded literature. Which is why it's so sad that there's no time to describe them.”

Tags : Characters Facttracker Memorable Original Travelers
Source : The Facttracker

83. “We never end up with the book we began writing. Characters twist it and turn it until they get the life that is perfect for them. A good writer won't waste their time arguing with the characters they create...It is almost always a waste of time and people tend to stare when you do!”

Tags : Characters Ck Webb Editing Insanity Re Writing
Author : C.K. Webb

84. “In daily life we never understand each other, neither complete clairvoyance nor complete confessional exists. We know each other approximately, by external signs, and these serve well enough as a basis for society and even for intimacy. But people in a novel can be understood completely by the reader, if the novelist wishes; their inner as well as their outer life can be exposed. And this is why they often seem more definite than characters in history, or even our own friends; we have been told all about them that can be told; even if they are imperfect or unreal they do not contain any secrets, whereas our friends do and must, mutual secrecy being one of the conditions of life upon this globe.”

Tags : Characters Characters In Novels Knowing Knowing Others Novels People Secrecy Secrets Understanding Understanding Others
Author : E.M. Forster

85. “I seem finally to have stopped worrying about Elinor, and age. She seems now to be perfectly normal -- about twenty-five, a witty control freak. I like her but I can see how she would drive you mad. She's just the sort of person you'd want to get drunk, just to make her giggling and silly.”

Tags : Actors Characters Control Freaks Elinor Dashwood Filming Jane Austen Movies
Author : Emma Thompson
Source : The Sense and Sensibility Screenplay and Diaries: Bringing Jane Austen's Novel to Film

86. “Anything which you have in profusion is poison”

Tags : Adage Alliterations Bags Blogging Book Writing Catch Lines Catchphrases Creative Writing Exaggeration Mass Mountains Multitude Informalsea Rhetoric Scores Script Writing Scriptwriting Social Networking Speech Superfluity Surfeit Quantities Tons Wealth Lots
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

87. “In the business people with expertise, experience and evidence will make more profitable decisions than people with instinct, intuition and imagination.”

Tags : Amit Kalantri Amit Kalantri Writer Analysis Book Writing Catch Lines Catchphrases Characters Corporate Creative Writing Evidence Experience Facts Inspirational Instinct Intuition Quotes Knowledge Management Professional Professionalism Profit Report Script Script Writing Speech Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

88. “[the writer] must copy, with his finite mind, the process of the infinite 'I AM.”

Tags : Character Development Characters Finite I Am Infinite
Author : John Gardner
Source : The Art of Fiction: Notes on Craft for Young Writers

89. “If where you are is worthwhile then where you are from doesn't matter.”

Tags : Advertisement Amit Kalantri Writer Catch Lines Catchphrases Essay Inspirational Novel Writing Origin Past Philosophy Position Proverbs Public Speaking Rhetoric Script Script Writing Speech Story Tag Lines Worth Worthwhile Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

90. “For few matters you need to be solo, for some matters you need soul mate and for many matters you need society,”

Tags : Alliterations Amit Kalantri Quotes Amit Kalantri Writer Blog Book Writing Catchphrases Community Creative Writing Essay Family Knowledge Motivational Movie Neighbors Novel Writing Philosophy Proverbs Rhetoric Script Script Writing Scriptwriting Social Networking Speech Speechwriting Story Tag Lines Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

91. “During your struggle society is not a bunch of flowers, it is a bunch of cactus.”

Tags : Adage Against All Odds Amit Kalantri Writer Blogging Book Writing Bunch Catchphrases Criticism Enemy Essay Inspirational Knowledge Movie Dialogue Proverbs Punchline Quotes Script Writing Scriptwriting Slogans Social Networking Speech Speechwriting Story Tag Lines Wisdom Working Hard
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

92. “An assembly is extra slow in taking actions.”

Tags : Act Action Adage Amit Kalantri Amit Kalantri Quotes Assembly Blog Blogging Book Writing Essay Extra Group Individual Inspirational Public Speaking Punchline Quotes Script Script Writing Scriptwriting Slow Speechwriting Tag Lines Taking Actions Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

93. “When the river meets the sea, he dies! Because the character of the river is to flow and when the character dies, everything dies!”

Tags : Character Characters Meet Murat Ildan Quotations Murat Ildan Quotes River Rivers Sea Turkish Literature Turkish Quotes

94. “Most of the people readily accept the principle but resist its practice.”

Tags : Accept Action Advertisement Alliterations Amit Kalantri Quotes Amit Kalantri Writer Application Blog Blogging Book Writing Catch Lines Essay Inspirational Movie Dialogue Novel Writing People Philosophy Practice Principle Proverbs Quotes Resistance Rhetoric Script Script Writing Social Networking Speech Speechwriting Tag Lines Wisdom Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

95. “A powerful process automatically takes care of progress, productivity and profits.”

Tags : Administration Alliterations Amit Kalantri Amit Kalantri Quotes Amit Kalantri Writer Blogging Book Writing Characters Corporate Creative Writing Hierarchy Implementation Motivational Movie Novel Writing Philosophy Productivity Profits Progress Regulations Rhetoric Rules Script Script Writing Speechwriting Story System Tag Lines Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

96. “Rich can live better than poor but they cannot live without poor.”

Tags : Adage Chauffeur Cook Essay Fact Labour Maid Movie Dialogue Philosophy Poverty Proverbs Punchline Reality Salaried Class People Speech Speechwriting Tag Lines Wage Earner Waiter Watchmen Workforce
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

97. “Prudence is precaution, prudence is protection.”

Tags : Adage Advertisement Catch Lines Catchphrases Characters Common Sense Considerate Creative Writing Defensive Knowledge Motivational Movie Novel Writing Philosophy Precaution Precautionary Prudence Public Speaking Punchline Quotes Rhetoric Script Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

98. “A true professional not only follows but loves the processes, policies and principles set by his profession.”

Tags : Adage Advertisement Blog Blogging Employees Essay Executive Expert Inspirational Job Knowledge Management Professional Proverbs Rhetoric Slogans Speech Tag Lines
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

99. “It is the sweat of the servants that make their squire look smart.”

Tags : Amit Kalantri Quotes Amit Kalantri Writer Blog Blogging Company Daily Wage Earner Employees Employer Employment Gardner Inspirational Job Knowledge Labor Movie Dialogue Novel Writing Owner Punchline Rhetoric Rich Salary Script Writing Story Watchman Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

100. “Don't compare the size of your roof with the size of the sky.”

Tags : Adage Alliterations Amit Kalantri Amit Kalantri Quotes Amit Kalantri Writer Book Writing Compare To Comparison Financial Condition Greediness Greedy Home Inspirational Knowledge Money Motivational Novel Writing Philosophy Poor Position Proverbs Public Speaking Quotes Rhetoric Scriptwriting Sky Sky Quotes Speechwriting Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

101. “The smell of the sweat is not sweet, but the fruit of the sweat is very sweet.”

Tags : Assiduous Athlete Busy Creative Writing Cricket Diligent Endurance Enthusiastic Essay Indefatigable Knowledge Motivational Persevering Philosophy Profit Punchline Quotes Speechwriting Story Sweet Unflagging Victory Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

102. “In any game, the game itself is the prize, no matter who wins, ultimately both lose the game.”

Tags : Adage American Football Amit Kalantri Amit Kalantri Quotes Baseball Basketball Blog Book Writing Catch Lines Catchphrases Creative Writing Cricket Essay Inspirational Knowledge Loosing Match Play Down Scriptwriting Sports Sports Club Tag Lines Tennis Trophy Win Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

103. “In modern times couples are more concerned about loyalty than love.”

Tags : Adage Affairs Alliterations Book Writing Catch Lines Catchphrases Cheating In Relationships Cheating On Someone Couples Creative Writing Extramarital Affair Girlfriend Husband Loyalty Matrimony Modern Times Novel Writing Philosophy Punchline Rhetoric Script Script Writing Scriptwriting Sex Sex Quotes Tag Lines Trust Valentines Day
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

104. “If she says goodbye, someone else will say hi.”

Tags : Adage Alliterations Amit Kalantri Quotes Book Writing Boyfriend Breaking Up Breakup Catch Lines Creative Writing Essay Friendship Girlfriend Goodbye Hi Knowledge Let Go Let Go Of The Past Motivational Movie Dialogue Philosophy Pick Up Line Public Speaking Quotes Rhetoric Romance Script Scriptwriting Speech Story Tag Lines
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

105. “We love our mother because she cares and also because she cooks.”

Tags : Amit Kalantri Writer Caring Cheese Dieting Empty Stomach Foodie Glass Of Wine Inspirational Love Food Lunch Meal Medical Medicine Novel Writing Philosophy Salt Script Writing Slogans Speechwriting Taste Whisky Wine
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

106. “A good food is mouthwatering when you see it and finger licking when you eat it.”

Tags : Alcohol Body Weight Book Writing Cheese Doctor Essay Explore Fitness Knowledge Lose Calories Love Food Lunch Medicine Mother Mummy Proverbs Scriptwriting Story Tag Lines Taste Weight Loss Worry
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

107. “The salt is to the food, what soul is to the body.”

Tags : Alcohol Alliterations Cooking Classes Creative Writing Culinary Empty Stomach Exotic Fitness Flavor Flavour Health Homemade Knowledge Lunch Mouthwatering Mummy Pound Presentation Public Speaking Salt Speechwriting Tag Lines Wisdom Worries Worry
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

108. “Some people when they see cheese, chocolate or cake they don't think of calories.”

Tags : Caring Chocolate Doctor Eat Flavor Food Bite Foodies Garnish Health Kitchen Mothers Day Movie Obese Oily Pound Presentation Rhetoric Salty Social Networking Speech White Wine Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

109. “In a democracy, there will be more complaints but less crisis, in a dictatorship more silence but much more suffering.”

Tags : Adage Amit Kalantri Blog Blogging Capitalism Catchphrases Characters Creative Writing Domination Government Knowledge Movie Movie Dialogue Philosophy Proverbs Public Speaking Quotes Republic Rhetoric Scriptwriting Speechwriting Tag Lines Tyranny Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

110. “A good swordsman is more important than a good sword.”

Tags : Ability Adage Advertisement Alliterations Amit Kalantri Blaming Book Writing Catchphrases Game Of Thrones Inspirational Kingdom Knights Lord Of The Rings Movie Novel Writing Philosophy Practice Public Speaking Punchline Quotes Skill Slogans Speechwriting Story Sword Swordsman Tag Lines Workmanship Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

111. “The mistakes of the world are warning message for you.”

Tags : Adage Advertisement Alliterations Amit Kalantri Amit Kalantri Quotes Amit Kalantri Writer Blogging Book Writing Catchphrases Characters Creative Writing Essay Inspirational Learning From Mistakes Motivational Movie Dialogue Novel Writing Philosophy Proverbs Public Speaking Rhetoric Script Writing Slogans Story Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

112. “Hello, my name is Albany, and I have a telepathic connection with my twin sister, along with the ability to read minds.”

Tags : Characters First Lines Introduction Superpowers Telepathy Twins
Author : C.B. Cook
Source : Twinepathy

113. “Take care of your costume and your confidence will take care of itself.”

Tags : Advertisement Apparel Beauty Belief Born With Catwalk Clothes Quotes Cool Costume Dress Face Fashion Statement Fearless Inheritance Jeans Kitty Party Knowledge Make Fun Of Proverbs Ramp Rhetoric Self Confidence Story
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

114. “Any girl with a grin never looks grim.”

Tags : Amit Kalantri Quotes Amit Kalantri Writer Belief Believe Catch Lines Catwalk Clothes Quotes Dude Fashion Fashion Quotes Garments Gloomy Grim Inspirational Kitty Party Make Fun Of Motivational Outfit Philosophy Public Speaking Quotes Slogans Smile Social Networking Speech Story Trend Wisdom Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

115. “With right fashion, every female would be a flame.”

Tags : Amit Kalantri Belief Catwalk Cool Dressing Energy Face Cream Fashion Industry Hotness Humour Jeans Knowledge Looking Hot Make Up Makeover Modeling Outfit Philosophy Ramp Sex Slogans Speech Tag Lines Trend Trust Yourself Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

116. “Hunger gives flavour to the food.”

Tags : Advertisement Alliterations Blogging Buffet Catch Lines Essay Exotic Food Bite Foodie Foodies Glutton Healthy Lose Calories Meal Novel Writing Oily Party Quotes Red Wine Salt Salty Single Malt Social Networking Speech Stomach Tag Lines Vitamins Wine Wisdom Worry
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

117. “Power does not pardon, power punishes.”

Tags : 6 Word Stories Adage Amit Kalantri Amit Kalantri Writer Blogging Book Writing Catchphrases Characters Court Creative Writing Crime Forgiveness Hanging Inspirational Jail Knowledge Law Leniency Motivational Movie Movie Dialogue Pardon Prison Punchline Quotes Rhetoric Script Script Writing Scriptwriting Six Word Story Social Networking Speech Speechwriting Tag Lines
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

118. “You cannot choose your face but you can choose your dress.”

Tags : Amit Kalantri Writer Apparel Beauty Book Writing Celebrity Clothes Cool Dressing Sense Face Face Cream Fashion Quotes Garments Makeover Motivational Movie Dialogue Novel Writing Outfit Public Speaking Quotes Script Script Writing Slogans Social Networking Trend Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

119. “An old fashioned outfit is not a costume, it's a comedy.”

Tags : Adage Beauty Blogging Catch Lines Celebrity Clothes Dress Dressing Sense Dude Essay Face Cream Fashion Fashion Designer Fashion Statement God Given Kitty Party Modeling Movie Page 3 Proverbs Script Slogans Social Networking Speech Trend Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

120. “Let someone else be the most powerful country, make ours the most peaceful country.”

Tags : Advertisement Amit Kalantri Quotes Blogging Catch Lines Catchphrases Elections Government Knowledge Motivational Movie Peace Peaceful Philosophy Power Prime Minister Quotes Script Writing Social Networking Speech Speechwriting Story Tag Lines World Power Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

121. “If your prudence stops you every time from taking an action, then you are no more prudent, you are frightened.”

Tags : Action Adage Advertisement Alliterations Amit Kalantri Quotes Blogging Book Writing Careful Catch Lines Cautious Characters Creative Writing Essay Inspirational Movie Dialogue Philosophy Prudence Prudent Punchline Script Writing Scriptwriting Slogans Speechwriting Story Tag Lines Wisdom Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

122. “A poor, who hates power, once become powerful, hates poor.”

Tags : Amit Kalantri Amit Kalantri Quotes Amit Kalantri Writer Blog Book Writing Characters Creative Writing Love Motivational Novel Writing Philosophy Poor Proverbs Punchline Rhetoric Script Social Networking Speech Speechwriting Story Tag Lines Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

123. “A professional who doesn't deliver as committed is not just lazy, he is a liar.”

Tags : Adage Advertisement Alliterations Blog Blogging Book Writing Creative Writing Delivery Liar Motivational Philosophy Punchline Story Time Lines Wisdom Work Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

124. “Good becomes better by playing against better, but better doesn't become the best by playing against good.”

Tags : Amit Kalantri Quotes Amit Kalantri Writer Better Book Writing Catch Lines Competition Good Improvement Knowledge Motivational Opposition Philosophy Players Punchline Quotes Rhetoric Script Script Writing Slogans Speech Sports Story
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

125. “The purpose of a profession is to fulfil the personal wishes of a prospect.”

Tags : Adage Advertisement Alliterations Amit Kalantri Blog Blogging Book Writing Catch Lines Characters Customer Novel Writing Problem Solving Proverbs Punchline Rhetoric Script Service Social Networking Speech Tag Lines Wisdom Work Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

126. “Action achieves ambition.”

Tags : Achieves Adage Alliterations Amit Kalantri Amit Kalantri Quotes Amit Kalantri Writer Catch Lines Characters Essay Goal Goals Hard Work Inspirational Motivational Movie Novel Writing Public Speaking Punchline Quotes Scriptwriting Social Networking Taking Action Taking Steps Targets Try Wishes
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

127. “I intend to see that justice is done by presiding, in the manner of the omnipotent Walter Mitty, as chief justice of a tribunal trying the case of those plotting further advances for the Chinese characters on an international scale. Emulating the operatic Mikado's "object all sublime... to let the punishment fit the crime," I hand down the following dread decree:Anyone who believes Chinese characters to be a superior system of writing that can function as a universal script is condemned to complete the task of rendering the whole of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address into Singlish.”

Tags : Characters Chinese Language Scripts Transcription
Source : Chinese Language: Fact and Fantasy

128. “Civilians enjoy their time because soldiers sacrifice their time.”

Tags : Adage Alliterations Amit Kalantri Writer Army Book Writing Characters Citizen Civilian Civilians Enjoy Foreign Attack Indian Army Indian Authors Inspirational Knowledge Motivational Movie Dialogue Nation Protecting Country Sacrifice Script Soldiers Story Wisdom Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

129. “Don't mention your move before you make a move.”

Tags : Act Blogging Book Writing Catchphrases Characters Compromised Confidentiality Creative Writing Inspirational Make A Move Mention Move Movie Dialogue Novel Writing Plan Planning Script Writing Scriptwriting Speechwriting Story
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

130. “All worries are less with wine.”

Tags : Adage Advertisement Characters Cold Drink Diet Dieting Essay Exotic Fat Food Food Quotes Red Wine Restaurants Rhetoric Script Writing Single Malt Spices Story Vitamins Weight Loss Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

131. “Diet food is not a meal its a medicine.”

Tags : Alliterations Amit Kalantri Quotes Body Weight Cheese Cook Culinary Eat Eating Out Exotic Fitness Holidays Knowledge Meal Oily Party Pound Protein Proverbs Public Speaking Salt Script Slogans Speech Speechwriting Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

132. “Every two or three generations the world gets vastly different, and the context in which you have to learn how to be a human being, or to have good relationships, or decide whether or not there is a God, or decide whether there’s such a thing as love, and whether it’s redemptive, become vastly different. And the structures with which you can communicate those dilemmas, or have characters struggle with them, seem to become appropriate and then inappropriate again and so on.”

Tags : Characters Dilemmas God Love

133. “But even in such works where the author is ideally unobtrusive, he remains diffused through the book so that his very absence becomes a kind of radiant presence. As the French say, il brille par son absence — "he shines by his absence." In connection with Bleak House we are concerned with one of those authors who are so to speak not supreme deities, diffuse and aloof, but puttering, amiable, sympathetic demigods, who descend into their books under various disguises or send therein various middlemen, representatives, agents, minions, spies, and stooges. [...] Roughly speaking, there are three types of such representatives. Let us inspect them. First, the narrator insofar as he speaks in the first person, the capital I of the story, its moving pillar. [...] Second, a type of author's representative, what I call the sifting agent. [...] The third type is the so-called perry, possibly derived from periscope, despite the double r, or perhaps from parry in vague connection with foil as in fencing. But this does not matter much since anyway I invented the term myself many years ago.”

Tags : Characters How To Literary Criticism
Source : Lectures on Literature

134. “Mixing old wine with new wine is stupidity, but mixing old wisdom with new wisdom is maturity.”

Tags : Alcohol Amit Kalantri Blog Blogging Catch Lines Catchphrases Creative Writing Inspirational Matured Maturity New Novel Writing Old Wine Philosophy Script Writing Social Networking Speechwriting Stupidity Wine Wisdom Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

135. “Fear of failure is fiction, face this fact and fear will fall.”

Tags : Action Adage Advertisement Alliterations Blog Catch Lines Catchphrases Characters Courage Doubt Fact Fail Fear Intimidate Knowledge Motivational Movie Movie Dialogue Proverbs Scriptwriting Slogans Social Networking Speech Story Success Tag Lines
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

136. “The 10 ever greatest misplacements in life:1. Leadership without character.2. Followership without servant-being.3. Brotherhood without integrity.4. Affluence without wisdom.5. Authority without conscience.6. Relationship without faithfullness.7. Festivals without peace.8. Repeated failure without change.9. Good wealth without good health.10. Love without a lover.”

Tags : Affluence Characters Fail Faithful Festival Festivity Follower Food For Thought Good Health Good Wealth Greatest Danger Health Healthy Leaders Leadership Love Loving Peace Peaceful Repeated Failure Self Leaders Wealth Wise

137. “Books, films should be based on specific people... people which are rare and by it's own way pretty mystery as characters.”

Tags : Books Characters Films Specific
Author : Deyth Banger

138. “By the end, you should be inside your character, actually operating from within somebody else, and knowing him pretty well, as that person knows himself or herself. You're sort of a predator, an invader of people.”

Tags : Characters Invader People Person Predator Write Writing

139. “Before we complicated life with money, machines and missiles we did well with morals, manpower and meetings.”

Tags : Alliterations Blogging Catch Lines Complicated Life Essay Machine Meetings Missiles Money Morals Movie Dialogue Novel Writing Peace Philosophy Public Speaking Rhetoric Science Script Speechwriting Story Traditional Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

140. “Passion makes you good, but pride stops you to get better.”

Tags : Advertisement Alliterations Amit Kalantri Amit Kalantri Quotes Amit Kalantri Writer Better Blogging Book Writing Catch Lines Catchphrases Ego Egoism Essay Excellence Good Motivational Movie Movie Dialogue Novel Writing Perfection Philosophy Proud Public Speaking Rhetoric Social Networking Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

141. “Each time I discovered a potential link between one character’s story and another’s, several more connections would reveal themselves, like a beautiful, complex web spinning itself.”

Tags : Author Character Development Characters Circle Of Ideas Circle Plots Fiction Novel Story Web The Writing Process Web Writing
Source : Rockets Versus Gravity

142. “Words are better than weapons, wisdom is better than war.”

Tags : Adage Advertisement Amit Kalantri Quotes Amit Kalantri Writer Battle Border Catch Lines Catchphrases Creative Writing Foreign Ministry Government Inspirational Motivational Movie Movie Dialogue Novel Writing Proverbs Script Script Writing Speechwriting Tag Lines Wisdom Words
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

143. “Routine ruins the life, variety vitalise the life.”

Tags : Adage Advertisement Alliterations Catch Lines Change Your Life Characters Decay Entertainment Everyday Life Inspirational Life Movie Dialogue Party Procedure Rhetoric Script Scriptwriting Six Word Memoirs Six Word Story Tag Lines Variety Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

144. “It is my deepest desire to share the worlds of people we don’t often see or read about in media. With my writing I seek to introduce you to the worlds I’ve always known existed around me and within me.”

Tags : African Americans Characters Military Wives Stereotypes Writing Life
Author : Casey Curry

145. “The decision is your own voice, an opinion is the echo of someone else's voice.”

Tags : Alliterations Amit Kalantri Writer Blog Book Writing Business Quotes Catch Lines Catchphrases Creative Writing Decision Essay Family Knowledge Movie Dialogue Opinion Philosophy Public Speaking Punchline Quotes Script Writing Social Networking Speechwriting Story Tag Lines Take Decision Voice Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

146. “Outside Styx's apartment was not the first time Rochester and I had met, or would it be the last. We first encountered each other at Haworth House in Yorkshire when my mind was young and the barrier between reality and make-believe had not yet hardened into the shell that cocoons us in adult life. The barrier was soft, pliable and, for a moment, thanks to the kindness of a stranger and the power of a good storytelling voice, I made the short journey--and returned.”

Tags : Books Characters Classic Reality Storytelling
Author : Jasper Fforde
Source : The Eyre Affair

147. “The wrong man is not always wrong because of his wrong actions, often he is wrong because of no actions.”

Tags : Act Actions Alliterations Amit Kalantri Amit Kalantri Writer Book Writing Catch Lines Characters Creative Writing Essay Evil People Good People Inspirational Karma Karma Quotes Man Motivational Movie Dialogue Novel Writing Person Philosophy Proverbs Rhetoric Script Scriptwriting Speech Tag Lines Taking Action Wisdom Woman Wrong Actions
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

148. “This is a work of fiction. All the characters in it, human and otherwise, are imaginary, excepting only certain of the fairy folk, whom it might be unwise to offend by casting doubts on their existence. Or lack thereof.”

Tags : Characters Doubt Existence Fairies Fiction Imaginary Offense
Author : Neil Gaiman
Source : The Books of Magic

149. “In general, poor is polite and rich is rude.”

Tags : Amit Kalantri Amit Kalantri Writer Billionaire Blogging Catch Lines Characters Generous Inspirational Insult Kind Movie Philosophy Poor Pride Public Speaking Punchline Rhetoric Richness Rude Script Scriptwriting Social Networking Speech Wealth Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

150. “...because there's a secret order. The books, you can't place them random. The other day I put Cervantes next to Tolstoj.And I thought, if close to Anna Karenina we have Don Quixote, sure the latter will do his best to save her.”

Tags : Authors Book Lovers Characters Classic Literature Culture Imagination Ispirational Librarians
Author : Ettore Scola

151. “I'm 20 years old. I spend my days in a dictionary and half my mind in Fantasy.”

Tags : Action Adventure Characters Scifi Series Stroytelling Writing Youngadult
Author : Almney King

152. “If you can’t be of good character, write a good character.”

Tags : Characters Humor Humour Indie Publishing Self Publishing Writing

153. “The best stories come from deep within us and are of us. Either our inner child comes out to play and makes all things possible, or we mold our characters and events from our own experiences, or our dreams of wanting to experience.”

Tags : Characters Characters In Books Comedy Romance Dreams Events Experiences Humor Inner Child Metaphysical Spiritual Growth Spirtuality Suspense And Drama Visionary Fiction Within Writing Writing Process
Author : Judith Kohnen
Source : One Chance, One Moment

154. “There are stages we all go through when dealing with character deaths. Grief. Anger. Denial. Laughter. Coulson.”

Tags : Characters Deaths Reading Writing

155. “... What more awesome.. than to build a characters with your own sins?”

Tags : Awesome Build Characters Sins Than
Author : Deyth Banger

156. “'s not the stories - it's the pain and the joy and the people who stay with you long after the stories are told ...”

Tags : Characters Joy Pain People Stories Writers Writing
Author : John Geddes
Source : A Familiar Rain

157. “Characters are limbs that writers use to kill with.”

Tags : Characters Creative Writing Killing Writing
Author : Joseph Hunt

158. “Like, in general I think people have very complicated reasons for wanting things, and we often have no idea whether we’re actually motivated by altruism or a desire to hook up or a search for answers or what. I always get annoyed when in books or movies characters want clear things for clear reasons, because my experience of humanness is that I always want messy things for messy reasons.”

Tags : Altruism Characters Desire Messy
Author : John Green

159. “It’s weird how much things can change in only a few minutes. With those three words, “I don’t remember,” our entire futures were changed. Not just for me and Brooklyn, but for the little girl, and Denver, and Jenna and Blaze and – darn, I’m getting ahead of myself again. So much for trying to be dramatic.”

Tags : Characters Dramatic Foreshadowing People Superheroes Twinepathy Twins Words
Author : C.B. Cook
Source : Twinepathy

160. “Brilliance of the brain must be admired more than beauty of the body.”

Tags : Alliterations Amit Kalantri Beautiful Intelligence Body Book Writing Brain Brilliance Catchphrases Clever Creative Writing Inspirational Motivational Movie Movie Dialogue Novel Writing Public Speaking Quotes Rhetoric Scientist Script Scriptwriting Speechwriting Tag Lines Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

161. “Simplicity saves strength.”

Tags : Adage Advertisement Being Natural Blogging Book Writing Characters Complex Essay Motivational Movie Movie Dialogue Natural Philosophy Public Speaking Punchline Save Script Writing Scriptwriting Simple Social Networking Story Strength Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

162. “Characters have to be seen and felt when written, not told about. Writers are merely vessels of their manifestations.”

Tags : Characters Felt Linda Durbin Writers
Author : Linda Durbin

163. “There are two characters in me: a doodler and a tuner. And the only thing that makes me go crazy is when they both fight for their turn.”

Tags : Art Characters Composer Crazy Designer New Media
Author : Shawn Lukas

164. “Motionless we traverse countries we fancy we see, and your thought, blending with the fiction, playing with the details, follows the outline of the adventures. It mingles with the characters, and it seems as if it were yourself palpitating beneath their costumes.”

Tags : Adventure Characters Fiction Imagination Madame Bovary Reading Reading Experience
Source : Madame Bovary

165. “I have often noticed that we are inclined to endow our friends with the stability of type that literary characters acquire in the reader's mind. No matter how many times we reopen 'King Lear,' never shall we find the good king banging his tankard in high revelry, all woes forgotten, at a jolly reunion with all three daughters and their lapdogs. Never will Emma rally, revived by the sympathetic salts in Flaubert's father's timely tear. Whatever evolution this or that popular character has gone through between the book covers, his fate is fixed in our minds, and, similarly, we expect our friends to follow this or that logical and conventional pattern we have fixed for them.”

Tags : Characters Emma Bovary Expectations Fate Friends Gustave Flaubert King Lear Literary References Literature Lolita Madame Bovary Shakespeare Vladimir Nabokov
Source : Lolita

166. “Write what you love. Fill your pages with the beating of your own heart, the breath from your own lungs. Live through your characters. Let your characters live through you. Then you will love what you write, and others will, too.”

Tags : Breath Characters Live Love Page Write Writing

167. “I was afraid of anyone in a costume. A trip to see Santa might as well have been a trip to sit on Hitler's lap for all the trauma it would cause me. Once, when I was four, my mother and I were in a Sears and someone wearing an enormous Easter Bunny costume headed my way to present me with a chocolate Easter egg. I was petrified by this nightmarish six-foot-tall bipedal pink fake-fur monster with human-sized arms and legs and a soulless, impassive face heading toward me. It waved halfheartedly as it held a piece of candy out in an evil attempt to lure me into its clutches. Fearing for my life, I pulled open the bottom drawer of a display case and stuck my head inside, the same way an ostrich buries its head in the sand. This caused much hilarity among the surrounding adults, and the chorus of grown-up laughter I heard echoing from within that drawer only added to the horror of the moment. Over the next several years, I would run away in terror from a guy in a gorilla suit whose job it was to wave customers into a car wash, a giant Uncle Sam on stilts, a midget dressed like a leprechaun, an astronaut, the Detroit Tigers mascot, Ronald McDonald, Big Bird, Bozo the Clown, and every Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Chip and Dale, Uncle Scrooge, and Goofy who walked the streets at Disneyland. Add to this an irrational fear of small dogs that saw me on more than one occasion fleeing in terror from our neighbor's four-inch-high miniature dachschund as if I were being chased by the Hound of the Baskervilles and a chronic case of germ phobia, and it's pretty apparent that I was--what some of the less politically correct among us might call--a first-class pussy.”

Tags : Characters Disney Fear Germs Humor Irrational Santa
Author : Paul Feig
Source : Kick Me: Adventures in Adolescence

168. “Their situation was becoming ever harder to deny: they were characters in someone's story. This whole world--”

Tags : Characters Dark Tower Series Eddie Dean Gunslinger Individual Significance Life Roland Deschain Song Of Susannah Stephen King Worlds
Author : Stephen King
Source : Song of Susannah

169. “That's a good point," Professor Hirota said. "But there is one thing we ought to keep in mind in the study of man. Namely, that a human being placed in particular circumstances has the ability and the right to do just the opposite of what the circumstances dictate. The trouble is, we have this odd habit of thinking that men and light both act according to mechanical laws, which leads to some stunning errors. We set things up to make a man angry, and he laughs. We try to make him laugh, and again he does the opposite, he gets angry. Either way, though, he's still a human being."Hirota had enlarged the scope of the problem again."Well, then, what you're saying is, no matter what a human being does in a particular set of circumstances, he is being natural," said the novelist at the far end of the table."That's it," Hirota shot back. "It seems to me that you might create any sort of character in a novel and there would be at least one person in the world just like him. We humans are simply incapable of imagining non-human actions or behavior. It's the writer's fault if we don't believe in his characters as human beings.”

Tags : Authors Characters Novelists Writing

170. “A book is simply a snap shot of the full story.”

Tags : Characters Life Stories Stories
Author : Erica Goros

171. “One likes to think that there is some fantastic limbo for the children of imagination, some strange, impossible place where the beaux of Fielding may still make love to the belles of Richardson, where Scott’s heroes still may strut, Dickens’s delightful Cockneys still raise a laugh, and Thackeray’s worldlings continue to carry on their reprehensible careers. Perhaps in some humble corner of such a Valhalla, Sherlock and his Watson may for a time find a place, while some more astute sleuth with some even less astute comrade may fill the stage which they have vacated.”

Tags : Arthur Conan Doyle Characters Fictional Characters Imagination Literary Fiction Sherlock Holmes
Source : The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes

172. “Real people are made out of a whole lot of things—flesh, bone, blood, nerves, stuff like that. Literary people are made out of words.”

Tags : Characters Fictional Characters Literature Reality Words
Source : How to Read Literature Like a Professor: A Lively and Entertaining Guide to Reading Between the Lines

173. “Heavy is the head that holds the pen of creation. We construct these characters from nothing, molding them from our imaginations. We give them hopes and dreams and unique personalities until they feel so real you’re mind believes it must be so. We watch them grow by our hands, not always knowing the paths they will choose with the obstacles we throw at them. They take on a life of their own and often surprise even us by their actions we couldn’t have imagined before it poured out of us onto the paper. We could change it if we really wanted to, but it would be forced and not be true to the characters. And when something tragic happens and one is lost, we feel that loss even though we know they were not a friend, a family member or even ourselves. It can be a hard thing to voice sometimes, to give tribute to the one’s left behind with the real sadness over something not so real. But we find the words and press on to the next challenge, because that's what good writers do.”

Tags : Characters Fiction Fictional Characters Loss Writers

174. “The worst part of writing is meeting all these great new characters and having no one to talk about (the adventures you share with) them.”

Tags : Characters Characters In Books Characters In Novels Writing Writing Books Writing Process

175. “The characters act for reasons that they can’t control and, as readers, we have to believe in their motivations, their sense of choice and in the reality of their suffering, even though, deep down, we know it’s all just puppetry on the part of the writer.”

Tags : Characters Choice Fiction Literature Motivation Novel Puppetry Readers Readers And Writers Reality Suffering Writers On Writing
Author : Johnny Rich

176. “Just because something isn’t good doesn’t mean it’s bad.”

Tags : Bad Book Characters Crime Depth Ethics Evil Good Life Literary Lonely Misunderstood Novel Sad Spooky Truth
Source : Super 8: The Sequel to Smog City

177. “I would like to be a D.H. Lawrence character, living in one of his novels. The people I meet don’t even seem to have characters. And life seems so rich, when I look at it through his eyes, yet my own life very often appears sterile, like a bad patch of earth, as if nothing will grow there however hard I try.”

Tags : Characters Dh Lawrence
Author : Rachel Cusk
Source : Outline

178. “Fashion doesn't make you perfect, but it makes you pretty.”

Tags : Alliterations Amit Kalantri Quotes Belief Book Writing Celebrity Characters Clothes Quotes Confidence Dress Face Face Cream Fashion Fashion Designer Fashion Quotes Fashion Statement Figure Looking Hot Make Up Movie Dialogue Outfit Page 3 Proverbs Public Speaking Ramp Script Writing Self Confidence Sexy Slogans Speech Speechwriting Tag Lines Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

179. “Dresses won't worn out in the wardrobe, but that is not what dresses are designed for.”

Tags : Adage Belief Blog Book Writing Clothes Face Cream Fashion Designer Fashion Industry Fashion Statement Fearless Figure Jeans Knowledge Make Up Modeling Old Fashioned Outfits Page 3 Rhetoric Self Confidence Slogans Tag Lines Wearing Clothes Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

180. “Dresses don't look beautiful on hangers.”

Tags : Advertisement Alliterations Amit Kalantri Beauty Blog Celebrity Characters Confidence Cool Creative Writing Dude Fashions Kitty Party Mannequin Modeling Movie Perfect Self Confidence Social Networking Story Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

181. “It's time to shop high heels if your fiance kisses you on the forehead.”

Tags : Adage Amit Kalantri Quotes Amit Kalantri Writer Blog Blogging Body Curve Catch Lines Catchphrases Characters Comedy Cool Creative Writing Curves Fashion Figure Hanger Hangers Humor Humour Looking Hot Makeover Mannequin Movie Perfect Pretty Public Speaking Punchline Slogans Speechwriting Spouse Tailor Trend
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

182. “Most of my novels were developped from dreams I had. A dreamer I AM! Literally , at 1 AM. A dream with 140 characters is to dream an impossible dream. Too many characters to develoo from it. But in twitter that worked just fine for me,”

Tags : 140 Character Characters Dream Interpretation Dreams Drream Novels Twitter

183. “Texting is not talking and a phone is not a friend.”

Tags : Adage Advertisement Alliterations Blog Catchphrases Creative Writing Friendship Inspirational Iphone Quotes Knowledge Messenger Movie Movie Dialogue Novel Writing Phone Proverbs Script Script Writing Social Networking Whatsapp Wisdom Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

184. “A Dickens character to me is a theatrical projection of a character. Not that it isn't real. It's real, but in that removed sense. But Sherlock Holmes is simply there. I would be astonished if I went to 221 1/2 B Baker Street and didn't find him."[An Invitation to Learning, January 1942]”

Tags : Characters Dickens Larger Than Life Novels Presence Realism Sherlock Holmes
Author : Rex Stout

185. “Our relationship with literary characters, at least to those that exercise a certain attraction over us, rests in fact on a denial. We know perfectly well, on a conscious level, that these characters “do not exist,” or in any case do not exist in the same way as do the inhabitants of the real world. But things manifest in an entirely different way on the unconscious level, which is interested not in the ontological differences between worlds but in the effect they produce on the psyche.Every psychoanalyst knows how deeply a subject can be influenced, and even shaped, sometimes to the point of tragedy, by a fictional character and the sense of identification it gives rise to. This remark must first of all be understood as a reminder that we ourselves are usually fictional characters for other people […]”

Tags : Characters Detective Criticism Fiction Psychology Reading Sherlock Holmes
Author : Pierre Bayard
Source : Sherlock Holmes Was Wrong: Reopening the Case of The Hound of the Baskervilles

186. “Be a sadist. No matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them -- in order that the reader may see what they are made of."[From the preface.]”

Tags : Adversity Characters Creative Process Sadism Writing
Author : Kurt Vonnegut
Source : Bagombo Snuff Box

187. “Life is better than any movie or TV show. In real life there is no plot and there are billions of characters.”

Tags : Characteristics Characters Life Movie Reality Stars Starstruck
Author : Marc Pamittan

188. “When I used to teach creative writing, I would tell the students to make their characters want something right away - even if it's only a glass of water. Characters paralyzed by the meaninglessness of modern life still have to drink water from time to time.”

Tags : Characters Creative Writing Life Meaningless Meaninglessness Modern Life Paralyzed Water Write Writing
Author : Kurt Vonnegut

189. “Growing up, I loved the tale of Peter Rabbit and also books on Pippi Longstocking. Pippi was a girl who had so much fun and was very daring. My sons loved all the Dr. Seuss books”

Tags : Characters Dr Seuss Favorites Growing Up Kids Books Literature

190. “It's not a romance, it's a love story.”

Tags : Book Characters Love Romance
Author : Sadie Jones

191. “An invention is a responsibility of the individual, society cannot invent, it can only applaud the invention and inventor.”

Tags : Amit Kalantri Applause Blogging Creative Discovery Finding Innovate Lab Nasa New Novel Writing Objective Proverbs Research Science Scriptwriting Slogans Tag Lines Unique Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

192. “Good story' means something worth telling that the world wants to hear. Finding this is your lonely task...But the love of a good story, of terrific characters and a world driven by your passion, courage, and creative gifts is still not enough. Your goal must be a good story well told.”

Tags : Characters Courage Creativity Passion Story Storytelling
Author : Robert McKee
Source : Story: Style, Structure, Substance, and the Principles of Screenwriting

193. “Writing is hard work, and if anything's true about the process, it's that fact that a good story is hard to find and even trickier to get on paper. What's less romantic than staring alone at a blank screen? And edgy? I've changed the cat little because I didn't know what my characters were going to say next.”

Tags : Characters Story Writer Writing
Author : Adam Johnson

194. “One of the most dangerous of literary ventures is the little, shy, unimportant heroine whom none of the other characters value. The danger is that your readers may agree with the other characters.”

Tags : Characters Heroine Importance Readers Shyness Unimportance Value
Author : C.S. Lewis
Source : Selected Literary Essays

195. “The flimsy little protestations that mark the front gate of every novel, the solemn statements that any resemblance to real persons living or dead is entirely coincidental, are fraudulent every time. A writer has no other material to make his people from than the people of his experience ... The only thing the writer can do is to recombine parts, suppress some characterisitics and emphasize others, put two or three people into one fictional character, and pray the real-life prototypes won't sue.”

Tags : Characters Creative Process Fiction Realism Truth Writing
Source : On Teaching and Writing Fiction

196. “People don't suddenly just change, you just suddenly see the real them.”

Tags : 408 Changes Characters Mcgyver Mcgyver408 Michelle Blanchard Realism Reality Check

197. “Addicts don't like when you tell them they are all the same. Of course not. Who would? But to me, addicts are like actresses, who all audition for the same role in a horror movie. It doesn't matter how they got to the audition. It doesn't matter how or where they grew up, once they get to the audition, all the actresses act in the same way and read the same lines. They all become the same character.”

Tags : Actresses Addiction Auditions Characters Drugs Women
Author : Oliver Markus
Source : Sex and Crime: Oliver's Strange Journey

198. “Hands can cook, hands can create, hands can kill. There is no better tool than our hands.”

Tags : Advertisement Alliterations Amit Kalantri Amit Kalantri Writer Art Book Writing Catchphrases Characters Cook Craft Essay Hammer Humor Kill Knowledge Novel Writing Philosophy Rhetoric Script Writing Social Networking Speech Speechwriting Tag Lines Tool Toolbox Wit Witty Witty Quotes
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

199. “The best plot twists are the ones you didn't expect.”

Tags : Books Characters Novels Twists Unpredictable

200. “Listen to what you have written. A dud rhythm in a passage of dialogue may show that you don't yet understand the characters well enough to write in their voices."[Ten rules for writing fiction (The Guardian, 20 February 2010)]”

Tags : Characters Creative Process Dialogue Flow Insight Listening Narrative Writing
Author : Helen Dunmore