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1. “Being stubbon has never helped anyone but just brought them more pain and suffering.”

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2. “Failure gives you the reason and motivation for success. Poeple who succeed dont just succeed but they have reasons why they should succeed.”

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3. “If you FAIL big now and you dont give up. What you see as your biggest failure now. Tomorrow will be your greatest story to tell.”

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4. “Any behaviour or habit can be learned. Just chose to learn the good ones.”

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5. “Fight for greater course than for greater loss”

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6. “You said you knew the perfect place to run to. A place that was empty of people, and buildings, and far, far away. A place covered in blood-red earth and sleeping life. A place longing to come alive again. It's a place for disappearing, you'd said, a place for getting lost... and for getting found.I'll take you there, you'd said.And I could say that I agreed.”

Tags : Better Life Finding Yourself Freedom Hope Living Life To The Fullest Running Away
Source : Stolen: A Letter to My Captor

7. “Dont miss the opportunity of becoming something Inlife. Sometimes all you have to do is to just show up or just apply even if you dont qualify.”

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8. “If you are training and you are in the gym. But whatever excesize you are doing .You dont feel any straints or tension. You must be worried. Its either you are not doing the excesize in the right way and your body wont develop.Same as life. If you dont come across any challenges .You should be worried too. It means you are not growing, and it will be difficult for you to succeed. Obstacles are our ladder to the top.”

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9. “People are fighting and crying for things that is not theirs. Than themselves trying to get their own things. You must learn to own than to be loaned.”

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10. “For millenia migrating birds have filled the skies, heading south in search ofwarmer climes and richer pickings. Conversely, these days, droves of our fellow beings struggle northbound against all odds, seeking safety and a better life. The key difference ? This vast exodus of human traffic moves in one direction only. A testimony to failed foreign policy and disastrous military intervention that may have sown the seeds of European disintegration.”

Tags : Border Courage In Life Direction Disasters Displacement European Civilization Failure Fellow Humans Filled Foreign Policy Immigrants Iraq Islamophobia Loss Of Hope Mass Migration One Way Politics Quotes Richer Risk Safe And Sound Struggles In Life Syrian Civil War Tragedy Of Life
Author : Alex Morritt
Source : Impromptu Scribe

11. “Dont let your dreams die, while you are still alive. There is no fulfilling joy and pleasure on this world than seeing what you ever thought and dreamed comes into reality.”

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12. “I’ve never had a reason to survive—no reason to question the way things were. I lived because I was told to…now I live because I want to. I survive because I want to know what is outside the deception we’re buried in, and I want to experience it with you. You’re the only person I’ve ever trusted, and now you’re the reason I’m going to fight. I don’t know how we’re going to make it out of here, but we’ll find a way. We’ll find a better life.”

Tags : Better Life Fight For Love Forbidden Love Love Is Right Love Story Post Apoc Romance Romantic
Source : In Between Seasons

13. “Dont miss the opportunity of becoming something Inlife. Sometimes all you have to do is to show up.”

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14. “Every lesson is a blessing.”

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15. “The things that may change our world to make better; smiling, helping, respecting, loving & forgiving.”

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16. “Leaders don’t call unhappy followers “ungrateful people”. They see them as “lesson teachers”. They find out why they are unhappy; perhaps it could be as a result of their attitudes. That informs them to change!”

Tags : Attitude Attitudes Change Change For The Better Follow Food For Thought Inform Information Israelmore Ayivor Leader Leaders Leadership Lesson Lessons Learnt Make A Change Negative Attitude Personal Analysis Personal Development Questions Self Analysis Self Assessment Transformation Ungrateful
Source : Leaders' Ladder

17. “I never dream to become someone important for myself. The truth is that I- I really don't have a personal ambition. My ambition, my dream, it's about the people. It's all about the people. It's for the people. It's all for the people. That is my ultimate goal.”

Tags : Better Life Better Person Better Place Better World Betterment Compassion Quotes Compassion Wisdom Human Rights Humans Kindness Quotes Kindness To Others Kindred Spirits Wisdom Inspirational Wisdom Quotes Wise Sayings

18. “Life is a competition to eliminate fear and doubts to double our life to live better not bitter in this world.”

Tags : Better Life Challenges Quotes Fear And Doubts Live Life To The Fullest

19. “Forgiveness is the subjective and fertile ground the acorn falls upon when gifted to ourselves and others.”

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Author : Gillian Duce
Source : Demons and Dangers: Magic and Mayhem - Book 4

20. “If you want to find your passion, follow your daydreams.”

Tags : Better Life Daydream Dreams Inspiration Inspirational Quote Life Lesson Motivation Motivational Quote Passion Passionate Life Passionate Living Passionate Love Pursue Passion Success Success Quote Successful Life Successful Living
Author : Rob Liano

21. “I might have lost lot of chances in my life. But everyday I take it as an opportunity for me to create better chances for my life.”

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22. “To show you know english , what you must know is English is not an accent but its the vocabulary.”

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23. “Hate the sin, love the sinner.” (Gandhi) - Restrict the damager and make selfish actions unworthy together, but let them know that its not hatred. Help another to have a better life and all have a benefit.”

Tags : Benefit Better Life Gandhi Happiness Hatred Hold Together Karma Selfish Selfishness
Author : L.H.

24. “I wont stop working until my name become a Verb.”

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25. “I wont stop working . Until my name becomes a Verb.”

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26. “Leaders create and maintain good interpersonal relationships with people they meet and work with. People who lead better relate better.”

Tags : Better Better Life Companions Company Create Creativity Food For Thought Good Interpersonal Interpersonal Relationship Israelmore Ayivor Leader Leaders Leadership Meet Network People Personal Development Relate Work
Source : Leaders' Ladder

27. “I think there some kind of instinct connection between me and children. When I see children I find it quiet hard to take my eyes off them, and I could not hold my smile either. I really love their simplicity and innocence. If everyone would've have been childlike, not childish, the world would be a better place.”

Tags : Better Better Life Better Placeer Place Better World Better Yourself Betterment Child Childrens Good Good And Evil Good Deeds Social Social Change Social Justice Social Norms Socie Society Society Humanity Society Thinking Wisdom Inspirational Wisdom Quotes Wise Wise Quotes Wise Sayings Wise Wordse Words

28. “If you could go back and change just one thing about your life, would you? and if you did, would that change make your life better? Or would that change ultimately break your heart? or break the heart of another? would you choose an entirely different path? or would you change just one thing? just one moment. one moment that you always wanted back.”

Tags : Better Life Break Change Heart Life Lucas Lucas Scott Moment Path
Author : Lucas Scott

29. “The reason you are suffering now, Is because you judged wrongly people whom you should be asking help from. You have judged them based on your own personal past experience and others you have shame them and look down unto them because of your pride.”

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30. “You can’t give what you don’t have. To lead people in a better way, mingle with them in body. But in knowledge, be far ahead of them!”

Tags : Better Life Body Coach Food For Thought Knowledge Lead People Leader Leaders Leadership Mingle People Personal Development Teach Train
Source : Leaders' Ladder

31. “it's always good to know that you have been the best even though deep inside you know you will never be better than that.”

Tags : Betterment Dreaming High Giving Your Best Growth Growth Process Happiness Humility And Purpose Humility In Greatness Knowing Oneself Knowing Who You Are Knowing Your Value Knowing Your Worth Learn From Experience Learning Limitations Peak Performance Reaching The Stars The Best Top Turning Your Life Around Unemployment Zen
Source : A-Z of Happiness: Tips for Living and Breaking Through the Chain that Separates You from Getting That Dream Job

32. “I've a very simple yet powerful present for you the one reading this. - I LOVE YOU.”

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33. “Each and every minute spent reviewing one's lifestyle is never wasted. A better life comes when one takes time to re-order his/her steps, having learnt lessons worth applying!”

Tags : Apply Better Life Change Your Life Correct Mistakes Food For Thought Israelmore Ayivor Lessons Life Lifestyle Minute Re Order Review Self Analysis Steps Study Yourself Waste
Source : Daily Drive 365

34. “Fewer the necessities, better your life will be.”

Tags : Better Life Happiness Happy Life Necessities Necessity Spiritual Spiritual Quotes
Author : Dada Bhagwan

35. “Ego speaks from a place of pride.Judgement comes from a place of pain.Courage speaks from a place of humility.Correction comes from a place of love.Where are you operating from?”

Tags : Becoming Better Better Life Ego Humility Inspirational Quotes Judgement Learning To Be Humble Life Life And Living Life Lessons Living Love Love Quotes Pain Pride Reality Of Life Truth Wisdom Wisdom Quotes
Author : Kemi Sogunle

36. “There is no easy way out of our circumstances...Sometimes you stick it out even when you want to give up because you know that on the other side is either a better situation or a better you." -Watercrossing (Phantom Island Book 3)”

Tags : Better Life Choices Circumstances Giving Up
Author : Krissi Dallas

37. “What you post on Facebook represents you, it can make you look bitter or better, forgiving or frustrated, resentful or rejoicing, choose wisely.”

Tags : Accountability Better Life Caring Facebook Inspiration Life Love Motivation Posting Memes Quotes Relationship Advice Sharing
Author : Rob Liano

38. “Trusting helps you suffer less.”

Tags : Belief Better Life Better World Colleagues Company Delegate Faith Faithful Forgiveness Forgiving Free Freedom Love Marriage Marriage Advice Pain Partnership Suffer Team Teamwork Together We Rise Togetherness Trust Trustworthy Vows

39. “The common goal of leaders is to increase the value and productivity of people. Leaders inspire others to do better than they would have done when not inspired.”

Tags : Better Life Common Encourage Food For Thought Goal Goal Setting Inspiration Inspire Inspired Leader Leaders Leadership Manipulation Motivate Motivated Motivation Personal Development Productive Productivity Reward
Source : Leaders' Ladder

40. “You don't need to wait for that second chance, because every second is a chance to change your life for the better.”

Tags : Better Life Every Second Second Chances

41. “Perhaps you have an appetite to help others, to give of yourself so that others can have a better life ... and in so doing you yourself become successful.”

Tags : Abundance Creation Author Stephen Richards Believe Better Life Cosmic Ordering Fear Help Others Law Of Attraction Life Changing Manifestation Manifesting Mind Body Spirit Mind Power New Age New Thought Opportunity Positive Thoughts Positivity Self Belief Self Growth Self Help Self Realization Six Figure Success Spirituality Stephen Richards Success Synchronicity Visualization Wealth Creation
Source : Six Figure Success: Time To Think Big - You Can Do It

42. “Sometimes you wish the world would be a better place and sometimes you wish the world was a better place. Only the great understanding of the difference of the time between the past and present moment will make it a better place.”

Tags : Better Life Jammycreamer Now Past Philosophy Philosophy Of Life Present Present Moment Self Awareness Time Time Relativity World
Author : Jammy Creamer

43. “A smile is a light within you being turned on, it can illuminate the path for you and others.”

Tags : Better Life Inspirational Inspire Motivational Peace Personal Growth
Author : Gillian Duce

44. “If everyone would've been childlike, not childish, the world would've be a better place.”

Tags : Better Life Better Person Better Place Better World Better Yourself Humanity Life And Living Life Philosophy Life Quotes Mankind Is One Mankind Quotes Wisdom Inspirational Wisdom Quotes Wise Quotes Wise Sayings Word Of God Words Of Wisdom

45. “Today is different. Better. Safer.”

Tags : Better Life
Author : Fennel Hudson
Source : A Meaningful Life - Fennel's Journal - No. 1

46. “For Lucie," Peter said quietly, the flame of a gilded saint's candle fluttering in his hand.""Leave."Peter had anticipated this reaction and was prepared. He cleared his throat. "I'm paying my respects," he said, still trying to be polite. The woman was grieving for her daughter."I can guess the reason you're here. I've just lost one daughter," she said, her hand on the door. "I won't lose another.""Wait,""She's all I have left," she said. "And you have nothing to offer her."Peter knew that she was right, that Valerie deserved better. But he could not give her up."I have a trade. The same one as your husband.""I know what a woodcutter earns."Peter began to protest, but Suzette stopped him. "Henry Lazar is her only hope for a better life."Peter looked into Suzette's anguished eyes, her words hitting him somewhere deep. It sank in: He could not give Valerie a good life."If you love her," Suzette said, her voice cracking, "you'll leave her alone.”

Tags : Better Life Died Henry Lazar Interfere Leave Let Her Go Lose Love Lucie Offer Pay Respects Peter Suzette Valerie Wood Cutter
Source : Red Riding Hood

47. “You Are Your Own Michelangello Always".”

Tags : Better Life Changing Experience

48. “Knowledge is life. The more informed you are, the better you are in making the best decision.”

Tags : Believe In Yourself Better Life Choice Quotes Decision Quotes Educational Philosophy Educational Quotes Empowering Quotes Information Inspirational Quotes Inspiring Thoughts Knowledge Learning From Mistakes Learning Quotes Life Philosophy Life Quotes Lifelong Education Lifelong Learner Lifelong Reading Quotes More To Life Positive Quote Self Determination Quotes Self Esteem Self Motivation Quotes Uplifting Quotes Wisdom Quotes Yourself Quote
Source : Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

49. “Wouldn't the world be a much better place if we didn't make it past the age of maybe 10? Think back to when we were younger, before we were so easily influenced by adults. We rebelled against everything that we now believe is impossible. Super Heroes still existed and we didn't hold grudges because "sorry" was okay and as long as you still wanted to share your toys with me, nothing more needed to be said. Be 10 years old today everyone.”

Tags : 12 Adult Age Before Better Better Life Better Man Better Person Better Place Better Self Better With Age Better World Betterment Children Compassion Hatred Influence Kind School The Past Wisdom World Years Younger

50. “There are more glorious days ahead, this should be your joy for today.”

Tags : Appreciating Life Appreciation Quotes Better Days Ahead Better Life Daily Life Daily Living Gratitude Happiness Inner Peace Gratitude Quotes Joyful Living Joyful Living Quotes Joyful Moments Joyful Quotes Live In The Moment Thank You Notes Thankful Heart Thankful Quotes Thanksgiving Quotes Today Is Your Day
Source : Think Great: Be Great!

51. “The more you offer yourself to make life better for someone, the more you empty yourself of the load of destiny you carry into the world. Serve till you empty all.”

Tags : Better Life Deeper Life Destiny Die Empty Empty Food For Thought Impact Israelmore Ayivor Leave A Legacy Legacy Life Make An Impact Myles Munroe Self Sacrifice Servant Serve Success Successful World
Source : Leaders' Watchwords

52. “You may face opposition not only because you are doing something wrong, but because you are doing something right. Not all oppositions are meant for a better life!”

Tags : Better Life Critics Critism Don T Give Up Focus Food For Thought Israelmore Ayivor Life Oppose Opposition Right Wrong
Source : Daily Drive 365

53. “You’re trying to help them… that’s a good thing. But you can’t always count on seeing their gratitude,” he said wanting to comfort her before he added a grain of salt. “You know what Tolstoy said… if you are unhappy with your life, you can change it in two ways… either improve the conditions you live in or improve your inner spiritual state. The first isn’t always possible but the second is… In the end, Alex, people need to go directly to the source of Grace for themselves.”

Tags : Better Life Grace Of God Tolstoy
Source : The Silencer

54. “Stop believing the false hope that "if it’s meant to be” it will happen. If that were true, everyone would be content, wealthy, fit and have great relationships. You must plan, act, persevere, make better choices, know your value and never, ever accept less than you truly deserve. It's not up to chance, it's up to you.”

Tags : Action Better Life Chance Choices Destiny Fate Inspiration Inspirational Quotes Luck Meant To Be Perseverance Responsibility Self Esteem Self Worth Soulmates Soulmates Quote Success Success Quote Value
Author : Rob Liano

55. “You know there's got to be a better way of life - somewhere, sometime, somehow - but you're not exactly sure what better is.”

Tags : Better Life Book Books Carew Papritz Carew S Quotes Legacy Quotes Life Life Quotes Quote Quotes The Legacy Letters Way Of Life
Author : Carew Papritz
Source : The Legacy Letters: his Wife, his Children, his Final Gift

56. “You'll never know the the outcome unless you just go out there and just do it.”

Tags : Better Life Better Moments Burkett Career Determination Faith Jonathan Anthony Burkett Just Do It Life Experience Outcome Spiritual Growth Understanding
Source : Neglected But Undefeated: The Life Of A Boy Who Never Knew A Mother's Love

57. “I'm starting with the man in the mirror”

Tags : Better Life Inspirational Progress

58. “There they were walking together in the same direction, holding hands. That’s what love can do. Love makes it better.”

Tags : Better Life Love
Source : The Address Of Happiness

59. “In chess you might find a good move. Then you might find a better move. But take your time. Find the best move.”

Tags : Better Life Chess Life Waitzkin
Author : Josh Waitzkin

60. “No time for anything, little time for everything”

Tags : Better Life Servant Leadership Time Management
Author : Sonya Withrow

61. “Think of some things you've wanted to do for ages and have never given yourself time or permission to do them. The Voice knows what they are and has probably suggested them many times. You've always said inside, 'Oh, I couldn't. Costs too much. I've got too much work. I'm too tired. I can't be away from x that long. Should clean out the garage instead.' It's time to stop cleaning and start living.”

Tags : Better Life Inspirational Success Failure Powerful
Author : Noelle Sterne
Source : Trust Your Life: Forgive Yourself and Go After Your Dreams

62. “All the best and worse things in us are bound up in the legacy of our family. As children we ardently trust in the stability or, in some cases, the instability we were born into. No matter which...we embraced what was decent while simultaneously suppressing what was deficient yet both traits weaved roots of faithfulness and consternation into the very fabric of who we've become. This now plays significantly into how we nurture our own families and how we relate to others. Our love, our fears, our insecurities, and our loyalties all draw from how we were raised as well as our inherent desire to shift its paradigm to optimistically better the life of not just our children...but our children's children. That's the gift and or the curse of a legacy. Which will you leave behind?”

Tags : Better Life Breaking The Cycle Family Legacy Legacy Quotes
Author : Jason Versey
Source : A Walk with Prudence

63. “Stop waiting around for your life to get better and start getting better with your thoughts, decisions and actions.”

Tags : Actions Better Life Decisions Edmond Mbiaka Stop Waiting Around Your Thoughts

64. “I know most of the time it's hard to keep in mind - from lessons learned comes better life.”

Tags : Better Life Lessons Learned
Author : Conditions

65. “The best decisions you can ever make are the decisions that will guide you to enhance your gifts in order to create a better life for you and others.”

Tags : Better Life Decisions Enhance Food For Thought Guide Israelmore Ayivor Life Order
Source : Dream Big!: See Your Bigger Picture!

66. “Opportunities are endless but time is limited. So timing makes opportunity scarce . But if you use your time right. You will attract more Opportunities and you have a chance of getting more opportunities.”

Tags : Ambitions Attitide Background Bank Bath Believe Dedicated Dreams Never Die Ethics Excitement Experience Finance Goal Imitation Instagram Journey Know Live Opportunity Pet Philosohy Stopped Stress Time Tourism Work

67. “The mind like any part of the body can be trained and be fit. Invest in learning and studying. If you keep your mind fit, It will keep you rich and wealthy.”

Tags : Comfort Zone Energy Financial Good Hustler Initiator Joyous Life Lessons Limited Muscle New Life Picture Possibilities Shades Timing Training

68. “Biggest mistake you can make as a person in making sure that your never happy . Is to surround yourself with people who never appreciate you.”

Tags : Accounting Appreciation Celeb Djkyos Entrepreneur Excitement Fake Finance Forbs Goals Ideas Imitation Key Limited New Venture Nothing Operation Others Past Right Striver Tags Able Thinking Time Management Twelebs Wealthy Wisdom

69. “Is is so ironic that I learn the truth about the people who think lies about me. I learned more on who they are than what they think of me. They look at me thinking I am a bad person, while its only them having bad evil thoughts about others.They judge other people while the problem is not with those people, but with their glass they use to see other people.”

Tags : Appreciate Beginner Body Company Dj Kyos Magupe Duty Famous Key Leader Life Live New Life New Year Resolution Oppose Optimist Past Project Right Time Shades Success Tourism Twelebs Victory Wealth