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1. “I am not convinced within myself that to its core and as a whole, humanity has, as some like to assume, progressed a great deal over the millennia. Human technology? Of course. Human beings? Hardly.”

Tags : Assumptions Century Change Chronological Snobbery Chronology History History Repeating Itself Human Nature Humanity Humans Intelligence Millennium Morality Nature Personality Progression Repetition Stupidity Stupidity Of Man Technology Times Universal World
Author : Criss Jami

2. “Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in.”

Tags : Assumptions Close Mindedness Intelligence Isaac Asimov Knowledge Open Mind Open Mindedness Open Minds Opinions Receptivity Science Science Of Mind
Author : Isaac Asimov

3. “You are not your illness. You have an individual story to tell. You have a name, a history, a personality. Staying yourself is part of the battle.”

Tags : Assumptions Bias Diagnosis Identity Illness Mental Disorder Mental Health Stigma Mental Illness Stereotype Stigma

4. “It is often argued that religion is valuable because it makes men good, but even if this were true it would not be a proof that religion is true. That would be an extension of pragmatism beyond endurance. Santa Claus makes children good in precisely the same way, and yet no one would argue seriously that the fact proves his existence. The defense of religion is full of such logical imbecilities. The theologians, taking one with another, are adept logicians, but every now and then they have to resort to sophistries so obvious that their whole case takes on an air of the ridiculous. Even the most logical religion starts out with patently false assumptions. It is often argued in support of this or that one that men are so devoted to it that they are willing to die for it. That, of course, is as silly as the Santa Claus proof. Other men are just as devoted to manifestly false religions, and just as willing to die for them. Every theologian spends a large part of his time and energy trying to prove that religions for which multitudes of honest men have fought and died are false, wicked, and against God.”

Tags : Argument Assumptions Atheism Death Devotion Endurance Existence Honesty Humor Imbecility Logic Logicians Martyr Morality Pragmatism Proof Ridiculous Santa Santa Claus Sophistry Support Theologians Truth Value
Author : H.L. Mencken
Source : Minority Report

5. “Spirituality is not adopting more beliefs and assumptions but uncovering the best in you.”

Tags : Adopting Assumption Assumptions Belief Belief Quotes Believe In Yourself Best In You Nonduality Religion Religion And Spirituality Spiritual Development Spiritual Growth Spiritual Life Spiritual Quotes Spiritual Sayings Spiritual Wisdom Spiritualism Spirituality Uncovering
Author : Amit Ray
Source : Beautify your Breath - Beautify your Life

6. “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”

Tags : Assumptions Hammer Instrumentalism Problem Solving Psychology Science Temptation
Source : Toward a Psychology of Being

7. “When dealing with critics always remember this: Critics judge things based on what is outside of their content of understanding.”

Tags : Assumptions Bias Brainwashed Coheresed Critics Guessing Judging Life Experience Life Experiences Limited Knowledge Limited Perspective Not Enough Information Not Knowing Opinions Pressured Upbringing View

8. “A lion of truth never assumes anything without validity. Assumptions are quick exits for lazy minds that like to graze out in the fields without bother.”

Tags : Apathy Assume Assumptions Detect Empathy Exits Fact Fiction Graze Ignorance Ignorance Is Bliss Ignore Intelligence Knowledge Laziness Lazy Lazy Mind Lazy Minds Lies Lion Of Truth Passive Relaxed Search For Truth Seeking Truth Truth Truth Of Life Truthfulness Wrong
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

9. “And if you insist on continuing to make assumptions about my character, I’ll advise you only this: assume you will always be wrong.”

Tags : Aaron Warner Assumptions Ignite Me Warner
Author : Tahereh Mafi
Source : Ignite Me

10. “While you judge me by my outward appearance I am silently doing the same to you, even though there's a ninety-percent chance that in both cases our assumptions are wrong.”

Tags : Assessments Assumptions Biases Criticize Judge Judging Opinions Regard Richelle Richelle Goodrich
Source : Smile Anyway: Quotes, Verse, & Grumblings for Every Day of the Year

11. “If you are going to judge others it is wisest to do so individually not collectively and on your own direct experience of them personally. But first - and throughout - examine yourself closely. Blurred vision can often occur due to the lens, perspective and perceptions of the viewer projected onto the object that it sees. Be wary of taking to the judges seat. Above all meet at treat yourself and everyone else mindfully, compassionately with humanity.”

Tags : Acceptance Of Oneself Acceptance Of Others Acceptance Quotes Assumptions Compassion Empathy Humanity Individuality Inspirational Quotes Judge Judgement Judging Others Kindness Motivational Quotes Open Mindedness Openness Perspective Prejudice Projection Quotes On Empathy Rasheed Ogunlaru Rasheed Ogunlaru Quotes Self Awareness Self Improvement Self Reflection Treating Others Like You Viewpoints Views

12. “A tornado of thought is unleashed after each new insight. This in turn results in an earthquake of assumptions. These are natural disasters that re-shape the spirit.”

Tags : Assumptions Disaster Disasters Earthquake Forge Insight Mindset Natural Disasters Spirit Thought Tornado
Author : Vera Nazarian
Source : The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

13. “On either side of a potentially violent conflict, an opportunity exists to exercise compassion and diminish fear based on recognition of each other's humanity. Without such recognition, fear fueled by uninformed assumptions, cultural prejudice, desperation to meet basic human needs, or the panicked uncertainty of the moment explodes into violence.”

Tags : Aberjhani Antiracism Assumptions Charter For Compassion Compassion Action Network Cultural Differences Cultural Diversity Desperation Fear Humanity Militarization Military Conflict Nonviolence Nonviolent Conflict Resolution Opportunity Quotes Overcoming Fear Panic Peacism Polarization Police Reform Political Philosophy Prejudice Slpendid Literarium Terrorism Terrorists Waging Peace Xenophobia
Author : Aberjhani
Source : Splendid Literarium: A Treasury of Stories, Aphorisms, Poems, and Essays

14. “It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into.”

Tags : Assumptions Bias Conventional Wisdom Deathers Distortion Emotions Heritage Idolatry Birthers Logic Politics Reason Tea Party

15. “Perhaps, if you weren't so busy regarding my shortcomings, you'd find that I do possess redeeming qualities, discreet as they may be.  I notice when the sky is blue.  I smile down at children.  I laugh at any innocent attempt at humor.  I quietly carry the burdens of others as though they were my own.  And I say 'I'm sorry' when you don't.  I am not without fault, but I am not without goodness either.”

Tags : Assumptions Faults Goodness Judging Judging People Richelle Richelle Goodrich Shortcomings
Source : Smile Anyway: Quotes, Verse, & Grumblings for Every Day of the Year

16. “Be careful of what you assume, what you assume will become what you consume”

Tags : Assume Assumption Assumptions Heart Mind Mindset Thinking Thought Thoughts

17. “Be careful of what you assume, what you assume often becomes what you consume”

Tags : Assume Assumption Assumptions Heart Mind Mindset Thinking Thought Thoughts

18. “A judgement results from some kind of consideration of the evidences available and is always better than an assumption!”

Tags : Assumption Assumptions Judgement Success
Source : No Parking. No Halt. Success Non Stop!

19. “Drop all those assumptions that success is built on success. Add a very little value to yourself and it will amaze you how you will see people appreciate that value!”

Tags : Amaze Appreciate Assume Assumption Assumptions Build Build Your Life Enjoy Life Follow Your Dreams Food For Thought Improve Improvement Israelmore Ayivor Little People Success Value
Source : Daily Drive 365

20. “They have the unique ability to listen to one story and understand another.”

Tags : Assumptions Chaos Gossip Misunderstanding
Source : Excuse Me, My Brains Have Stepped Out

21. “Yesterday's adaptations are today's routines.”

Tags : Assumptions Status Quo
Source : The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World

22. “It is so easy at times for a lonely individual to begin fantasizing about what the people outside are saying about him and, in result, irrationally and fearfully, and sometimes angrily, fancy himself a villain.”

Tags : Alone Appreciation Communication Conscience Fantasy Fear Fights Hate Haters Infamous Insanity Introvert Irrational Loner Opinions Opinions Of Others Paranoia Perception Popularity Psychology Psychopath Relationship Revenge Seclusion Victim Villain
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Healology

23. “Drivers should not drive more than a minute without having a (purposefully-designed) curve.”

Tags : Assumptions Attention Boredom Character Discipleship
Source : Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do

24. “It is almost impossible for contemporaries to judge the true value of discoveries, or to give the proper position to the men of their own time who make these discoveries. The Surgeon-General of the Public Health Service expected the greatest results to flow from his commission of medical officers, but the conclusions of the Board turned out to be all wrong, while he did not notice the report from his own subordinate, Dr. H. R. Carter, which turned out to be pure gold and was one of the great steps in establishing the true method of the transmission of Yellow Fever.”

Tags : Assumptions Bias Disease Control Error Expectations Judging Medical Progress Public Health Scientific Discovery Scientific Progress Yellow Fever Yellow Fever Eradication
Source : Sanitation in Panama

25. “Every time we make assumptions about what other people feel, do or think, we imprison them and us in a separate reality. When we believe in those assumptions and act accordingly, this separate reality becomes an existential torture chamber for them and ultimately for us. All the terror and pain that we experience or see in the world is the result of our assumptions. Assumptions are the greatest crime in human consciousness. Hence let's start to create an assumption-free world.”

Tags : Assumptions

26. “I know I have this judgmental side that I'm often fighting against. But today I recognized the depths of my assumptions about people. What I envision is nothing remotely similar to the reality. Humility hurts. Coming home is disturbing.”

Tags : Assumptions Coming Home Humility

27. “A persons character is shown through their actions in life NOT where they sit on Sunday.”

Tags : Assumptions Fake People Hypocrite Image Branding Judgmental Misleading Religion
Author : Navonne Johns

28. “Thus we use our supposed "knowledge" of others to speak on their behalf, and condemn them for their words we ourselves put in their silent mouths.”

Tags : Assumptions Dissapointment Truth
Source : The Autobiography of Henry VIII: With Notes by His Fool, Will Somers

29. “My point is this — you don't know. When I was first here, people looked at my hair, noticed apples on my tray, and thought 'hippie.' Then, from 'hippie' they thought 'druggie.' From there it went to 'will get me in trouble' and 'not worth my time,' and then they stopped thinking at all. No one bothered to find out if what they thought about me was true. No one wanted to hear what I thought. No one cared what I believed in. No one cared about talking to me or asking what my plans were for the day or night. And then came you. Don't let what you think you know make him into what I could have been. Don't become someone who doesn't think, just because you don't like him for some reason. Because, quite frankly, I like how you think. Except for now, of course.”

Tags : Assumptions Culture Hippie Misconceptions People People Skills
Source : Sydney West

30. “[...] a familiar art historical narrative [...] celebrates the triumph of the expressive individual over the collective, of innovation over tradition, and autonomy over interdependence. [...] In fact, a common trope within the modernist tradition of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries involved the attempt to reconstruct or recover the lost ideal of an art that is integrated with, rather than alienated from, the social. By and large, however, the dominant model of avant-garde art during the modern period assumes that shared or collective values and systems of meaning are necessarily repressive and incapable of generating new insight or grounding creative praxis.”

Tags : Art Art History Assumptions Avant Garde Fallacy Meaning Models Modernism Tradition Trope
Source : The One and the Many: Contemporary Collaborative Art in a Global Context

31. “Assumptions are dangerous things to make, and like all dangerous things to make -- bombs, for instance, or strawberry shortcake -- if you make even the tiniest mistake you can find yourself in terrible trouble. Making assumptions simply means believing things are a certain way with little or no evidence that shows you are correct, and you can see at once how this can lead to terrible trouble. For instance, one morning you might wake up and make the assumption that your bed was in the same place that it always was, even though you would have no real evidence that this was so. But when you got out of your bed, you might discover that it had floated out to sea, and now you would be in terrible trouble all because of the incorrect assumption that you'd made. You can see that it is better not to make too many assumptions, particularly in the morning.”

Tags : Assumptions Preconceptions
Source : The Austere Academy

32. “If others tell us something we make assumptions, and if they don't tell us something we make assumptions to fulfill our need to know and to replace the need to communicate. Even if we hear something and we don't understand we make assumptions about what it means and then believe the assumptions. We make all sorts of assumptions because we don't have the courage to ask questions.”

Tags : Assumptions Life Wisdom
Author : Miguel Ruiz
Source : The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

33. “I had just heard tales that the Valkyrie were large warriors, akin to Amazons.”“If you’re the sole survivor of an army attacked by us, are you going to say we had our asses handed to us by petite, nubile females, or by she-monsters who can bench Buicks?”

Tags : Assumptions Humor
Author : Kresley Cole
Source : No Rest for the Wicked

34. “Don’t build roadblocks out of assumptions.”

Tags : Assumptions Attitude Win
Author : Lorii Myers
Source : Targeting Success, Develop the Right Business Attitude to be Successful in the Workplace

35. “Lahat ng mga salitang yan may dating sa'yo. Sabi kasi ng isip mo.”

Tags : Assumptions Impact Mind Words
Author : Bob Ong
Source : Stainless Longganisa

36. “Most of our assumptions have outlived their uselessness.”

Tags : Assumptions Change Usefulness

37. “We never look beyond our assumptions and what's worse, we have given up trying to meet others; we just meet ourselves.”

Tags : Assumptions Seeing

38. “We do not realize how deeply our starting assumptions affect the way we go about looking for and interpreting the data we collect. We should recognize that nonhuman organisms need not meet every new definition of human language, tool use, mind, or consciousness in order to have versions of their own that are worthy of serious study. We have set ourselves too much apart, grasping for definitions that will distinguish man from all other life on the planet. We must rejoin the great stream of life from whence we arose and strive to see within it the seeds of all we are and all we may become.”

Tags : Assumptions Consciousness Life
Source : Kanzi: The Ape at the Brink of the Human Mind

39. “The surface of the earth is soft and impressible by the feet of men; and so with the paths which the mind travels. How worn and dusty, then, must be the highways of the world, how deep the ruts of tradition and conformity! I did not wish to take a cabin passage, but rather to go before the mast and on the deck of the world, for there I could best see the moonlight amid the mountains.”

Tags : Assumptions Conformity
Source : Walden

40. “The explanation requiring the fewest assumptions is most likely to be correct.”

Tags : Assumptions Correct Explanation

41. “You figured that the only way I'd be happy is if I did the things you thought would be best for me.”

Tags : Assumptions Relationship
Author : Jodi Picoult
Source : Picture Perfect

42. “Why do people assume? If I hate you, I'll tell you. In this case, it's not hate. It's hurt. I'll lick my wounds, which only oozed because I gave a damn, and be over it before the sun rises.”

Tags : Assuming Assumptions Hate Hurt Offense

43. “Power of generalizing gives men so much the superiority in mistake over the dumb animals.”

Tags : Assumptions Simplicity
Author : George Eliot
Source : Middlemarch

44. “The most important things to say are those which often I did not think necessary for me to say — because they were too obvious.”

Tags : Assuming Assumptions Communication Saying The Right Thing
Author : André Gide
Source : Journals, 1889-1949

45. “Life would be impossible on such a planet. It wouldn't get enough heat and light, and if it rotated there would be total darkness half of every day. There wouldn't be any native inhabitants. You couldn't expect life---which is fundamentally dependent on light---to develop under such extreme conditions of light deprivation. Half of every axial rotation spent in Darkness! No, nothing could exist under conditions like that.”

Tags : Assumptions
Author : Isaac Asimov
Source : Nightfall

46. “Casting a curious gaze down on planet Earth, extra-terrestrial beings could well be forgiven for assuming that we humans are programmed in every move we make, by a palm-sized, oblong, slab of glass. More perplexing than that, who on earth could convince them otherwise ?”

Tags : Assumptions Backward Step Conviction Quotes Convincing Forgive Galaxies Glass Human Nature Humor Life Lesson Life On Other Planets Manipulation Manipulation Of Others Manipulative People Mobile Device Obsessive Compulsions Other Worldly Perception Of Reality Perceptions Perplexity Planet Earth Planetary Programmers Robot Skills Quote Universe Virtual Reality Worrying About The Future
Author : Alex Morritt
Source : Impromptu Scribe

47. “Vigilance of the wisest kind is to incessantly remain open to the reality that what I ‘see’ is but a single thread and solitary shard of what ‘is’, for to assume otherwise is to surrender the wisdom of vigilance to the decay of ignorance.”

Tags : Acumen Assume Assumptions Aware Awareness Decay Discerning Discernment Foolishness Ignorance Ignore Stupidity Vigilance Wisdom Wise
Source : An Intimate Collision: Encounters with Life and Jesus

48. “Learning to pass, it turns out, is less a matter of acting than not acting. You can become part of a given scene, situation, or people ('our people,' as it were), simply by letting yourself serve as a mirror for those around you. When I was still in college, when I still thought I might make a good priest, I spent some time in a Trappist monastery. I found that by exerting as little of my own personality as possible, I was able to fit right in. The monks in no time came to call me brother, believing I was destined to make vows as one of their own. Passing begins with the assumptions of those around you. The best thing you can do to maintain the illusion is to come as close as possible to doing nothing at all.”

Tags : Assumptions Fit Right In Illusion Nothing One Of Their Own Our People Pass
Author : Peter Manseau
Source : Songs for the Butcher's Daughter

49. “When we heed God's Word, we are rejecting how the world tries to disciple us.”

Tags : Assumptions Conformity Conventional Wisdom Culture Peer Pressure
Author : Matt Chandler

50. “People are willing to help you succeed but many are probably not sure whether you might feel insulted or might see it as genuine help, that's why we should always seek out for help when we're stuck,so as to make people feel welcomed to offer ideas.”

Tags : Aids Assumptions Effectiveness Feel Feelings Genuine Ideas Improvement Love Mind Probability Reality Sales Salvation Seeking Tips Welcoming

51. “An assumption is the joke; truth the punchline.”

Tags : Assumptions Comedian Comedy Discernment Feelings Funny Funny But True Guess Humor Hypothesis Intelligence Intuition Joke Judgment Knowledge Prejudgment Punch Line Punchline Satire Shock Surprise Truth Unpredictable Wisdom
Author : Criss Jami
Source : Killosophy

52. “... always keep in mind that an article of faith is not something that the faithful assume. Faith, for those who have it, is the most certain form of knowledge, not a tentative opinion.”

Tags : Assumptions Faith Knowledge Opinion Presumption
Source : How to Read a Book: The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading

53. “Of England's patrician class, the author writes: "It was easy to be agreeable when everything was done to keep them in comfort and ease.”

Tags : Assumptions Elitism Idolatry
Source : The Proud Tower: A Portrait of the World Before the War, 1890-1914

54. “The author concedes that humanity had the fatal tendency to shape truth to our beliefs rather than beliefs to the Truth.”

Tags : Assumptions Conventional Wisdom Self Delusion Spiritual Warfare
Author : Frank Turek
Source : I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist

55. “One’s opinion should only be as strong as one’s knowledge on the matter.”

Tags : Assumptions Close Mindedness Intelligence Knowledge Open Mindedness Opinions Science
Author : Eric Hirzel

56. “The strength of one's opinion should not exceed their knowledge on the matter.”

Tags : Assumptions Close Mindedness Intelligence Knowledge Open Mindedness Opinions Science
Author : Eric Hirzel

57. “Pride is a fallacy. None of us are greater than the sum of our parts.”

Tags : Assumptions Close Mindedness Intelligence Introspection Knowledge Open Mindedness Opinions Psychology Science
Author : Eric Hirzel

58. “Isolation might be more hazardous than splendor.”

Tags : Arrogance Assumptions Loneliness Self Indulgence
Source : The Proud Tower: A Portrait of the World Before the War, 1890-1914

59. “We therapists often make inaccurate assumptions about people living with DID and DDNOS. They often appear to be “just like us,” so we often assume their experience of life reflects our own. But this is profoundly untrue. It results in a communication gap, and, as a consequence, treatment errors. Because the dominant culture is one of persons with a single sense of self, most with multiple “selves” have learned to hide their multiplicity and imitate those who are singletons (that is, have a single, non-fragmented personality). Therapists who do not understand this sometimes describe their clients' alters without acknowledging their dissociation, saying only that they have different “moods.” In overlooking dissociation, this description fails to recognize the essential truth of such disorders, and of the alters. It was difficult for me to comprehend what life was like for my first few dissociative clients.”

Tags : Assumptions Cultural Differences Ddnos Dissociative Identity Disorder Misunderstandings Multiple Personality Disorder Multiplicity Psychotherapy Therapy
Author : Alison Miller
Source : Healing the Unimaginable: Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control

60. “I like uncovering the cultural prejudices I didn't even know.”

Tags : Assumptions Biases Conventional Wisdom Education Heritage Parenting
Author : A.J. Jacobs
Source : The Know-It-All: One Man's Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Person in the World

61. “He kept himself in line with popular opinion, which meant popular prejudice.”

Tags : Assumptions Biases Conventional Wisdom
Source : Black Like Me

62. “I suppose that one of my greatest problem lays in the fact that I have assumed a blessing to be something that is mine for the taking, verses being something that by sheer exposure to it takes me.”

Tags : Assume Assumptions Blessing Blessings Captivate Captivating Thankful Thanks Thanksgiving

63. “Two people don't see same event as opportunity. When one see it a problem; other look to capitalize it for optimum benefit”

Tags : Acute Advantages Appreciative Assumptions Astute Benefits Deep Imaginative Incisive Insights Intelligent Judicious Keen Opportunities Perceptions Problem Solving Profound Razor Sharp Sensitive Sharp Witted Shrewd Thoughtful Thoughts Of The Mind Wise
Author : Ashish Patel

64. “Life is a series of events and sensations. Everything else is interpretation. Much is lost in translation and added in assumption / projection”

Tags : Assumption Assumptions Interpretation Life Lost In Translation Meaning Mind Non Duality Projection Purpose Quotes About Life Quotes About Mindset Quotes On Mindfulness Rasheed Ogunlaru Rasheed Ogunlaru Quotes Sensations Thoughts

65. “Life is a series of events and sensations. Everything else is interpretation. Much is lost in transition - and added in assumption / projection”

Tags : Assumptions Concepts Feelings Freedom Ideas Interpretation Life Life Story Mindset Myths Non Duality Projections Quotes About Life Quotes On Mindfulness Rasheed Ogunlaru Rasheed Ogunlaru Quotes Sensations Thinking Thoughts

66. “Assuming what people want is about as controlled as using fireworks to start a fire.”

Tags : Appeasement Assumptions Controlled Failure Fire Fireworks Flattery Funny Funny But True Guessing Humor Unpredictable
Author : Criss Jami

67. “Author discussed what he calls the "narrative fallacy." This refers to our "limited ability" to look at a sequence of facts "without weaving an explanation into them.”

Tags : Assumptions Preconceptions Prejudices Presumptions

68. “There is nothing so expensive, really, as a big, well-developed, full-bodied preconception.”

Tags : Assumptions Life Living Preconceptions
Author : E.B. White
Source : One Man's Meat

69. “Intelligence people are no different from anybody else. They have preconceptions, and when they see them in real life, it reinforces how brilliant they think they are.”

Tags : Arrogance Assumptions Preconceptions
Author : Tom Clancy
Source : Debt of Honor

70. “Here we begin frank speculation. And since we are speculating, we'll use those powerful pseudo-laws, the Principles of Mediocrity and Minimal Assumption.”

Tags : Assumptions Mediocrity Speculation
Author : Vernor Vinge
Source : A Fire Upon the Deep

71. “We live our lives supposing things are as they appear to be when that is almost never the case.”

Tags : Appearances Appearances Are Deceiving Assuming Assumptions Ignoring Issues Judging Judging By Appearance Judging People Living Making Assumptions Richelle Richelle E Goodrich Richelle Goodrich

72. “Leaders live by reality and not by assumptions!”

Tags : Assumptions Assumptions Quote Leadership Leadership Development Leadership Quotes Leadership Vs Management Reality Reality Quotes

73. “I expected, as I approached the corporate world, to enter a brisk, logical, nonsense-free zone, almost like the military - or a disciplined, up-to-date military anyway - in its focus on concrete results. How else would companies survive fierce competition? But what I encountered was a culture riven with assumptions unrelated to those that underlie the fact- and logic-based worlds of, say science and journalism - a culture addicted to untested habits, paralyzed by conformity, and shot through with magical thinking.”

Tags : Assumptions Bias Biased Conformity Corporate America Corporate Culture Corporate World Logic Military
Source : Bait and Switch: The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream

74. “One editor during the Civil War got a grievous message to meet his brothers corpse, only to find out that the telegraph operator had garbled the message to meet his living brother's CORPS.”

Tags : Assumptions Bias Depression Despondency Faith Panic Perspectives
Author : Harold Holzer
Source : Lincoln and the Power of the Press: The War for Public Opinion

75. “Assess before you Assume”

Tags : Assuming Assumptions Evaluating

76. “You know what America is-they're all like spoiled children. Anything goes, isn't that what they say?”

Tags : Assumptions Misrepresentation Stereotypes Television Image
Source : Nadia's Song

77. “TR on using extramarital accusations against Wilson: "It won't work. You can't cast a man as Romeo who looks and acts like an apothecary's clerk.”

Tags : Assumptions Images Prejudice Public Opinion Stereotypes

78. “Convention (is) so often a mask for injustice.”

Tags : Assumptions Conformity Conventional Wisdom Education
Source : The Greek Way

79. “A written constitution is needed to protect values AGAINST prevailing wisdom.”

Tags : Assumptions Conventional Wisdom Heritage History Prospective Timelessness
Source : Scalia Dissents: Writings of the Supreme Court's Wittiest, Most Outspoken Justice

80. “The road itself tells us far more than signs do.”

Tags : Assumptions Context Culture Inference Intuition Legalism Openness
Source : Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do

81. “Words in the head are sticky and social creatures – when you finally pull one out, you're liable to get lots of bits of meanings that have rubbed onto them as a result of their palling around with other words.”

Tags : Assumptions Biases Connotations Language
Author : Greg Carlson
Source : Sold on Language: How Advertisers Talk to You and What This Says about You

82. “The professor argues against measuring effectiveness in the shallow short-term in the "fierce humanities," for teaching that seeks not merely learning, but unlearning, that seeks to unsettle knowledge and assumptions in ways more fundamental than any exam can or should test.”

Tags : Assumptions Examination
Author : Cary Nelson

83. “Just because I am queer doesn't mean I am queer for you”

Tags : Assumptions Dating Lgbtq Statement
Author : Maddy Kobar
Source : The Songs of The Gullible Wiseman: The Early Poems of Maddy Kobar, 2008-2013

84. “Ask if you need to, but don’t assume. Sometimes our bad feelings are only assumptions and speculations doing dark dances in our heads.”

Tags : Assumptions Bad Feelings Dark Dances In Our Heads Speculations

85. “Shakespeare and his few peers invented all of us.”

Tags : Assumptions Conventional Wisdom Legacy Literature Self Perception
Author : Harold Bloom
Source : The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages

86. “Assumptions equal a loss of pride and the sting of defeat.”

Tags : Assuming Assumptions Defeat

87. “I say, sir, that you can never make an intelligent judgment without evidence.”

Tags : Assume Assumptions Evidence Intelligent Judge Judgement Malcolm X Truth
Author : Malcolm X

88. “When looking for evidence that something exists, it's silly to start by assuming that it is impossible. Taking any assumptions into study is bad science.”

Tags : Assumptions Evidence Science
Author : Lewis N. Roe
Source : From A To Theta: Taking The Tricky Subject Of Religion And Explaining Why It Makes Sense In A Way We Can All Understand

89. “Advice to young Samuel Gompers that might apply in many other areas: "Learn from socialism, but don't join it.”

Tags : Assumptions Discipleship Group Think Ideology Party Politics
Source : The Proud Tower: A Portrait of the World Before the War, 1890-1914

90. “Forming culture is not a one-time event.”

Tags : Assumptions Conventional Wisdom Custom Habit
Author : Matt Chandler
Source : Creature of the Word: The Jesus-Centered Church

91. “The succession multiplied the harm. Each passed on his conception of the papacy unchanged.”

Tags : Assumptions Conventional Wisdom Detachment Insulation
Source : The March of Folly: From Troy to Vietnam

92. “Just remember: If you make unfounded assumptions before choosing a path, you’re blindly sauntering along.”

Tags : Assumptions Doubting Failure Quotes Inspirational Quotes Memories Memory Motivational Quotes
Author : Auliq Ice

93. “Under the absolute sway of an individual despot the body was attacked in order to subdue the soul, and the soul escaped the blows which were directed against it and rose superior to the attempt; but such is not the course adopted by tyranny in democratic republics; there the body is left free, and the soul is enslaved.”

Tags : Assumptions Bias Conformity Consensus Conventional Wisdom Culture Freedom Of Conscience Idolatry
Source : Democracy in America

94. “Culture is the sum of the values, beliefs and assumptions of human groups.”

Tags : Assumptions Beliefs Creativity Culture Groups Innovation Leadership Values
Author : Max McKeown
Source : The Innovation Book: How to Manage Ideas and Execution for Outstanding Results

95. “Gytha Ogg, you wouldn’t be a witch if you couldn’t jump to conclusions, right?” Nanny nodded. “Oh, yes.” There was no shame in it. Sometimes there wasn’t time to do anything else but take a flying leap. Sometimes you had to trust to experience and intuition and general awareness and take a running jump. Nanny herself could clear quite a tall conclusion from a standing start.”

Tags : Assumptions Conclusions Intuition
Source : Maskerade

96. “Problems don’t actually exist. They’re just the hallucinogenic effects of people being weirded out on what they think life is supposed to be.”

Tags : Assumptions Expectations Life Presumptions Problems Richelle Richelle E Goodrich Weirded Out Wishes
Source : Making Wishes: Quotes, Thoughts, & a Little Poetry for Every Day of the Year

97. “He was not what gentlemen usually thought a gentleman was.”

Tags : Assumptions Elitism Presumptions
Source : The Powers That Be

98. “We all make assumptionsevery day. Some more important than others. Some more damagingthan others. And things, very often, are not at all what they seem.”

Tags : Assumptions Humanity And Society Life Lessons
Author : B.B. Shepherd

99. “Never judge a woman by her age.”

Tags : Age Ageism Assumptions Judgement Judgment
Source : Rise of the Morningstar

100. “What appears to be black on white to whites may appear to be all white to black.”

Tags : Assumptions Constraint Racial Prejudice

101. “The values and assumptions of that household I took in without knowing when or how it happened, and I have them to this day: The pleasure in sharing pleasure. The belief that is is only proper to help lame dogs to get over stiles and young men to put one foot on the bottom rung of the ladder. An impatient disregard for small sums of money. The belief that it is a sin against Nature to put sugar in one's tea. The preference for being home over being anywhere else. The belief that generous impulses should be acted on, whether you can afford to do this or not. The trust in premonitions and the knowledge of what is in wrapped packages. The willingness to go to any amount of trouble to make yourself comfortable. The tendency to take refuge in absolutes. The belief that you don't have to apologize for tears; that consoling words should never be withheld; that what somebody wants very much they should, if possible, have.”

Tags : Assumptions Family History
Source : Ancestors: A Family History

102. “We are all theologians, either good ones or bad ones. I'd rather be a good one. Wouldn't you?”

Tags : Assumptions Character Of God Nature Of God Sovereignty Of God Theology
Author : Randy Alcorn
Source : Courageous

103. “Often she felt as though she had been picked up and turned about like a kaleidoscope, that all her complacent assumptions had been shaken up and reassembled in a different order”

Tags : Assumptions Changes Kaleidoscope Life Life Changing Shaken
Author : Judith Lennox
Source : All My Sisters

104. “Do you really understand all this army stuff?It helps not to be too bright, sir.”

Tags : Assumptions Bureaucracy Curiosity Organization
Source : M*A*S*H EPISODE GUIDE: Details All 251 Episodes with Plot Summaries. Searchable. Companion to DVDs Blu Ray and Box Set.

105. “It has been said already, but bears repeating: no blanket statement can sum up an entire group of people. No book, no chapter, no study, no research report can attempt to do that either. Instead, Understanding Y attempts to start a conversation - one that we hope will delve a little deeper and dispel some commonly held assumptions about Generation Y, a conversation that we hope is the first of many.”

Tags : Assumptions Conversation Generations Geny
Source : Understanding y

106. “Presumptuous bastard,' Tak said. 'Sunset? He might at least wait and see if there's a tomorrow morning.”

Tags : Assumptions Dhalgren End Of The World Sunset
Source : Dhalgren

107. “Listen with an open mind, gather all the incoming information, both verbal and non-verbal and be careful not to ignore things you don’t wish to hear. Don’t make assumptions or jump to conclusions. The punchline usually comes at the end!”

Tags : Assumptions Assumptionsing Communication Famous Leadership Quotes Great Leadership Quotes Inspirational Leadership Quotes Nonverbal Communication Punchline Quotes About Leadership Quotes On Leadership

108. “Thou shalt make no image, no abstraction, including none of THE American, THE Swiss, THE German.”

Tags : Assumptions Image Of God Individualism Prejudice
Author : Karl Barth
Source : Evangelical Theology: An Introduction

109. “Harry S Truman despised settled conventions.”

Tags : Assumptions Bias Competition Conventional Wisdom
Source : 1960--LBJ vs. JFK vs. Nixon: The Epic Campaign That Forged Three Presidencies

110. “The English patrician bloomed in his natural climate.”

Tags : Assumptions Conventional Wisdom Heritage
Source : The Proud Tower: A Portrait of the World Before the War, 1890-1914

111. “The greatest difficulty in antiquity with that of altering the law; among the moderns, it is that of altering the manners.”

Tags : Assumptions Bias Conventional Wisdom Culture Prejudice
Source : Democracy in America

112. “One mark of originality that can win canonical status for a literary work is strangeness that we either never altogether assimilate, or that becomes such a given that we are blinded to its idiosyncrasies.”

Tags : Assumptions Bias Conventional Wisdom Culture Perspective Reading
Author : Harold Bloom
Source : The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages

113. “When critics surrender to the prevailing orthodoxy, the author says they adopt the rhetoric of an occupied country, "one that expects no liberation from liberation.”

Tags : Assumptions Bias Conformity Conventional Wisdom Perspective
Author : Harold Bloom
Source : The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages

114. “It has always been dangerous to institutionalize hope, and we no longer live in a society in which we will be allowed to institutionalize memory.”

Tags : Assumptions Conventional Wisdom Idolatry Intimacy With God Materialism Resilience Worship
Author : Harold Bloom
Source : The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages

115. “He was a trifle embarrassed to be deserting his hard-won realism in order to follow what he thought was the dominant philosophical fashion.”

Tags : Assumptions Conventional Wisdom
Source : The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings: J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Owen Barfield, Charles Williams

116. “A lot of people here some South in your mouth, and they automatically think you're dumb. They think if you talk funny, you are funny. – Lloyd Hand”

Tags : Addiction Assumptions Conventional Wisdom Leadership Visuals
Source : 1960--LBJ vs. JFK vs. Nixon: The Epic Campaign That Forged Three Presidencies

117. “You find the magic of the world in the margin for error.”

Tags : Assumptions Conventional Wisdom Openness

118. “It was easier to come to maturity when there were more well-defined philosophical options.”

Tags : Assumptions Conventional Wisdom Heritage Perspective
Author : David Brooks

119. “When I say "most people" I mean, of course, me after my first cocktail.”

Tags : Assumptions Conventional Wisdom Nuances
Author : Bill Bryson
Source : In a Sunburned Country

120. “often finds a more interesting story behind the conventional one. Martin Luther's supposedly revolutionary resistance to indulgences took place in a German state where they were sold. Even more intriguing, they weren't sold because the ruling authorities there get a brisk business in holy relics – which Luther left alone.”

Tags : Assumptions Conventional Wisdom Exposition Idolatry
Source : Brand Luther: How an Unheralded Monk Turned His Small Town into a Center of Publishing, Made Himself the Most Famous Man in Europe—and Started the Protestant Reformation

121. “Positive assumptions are needed only when you have negative assumptions that you’re trying to overcome. But when you drop your assumptions altogether, your soul stands naked in the open fields of possibility. And what you choose to create from that space is up to you.”

Tags : Assumptions Inner Freedom Inspirational Quotes Negative Thinking Positive Thinking Realism
Author : T.K. Coleman
Source : Freedom Without Permission: How to Live Free in a World That Isn't

122. “But as Austen delineates so clearly, you can't stop people from making assumptions if they're so inclined. You can only do your best to show your character through your actions and hope that other people will be capable of forming sound opinions. And if you're a realist like Austen, you'll also be wise enough to realize how many people aren't up to it.”

Tags : Assumptions Austen Realism
Author : Amy Smith
Source : All Roads Lead to Austen: A Yearlong Journey with Jane

123. “Most of us make assumptions about how someone will relate to us, and they are often unfounded.”

Tags : Assumptions Benefit Of The Doubt Communication Relationships
Source : CHARGE! The Patchwork Rhino

124. “To assume that I can even begin to chart a ‘straight’ path is probably the best way I can take myself ‘straight’ to the very place I don’t want to go.”

Tags : Assume Assumptions Calling Destination Goal Goal Setting Journey Life Goals Mission Path Planning Plans Steps Steps In Life Strategizing

125. “I feel no grief for being called somethingwhichI am not;in fact, it's enthralling, somehow, like a goodback rub”

Tags : Assumptions Bukowski Death False False Assumptions Funny Humanity Humor Irony Judgemental Judgementality Life Love People Poem Poetry Society
Source : You Get So Alone at Times That it Just Makes Sense

126. “Laws are always unstable unless they are founded upon the manners of the nation; manners are the only durable and resisting power in a people.”

Tags : Assumptions Conventional Wisdom Culture Habit Parenthood
Source : Democracy in America

127. “Your blanks have been filled in far differently from those of a child grown up in the filth and poverty”

Tags : Assumptions Conventional Wisdom Culture Parenthood
Source : Black Like Me

128. “Is there wisdom in innocence? I think there is, but there is a cult now of drab men and women, for whom the world, and even life itself, is a kind of commodity. These critics, having eaten, now study their excrement to see what they consumed. On this they base certain conclusions. Their ignorance is uncompromising. Let us rather stand before the unknown, in very humble, quiet observance and wait while it reveals itself.”

Tags : Assumptions Criticism Culture Mystery Prejudice The Unknown Wisdom
Author : Phillip Mann
Source : The Disestablishment of Paradise

129. “Virulence is the sound of a self-selecting community talking to itself and positively reinforcing itself with no obligation to answer to anyone or look anyone in the eye.”

Tags : Assumptions Extremism Ideology Openness Prejudice
Source : The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century

130. “Study the assumptions behind your actions. Then study the assumptions behind your assumptions.”

Tags : Assumptions Conditioning Learning Mind Psychology Study Sufi Sufis Sufism
Author : Idries Shah
Source : Learning How to Learn: Psychology and Spirituality in the Sufi Way

131. “You’re going to listen to me, and for once you’re going to hear what I say and not read between lines that aren’t there.”

Tags : Assumptions Hearing Listen Listening Lovers Relationships Truths
Author : Genna Rulon
Source : Only for You

132. “It makes Brooke feel strange in her stomach. It is like the feeling when she reads a book like the one about the man with the bomb, or thinks a sentence, just any old sentence like: the girl ran across the park, and unless you add the describing word then the man or the girl are definitely not black, they are white, even though no one has mentioned white, like when you take the the out of a headline and people just assume it's there anyway. Though if it were a sentence about Brooke herself you'd have to add the equivalent describing word and that's how you'd know. The black girl ran across the park.”

Tags : Assumptions Race Whizkids
Author : Ali Smith
Source : There but for the

133. “Everyone assumes writers spend their time lounging around, writing and occasionally striking a pose whilst having a think.”

Tags : Assumptions Humour Job Lounging Posing Reputation Thinking Writers
Author : Sara Sheridan

134. “It is not really wise to make too many assumptions when you don’t yet have all the facts to do so. You may believe your conclusions are logical, while they may turn out to be totally wrong.”

Tags : Assumptions Love And Relationships Relationship Relationship Advice Relationship Quotes Relationships Wrong Assumptions
Source : The Honest Book of International Dating / Smart Dating Strategies for Men

135. “People make interesting assumptions about the profession. The writer is a mysterious figure, wandering lonely as a cloud, fired by inspiration, or perhaps a cocktail or two.”

Tags : Assumptions Author Cocktail Fiction Figure Inspiration Lonely Misunderstood Mysterious Mystery Novelist Writer
Author : Sara Sheridan

136. “We forget more than we remember, we assume more than we know.”

Tags : Assumptions Forgetting Remembering Knowledge
Author : Marty Rubin

137. “There is no growth in assuming. For it does not give, it takes away.”

Tags : Assumptions Husband Love Relationship Advice Relationship Quotes
Source : Husband Rules: A Guy's Playbook on How to Win in Marriage

138. “Leaders don't assume. Assumptions are the termites of leadership. Communicate, communicate, and communicate, until you connect.”

Tags : Assumptions Communication Leadership
Author : Farshad Asl

139. “He treats the person as if they were fully whole.We become what others expect us to be. Dad expected me to get better and even assumed I would have something helpful to say. Funny how we rise and fall to the assumptions of others.”

Tags : Assumptions Dad Healing Transformation Wholeness
Author : Nathan Foster
Source : Wisdom Chaser: Finding My Father at 14,000 Feet

140. “He was cross-examining my subconscious .”

Tags : Accountability Assumptions Discipleship
Author : Ransom Riggs
Source : Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

141. “Even while an atheist, he held some things sacred.”

Tags : Assumptions Idolatry
Source : The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings: J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Owen Barfield, Charles Williams

142. “How can you test whether something's an assumption? Try this: switch things around, and check how bananas everybody goes.”

Tags : Assumptions Status Quo
Author : Annabel Crabb
Source : The Wife Drought

143. “Reporters heard words but not poetry, saw old politicians but not new heroes.”

Tags : Assumptions Bitterness Ministry Relationships
Source : 1960--LBJ vs. JFK vs. Nixon: The Epic Campaign That Forged Three Presidencies

144. “Jack and Bobby Kennedy were too young, too attached to real family to transfer affection and loyalty to those that of their blood or region or upbringing.”

Tags : Assumptions Bias Community Culture Openness
Source : 1960--LBJ vs. JFK vs. Nixon: The Epic Campaign That Forged Three Presidencies

145. “There is no hatred as corrupting as intellectual hatred.”

Tags : Assumptions Bias Perspective
Source : The Woven Figure: Conservatism and America's Fabric

146. “It always matters who the storyteller is. It’s a lens.”

Tags : Assumptions Bias Culture Heritage Preconception
Author : James Still

147. “I had people saying 'it's all in your head'. Do you honestly think I want to feel this way?”

Tags : Assumptions Bias Criticism Discrimination Mental Disorder Mental Health Stigma Mental Illness Stigma
Author : Sonia Estrada

148. “In the general American population, 3.9 percent of adult men are six foot two or taller. Among my CEO sample, almost a third were six foot two or taller.”

Tags : Appearance Assumptions Prejudice
Source : Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

149. “People in one of two states in a relationship. The first is what I call positive sentiment override, where positive emotion overrides irritability. It's a buffer. Their spouse will do something bad, and they'll say,'Oh, he's just in a crummy mood.'Or they can be in negative sentiment override, said that even a relatively new tool thing that a partner says get perceived as negative. In negative sentiment override state, people draw lasting conclusions about each other. If their spouse does something positive, it's a selfish person doing a positive thing. It's really hard to change their states, and those states determine whether when one party tries to repair things, the other party sees that as repair or hostile manipulation.”

Tags : Assumptions Marriage Prejudice
Author : John Gottberg

150. “Always keep in mind that even your most dreadful expectations, are still nothing more than mere assumptions”

Tags : Assumptions Confusion Expectations Inspirational Life Worry

151. “Even when alternative views are clearly wrong, being exposed to them still expands our creative potential. In a way, the power of dissent is the power of surprise. After hearing someone shout out an errant answer, we work to understand it, which causes us to reassess our initial assumptions and try out new perspectives. “Authentic dissent can be difficult, but it’s always invigorating,” [Charlan] Nemeth [a professor of psychology at the University of California at Berkeley] says. “It wakes us right up.”

Tags : Alternative Views Assumptions Creativity Dissent Invigoration New Perspectives Surprise Understanding
Author : Jonah Lehrer

152. “Assumptions are unopened windows that foolish birds fly into, and their broken bodies are evidence gathered too late.”

Tags : Assumptions Blunt Comical Funny Harsh Irony
Author : Bryan Davis
Source : Liberator

153. “The dull mind, once arriving at an inference that flatters the desire, is rarely able to retain the impression that the notion from which the inference started was purely problematic.”

Tags : Assumptions Fallacy Thinking
Author : George Eliot
Source : Silas Marner

154. “When you are criticizing the philosophy of an epoch, do not chiefly direct your attention to those intellectual positions which its exponents feel it necessary explicitly to defend. There will be some fundamental assumptions which adherents to all the variant systems within the epoch unconsciously presuppose. Such assumptions appear so obvious that people do not know what they are assuming because no other way of putting things has ever occurred to them. With these assumptions a certain limited number of types of philosophic systems are possible, and this group of systems constitutes the philosophy of the epoch.”

Tags : Assumptions Philosophy Worldview

155. “Familiarity can provide the misguided illusion of understanding. Assume nothing.”

Tags : Assumptions Familiarity Illusion
Author : Truth Devour
Source : Wantin

156. “You can assume all you want about me. It doesn't mean that it's true.”

Tags : Assumptions
Source : Disconnected

157. “It will be found that every attack upon religion, or upon characteristic ideas inherited from religion, when its assumptions are laid bare, turns out to be an attack upon mind.”

Tags : Assumptions Secularism Thoughts
Source : Ideas Have Consequences

158. “A favor is a friendly, gracious, kind, generous or obliging act that is freely granted. It is offered and not solicited.A promise is a declaration assuring that one will or will not do something. It is a vow to commit oneself by a promise to do or give. It is a pledge: to make a declaration assuring that something will or will not be done.When you assume and mistook favor for a promise, then misunderstanding comes in. Learn to distinguish clearly between a favor and a promise to avoid false expectations, blind hopes and deep disappointments.Never demand on favours given.Never impose on mistaken promises.Never put under pressure the people who have given you favor.Have a humble and grateful heart for both favors and promises fulfilled.”

Tags : Assumptions Favor Promise Understanding

159. “Character displays "the weighty impatience of having to explain something that should already be understood.”

Tags : Assumptions Communication Culture
Author : Nathan McCall
Source : Them: A Novel

160. “True masters deconstruct as well as reconstruct.”

Tags : Assumptions Character Discipleship Humility
Author : Richard Rohr
Source : Adam's Return: The Five Promises of Male Initiation

161. “Sometimes a person’s first assumption was very telling. It revealed how they perceived the situation.”

Tags : Assumptions Perception
Author : Sara Sheridan
Source : London Calling

162. “One who leaves nothing to assume, can expect no assumptions”

Tags : Assumptions

163. “Daddy got mad when people made assumptions about him, but I liked it. It made me feel someone wanted to know me. Even if they were wrong, it didn't matter. It mattered only that they were trying.”

Tags : Assumptions
Author : Alicia Erian
Source : Towelhead

164. “Over time, I discovered that learning new things doesn't always liberate you. Instead it makes you wonder if your pants are on backward or if the trees are holding the sky up - it makes you question all of your assumptions and conventions.”

Tags : Assumptions Conventions Learning The Big Tiny
Author : Dee Williams

165. “The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones.”

Tags : Assumptions Thinking Tradition

166. “Preconceived, fixed notions can be more damaging than cannon.”

Tags : Assumptions Conventional Wisdom
Source : The First Salute

167. “Every rock-thrower needs something to stand on to have any accuracy or do any damage with the rocks.”

Tags : Argument Assumptions Cynicism
Author : Dick Keyes
Source : Seeing Through Cynicism: A Reconsideration of the Power of Suspicion

168. “A trend was a trend only because people thought it so. And in thinking it so, they made it so.”

Tags : Assumptions Conventional Wisdom
Author : Tom Clancy

169. “Very often, people embarking on such guesswork make the vulgar assumption that the lower the motives, the more likely they are to be authentic.”

Tags : Assumptions Misunderstanding Motives
Source : Why Orwell Matters

170. “Washington not only fit the bill physically, he was also almost perfect psychologically, so comfortable with his superiority that he felt no need to explain himself. (As a young man during the French and Indian war he had been more outspoken, but he learned from experience to allow his sheer presence to speak for itself.) While less confident men blathered on, he remained silent, thereby making himself a vessel into which admirers for their fondest convictions, becoming a kind of receptacle for diverse aspirations that magically came together in one man.”

Tags : Assumptions Leadership Speech
Source : Revolutionary Summer: The Birth of American Independence

171. “Experience is true, but not the lessons it teaches.”

Tags : Assumptions Experience Knowledge Learning Prejudice
Author : Marty Rubin

172. “The genius of cynicism is that it is a voice in your ear it does not usually hang around long enough to be interviewed. It is usually expressed in innuendos, passing remarks, moods, cartoons, hints, insinuations, unacknowledged assumptions, and jokes.”

Tags : Assumptions Cynicism Skepticism Spiritual Warfare
Author : Dick Keyes
Source : Seeing Through Cynicism: A Reconsideration of the Power of Suspicion

173. “But I have forgotten to tell you how I came into the world, and am telling you my father's story instead of my own. You seem to like hearing about it though, and you can't understand one without the other.”

Tags : Assumptions Conventional Wisdom Heritage
Author : Thomas Hughes

174. “It's as if she assumes everything will go right, and when it doesn't - which, of course, is pretty often - she is surprised and affronted.”

Tags : Assumptions Disappointment Life Surprise
Source : Orphan Train

175. “God bestows great gifts on human beings with perfect justice, but not All gifts we are given come from God. Some gifts come from society or culture, and it is here that problems develop.”

Tags : Assumptions Culture Grace Of God
Source : The Great Books Reader: Excerpts and Essays on the Most Influential Books in Western Civilization

176. “Ideas trickle out of science, into the flow of commerce, where they drift into less protectable eddies of art and philosophy.”

Tags : Assumptions Conventional Wisdom
Source : How We Got to Now: Six Innovations That Made the Modern World

177. “That's the way progress works: the more we build up these vast repertoires of scientific and technological understanding, the more we conceal them.”

Tags : Assumptions Conventional Wisdom Simplicity
Source : How We Got to Now: Six Innovations That Made the Modern World

178. “As the unexpected becomes ordinary, the spotlight shifts once again to land where your brain thinks it will get more informational bang for the attentional buck.”

Tags : Assumptions Biases Learning Novelty
Author : Greg Carlson
Source : Sold on Language: How Advertisers Talk to You and What This Says about You

179. “The author called us to re-examine assumptions bequeathed to us from Greece and Rome. Just as a bridge built by the Roman Empire might have held up tolerably for centuries under foot traffic but crumble under the weight of a modern truck, the author cautions that classical thinking had limits exposed by contemporary events and certainly exposed by the modern world.”

Tags : Assumptions Culture Development Thinking
Source : How Should We Then Live? The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture

180. “Learning to be aware of what you unconsciously know may depend on a line of focused effort and specialized knowledge and even some measure of aptitude, but actually learning it may be effortless, automatic, and require very little of what we normally think of as intelligence.”

Tags : Assumptions Biases Intuition
Author : Greg Carlson
Source : Sold on Language: How Advertisers Talk to You and What This Says About You

181. “(A middle-class child's) parents didn't just give him money. They passed down habits, knowledge, and cognitive traits.”

Tags : Assumptions Culture
Author : David Brooks

182. “Who we are is not a question we can ask without seeking to understand the context in which we live. Biblical counselors seek to understand the influences that shape the responses of the human heart.”

Tags : Assumptions Culture
Source : Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling: Changing Lives with God's Changeless Truth

183. “The modern mind is never popular in its own day. People hate being made to think.”

Tags : Assumptions Conventional Wisdom

184. “It is easy to get faith into our heads. It is hard to get faith into our bloodstream.”

Tags : Assumptions Discipleship Outlook Perspective Regeneration
Author : R.C. Sproul

185. “Just as we seldom realize that we are growing old until we are already old, so do the contemporary actors in a major social change seldom realize that society is changing until the change has already come.”

Tags : Assumptions Culture Perspective
Author : James Burnham
Source : The Managerial Revolution: What Is Happening in the World

186. “The author says that one of the difficulties of modern parenting is the uncertainty of what parents are preparing children for. In traditional societies this was clear, as parents prepared children for a society and for roles much like their own. She writes, "There is no folk wisdom.”

Tags : Assumptions Culture Heritage
Source : All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood

187. “We can change reality just from assumptions accepted as true, regardless if they could be quantifiably accepted as true through the physical”

Tags : Assumptions Reality

188. “Culture can be invisible to its natives.”

Tags : Assumptions
Source : My Freshman Year: What a Professor Learned by Becoming a Student

189. “Seriously bad ideas (are) bad ideas which appeal to the prejudices of serious people.”

Tags : Assumptions Conventional Wisdom
Author : Paul Krugman

190. “Their lot in life, their station, became a part of their personalities and helped to for my worldview.”

Tags : Acculturation Assumptions Culture Parenting Perspective
Author : John Kasich
Source : Every Other Monday: Twenty Years of Life, Lunch, Faith, and Friendship

191. “Always be skeptical of what you learn from experience.”

Tags : Assumptions Experience Learning Skepticism
Author : Marty Rubin

192. “I find myself constantly taking apart be taken-for-granted.”

Tags : Assumptions Conventional Wisdom Culture
Source : My Freshman Year: What a Professor Learned by Becoming a Student

193. “Goldwater hardly ever mentioned a statistic. He hardly ever used it EXAMPLE. He presumed you already knew what he meant. Reagan SHOWED you.”

Tags : Assumptions Communication Persuasion
Source : Before the Storm: Barry Goldwater and the Unmaking of the American Consensus

194. “The human impulse behind the isolation of class is as basic as impulses get: People like to be around other people who understand them and to whom they can talk.”

Tags : Assumptions Culture Language Socioeconomic Status
Source : Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010

195. “Conventional wisdom won't provide continual growth.”

Tags : Assumptions Thinking

196. “If the norm of the society is corrupted, then objective journalism is corrupted too, for it must not challenge the norm. It must accept the norm.”

Tags : Assumptions Culture Media Perspective
Source : The Powers That Be

197. “Political correctness is as coersive as any right-wing dogma, but it lescapes the tyranny charge because it locates its demands precisely upon feelings”

Tags : Assumptions Conventional Wisdom
Author : Dennis Prager

198. “If you live long enough, you see the same eyes in different people”

Tags : Assumptions Culture Heritage History Perspective Philosophy

199. “Your imagination is tricking you into making negative assumptions about people based on past experience. Your imagination is running the show, and the score is coming imagination one, you zero.”

Tags : Assumptions Thought Life
Source : How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less

200. “A good therapy helps you develop a sense of irony about your life so that when you start to repeat old and unhelpful patterns, something within you says, "There you go again; let's call this to a halt. You can do something different." Often the first step toward doing something different is developing the capacity to not act, to stay still and reflect.”

Tags : Assumptions Conventional Wisdom Discipleship Humility Thought Life
Author : Sherry Turkle
Source : Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other