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1. “If you can't tell from my rap lyrics already, yes I am a feminist. And when I'm saying "hoe" or "bitch" I am actually referring to men. ...That sounded bad, in someway. But at the end of the day, I'm sick of rappers using "bitches" and "hoes" as terms towards women. Feminists are NOT a hate group. Feminists are not all female. Nor has it got an anti-male agenda. It's about equality! I've had a weird, special bond with women since I was a kid. And it's just a shame really that I'm gay.”

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2. “If the surprise outcome of the recent UK referendum - on whether to leave or remain in the European Union - teaches us anything, it is that supposedly worthy displays of democracy in action can actually do more harm than good. Witness a nation now more divided; an intergenerational schism in the making; both a governing and opposition party torn to shreds from the inside; infinitely more complex issues raised than satisfactory solutions provided. It begs the question 'Was it really all worth it' ?”

Tags : Better In Blame Game Confrontation Crossroads Cultural Diversity Dangerous World David Cameron Deceit Devolution European History Fascism Growth Jobs Judgement Quotes Lessons Of Life Peace Making Power Of Words Prosperity Racism And Culture Regret Quotes Squabble Terrorism Vote Leave War On Terror
Author : Alex Morritt
Source : Impromptu Scribe

3. “Watching Nigel Farage rudely insult fellow members of the European Parliament today - the first occasion they were all assembled in Brussels since the tragic 'Brexit' referendum result - made me feel utterly ashamed to be British. Let it be known that Nigel Farage is the very epitomy of a narrow-minded 'Little Englander' who does not represent the vast majority of outward-looking people from Great Britain. His shameful and unofficial campaign to convince the British electorate to leave the European Union was peppered with lies and deceit. His populist and xenophobic rhetoric has also subsequently contributed to ugly scenes of racial abuse and hate crime directed at Eastern European nationals and ethnic minorities living and working in the UK, in the wake of the referendum result. Fellow Europeans, world citizens, let this be a wake-up call. Deny your own domestic peddlers of populism and nationalism the opportunity to follow the example of this unelected, disrespected maverick, intent on making a name for himself, for he has unwittingly unleashed a wrecking ball on Britain's future economic prosperity, cultural diversity and social harmony.”

Tags : 1930S Bullying Decency Divisive Politics Economic Crisis Economist Enmity Quotes European Economic Area European Union Hateful Man Hateful Speech Idiot Immigrant Immigration Insults And Slander Madman Media Manipulation Nazi Party Openness Policy Decisions Racist Thoughts Record Keeping Rivalry Rudeness Society Problem Trauma
Author : Alex Morritt
Source : Impromptu Scribe

4. “I can smell the smoke now. I can see tendrils of it comin' up between the cracks in the shrikin' floorboards. There she is, calmly taking down the framed examples of fine embroideries, samplers, and needlework from teh hallway wall and tucking them under her arm. "Mistress! Come on! You've got to leave!"She calmly turns and faces me. "Why?" she asks. "The British are coming?""Only one, Mistress," I say”

Tags : Bloody Jack British Humor Pirates
Author : L.A. Meyer
Source : Curse of the Blue Tattoo: Being an Account of the Misadventures of Jacky Faber, Midshipman and Fine Lady

5. “My mind may be American but my heart is British.”

Tags : American British
Author : T.S. Eliot

6. “Yer a good lad, Atticus, mowin’ me lawn and killin’ what Brits come around.”

Tags : British Death
Author : Kevin Hearne
Source : Hounded

7. “Would it save you a lot of time if I just gave up and went mad now?”

Tags : British Humor Science Fiction Social Commentary Thumb Towel
Author : Douglas Adams
Source : The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

8. “The next morning we experienced our very first “full English breakfast,” which consisted of tea, orange juice, cookies, oatmeal, granola, berries, bananas, croissants, grapes, pineapples, prunes, yogurt, five kinds of cold cereal, eggs, hash browns, back bacon, sausage, smoked salmon, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, toast, butter, jam, jelly, and honey. I don’t know how the British do it.”

Tags : Back Bacon Bananas Beans Cereal Cookies Croissants Eating Eggs English Full English Breakfast Granola Grapes Hash Browns Honey Jam Jelly Mushrooms Oatmeal Orange Juice Prunes Sausage Toast Yogurt
Author : Jared Brock
Source : A Year of Living Prayerfully: How a Curious Traveler Met the Pope, Walked on Coals, Danced with Rabbis, and Revived His Prayer Life

9. “[Taken from a BBC documentary]Tariq was born in Lahore, now in Pakistan, then part of British-ruled India, in 1943. A Catholic school education did nothing to shake his life-long atheism, which he shared with his communist parents.”

Tags : Atheism Atheist Biography British Catholic Colonialism Communism Communist Education India Lahore Pakistan
Author : Tariq Ali

10. “I really knew nothing about the dancing habits of the Scottish. But I wanted to help. "I could teach them Indian folk dances," I offered, scrounging my mind for school dances in gaudy garments."Well, I'm not sure that they would be complex enough for competitions," she said. Pursing her lips, she blushed a dark, deep red. I knew I had said something wrong, but it took me a few days to understand the reason for Miss Manson's disapproval and discomfort. She blushed a beetroot red because I had unwittingly questioned the core belief of the school: British was Better.”

Tags : Anglo Indian British Colonialism Dancing Identity School Superiority
Source : Miss Timmins' School for Girls

11. “The most dangerous people in the world are not the tiny minority instigating evil acts, but those who do the acts for them. For example, when the British invaded India, many Indians accepted to work for the British to kill off Indians who resisted their occupation. So in other words, many Indians were hired to kill other Indians on behalf of the enemy for a paycheck. Today, we have mercenaries in Africa, corporate armies from the western world, and unemployed men throughout the Middle East killing their own people - and people of other nations - for a paycheck. To act without a conscience, but for a paycheck, makes anyone a dangerous animal. The devil would be powerless if he couldn't entice people to do his work. So as long as money continues to seduce the hungry, the hopeless, the broken, the greedy, and the needy, there will always be war between brothers.”

Tags : Bad British Brothers Countries Danger Dangerous Devil Divided Ethics Evil Evil Acts Evil Men Greedy Helpless Hopeless India Mercenaries Middle East Conflict Money Nations Needy Peace People Political Science Politics Profit Reasoning Wiked
Author : Suzy Kassem

12. “I had zero idea of what I was doing.. I honestly had no idea where to start. All I knew was I had something I craved to say.. I wanted to create art that lived on longer than I do. Perseverance and teaching yourself, every day through stress and hard work proves shit really does progress without you realizing. One minute you're an amateur, knowing nothing, not even the basics. The next you can put pen to paper, write a song, and create art in such little time! It's crazy beautiful.”

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13. “...But the Mahommedan religion increases, instead of lessening, the fury of intolerance. It was originally propagated by the sword, and ever since, its votaries have been subject, above the people of all other creeds, to this form of madness. In a moment the fruits of patient toil, the prospects of material prosperity, the fear of death itself, are flung aside. The more emotional Pathans are powerless to resist. All rational considerations are forgotten. Seizing their weapons, they become Ghazis—as dangerous and as sensible as mad dogs: fit only to be treated as such. While the more generous spirits among the tribesmen become convulsed in an ecstasy of religious bloodthirstiness, poorer and more material souls derive additional impulses from the influence of others, the hopes of plunder and the joy of fighting. Thus whole nations are roused to arms. Thus the Turks repel their enemies, the Arabs of the Soudan break the British squares, and the rising on the Indian frontier spreads far and wide. In each case civilisation is confronted with militant Mahommedanism. The forces of progress clash with those of reaction. The religion of blood and war is face to face with that of peace.”

Tags : British Civilization Creeds Death Emotional Fear Fear Of Death Fighting Force Fury Generous Indian Influence Islam Mad Dogs Militant Mohammedan Muslim Plunder Religious Bloodthirstiness Religious Violence Soudan Turks Weapons
Source : The Story of the Malakand Field Force

14. “But, of course, you might be asking yourself, 'Am I a feminist? I might not be. I don't know! I still don't know what it is! I'm too knackered and confused to work it out. That curtain pole really still isn't up! I don't have time to work out if I am a women's libber! There seems to be a lot to it. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?'I understand. So here is the quick way of working out if you're a feminist. Put your hand in your pants.a) Do you have a vagina? andb) Do you want to be in charge of it?If you said 'yes' to both, then congratulations! You're a feminist.”

Tags : British Feminism Humor
Author : Caitlin Moran
Source : How to Be a Woman

15. “There were people who believed their opportunities to live a fulfilled life were hampered by the number of Asians in England, by the existance of a royal family, by the volume of traffic that passed by their house, by the malice of trade unions, by the power of callous employers, by the refusal of the health service to take their condition seriously, by communism, by capitalism, by atheism, by anything, in fact, but their own futile, weak-minded failure to get a fucking grip.”

Tags : British Humor Satire
Author : Stephen Fry
Source : Revenge

16. “Then, slowly, like the sunrise peeking over the horizon, she smiled.She snapped the box closed.She didn’t scream. She didn’t run. She didn’t faint.There might have been a little crying.But mostly… she danced.”

Tags : Bliss British Dance Garrick Happy Love Marriage Virginity
Author : Cora Carmack
Source : Losing It

17. “Fo' shiz.”

Tags : Accents British
Source : Anna and the French Kiss

18. “If you happen to pass by 84 Charing Cross Road, kiss it for me? I owe it so much.”

Tags : British Debt England Kiss Please Writers
Author : Helene Hanff
Source : 84, Charing Cross Road

19. “If they wanted their shit stirred, then stirred their shit was jolly well going to be.”

Tags : British Funny
Source : A Year in the Merde

20. “1. You left a multipack of Mars Bars on top of your wardrobe. Can I have one? Dad x2. I had three. Hope that's OK. Dad x3. I'm just going to have one more. Dad x4. Harriet, your Dad's made himself sick on an entire multipack of Mars Bars again. Please don't leave sweets where we can find them. A x”

Tags : British Funny Humour Texting
Author : Holly Smale
Source : Model Misfit

21. “We always know when we are awake that we cannot be dreaming even though when actually dreaming we feel all this may be real.”

Tags : British Dreaming Mystery Real
Author : Ruth Rendell
Source : One Across, Two Down

22. “The British do not expect happiness. I had the impression, all the time that I lived there, that they do not want to be happy; they want to be right.”

Tags : British Happiness Humour
Author : Quentin Crisp

23. “The British nation is unique in this respect: they are the only people who like to be told how bad things are, who like to be told the worst.”

Tags : Bad News British Humor

24. “The British are the only people in history crass enough to have made revolutionaries out of Americans.”

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25. “It is sometimes said that butlers only truly exist in England. Other countries, whatever title is actually used, have only manservants. I tend to believe this is true. Continentals are unable to be butlers because they are as a breed incapable of the emotional restraint which only the English race are capable of. Continentals - and by and large the Celts, as you will no doubt agree - are as a rule unable to control themselves in moments of a strong emotion, and are thus unable to maintain a professional demeanour other than in the least challenging of situations. If I may return to my earlier metaphor - you will excuse my putting it so coarsely - they are like a man who will, at the slightest provocation, tear off his suit and his shirt and run about screaming. In a word, "dignity" is beyond such persons. We English have an important advantage over foreigners in this respect and it is for this reason that when you think of a great butler, he is bound, almost by definition, to be an Englishman.”

Tags : British
Source : The Remains of the Day

26. “I once heard someone say morality was method. Do you hold with that? I suppose you wouldn't. You would say that morality was vested in the aim, I expect. Difficult to know what one's aims are, that's the trouble, specially if you're British.”

Tags : Britain British Morality
Source : Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

27. “I was tempted to tell her it was because we were British and actually had a sense of humour, but I try not to be cruel to foreigners, especially when they're that strung out.”

Tags : British Humour Sense Of Humor
Source : Whispers Under Ground

28. “As I railed on and on, I became increasingly energied and excited by my own misery and misanthropy until I reached a kind of orgasm of negativity.'... The Brits don't merely enjoy misery, they get off on it.”

Tags : British Misery Moaning
Author : Eric Weiner
Source : The Geography of Bliss: One Grump's Search for the Happiest Places in the World

29. “Man is a bad animal....”

Tags : Brion British Burroughs English France Gysin
Author : Brion Gysin
Source : Here to Go: Planet R-101

30. “The Americans, who are the most efficient people on the earth, have carried [phrase-making] to such a height of perfection and have invented so wide a range of pithy and hackneyed phrases that they can carry on an amusing and animated conversation without giving a moment’s reflection to what they are saying and so leave their minds free to consider the more important matters of big business and fornication.”

Tags : Americans Authors British Humor
Source : Cakes and Ale

31. “Bicky rocked, like a jelly in a high wind.”

Tags : British Comedy English Humor Jello Jelly Wodehouse

32. “Agatha Christie n. A silent, putrid fart committed by someone in this very room, and only one person knows whodunnit.”

Tags : British Dictionary Humor Swearing
Author : VIZ
Source : Roger's Profanisaurus: The Magna Farta.

33. “Yes here's to the founding fathers—slave-owners, British citizens who didn't want to pay taxes...”

Tags : America British Founders Founding Fathers Revolutionaries Slavery Taxes Usa
Source : Asterios Polyp

34. “Statistics show that the nature of English crime is reverting to its oldest habits. In a country where so many desire status and wealth, petty annoyances can spark disproportionately violent behaviour. We become frustrated because we feel powerless, invisible, unheard. We crave celebrity, but that’s not easy to come by, so we settle for notoriety. Envy and bitterness drive a new breed of lawbreakers, replacing the old motives of poverty and the need for escape. But how do you solve crimes which no longer have traditional motives?”

Tags : British Crime Crime Solving Habits Motives Poverty Powerless Statistics Status Violence Wealth
Source : Ten Second Staircase

35. “The British are coming.”

Tags : British
Author : Paul Revere

36. “True the greater part of the Irish people was close to starvation. The numbers of weakened people dying from disease were rising. So few potatoes had been planted that, even if they escaped bight, they would not be enough to feed the poor folk who relied upon them. More and more of those small tenants and cottagers, besides, were being forced off the land and into a condition of helpless destitution. Ireland, that is to say, was a country utterly prostrated. Yet the Famine came to an end. And how was this wonderful thing accomplished? Why, in the simplest way imaginable. The famine was legislated out of existence. It had to be. The Whigs were facing a General Election.”

Tags : British Famine Ireland Potato Whigs
Source : The Rebels of Ireland

37. “some trillions of years ago a sloppy, dirty giant flicked grease from his fingers. One of those gobs of grease is our universe on its way to the floor. Splat!”

Tags : Brion British Burroughs English France Gysin
Author : Brion Gysin

38. “Sind sie vorbestraft? Du lieber Himmel ich wußte gar nicht, dass das immer noch nötig ist." Britischer Witz über die Einreise nach Australien”

Tags : Australia British Travel
Author : Eric Idle
Source : Die Reise zum Mars : Roman

39. “This week, Zuma was quoted as saying, 'When the British came to our country, they said everything we are doing was barbaric, was wrong, inferior in whatever way.' But the serious critique of Zuma is not about who is a barbarian and who is civilised. It is about good governance, and this is a universal value, as relevant to an African village as it is to Westminster. If you are unable to keep your appetites in check, you are inevitably going to live beyond your means. And this means you are going to become vulnerable to patronage and even corruption. That is why Jacob Zuma's 'polygamy' is his achilles heel.”

Tags : 2010 Africa Britain British Civilisation Corruption Culture Of Africa Good Governance Jacob Zuma Patronage Politics Polygamy Racism Self Control Sex South Africa Superiority Complex Westminster
Author : Mark Gevisser

40. “The advantages of a hereditary Monarchy are self-evident. Without some such method of prescriptive, immediate and automatic succession, an interregnum intervenes, rival claimants arise, continuity is interrupted and the magic lost. Even when Parliament had secured control of taxation and therefore of government; even when the menace of dynastic conflicts had receded in to the coloured past; even when kingship had ceased to be transcendental and had become one of many alternative institutional forms; the principle of hereditary Monarchy continued to furnish the State with certain specific and inimitable advantages.Apart from the imponderable, but deeply important, sentiments and affections which congregate around an ancient and legitimate Royal Family, a hereditary Monarch acquires sovereignty by processes which are wholly different from those by which a dictator seizes, or a President is granted, the headship of the State. The King personifies both the past history and the present identity of the Nation as a whole. Consecrated as he is to the service of his peoples, he possesses a religious sanction and is regarded as someone set apart from ordinary mortals. In an epoch of change, he remains the symbol of continuity; in a phase of disintegration, the element of cohesion; in times of mutability, the emblem of permanence. Governments come and go, politicians rise and fall: the Crown is always there. A legitimate Monarch moreover has no need to justify his existence, since he is there by natural right. He is not impelled as usurpers and dictators are impelled, either to mesmerise his people by a succession of dramatic triumphs, or to secure their acquiescence by internal terrorism or by the invention of external dangers. The appeal of hereditary Monarchy is to stability rather than to change, to continuity rather than to experiment, to custom rather than to novelty, to safety rather than to adventure.The Monarch, above all, is neutral. Whatever may be his personal prejudices or affections, he is bound to remain detached from all political parties and to preserve in his own person the equilibrium of the realm. An elected President – whether, as under some constitutions, he be no more than a representative functionary, or whether, as under other constitutions, he be the chief executive – can never inspire the same sense of absolute neutrality. However impartial he may strive to become, he must always remain the prisoner of his own partisan past; he is accompanied by friends and supporters whom he may seek to reward, or faced by former antagonists who will regard him with distrust. He cannot, to an equal extent, serve as the fly-wheel of the State.”

Tags : British Constitution Continuity Dictator Elect Government Hereditary Identity Institution King Legitimate Monarch Neutral Partisan Political Politician President Queen Royal Family Service Sovereign State Succession Terrorism

41. “To act without a conscience, but for a paycheck, makes anyone a dangerous animal. The devil would be powerless if he couldn't entice people to do his work.”

Tags : Armies Bad Deeds Slavery Bad People British Conscience Conscientious Corruption Dangerous Deception Dictators Dishonorable Evil Deeds Integrity Mercenaries Mercenary Mob Morality Political Science Power Powerless Sellout Suzy Kassem Values Work
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

42. “Naval heroes are seldom immodest, but soldiers quite often are. It is said of one gallant general that publication of his book was delayed because the printer ran out of capital I's.”

Tags : British Military History World War 2
Author : John Colville
Source : Man Of Valour: The Life Of Field-Marshal The Viscount Gort, VC, GCB, DSO, MVO, MC

43. “Morris Weissman [on the phone, discussing casting for his movie]: "What about Claudette Colbert? She's British, isn't she? She sounds British. Is she, like, affected or is she British?”

Tags : Accents Actors Affectations British Claudette Colbert Clichés Directors Film Industry Humor Movie Business Movies Perceptions Stereotypes
Source : Gosford Park: The Shooting Script

44. “Should have taken warning it's justPeople mourningRunning, hiding, lostYou can't find, find a place to go, so it'sRed skies at nightRed skies at night, whoa oh, oh oh oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh... red skies at night, red skies at night, whoa oh, oh oh oh...Someone's taking over, and it look like they're aiming right at you...Someone said we'll be dead by morning...Someone cries, leaving... red skies at night, whoa oh-h-h”

Tags : 1980 S 80 S Apocalypse British Dystopia Eighties Emo Goth Holocaust New Wave Nuclear Public Service Announcement Punk Radiation Radioactive Retro

45. “NASSER: (about OMAR): Haven't you trained him up to look after you, like I have done with my girls?PAPA: He brushes the dust from one place to another. He squeezes shirts and heats soup. But that hardly stretches him. Though his food stretches me. It's only for a few months, yaar. I'll send him to college in the autumn.NASSER: (VO) He failed once. He has this chronic laziness that runs in our family except for me.PAPA: If his arse gets lazy - kick it. I'll send a certificate giving permission. And one more thing. Try and fix him up with a nice girl. I'm not sure if his penis is in full working order.”

Tags : 1980S British Brothers England Pakistani Penis Son Work

46. “When, in May, tensions reached a high point, London warned Berlin that if it attacked Czechoslovakia and the French were embroiled as well, "His Majesty's Government could not guarantee that they would not be forced by circumstances to become involved also". Ar the same time, English officials were telling their counterparts in Paris that they were "not disinterested" in Czechoslovakia's fate. I learned in the course of my own career that British diplomats are trained to write in with precision; so when a double negative is employed, the intent, usually, is not to clarify an issue but to surround it with fog.”

Tags : British Czechoslovakia Diplomacy Hitler Munich
Source : Prague Winter: A Personal Story of Remembrance and War, 1937-1948

47. “JOHNNY: Friends! Outcasts. Leeches. Undesirables. A blessing on you, and upon this beggars' banquet. This day we draw a line in the chalk, and push back against the bastard pitiless busybody council, and drive them from this place for ever. I, Rooster Byron, your merciless ruler, have decreed that today all my bounty is bestowed upon you, gratis. There will be free booze, bangers, draw, whizz and whatnot, for all the minions of my kingdom.”

Tags : British Jerusalem Jez Butterworth Plays Revelry Theater Theatre

48. “La semaine dernière, nous avons pris une décision. Nous allions sortir pour déblayer les briques. Des femmes de notre quartier y travaillaient quotidiennement. Les Trümmerfrauen. Elles nettoyaient les briques de toute trace de ciment. Elles empilaient dans des brouettes. Les emportaient dans un dépôt. On utiliserait les briques pour recronstruire Berlin. Une tâche utile, mais épuisante.”

Tags : Bosphorus British British Literature Exile Family Istanbul London Secrets Suspense Turkey World War 2
Source : Letter from a Stranger

49. “It was William who would climb out of his carriage unafraid and help a farmer drive a herd of cattle or sheep across a road when necessary.”

Tags : British British Empire Christian Christian Fiction Christian Living Christian Romance Christianity Classic Classic Literature Classic Struggle Inspirational Inspirational Attitude Inspirational Life Inspirational Quote Inspirational Quotes Regency Regency England Regency Era Regency Romance Romance Romance Novel Romance Novel Books Romance Novels Online Romantic
Source : To Find a Duchess

50. “corgi 1. n. A high class hound, such as those that accompany the Queen. 2. n. A high class hound, such as the one that accompanies Prince Charles.”

Tags : British Dictionary Humor Swearing
Author : VIZ
Source : Roger's Profanisaurus: The Magna Farta.

51. “... instead of trying to grapple with the implications of the story of empire, the British seem to have decided just to ignore it... the most corrosive part of this amnesia is a sense that because the nation is not what it was, it can never be anything again.”

Tags : Britain British Empire
Author : Jeremy Paxman
Source : Empire: What Ruling the World Did to the British

52. “The Times is a paper which is seldom found in any hands but those of the highly educated.”

Tags : British Broadsheet Journalism Newspaper Sherlock Holmes The Times
Source : The Hound of the Baskervilles

53. “A sad, plangent music. In the British camp, Sharpe thought, they would be singing, but no one was singing here.”

Tags : British Camp Here Music Plangent Sad Sharpe Singing
Source : Sharpe's Triumph

54. “Then one woman looked directly at her husband. "Is our place gone?" "I'm afraid so, girl," he said. "There isn't much left up there. But we're alive. We're all lucky to be alive. We'd have been dead if we'd stayed up above." "Oh, what a mercy we didn't!" she exclaimed. "How lucky we are!" Incredible though it sounds, within a few moments, a whole lot of people were congratulating each other on their extraordinary good fortune in only having lost all their worldy posessions.”

Tags : British London Bombing Luck Wwii
Author : Ida Cook
Source : Safe Passage

55. “His work was so great that it cannot be compassed in a few words. His death is one of the greatest losses ever to occur to British science.{Describing Ernest Rutherford upon his death at age 66. Thomson, then 80 years old, was once his teacher.}”

Tags : British Death Ernest Rutherford Great Loss Mourning Rutherford Sadness Science Teacher
Author : J.J. Thomson

56. “Identity politics is killings free speech on campus, silencing Muslim women struggle, boosting both Islamism and the far Right and pushing reconciled Muslim voices to the fringes. It makes implicit assumptions about Islam - from an Islamist, Left or Right- perspective - and insists all Muslims must adhere to that definition or be regarded not truly Muslim. It ignores the fact that most ordinary Muslims are not in favour of a violent and that in surveys and polls they support British values more than the general UK population. Yet the myth persists that the ideology of Islamism is the true expression of what it means to be Muslim.”

Tags : British British Muslim Far Right Identity Identity Politics Islam Islamism Islamist Muslim Muslim Women Muslims Politics Struggle Struggles Uk

57. “The tall, thin serious man strode in, his dark cloak billowing so dramatically it threatened to extinguish the lamp flame with its draught. He advanced like a malevolent shadow consuming the dim orange light, filling the room with a presence almost more than human.”

Tags : British Historical Fiction Kings Medieval Fantasy Medieval Literature Wales
Author : Gregory Figg

58. “My flat's about half a mile away, and you know what I'd like most of all in the world? I'd like a cup of tea. Come on, let's go and put the kettle on.”

Tags : British Mary Malone Tea
Source : The Amber Spyglass

59. “I realised that I had set so many of my novels and stories abroad, because custom had prevented me from seeing how exotic my own country is. Britain really is an immense lunatic asylum. That is one of the things that distinguishes us among the nations... We are rigid and formal in some ways, but we believe in the right to eccentricity, as long as the eccentricities are large enough... Woe betide you if you hold your knife incorrectly, but good luck to you if you wear a loincloth and live up a tree.”

Tags : British Eccentricity

60. “Cavendish was a great Man with extraordinary singularities—His voice was squeaking his manner nervous He was afraid of strangers & seemed when embarrassed to articulate with difficulty—He wore the costume of our grandfathers. Was enormously rich but made no use of his wealth... Cavendish lived latterly the life of a solitary, came to the Club dinner & to the Royal Society: but received nobody at his home. He was acute sagacious & profound & I think the most accomplished British Philosopher of his time.”

Tags : British Cavendish Henry Cavendish Philosopher Praise Royal Society
Author : Humphry Davy

61. “Guilt and misery shrink, by a natural instinct, from public notice: they court privacy and solitude: and even in their choice of a grave will sometimes sequester themselves from the general population of the churchyard, as if declining to claim fellowship with the great family of man; thus, in a symbolic language universally understood, seeking (in the affecting language of Mr. Wordsworth)’ Humbly to expressA penitential loneliness.”

Tags : British Guilt Human Thomas De Quincey

62. “To catch the bad guys, you've got to think like a bad guy - and that's why all the best detectives have a dark side...”

Tags : Based On Real Events British British Crime British Crime Author British Detective British Detective Fiction British Detectives Crime Crime Fiction Crime Fiction Authors Crime Quotes Detective Detective Noir Detective Novel Detective Quotes Detective Stories Detective Story Hard Boiled Hard Boiled Detective London Police True Detective
Source : The Theseus Paradox

63. “In India, all along, development as a process was always affected from the top down style of functioning. Naturally, because along with our freedom we had inherited a bureaucracy, which was designed by the British to rule, not to serve. The British way of doing things had always been to get things done through a government department and after independence we Indians merely continued this system.”

Tags : British Government Indian Rule Serve
Source : I Too Had a Dream

64. “Ukanda wa Gaza ni jimbo lenye miji minne na kambi mbalimbali za wakimbizi za Umoja wa Mataifa – lenye urefu wa kati ya kilometa 41 au maili 25 na lenye upana wa kati ya kilometa 6 mpaka 12 au maili 3.7 mpaka 7.5, pamoja na eneo la jumla la kilometa za mraba 365 au maili za mraba 141. Jimbo hili liliwahi kutawaliwa na Wamisri, Wakaanani, Waisraeli, Wasiria, Wababelonia, Wagiriki, Warumi, Waturuki, Waingereza, na Wapalestina, na limekuwa uwanja wa vita kwa karne nyingi kwa sababu za kidini na kihistoria. Ukanda wa Gaza uko chini ya Palestina. Uko chini ya serikali ya Hamas.”

Tags : 12 Kilometers 25 Miles 6 Kilometers 7 5 Miles Assyrians Battlefield Gaza Strip Hamas History Israelites Jimbo Kilometa 12 Kilometa 41 Maili 3 7 Maili 7 5 Maili Za Mraba 141 Ottomans Province Religion Towns Umoja Wa Mataifa United Nations Uwanja Wa Vita Waisraeli Wamisri Wapalestina

65. “The Brit abroad is always the voice of caution. Persons of other cultures are known to be undisciplined, prone to leaning out of car windows and cooking with garlic.”

Tags : British British Empire
Author : Nick Harkaway
Source : Tigerman

66. “Food in wartime Britain, she had to admit, was hardly inspiring.”

Tags : Britain British British Food Food Mirabellebevan Sara Sheridan War Wwii
Author : Sara Sheridan
Source : British Bulldog

67. “Other unsolved murders or untimely deaths were readily blamed on the supposedly sinister Jews: If a Jewish doctor failed to save a life, the whole Jewish community might be attacked and fined.”

Tags : Antisemitism Britain British Oppression Racism White Privilege
Author : Robert Winder
Source : Bloody Foreigners: The Story of Immigration to Britain

68. “All we can infer (from the archaeological shards dug up in Berkshire, Devon and Yorkshire) is that the first Britons, whoever they were and however they came, arrived from elsewhere. The land (Britain) was once utterly uninhibited. Then people came.”

Tags : Britain British England English Immigrants Migrants Oppression Race Relations Racism White Privilege
Author : Robert Winder
Source : Bloody Foreigners: The Story of Immigration to Britain

69. “You have heard of the new chemical nomenclature endeavored to be introduced by Lavoisier, Fourcroy, &c. Other chemists of this country, of equal note, reject it, and prove in my opinion that it is premature, insufficient and false. These latter are joined by the British chemists; and upon the whole, I think the new nomenclature will be rejected, after doing more harm than good. There are some good publications in it, which must be translated into the ordinary chemical language before they will be useful.”

Tags : Antoine Fourcroy Antoine Francois Fourcroy Antoine Laurent Lavoisier Antoine Lavoisier British Chemistry False Fourcroy Insufficient Lavoisier Science Useful
Source : Writings: Autobiography/Notes on the State of Virginia/Public & Private Papers/Addresses/Letters

70. “It often horrified the English community that she spent her time with local farmers and horse traders, eccentrics and mystics, but she valued expertise over convention and had long believed if you were going to make discoveries in the world you must first quit your Englishness and open your eyes.”

Tags : Adventure British Determination Englishness Exploration Gentility Manners Strong Female Characters
Author : Sara Sheridan
Source : On Starlit Seas

71. “Am I bothered? Am I bothered though. I ain't doing nothing cause I ain't bothered.”

Tags : British Catherine Tate Comedian Humor Lauren Cooper

72. “Do your parents know you’re here?' asked the lady at social Services. ‘No,’ I said, ‘but I want to know about children’s homes.’ I had to stand on my toes to see over the reception desk.”

Tags : Black British Caribbean Memoir
Source : Ugly

73. “A selection of quotes from The Night of Harrison Monk’s Death (Jane Hetherington's Adventures in Detection: 1)"Is this one of the more unusual cases of safe-breaking you've been asked to investigate, Mrs Hetherington?""Remember your private detective wants to be able to sleep soundly at night and in their own bed, not one supplied as her Majesty's pleasure.""It seems to be an open and shut case doesn't it? But it's not you know? How do you know if anything is what it seems?""But where is Cheung kin?""When I first set eyes on your father, he was spying on a man from between two volumes of the Encyclopaedia Britannica.""I don't think I need say more." "On the contrary, if you want me to have any idea what you're talking about, I think you do.""Why don't you report it to the police?" "Because I stole it in the first place didn't I?""It's something of a mystery, I admit.""Vanished into thin air!""You sound so sensible Mrs Hetherington. Please help us get to the bottom of this."Ah, thought Jane – the old story."No body was found?""Shall I put the kettle on?" "Only if you fill it with whiskey.""The course of true love didn't run smoothly for me either, you know.""Life has its tragedies for sure.""… What do I want? I want money that's what I want. I want money."She was even more horrified by the words she heard next.Callum MacCallum knew what it was like to be an outsider.”

Tags : British Crime Female Private Detective Mystery Suspense Whodunnit
Author : Nina Jon

74. “Yes, well, rein it in, Prom King. British people have been successfully repressing our emotions since before your country was even a thing.”

Tags : American British Emotions Repressing Emotions
Author : Holly Bourne
Source : How Hard Can Love Be?

75. “I can't get it why did I name my book series, I'm talking about "The Life Of One kid". I'm talking about the last word "Kid"?? Aren't your curious I'm with British Accent and putting "Kid" the American word for child the last? I'm also curious I still don't know, I really don't know why. Child sounds like a baby maybe that's all, kid sounds like a child in aobut 7-8 years old!”

Tags : 7 8 Also American British Child Kid Of One Kid Old The Life Why Years
Author : Deyth Banger

76. “Sometimes it was like Neil was from an alien planet, where people never asked for or shared anything emotional without deeply apologizing first. He assured me that he was simply British. And that we Americans, with all of our loud oversharing and need for random hugs and free admissions to people we've just met of deep, traumatic childhood wounds looks just as alien to them.”

Tags : American British Hugs Neil Gaiman Oversharing Random
Author : Amanda Palmer
Source : The Art of Asking; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help

77. “I would never advise shooing away a good idea.”

Tags : Advice British Bye Bye Good Hope Ideas Shoo Tea
Author : Phoebe Stone
Source : Romeo Blue

78. “Judith (sadly): A change has come over my children of late. I have tried to shut my eyes to it, but in vain. At my time of life one must face bitter facts!”

Tags : British Comedy Farce Stage Theater

79. “Amazing what the British do with language; the nuances of politeness. The world's great diplomats, surely.”

Tags : British Language Lestat De Lioncourt
Author : Anne Rice
Source : The Queen of the Damned

80. “Elegant presents soon followed. Leather luggage for Jesse's travels and a lovely mink-lined coat to keep her warm in the 'abominable British weather.' It is a country 'only a Druid could love,' Maharet wrote.”

Tags : Anne Rice British Humor Maharet The Queen Of The Damned Weather
Author : Anne Rice
Source : The Queen of the Damned

81. “My brothers and sisters of America, there is not the least shadow of hope that India can ever be Christianised. After two hundred years of vain efforts and of spending millions of dollars with the prestige of the conqueror and backed by British bayonets, Christianity is not supported by the converts themselves. Every bit of Protestant Christianity in India is maintained partly by the money flowing from England and America, and partly by taxes imposed upon the Hindus against their will, which must be paid although the people starve. The people of India as a whole are saturated with religious and philosophical thought. They think and ponder on spiritual matters from childhood to death. Even the street-sweeper is frequently more profoundly versed in subtle metaphysics and divine wisdom than the missionary sent to convert him.”

Tags : America British Christianity Christianized Conversion England Hindu India Jainism Metaphysics Missionaries Philosophy Protestant Spirituality Starvation Taxes Vain Wisdom
Source : The Monist

82. “Yet in the most mean, cowardly, hypocritical way the British ruling class did all they could to hand Spain over to Franco and the Nazis. Why? Because they were pro-Fascist, was the obvious answer.”

Tags : Anti Fascism British Class Fascism Franco Nazis Spain
Author : George Orwell
Source : Fighting in Spain

83. “But Khair did not need such proof of her husband's love for her. Over and over again,James had risked everything for her. Most relationships in life can survive - or not - without being put to any really crucial, fundamental test. It was James's fate for his love to be tested not once, but four times....At each stage he could easily have washed his hands off his teenage lover. Each time he chose to remain true to her.That, not the words of any will, was the evidence she could cling onto.”

Tags : British History Hyderabad India Islam Persian
Source : White Mughals: Love and Betrayal in Eighteenth-Century India

84. “One morning, as he sat at his desk, he heard the sound of a horse's hooves on the path outside his house. He stepped out on to the verandah. There, on a tall grey horse, sat Morgane. 'I've come to have my picture painted,' she said. She took off her hat and her long black hair cascaded below her shoulders. 'You said you would,' she added, before dismounting. She wore a pair of moleskin jodhpurs and a white shirt, open at the neck. Her skin was radiant from the African sun.”

Tags : Africa Author British Colonial Girl In The Picture Kenya Mystery Pb North Romance Suspense
Author : P.B. North

85. “I, Rooster John Byron, hereby place a curseUpon the Kennet and Avon Council,May they wander the land for ever,Never sleep twice in the same bed,Never drink water from the same well,And never cross the same river twice in a year.He who steps in my blood, may it stick to themLike hot oil. May it scorch them for life,And may the heat dry up their souls,And may they be filled with the melancholyWine won't shift. And all their newborn babiesBe born mangled, with the same marks,The same wounds of their fathers.Any uniform which brushes a single leaf of this woodIs cursed, and he who wears it this St George's Day,May he not see the next.”

Tags : British Curse Malediction Vengeance
Source : Jerusalem

86. “The Indians were inside their bodies, he decided, in a way that the British were not. His own flesh impeded his spirit.”

Tags : British Flesh Indians Spirit
Author : Damon Galgut
Source : Arctic Summer

87. “Some people just don’t find their Prince Charming straight away, they have to search for him.”

Tags : British Chick Lit Contemporary Humour Romance Romantic Comedy
Source : Until We Collide

88. “My mouth went dry as I tried to remember all of Poppie’s tips for kissing over the years. She told me no guy wanted a girl with a mouth as wide as a guppy, who sucked his tongue with the force of a Dyson vacuum cleaner first time, or licked him to death like an overeager puppy. She’d told me to just purse my lips and let him lead and take control. Don’t slobber, don’t slobber, don’t slobber, I chanted to myself as he got closer and closer”

Tags : British Chick Lit Contemporary Humour Romance Romantic Comedy
Source : Until We Collide

89. “His face was the sort of British face from which emotion has been so carefully banished that a foreigner is apt to think the wearer of the face incapable of any sort of feeling; the kind of face which, if it has any expression at all, expresses principally the resolution to go through the world decorously, without intruding upon or annoying anyone.”

Tags : British British Expression Face
Source : Lukundoo

90. “Londoners, with their noses pressed to cold windows, smiled, for a mid-summer storm was raging across England. Zues had blessed their land, taking away the bright happy sun and replacing it with gusty winds, lashing rain and utter misery.”

Tags : British England London Penelope Rain
Author : Anya Wylde
Source : Penelope

91. “The mice were furious."[...]"Oh yes," said the old man mildly."Yes well so I expect were the dogs and cats and duckbilled platypuses, but...""Ah, but they hadn't paid for it you see, had they?""Look," said Arthur, "would it save you a lot of time if I just gave up and went mad now?"[...]"Earthman, the planet you lived on was commissioned, paid for, and run by mice. It was destroyed five minutes before the completion of the purpose for which it was built, and we've got to build another one."Only one word registered with Arthur."Mice?" he said."Indeed Earthman.""Look, sorry - are we talking about the little white furry things with the cheese fixation and women standing on tables screaming in early sixties sit coms?"Slartibartfast coughed politely."[...] These creatures you call mice, you see, they are not quite as they appear. They are merely the protrusion into our dimension of vast hyperintelligent pandimensional beings. The whole business with the cheese and the squeaking is just a front."The old man paused, and with a sympathetic frown continued."They've been experimenting on you, I'm afraid.”

Tags : British Humour Science Fiction
Author : Douglas Adams
Source : The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

92. “Q. Why don't the British panic?A. They do, but very quietly. It is impossible for the naked eye to tell their panic from their ecstasy.”

Tags : British Humour
Author : George Mikes
Source : How to Be an Alien: A Handbook for Beginners and Advanced Pupils

93. “Henry Denton: You Brits really don't have a sense of humor do you?Elsie: We do if something's funny, sir.”

Tags : British Humor
Source : Gosford Park: The Shooting Script

94. “A five-week sand blizzard?" said Deep Thought haughtily. "You ask this of me who have contemplated the very vectors of the atoms in the Big Bang itself? Molest me not with this pocket calculator stuff.”

Tags : British Humour Science Fiction
Author : Douglas Adams
Source : The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

95. “But Khair did not need such proof of her husband's love for her. Over and over again, James had risked everything for her. Most reationshps in life can survive - or not - without being put to any real crucial, fundamental test. It was James's fate for his love to be tested not once, but four times...At each stage he could easily have washed his hands off his teenage lover. Each time he chose to remain true to her. That, not the words of any will, was the evidence she could cling to.”

Tags : British Eighteenth Century India Hyderabad Mughals Nizams
Source : White Mughals: Love and Betrayal in Eighteenth-Century India

96. “...There thou mightst behold the great image of authority: a dog’s obey’d in office. - Thou rascal beadle, hold thy bloody hand! Why dost though lash that whore? Strip thine own back; Thou hotly lusts to use her in that kind For which thou whipst her. The usurer hangs the cozener.”

Tags : British Plays Shakespurrr
Source : King Lear

97. “Lear, “... There thou mightst behold the great image of authority: a dog’s obey’d in office. - Thou rascal beadle, hold thy bloody hand! Why dost though lash that whore? Strip thine own back; Thou hotly lusts to use her in that kind For which thou whipst her. The usurer hangs the cozener.”

Tags : British Plays Shakespurrr
Source : King Lear

98. “The only thing Americans love more than Walmart and firearms (and buying firearms at Walmart) is accents.”

Tags : Americans British Guns
Author : Brian Moylan

99. “His favourite word, one for which I have a great deal of time myself as a matter of fact, was "arse." Everyone was more or less an arse most of the time, but I was arsier than just about everyone else in the school. In fact, in my case he would often go further — I was on many occasions a bumptious arse. Before I learned what bumptious actually meant I assumed that it derived from "bum" and believed therefore with great pride that as a bumptious arse I was doubly arsey — twice the arse of ordinary arses.”

Tags : British Funny
Author : Stephen Fry
Source : Moab Is My Washpot

100. “According to them, everyone wants to be English. Being English is the best thing in the world. (Far behind, the second best thing is being God himself.)”

Tags : British England English People God
Author : Angela Kiss
Source : How to be an Alien in England: A Guide to the English

101. “When she found a place of her ownand packed her bags he asked her to marry him. She kissed him, and quoted in his ear,"He married a woman to stop her getting away, Now she’s there all day.”

Tags : British Love Marriage Proposal Relationship
Author : Ian McEwan
Source : Amsterdam

102. “In Britain, the happy are few and suspect….For the British, happiness is a transatlantic import. And by “transatlantic” they mean American. ....For the English, life is about not happiness but muddling through, getting by.”

Tags : British Happiness
Author : Eric Weiner

103. “It is what often happens in the establishment. Inconvenient truths are left buried. If you don't ask too may questions of a gentlemen then you won't be disappointed." "And this is what makes us British?""It is our face to the world," Sidney replied. "Many of us are civilised, charming and perfectly genuine people. Others have developed their reserve into a form of refined deceit. It's why people find the British so intriguing, Georgie. The line between the gentleman and the assassin can be so very thin.”

Tags : British Sidney Chambers Spies
Author : James Runcie
Source : Sidney Chambers and the Perils of the Night

104. “1944 - Exploring London in wartime, a city with stiff upper lip, gritted teeth, clenched fists, makes you realize that Paris is a bit of whore.Every day and every night for weeks now, London has been bleeding and hiding its wounds with impressive dignity. A ‘don’t show off’ attitude prevails. From time to time a sputtering doodle-bug (a VI) shatters the torpor of the overcast sky. One second, sometimes two ... at most three ... of silence. Visualizing that fat cigar with shark fins as it stops dead, sways, idiotically tips over, then goes into a vertical dive. And explodes. Usually it’s an entire building that’s destroyed.Apparently the Civil Defense rescue teams observe a very strict rule of discretion and restraint. You never see any panic. In this impassive city detachment is the expression of panic.”

Tags : British The Blitz Wwii
Source : Paris Noir: The Secret History of a City

105. “People were kind and friendly and amusing, but they thought that companionship and conversation were synonymous, and some of them had voices that jarred in your head. There was a lot to be said for dogs. They understood without telling you so, and they were always pleasing to look at, awake or asleep, like Bingo. He slept now, with little whistling snores, in his basket at the side of the fire, his stubby legs and one whiskery eyebrow twitching to the fitful tempo of his dreams.”

Tags : British Dogs Life Monica Dickens People

106. “Don't you love those crazy Brits?Jumpers for sweaters and spots for zits.And when they want to change their suits,It's in a box, not a booth.Be a hero, make a call.Steepest streets might make you fall.”

Tags : British Hero Riddle Street
Source : The Friendship Riddle

107. “But for the most part, people - of the right kind - are good. For them I put on my corset of cheerfulness, a solid serviceable garment. It holds in the bulgings and oozings of emotion, and soon I find they are, temporarily, stilled.”

Tags : British Friendship
Author : Anna Lyndsey

108. “Tea! That's all I needed! Good cup of tea! Super-heated infusion of free-radicals and tannin, just the thing for healing the synapses.”

Tags : 10Th Doctor British Doctor Who Tea The Christmas Invasion

109. “The British have always been madly overambitious, and from one angle it can seem like bravery, but from another it looks suspiciously like a lack of foresight.”

Tags : Ambition British Foresight
Source : Whispers Under Ground

110. “Don't tell me about the Press. I know *exactly* who reads the papers. The Daily Mirror is read by the people who think they run the country. The Guardian is read by people who think they *ought* to run the country. The Times is read by the people who actually *do* run the country. The Daily Mail is read by the wives of the people who run the country. The Financial Times is read by people who *own* the country. The Morning Star is read by people who think the country ought to be run by *another* country. The Daily Telegraph is read by the people who think it is.'"Prime Minister, what about the people who read The Sun?""Sun readers don't care *who* runs the country - as long as she's got big tits.”

Tags : British Journalism Media Newspapers
Author : Antony Jay
Source : Yes, Prime Minister: The Diaries of the Right Hon. James Hacker

111. “She...ran away so often, and with so many different people, that she became known to her family and friends as the Bolter....”

Tags : British Romance Women World War Ll
Author : Nancy Mitford
Source : The Pursuit of Love & Love in a Cold Climate

112. “Grandma's house had the atmosphere of a Tupperware box left out in the sun. Like a tropical flower, she had to be kept warm and moist at all times, or she would wilt and die.”

Tags : British Humour Teen Ukya Young Adult
Author : Matthew Crow
Source : In Bloom

113. “There is nobody as hopelessly vulgar as a British aristocrat...”

Tags : British Funny Humor Unexpected
Author : Charles Finch
Source : The Last Enchantments

114. “Anything said in upper-crust British automatically sounded intelligent.”

Tags : British Intelligent
Author : Nancy Kress
Source : Yesterday's Kin

115. “He looks at me, the circle, then me again. “It’s really you, right? I didn’t create some simulacrum that was inhabited by a demon? Prove it’s you. Say something only Spencer would say.”“Like what?”“Say something annoying.”I think about it. “Well, you claim to be British, there’s really only one thing I can think of.”“That being?”I lean in close, my lips gently brushing his ear. “Soccer.”He shoves me away. “Fuck. You. It’s foot… Yeah, it’s you.”

Tags : British Football Humor Soccer
Source : Community Service

116. “He looks like a horse in a man costume!”

Tags : Black Books British British Comedy Dylan Moran Funny Horse Man
Author : Dylan Moran

117. “Who am I?" She whispered. Alex opened his mouth as if to correct her, but then he said, "You are my love.”

Tags : Adventure British Love New Adult Road Trip Rock And Roll Romance
Source : In the Desert

118. “Britain: the land of embarrassment and breakfast.”

Tags : Britan British Brits Julian Barnes Uk
Author : Julian Barnes

119. “Kershaw had long ago realised, apparently, that dealing with Brits was tricky. You had to listen to what a Brit was saying -- which was invariably that he thought XYZ was a terrific idea and he hoped it went very well for you -- while at the same time paying heed to the greasy, nauseous suspicion you had that, although every word and phrase indicated approval, somehow the sum of the whole was that you'd have to be a mental pygmy to come up with this plan and a complete fucking idiot to pursue it.”

Tags : British
Author : Nick Harkaway
Source : Tigerman

120. “Excuse me, I must go and putt”

Tags : Aristocrat British Comedy English English Society Golf Putt Putting
Source : Doctor Sally

121. “The word bollocks seems strong, punk rock, and imposing, but in reality, bollocks is always too tame to make much of an impact.”

Tags : Bollocks British Heartbreak Punk Rock
Source : Perverse Wonderland

122. “UKIP is natural party for Eastern Europeans”

Tags : British Eastern Europeans Politics Ukip

123. “1lb beefstak, with1pt bitter beerevery 6 hours.1 ten-mile walk every morning.1 bed at 11 sharp every night.And don't stuff your head with things you don't understand.”

Tags : British Humour Jerome K Jerome Medical Three Men In A Boat
Source : Three Men in a Boat

124. “Oh God, not another fucking beautiful day.”

Tags : Africa British Ennui
Author : James Fox
Source : White Mischief

125. “More recently, during a debate in the House of Lords in 1978 one of the members said: "If there is a more hideous language on the face of the earth than the American form of English, I should like to know what it is." (We should perhaps bear in mind that the House of Lords is a largely powerless, nonelective institution. It is an arresting fact of British political life that a Briton can enjoy a national platform and exalted status because he is the residue of an illicit coupling 300 years before between a monarch and an orange seller.)”

Tags : British English Humor Politics
Author : Bill Bryson
Source : The Mother Tongue: English and How It Got That Way

126. “I grinned. "I'm anybody's for a cuppa and a biscuit.”

Tags : British Humour Tea
Source : A Taste for Blood

127. “Ah. And then you kill him.""No," Arkwright replied patiently. "We are British. We avoid murder if we can help it.{...}”

Tags : Arkwright British Murder Spoiler
Author : Rick Yancey
Source : The Isle of Blood

128. “By now there were whole new Industrial Revolutions going on in the Low Earths; the British seemed to have the building of steam engines and railways in their genes.”

Tags : British
Source : The Long War

129. “As a rule the Holloywood pattern for English actors is simple. They are delighted to go, they are told there is a lot of work for them if they stick it out, they tell everyone how fabulous it is, they spend all their money - and then they come home. It seems to take from two to six years.”

Tags : Actors British Hollywood
Source : Snobs

130. “Royal Young's writing is that rare blend of irony and beauty.”

Tags : Beauty British Celebrity Fame Irony Romance Simon Van Booy
Source : Everything Beautiful Began After

131. “I remember the very day, sometime during the first two weeks of my five-year amorous sojourn in Brutland, when I was made privy to one of the most arcane of their utterings. The time was ripe for that major epiphany, my initiation into the sacred knowledge—or should I say gnosis?—of that all-important, quintessentially Brutish slang term, the word that endless hours of scholastic education by renowned mentors, plus years of scrupulous scrutiny into scrofulous texts, had disappointingly failed to impart to me, leaving me with that deep sense of emptiness begotten by hemimathy; the time was finally ripe for me to be transported by the velvety feel of the unvoiced palato-alveolar fricative, the élan of the unpronounceable and masochistically hedonistic front open-rounded vowel, and, last but not least, the (admittedly short) ejaculatory quality of the voiced velar stop: all three of them combined together to form that miraculous lexical item, the word shag.”

Tags : Anthropology Britain British English Humor Sex Sexuality
Author : Spiros Doikas
Source : No Sex Please, We're Brutish!: The Exploits of a Greek Student in Britain

132. “The very sight of a daffodil still makes me shiver, because spring in the north of England is always so bitter.”

Tags : British Daffodil Flower Humour Spring Weather
Author : Bea Davenport
Source : In Too Deep

133. “At no point during the making of this book have I inverted my penis although I did go to Blackpool which turned out to be almost as painful.”

Tags : Blackpool British England Humor Humour Life
Author : Matt Rudd
Source : The English: A Field Guide

134. “You know the only rule you need to know to get on in this country? ‘Never complain, never explain.”

Tags : British Complain Culture English Explain Reticent Stiff Upper Lip
Author : Amanda Craig
Source : Hearts and Minds