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1. “Do not forget that the armed forces are the servants of the people. You do not make national policy; it is we, the civilians, who decide these issues and it is your duty to carry out these tasks with which you are entrusted.”

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2. “Mounting tensions in Eastern Europe send shivers down the spine. Barely a quarter of a century after the end of the Cold War we seem to be sliding inexorably towards another.”

Tags : Armies Crimea Eastern European End Of The World As We Know It Errors Geopolitical Forces Inexorably International Community Lessons Learned Military Theory Moscow Rules Nuclear Weapons Political Commentary Politics Observation Quandary Red Army Regression Repeat Mistakes Shivers Sphere Of Influence Stalemate Tension Treaty Troops Ukraine
Author : Alex Morritt
Source : Impromptu Scribe

3. “Dad, how do soldiers killing each other solve the world's problems?”

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Source : Calvin and Hobbes: Sunday Pages 1985-1995: An Exhibition Catalogue

4. “Mark, trying his best to distance himself from the cruel and pathetic 21st century, hadn’t listened to the news reports, not even when the dark green jeeps and helicopters showed up in town, men dressed in identical uniforms, just like in school, always standing with stony faces, setting up shelters and warning signals and food storage boxes. And as the public service announcements and racist propaganda bloomed onto the screens in every classroom, Mark’s only observation was that the United States still had such a long way to go. When times were dire, they resorted to using inaccurate stereotypes and ignorance as a weapon, with an impressionable society always willing to believe without further question.”

Tags : Anti Racism Army Bigitry Box Classroom Education Ignorance Military Nuclear Nuclear War Propaganda Public Service Announcement Racism Radiation Radioactive School Screen Sheeple Society Stereotype Storage Box United States War Weapon
Source : The Vinyl Effect

5. “What do I want now? I want to be treated with the respect I deserve in the current VA system and not be retraumatized. I want the men who did this to me to be punished and if that isn't possible, I want reassurance what happened to me will never ever happen to another woman in the Armed services. I want some restitution of the damage I have.”

Tags : Abuse Of Power Accountability Army Crime Feres Doctrine Justice Military Military Rape Military Sexual Assault Military Veterans Ptsd Rape Culture Respect Retraumatization United States Va
Source : Conduct Unbecoming: Rape, Torture, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from Military Commanders

6. “The soldier is the Army. No army is better than its soldiers. The Soldier is also a citizen. In fact, the highest obligation and privilege of citizenship is that of bearing arms for one’s country”

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7. “...It is a proud privilege to be a soldier – a good soldier … [with] discipline, self-respect, pride in his unit and his country, a high sense of duty and obligation to comrades and to his superiors, and a self confidence born of demonstrated ability.”

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8. “America's finest - our men and women in uniform, are a force for good throughout the world, and that is nothing to apologize for.”

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Author : Sarah Palin

9. “You must be a light unto yourself.”

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10. “I fell in love with a sniper - a man whose basic training instills psychopathic tendencies. I loved a professional dehumanizer. I loved a man who lived in a world where empathy was suicide. I loved a man who had to be ready to put a bullet through a toddler’s skull if necessary. I loved a man highly skilled in burying his emotions, resurrecting them if and when he chose. I loved a man who saw me as his enemy. I loved a man I was disposable to.”

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Author : Maggie Young
Source : Just Another Number

11. “They Served...reliving memoriesthat will not diegiving their allfor you and I -friends takenlives shaken...”

Tags : Air Force Army Bronze Star Brotherhood Combat Hell Hell On Earth Honor Injured Injury Killed Life Life After War Marines Medal Of Valor Military Navy Protector Ptsd Purple Heart Returning Home Soldier Survior Veteran War
Author : Muse
Source : Enigmatic Evolution

12. “WILL WORK FOR FOOD © 2013 Lyrics & Music by Michele JennaeThere he was with a cardboard sign, Will Work For Food Saw him on the roadside, As I took my kids to schoolI really didn’t have time to stop, Already running late Found myself pulling over, Into the hands of fate The look in his eyes was empty, But he held out his hand I knew my kids were watching, As I gave him all I had My heart in my throat I had to ask, “What brought you here?” He looked up and straight into my eyes, I wanted to disappear. CHORUS He said… Do you think I really saw myself, Standing in this light Forgotten by society, After fighting for your rights WILL WORK FOR FOOD, WILL DIE FOR YOU I AM JUST A FORGOTTEN SOLDIER, I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DOv. 2 He put the money in his pocket, Then he took me by the hand Thank you dear for stopping by, I am sure that you have plans He nodded toward my children, Watching from afar It’s time they were off to school, You should get in the car My eyes welled up and tears fell down, I couldn’t say a word Here this man with nothing to his name, Showing me his concern I knew then that the lesson, That today must be taught Wouldn’t come from textbooks, And it could not be bought CHORUS He said… Do you think I really saw myself, Standing in this light Forgotten by society, After fighting for your rights WILL WORK FOR FOOD, WILL DIE FOR YOU I AM JUST A FORGOTTEN SOLDIER, I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DOv. 3 I told him then that I had a job, That I could give him work And in return he’d have a meal, And something to quench his thirst He looked at me and shrugged a bit, And followed me to the car We went right over to a little café, Just up the road not too far After I ordered our food he looked at me, And asked about the kids “Shouldn’t these tykes be in school, And about that job you said.” “Your job,” I said, “is to school my girls, In the ways of the world Explain to them your service, And how your life unfurled.”He said… Do you think I really saw myself, Standing in this light Forgotten by society, After fighting for your rights WILL WORK FOR FOOD, WILL DIE FOR YOU I AM JUST A FORGOTTEN SOLDIER, I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DOv. 4He wasn’t sure quite what to do, As he ate his food And began to tell us all about his life… the bad… the good. He wiped his own tears from his eyes, His story all but done My girls and I all choked up, Hugged him one by one Understanding his sacrifice, But not his current plight We resolved then and there that day, That for him, we would fight. We offered him our friendship, And anything else we had He wasn’t sure how to accept it, But we made him understandLAST CHORUS That we had not really seen before, Him standing in the light No longer forgotten by us, We are now fighting for his rights He had… WORKED FOR FOOD HE HAD ALL BUT DIED FOR ME AND YOU NOT FORGOTTEN ANYMORE BUT STILL A SOLDIER IN TRUST”

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13. “War is not just the shower of bullets and bombs from both sides, it is also the shower of blood and bones on both sides.”

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Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

14. “In army they say "Shoot to Kill" and in Sales "Pitch to Sell".”

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Author : honeya

15. “How many people volunteer for an army and then claim conscientious objector status?”

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Author : John Scalzi
Source : Old Man's War

16. “The most dangerous people in the world are not the tiny minority instigating evil acts, but those who do the acts for them. For example, when the British invaded India, many Indians accepted to work for the British to kill off Indians who resisted their occupation. So in other words, many Indians were hired to kill other Indians on behalf of the enemy for a paycheck. Today, we have mercenaries in Africa, corporate armies from the western world, and unemployed men throughout the Middle East killing their own people - and people of other nations - for a paycheck. To act without a conscience, but for a paycheck, makes anyone a dangerous animal. The devil would be powerless if he couldn't entice people to do his work. So as long as money continues to seduce the hungry, the hopeless, the broken, the greedy, and the needy, there will always be war between brothers.”

Tags : Battlefield Brothers Chaos Conscience Corruption Countries Danger Deeds Destruction Devil Divided Division Ethics Evil Greedy Hopeless Indians Mankind Mercenaries Middle East Middle East Conflict Military Minority Needy Political Science Politics Reasoning Seduce Sociology United Unity Unrest War Wealth
Author : Suzy Kassem

17. “Much, much later. when I am back home and being treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I will be enabled to see what was going on in my mind immediately after 11 August.I am still capable of operating mechanically as a soldier in these following days. But operating mechanically as a soldier is now all I am capable of.Martin says he is worried about me. He says I have the thousand-yard stare'.Of course, I cannot see this stare. But by now we both have more than an idea what it means.So, among all the soldiers here, this is nothing to be ashamed of. But as it really does just go with the territory we find ourselves in. it is just as equally not a badge of honour.Martin is seasoned enough to never even think this. but I know of young men back home, sitting in front of war films and war games, who idolise this condition as some kind of mark of a true warrior. But from where I sit, if indeed I do have this stare, this pathetically naive thinking is a crock of shit. Because only some pathetically naive soul who had never felt this nothingness would say something so fucking dumb.You are no longer human, with all those depths and highs and nuances of emotion that define you as a person.There is no feeling any more, because to feel any emotion would also be to beckon the overwhelming blackness from you. My mind has now locked all this down. And without any control of this self-defence mechanism my subconscious has operated. I do not feel any more.But when I close my eyes. I see the dead Taliban looking into this blackness. And I see the Afghan soldier's face staring into it, singing gently as he slips into another world. And I see Dave Hicks's face. shaking gently as he tries to stay awake in this one.With this, I lift myself up, sitting foetal and hugging my knees on my sleeping mat.”

Tags : Army Casualty Of War Crock Of Shit Dead Inside Depersonalised Dissociated State Dumb Flashback Idolized Military Psychiatry Naive Nothingness Numb Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Posttraumatic Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Soldier Traumatic Stress True Warrior Unemotional Warrior Qoutes
Author : Jake Wood
Source : Among You: The Extraordinary True Story of a Soldier Broken By War

18. “When you fear nothing, you have nothing to fear”

Tags : Abuse Abuse Of Power Abuse Of Women Ancient African History Ancient Egypt Ancient Rome Ancient World Caesar Capture Cleopatra S Daughter Cleopatra Selene Controversial Egypt Empire Exploited Feminist General Hidden Agenda Horace Imprisonment Mauritania Plotting Princess Roman Empire Romance Slavery Slavery History Strong Female Character Swordspoint Warriors
Author : S.F. Chandler
Source : We The Great Are Misthought

19. “In 1996 Dorothy Mackey wrote an Op-ed piece, “Violence from comrades a fact of life for military women.” ABC News 20/ 20 did a segment on rape in the military. By November four women came forward at Aberdeen Proving Ground, in Maryland, about a pattern of rape by drill sergeants. In 1997 the military finds three black drill sergeants to scapegoat. They were sent to prison and this left the commanding generals and colonels untouched to retire quietly. The Army appointed a panel to investigate sexual harassment. One of the panelists was the sergeant Major of the Army, Eugene McKinney.On hearing his nomination, former associates and one officer came forward with charges of sexual coercion and misconduct. In 1998 he was acquitted of all charges after women spoke (of how they were being stigmatized, their careers stopped, and their characters questioned. A Congressional panel studied military investigative practices. In 1998, the Court of Appeals ruled against Dorothy Mackay. She had been outspoken on media and highly visible. There is an old Arabic saying “When the hen crows cut off her head.”“This court finds that Col. Milam and Lt. Col. Elmore were acting in the scope of their duties” in 1991-1992 when Capt. Mackey alleged they harassed, intimidated and assaulted her. A legislative remedy was asked for and she appealed to the Supreme Court. Of course the Supreme Court refused to hear the case in 1999, as it always has under the feres doctrine. Her case was cited to block the suit of one of the Aberdeen survivors as well!”

Tags : Abuse Of Authority Abuse Of Power Air Force Colonels Comrades Congress Court Coverup Feres Feres Doctrine Law Legislation Military Military Sexual Assault Racism Rape Rape Culture Sexism Sexual Assault Sexual Harassment Soldiers Supreme Court United States Women In The Military
Source : Conduct Unbecoming: Rape, Torture, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from Military Commanders

20. “FORGET FERES DOCTRINE And the military has immunity! Yes! The feres doctrine! It states “the Government is not liable under the Federal Tort Claims Act for injuries to servicemen where injuries arise out of or are in the course of activity incident to service” (U.S. Supreme Court 1950). Federal law and our Supreme Court shield acts of rape and sexual brutality in the military as proven by its subsequent ruling on a 2001 case that denied a plaintiffs right to file a civil suit against her accusers. Yet when women report the crime, it is handled internally Commanders are given the discretion to resolve complaints. The report may not go beyond his office. Many times he's part of the problem or a sympathizer with the offender. This certainly was my case! Our Supreme Court ruled as recently as 2001 that rape is an injury incident to the course of activity in the service! THE HEINOUS CRIME OF RAPE IS ACCEPTABLE AND CONDONED BY OUR SUPREME COURT! WOMEN ARE FAIR GAME FOR RAPE AND HARRASSMENT, ACCORDING TO OUR SUPREME COURT! CONGRESS IS NO BETTER! NO LAWS ARE PASSED TO PROTECT US IN THE MILITARY AGAINST THE STATUTE OF LIMITATION FOR THE FELONY OF RAPE!”

Tags : Abuse Of Power Air Force Comrades Congress Coverup Equality Feres Feres Doctrine Harrassment Law Legislation Military Military Sexual Assault Rape Rape Culture Sexual Assault Sexual Harassment Soldiers Statute Of Limitations Supreme Court United States Women In The Military
Source : Conduct Unbecoming: Rape, Torture, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from Military Commanders

21. “War is life multiplied by some number that no one has ever heard of.”

Tags : Afghanistan Army Combat Life Marine Corps Military Soldier War
Source : War

22. “Fasal liked to fight; Jiaan was good at planning. Together, Jiaan thought sourly, they almost made a whole officer. And if you added Jiaan's eighteen years to Fasal's seventeen, you had someone old enough to command an army as well.”

Tags : Army Fasal Jiaan Officers Young
Author : Hilari Bell
Source : Forging the Sword

23. “I did two things on my seventy-fifth birthday. I visited my wife's grave. Then I joined the army.Visiting Kathy's grave was the less dramatic of the two.”

Tags : Army Birthday Dramatic Grave Joined Wife
Author : John Scalzi
Source : Old Man's War

24. “They say Alexander the Great slept with 'The Iliad' beneath his pillow. Though I have never led an army, I am a wanderer. During the waning moon, I cradle Homer’s 'Odyssey' as if it were the sweet body of a woman.”

Tags : Alexander The Great Army Dreams Heroism Sleep The Iliad The Odyssey Traveling Wandering Waning Moon Wayfaring Women
Author : Roman Payne
Source : Rooftop Soliloquy

25. “When you used violence to achieve "peace"; what did you achieve ? -Supressed violence!”

Tags : Characters Holding Grudges Move On Moving On Nations Owe Owed Peace Peace Of Mind Strength Strength Of Character Substantial Terrorism Unforgiving United Nations Use Vengeance Violence War Weapons

26. “There's a time bomb for every oppression.”

Tags : Bomb Characters Fighting Forgiveness Freedom Of Choice Grudge Grudges Holding Grudges Love Moving On Nations Owe Owed Peace Of Mind Revenge Strength Strength Of Character Substantial Supression Unforgiving United Nations Use Vengeance War


Tags : Army Dumbledore Rebellion
Author : J.K. Rowling
Source : Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

28. “What would my first sergeant do if he came across me and another girl getting it on? He'd want pictures. He'd want to join in. He'd want me and this other girl to double-team him right then and there. On the other hand, since most heterosexual men are homophobic and sexist, most straight guys figure gay men will treat them the way they themselves treat women- that is, like sex objects. And this freaks them the fuck out.”

Tags : Army Homophobia Homosexuality Lesbian Sexism
Source : Love My Rifle More than You: Young and Female in the U.S. Army

29. “-You have no respect for excessive authority or obsolete traditions. You're dangerous and depraved, and you ought to be taken outside and shot!”

Tags : Army Authority Conservatism Conservatives Military Right Wingers War
Author : Joseph Heller
Source : Catch-22

30. “A cavalryman's horse should be smarter than he is. But the horse must never be alowed to know this.”

Tags : Army Horse Humor
Source : The Virtues of War: A Novel of Alexander the Great

31. “The only easy day was yesterday.”

Tags : Army Inspirational Motivational
Author : US Navy SEALs

32. “Yeah. Floyd is his batman."His what?"Batman, like in the British army, each officer had a batman, a personal servant."You spend too much time reading, Spenser. You know more stuff that don't make you money than anybody I know.”

Tags : Army Britain Detectives Education Humor Irrelevance Knowledge Money Reading Spenser
Source : Mortal Stakes

33. “I feel an army in my fist.”

Tags : Anger Army Emotion Feelings Fist
Source : Die Räuber

34. “If I charge, follow me. If I retreat, kill me. If I die, revenge me.”

Tags : Army Courage Inspirational Marines

35. “Do not swallow bait offered by the enemy. Do not interfere with an army that is returning home.”

Tags : Army Bait Enemies Home Strategy War
Author : Sun Tzu
Source : The Art of War

36. “Yes," Vorkosigan agreed, "I could take over the universe with this army if I could ever get all their weapons pointed in the same direction.”

Tags : Army Idiots World Domination
Source : Shards of Honour

37. “I'm not a leader now. I'm a whole damn army.”

Tags : Army Fighter Fray Joss Whedon
Author : Joss Whedon
Source : Fray

38. “The participation if women in some armies in the world is in reality only symbolic. The talk about the role of Zionist women in fighting with the combat units of the enemy in the war of 5 June 1967 was intended more as propaganda than anything real or substantial. It was calculated to intensify and compound the adverse psychological effects of the war by exploiting the backward outlook of large sections of Arab society and their role in the community. The intention was to achieve adverse psychological effects by saying to Arabs that they were defeated, in 1967, by women.”

Tags : Arab Arab Women Army Military Role Of Women In Islam Women Zionist
Source : The Revolution and Woman in Iraq

39. “I will give you a few guarantees of my own, Mukthar. I guarantee that before the sun sets, even if you win, even if my cold, dead body is lying on the field, you will rue the day you ever set foot in the Plains. For every inch you advance I'll exact gallons of Mukthar blood. I guarantee that there will be not one family of the Bear Mukthars or they will mourn at least one of theirs. I guarantee that even if you are triumphant the fruits of victory will taste like dust in your mouth. I guarantee that if you fail to kill me today, you will meet me again. You will meet me at the Ximerionian border. You will meet me at every city, town, village, and hamlet. You will meet me on every Amirathan crossroad, on every hill. I will fight you with every sword at my command, with every arrow, with every dagger. I will fight you with pitchforks. I will fight you with the very rocks of the land you try to conquer. I will never, never, never give up.~Anaxantis, before the Battle of the Zinchara (May 29th, 1453 aed)”

Tags : Army Conflict Conqueror Fighting Freedom Survival Tenacity Victory War Warriors
Source : The Invisible Chains - Part 3: Bonds of Blood

40. “He once told Allie and I that if he'd had to shoot anybody, he wouldn't've known which direction to shoot in. He said the Army was practically as full of bastards as the Nazis were.”

Tags : Allie Army Catcher Caulfield Db Holden Rye Salinger War
Author : J.D. Salinger
Source : The Catcher in the Rye

41. “The army consists of the first infantry division and eight million replacements.”

Tags : Army Combat Infantry Soldiers War
Source : War

42. “The Army is the Indian's best friend.”

Tags : Army Custer Indians

43. “We were trained in the army for ten weeks and in this time more profoundly influenced than by ten years at school. We learned that a bright button is weightier than four volumes of Schopenhauer. At first astonished, then embittered, and finally indifferent, we recognised that what matters is not the mind but the boot brush, not intelligence but the system, not freedom but drill. We became soldiers with eagerness and enthusiasm, but they have done everything to knock that out of us. After three weeks it was no longer incomprehensible to us that a braided postman should have more authority over us than had formerly our parents, our teachers, and the whole gamut of culture from Plato to Goethe.”

Tags : Army Descipline War
Source : All Quiet on the Western Front

44. “[From a May 1, 2004 article entitled "Still Up to Mischief" from The Guardian reporting on and quoting Altman]Still, it's worth noting that by the age of 20 this whistle- blower had resisted two of the most powerful institutions - church and army, both. He is an atheist, 'And I have been against all of these wars ever since.”

Tags : Army Atheism Atheist Morality Resistance War Whistleblower
Author : Robert Altman

45. “War is a soul-shattering experience for the innocent.”

Tags : Armies Army Innocent Military Mothers Refugees Souls War Warfare
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

46. “There is a world outside the one we know,” he said softly, “with cultures and races and armies who have never heard of us. Yes, and cities greater than Yenking and Karakorum. To survive, to grow, we must remain strong. We must conquer new lands, so that our army is always fed, always moving. To stop is to die, Chagatai.”

Tags : Armies Army Cities Conquer Cultures Die Grow Karakorum Know Lands Outside Races Remain Stop Strong Survive World Yenking
Author : Conn Iggulden
Source : Khan: Empire of Silver

47. “To act without a conscience, but for a paycheck, makes anyone a dangerous animal. The devil would be powerless if he couldn't entice people to do his work.”

Tags : Armies Army Attitude Bad Deeds Slavery Bad People Bribe Conscientious Corruption Devil Dictators Dishonorable Evil People Humanity Integrity Labor Mercenaries Mercenary Paycheck Political Science Politicians Politics Righteous Sellout Suzy Kassem Terrorist Traitor Value System War Work
Author : Suzy Kassem
Source : Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

48. “What is the difference? Tell me what is the difference between you and me. We both kill for what we want," the man asks."We lived here first.”

Tags : America Americans Army Army Quotes Book Quote Book Quotes Boxing Brittany Noel Bostic Fight Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Kickboxing Killing Love Love Quotes Military Military Philosophy Military Quote Pride Pride Quote Pride Quotes The Fight Tommie
Source : The Fight

49. “No army is comprised of all the same kinds of units or types of troops. There is power in diversity. If you always see only one choice, or use only one option, you will surely lose more than you win.”

Tags : Acceptance Army Choice Choices Diversity Focus Options Others People Perspective Power Soldiers Strategizing Strategy Tactics Tolerance Troops United Units Unity
Source : Rise of the Morningstar

50. “Who supports the troops? The troops support the troops.”

Tags : Army Iraq Lip Service Military Ptsd Soldiers Support Troops War
Source : Soft Spots: A Marine's Memoir of Combat and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

51. “When I went into the Army, I made up my mind that I was putting myself at the Army's disposal. I believe in the war. That doesn't mean I believe in the Army. I don't believe in any army. You don't expect justice out of an army, if you're a sensible, grown-up human being, you only expect victory. And if it comes to that, our Army is probably the most just one that ever existed. . . . I expected the Army to be corrupt, inefficient, cruel, wasteful, and it turned out to be all those things, just like all armies, only much less so than I thought before I got into it. It is much less corrupt, for example, than the German Army. Good for us. The victory we win will not be as good as it might be, if it were a different kind of army, but it will be the best kind of victory we can expect in this day and age, and I'm thankful for it.”

Tags : Army Warfare Wwii
Author : Irwin Shaw
Source : The Young Lions

52. “There is, in the Army, a little known but very important activity appropriately called Fatigue. Fatigue, in the Army, is the very necessary cleaning and repairing of the aftermath of living. Any man who has ever owned a gun has known Fatigue, when, after fifteen minutes in the woods and perhaps three shots at an elusive squirrel, he has gone home to spend three-quarters of an hour cleaning up his piece so that it will be ready next time he goes to the woods. Any woman who has ever cooked a luscious meal and ladled it out in plates upon the table has known Fatigue, when, after the glorious meal is eaten, she repairs to the kitchen to wash the congealed gravy from the plates and the slick grease from the cooking pots so they will be ready to be used this evening, dirtied, and so washed again. It is the knowledge of the unendingness and of the repetitious uselessness, the do it up so it can be done again, that makes Fatigue fatigue.”

Tags : Army Chores Domesticity Fatigue Futility Repetition
Author : James Jones
Source : From Here to Eternity

53. “I like it too," Angelo said. "I love this country. Much you and anybody, and you know it.""I know it," Prew said."But I still hate this country. You love the Army. But I dont love the Army. This country's Army is why I hate this country. What did this country ever do for me? Gimme a right to vote for men I cant elect? You can have it. Gimme a right to work at a job I hate? You can have that too. Then tell I'm a Citizen of the greatest richest country on earth, if I dont believe it look at Park Avenue. Carnival prizes. All carnival prizes. [..] They shouldnt teach their immigrants' kids all about democracy unless they mean to let them have a little bit of it, it ony makes for trouble. Me and the United States is dissociating our alliance as of right now, until the United States can find time to read its own textbooks a little."Prew thought, a little sickly, of the little book, The Man Without A Country that his mother used to read to him so often, and how the stern patriotic judge condemned the man to live on a warship where no one could ever mention home to him the rest of his whole life, and how he had always felt that pinpoint of pleased righteous anger at seeing the traitor get what he deserved.”

Tags : Army Democracy Immigrants Patriotism Propaganda The American Dream United States Of America
Author : James Jones
Source : From Here to Eternity

54. “There are 2 kinds of fighters: those who fight because they hate, and those who fight because they love.”

Tags : Apologetics Argument Army Battle Conflict Contender Country Disagreement Enemy Fighter Fighting Fighting Spirit Hate Hero Knight Love Nation Patriotism Peace Protection Security Truth Villain War Warrior
Author : Criss Jami

55. “Behind every dreamer stands an army full of true believers.”

Tags : Army Believe Determination Dreamer Dreams Family Goals God Love Support Talent Work

56. “Uniform of a soldier and uniform of a student both are equally needed for the nation.”

Tags : Alliterations Amit Kalantri Writer Country Education Essay Government India Inspirational Motivational Movie Movie Dialogue Nation Novel Writing Proverbs Quotes Rhetoric Script Scriptwriting Speechwriting State Story Strength Student Wisdom
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

57. “A dead war horse is the single most expensive corpse you’ll ever see.”

Tags : Army Army Horse Horse Knights War
Source : The Ill-Made Knight

58. “Vous travaillez pour l'armee, madame?' (You are working for the army?), a Frenchwoman said to me early in the Vietnam war, on hearing I had three sons.”

Tags : Army Childbearing Children Motherhood Right Wing Politics War
Author : Adrienne Rich
Source : Of Woman Born: Motherhood as Experience and Institution

59. “I'm always under surveillance from both the NSA, the Russian KGB, and the Bulgarian Army, so I'm the most invisible.”

Tags : Army Invisible Kgb Military Nlp Notability Nsa Surveillance
Author : Stefan D

60. “I fought to stay awake and keep the car on the road. And I thought back to texts I had read from the British Army in India, during the Raj, at the height of their empire. Young subalterns trapped in junior ranks had their own mess. They would dine together in splendid dress uniforms and talk about their chances of promotion. But they had none, unless a superior officer died. Dead men's shoes was the rule. So they would raise their crystal glasses of fine French wine and toast "bloody wars and dread diseases" because a casualty further up the chain of command was their only way to get ahead. Brutal, but that's how it's always been, in the military.”

Tags : Army India Military Promotion Raj
Author : Lee Child
Source : Persuader

61. “—I can make Skell laugh if I really have to, but I have to take off one of his boots first.—That went by just a little fast, Torl.—It’s terribly hard to tickle the bottom of a man’s foot when he’s wearing boots, commander.”

Tags : Army Feet Laughter Tickling
Author : David Eddings
Source : The Treasured One

62. “And in a nasty war, where's the best place to be? Apart from on the moon, o' course? No one?"Slowly, Jade raised a hand."Go on, then," said the sergeant."In the army, sarge," said the troll. "'cos..." She began to count on her fingers. "One, you got weapons an' armour an' dat. Two, you are surrounded by other armed men. Er... Many, youse gettin' paid and gettin' better grub than the people in Civilian Street. Er... Lots, if'n you gives up, you getting taken pris'ner and dere's rules about that like Not Kicking Pris'ners Inna Head and stuff, 'cos if you kick their pris'ners inna head they'll kick your pris'ners inna head so dat's, like, you're kickin' your own head, but dere's no rule say you can't kick enemy civilians inna head. There's other stuff too, but I ran outa numbers.”

Tags : Army Prisoners Prisoners Of War Trolls War
Source : Monstrous Regiment

63. “I never thought that it would look like this. The October of 2009 was a difficult period, and not just because of the bad weather. Attacks intensified against military units and every patrol was highly dangerous. A lot of time has passed since the first time I was fired on in the open. Suddenly, bullets fly right over my head… fraction of a second separates me from tensing my muscles and starting to shoot from a gun turret placed on top our Humvee. I know that I was lucky as hell, but as you know, normally none of us need to talk about it." (excerpt of the book Wild Heads of War)”

Tags : Army Poland Taliban Terrorism Us Army War War In Afghanistan
Author : Artur Fidler

64. “We did not hesitate to call our movement an army. But it was a special army, with no supplies but its sincerity, no uniform but its determination, no arsenal except its faith, no currency but its conscience.”

Tags : Army Civil Rights Civil Rights Movement Conscience Hatred Nonviolence Peace Protest Racism Racism In America Resistance Segregation
Source : Why We Can't Wait

65. “Brianna’s looking for Drake,” Edilio said, thinking out loud.“You sent her out against Drake?” Albert demanded.“Sent her? Who sends Brianna out to get into a fight? She goes on her own. Anyway, it’s not like you’ve left us with anyone else.”Albert had the decency not to say anything to that.“You know, you guys put me in charge. I didn’t ask to be in charge. I didn’t want to be in charge. Sam was in charge and all you guys ever did was give him grief,” Edilio said. “You two, especially.” He pointed at Albert and Astrid. “So, okay, Astrid takes over. And then Astrid finds out it’s not so much fun being in charge. So it’s like, okay, let’s get the dumb wetback to do the job.”“No one ever—,” Astrid protested.“And me, like a fool, I’m thinking, okay, that must mean people trust me. They asked me to be in charge, be the mayor. Come to find out, I’m not making decisions; Albert’s making decisions. Albert’s deciding we need to find more water and sending our two best fighters off into the countryside. Now I’m supposed to fix everything? It’s like you go, ‘Fight a war,’ but you sent my army off on a wild goose chase.”

Tags : Albert Army Breeze Brianna Decisions Drake Merwin Fight In Charge Mayor Sam Temple Sent Trust War
Author : Michael Grant
Source : Plague

66. “He(Prophet Muhammad) was Caesar and Pope in one; but he was Pope without Pope's pretensions, Caesar without the legions of Caesar: without a standing army, without a bodyguard, without a palace, without a fixed revenue; if ever any man had the right to say that he ruled by the right divine, it was Muhammad, for he had all the power without its instruments and without its supports.”

Tags : Army Atheist Bodyguard Caesar Christian History Islam Kindness Knowledge Legions Lessons Love Palace Peace Pope Power Religion Revenue Science Society Struggle Virtue
Author : B. Smith

67. “He could not blame the Army, Angelo could blame the Army; Angelo hated the Army. But he didnt hate the Army, not even now. He remembered what Maureen had told him once that it was the system that was at fault. But he could not even blame the system, because the system was not anything, it was only a kind of accumulation of everybody, and you could not blame everybody, not unless you wanted the blame to become diluted into a meaningless term, a just nothing. Besides, this system here in this country was the best system the world had ever produced, wasnt it? This system was by far and above the best system anywhere else in the world today. He felt if he did not find somebody to blame pretty soon he would hate everybody.”

Tags : Army Feeling Trapped Hatred Institutional Oppression Systematic Oppression
Author : James Jones
Source : From Here to Eternity

68. “Rachel's voice is fierce. The Commander will send out scouts. We should-""Oh, he sent out scouts," Willow says. "Five of them. And they were doing a good job of searching the city. Unfortunately for them, all they managed to find was me.""You killed them?" Ian asks."No. I invited them over for dinner." She smacks his shoulder. "the sun is almost down. By the time the Commander realizes his scouts aren't coming back, it will be too dark to send more. He can't risk us seeing torchlight, and they can't search these ruins without light.""You scare me a little," Ian says, but his voice is full of admiration.Adam steps closer to Willow. "She's good at everything she does."Quinn clears his throat." Maybe we should get back to the problem?""We can't travel at night," I say. "We need light as well. But we can leave at dawn, and-""They'll leave at dawn, too," Adam says. "And if they're that close already, there's no way we can outrun them. Not with children and elderly and the wagons.""Which is why we're going to create a barrier between us," I say. "Something they can't cross."Rachel meets my eyes, and her smile is cold and bright. "Fire."I match her smile with one of my own. "Fire. And when the army finally gets past the blaze, we won't be where they expect, because we're leaving the main road behind.""What are we waiting for?" Willow asks. "Let's go burn something down.”

Tags : Adam Army Commander Ian Logan Quinn Rachel Willow
Author : C.J. Redwine
Source : Deception

69. “By not burning their poppy fields to the ground but instead maintaining a security umbrella that international development agencies could safely work under as they improved these ordinary people's lives, we would win their 'hearts and minds' in the classic manifestation of a successful counter-insutgency operation.[...]Maybe our Western values world somebe instilled in these people. But in country where the average life expectancy was 42 and with the price of that life coming in contrasting cheap at $10 plus the bonus of martyrdom, or alien values might just as equally not be snapped up.”

Tags : Afghanistsn Afghans Army Hearts And Minds Insurgents Martyr Mercenaries Security Taliban Values War Western
Author : Jake Wood
Source : Among You: The Extraordinary True Story of a Soldier Broken By War

70. “Civilians enjoy their time because soldiers sacrifice their time.”

Tags : Advertisement Alliterations Amit Kalantri Army Catchphrases Country Creative Writing Defence Essay Indian Authors Motivational Movie Movie Dialogue Nation Novel Writing Philosophy Protection Proverbs Punchline Quotes Soldiers Story Wisdom Writing
Author : Amit Kalantri
Source : Wealth of Words

71. “Our culture has become so obsessed with celebrity that it’s easy to confuse fame with success. They are not the same thing.”

Tags : Army Celebrity Culture Football Inspirational Military Sports War
Source : Rise: A Soldier, a Dream, and a Promise Kept

72. “There is something brittle in me that will break before it bends. Perhaps if the [the enemy] had brought a smaller army I might have had the sense to run. But he overdid it.”

Tags : Army Credo Pride War
Author : Mark Lawrence
Source : King of Thorns

73. “Justice DeniedThousands of women, probably moreI cannot reach them behind justice doorsMany stay silent, barred just like me.Haunted by demons, faces unseen.Still by the hundreds, they continue to serveDuty and country, active and reserve.Thankless, forgotten through America's warsScarred like their brethren, treated as foes.Volunteered to go to the shores.Died like the others, shamed to the core.Where is the dignity, long since denied? Lost in the White House of Justice DeniedWomen in service since beginning of time Often they're treated like victims in crime.Where is their voice, silence throughout the years? It's dead in the Senate and House, with their tears!”

Tags : Army Demons Duty Forces Forgotten Justice Military Poem Poetry Senate Sexism Silent Veterans War White House Womens Rights
Source : Conduct Unbecoming: Rape, Torture, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from Military Commanders

74. “The death of American soldiers is as painful as the death of civilians in Afghanistan, and what makes our world a better place is not pouring more guns and weapons in this country, but educating the uneducated population. Since, those guns can ended up in the hands of dangerous group that can take the lives of many poor people in Afghanistan and everywhere else.”

Tags : Afghanistan American Army Civilians Death Education Guns Painful People Poor Soldier Weapons World

75. “The world has grown too large for one army of the nation, my brother. You will ride where I tell you to ride, conquer where I tell you to conquer. The world is yours, if you can put aside the base part of you that tells you to rule it all. That you may not have. Now give me an answer and your oath. Your word is iron, brother, and I will take it. Or I can just kill you now.”

Tags : Answer Army Brother Conquer Iron Kill Nation Oath Ride Rule Word World
Author : Conn Iggulden
Source : Khan: Empire of Silver

76. “Who gave you a gun?''The army.''Why?''That's what the army does, Simon.”

Tags : Action Army Guns Horror Humour Shooting Thriller
Source : Infected Connection

77. “Conviction rates in the military are pathetic, with most offenders going free AND THERE IS NO RECOURSE FOR APPEAL! The military believes the Emperor has his clothes on, even when they are down around his ankles and he is coming in the woman's window with a knife! Military juries give low sentences or clear offender's altogether. Women can be heard to say “it's not just me” over and over. Men may get an Article 15, which is just a slap on the wrist, and doesn't even follow them in their career. This is hardly a deterrent. The perpetrator frequently stays in place to continue to intimidate their female victims, who are then treated like mental cases, who need to be discharged. Women find the tables turned, letters in their files, trumped up Women find the tables turned, letters in their files, trumped up charges; isolation and transfer are common, as are court ordered psychiatric referrals that label the women as lying or incompatible with military service because they are “Borderline Personality Disorders” or mentally unbalanced. I attended many of these women, after they were discharged, or were wives of abusers, from xxx Air Force Base, when I was a psychotherapist working in the private sector. That was always their diagnosis, yet retesting tended to show something different after stabilization, like PTSD.”

Tags : Abuse Of Authority Abuse Of Power Army Borderline Personality Disorder Emotional Instability Harrassment Injustice Intimidation Military Military History Military Psychiatry Military Rape Military Sexual Trauma Misdiagnosis Psychiatric Abuse Ptsd Rape Culture Sexism
Source : Conduct Unbecoming: Rape, Torture, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from Military Commanders

78. “Seguin made his decision. He raised his lance, held it over his head –no mean feat –and called out. ‘To hell!’ he shouted. In terms of pre-battle speeches, it was the best I’ve ever heard.”

Tags : Army Speeches
Source : The Ill-Made Knight

79. “We can't make you do anything, but we can make you wish you had. - Army saying”

Tags : Actions Army Obedience
Source : Band of Brothers: E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne from Normandy to Hitler's Eagle's Nest

80. “There are only two things to be done when a general is angry: One is to get behind the furniture and pretend one is not there; the other is to distract his mind.”

Tags : Anger Angry Army Furniture General Humor Officer

81. “Just as mental toughness and physical energy are the primary traits of an army, they also mark God's beautiful woman.”

Tags : Army Beautiful Christian Energy Eyes God Love Mental Physical Strength Toughness Trait Woman Women
Source : Beautiful in God's Eyes: The Treasures of the Proverbs 31 Woman

82. “It was an article of faith with NCOs [noncommissioned officers] that they were better than their officers. And they were usually right. Certainly I had been happy with mine. They had done plenty of good work for me.”

Tags : Army Military Nco Officer
Author : Lee Child
Source : Gone Tomorrow

83. “Disease could wipe out an army quicker than any battle.”

Tags : Army Battle Disease
Source : A Dance with Dragons

84. “First gain the victory and then make the best use of it you can.”

Tags : Air Force Airmen Army Battle Battlefield Inspiration Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Maurus Macgregor Motivation Motivational Motivational Quotes Pilot Raf Royal Navy Sailors Soldiers Us Air Force Us Army Us Navy Usaf War

85. “Strength lies not in defence but in attack.”

Tags : Air Force Airmen Army Battle Battlefield Inspiration Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Maurus Macgregor Motivation Motivational Motivational Quotes Pilot Raf Sailors Soldiers Us Air Force Us Army Us Navy Usaf War

86. “But then he saw it, then he saw what he had known he was seeing and could not accept. There in the night, amid the mist, upon the flat of the plains, the shimmer of light from Allear was not right. The grasses were too flat, the mists curled awkwardly, as if impeded by some large mass and then the glamor was gone, the trick revealed. And before Thorin’s very eyes, a mass of soldiers appeared — thousands of them — wearing black and facing his camp. Doom settled around Thorin like some shroud for a watery grave. “Ah, bloody hell.”

Tags : Army Battle Epic Fantasy Fantasy
Author : Clifton Hill
Source : Veil of a Warrior

87. “In such a beast as this..." (he means the army)" was the collective power that went, collapsing like a long-exhausted animal, at once falling under its own weight as much as that of its enemy. It was a collective death and not a matter of bravery or even strength, and once it was down it was finished as a battle.”

Tags : Army Battle Beast Bravery Collaps Collective Death Defeate Down End Enemy Exhausted Falling Under Fight No Matter Paul Hoffman Power Strenght Thomas Cale War
Author : Paul Hoffman
Source : The Last Four Things

88. “The devil depends on a dark secret chance, but God does it now before your own eyes.”

Tags : Army Battle Blessing Chance Combat Craft Crafty Dark Darkness Degree Of Power Devil Eye God Heaven Luck Michael Bassey Johnson Missiles Opportunity Powers Sophistication Warrior

89. “You don't want captains in the army who know too much or think too much.”

Tags : 1935 40 Army Discipline Following Orders Narcissus Obedience
Author : Robert Graves
Source : Claudius the God and His Wife Messalina

90. “Water shapes its course according to the nature of the ground over which it flows; the soldier works out his victory in relation to the foe whom he is facing.”

Tags : Army Flow Foe Ground Maneuver Nature Shapes Soldier Victory War Water
Author : Sun Tzu
Source : The Art of War

91. “The thought that the bullet has already been fired at each of us and it is only a matter of time when it will hit, brings comfort to some and terror to others.”

Tags : Army Bullet Guns Iraq Soldiers Terror War
Author : David Finkel
Source : The Good Soldiers

92. “To hear them laugh was to hear that everything was all right, but to see them laugh was to see otherwise”

Tags : Army Iraq Laugh Laughter Marines Soldiers Terror Usa War
Author : David Finkel
Source : The Good Soldiers

93. “You see an army running after you, every minute they become more and more you run as much faster as possible, you leave everything behind your back to safe your ass... and after all you are alone silence is with you.”

Tags : Army Running See Silence
Author : Deyth Banger

94. “As they prepared themselves to go ashore no one doubted in theory that at least a certain percentage of them would remain on the island dead, once they set foot on it. But no one expected to be one of these. Still it was an awesome thought and as the first contingents came struggling up on deck in full gear to form up, all eyes instinctively sought out immediately this island where they were to be put, and left, and which might possibly turn out to be a friend's grave.”

Tags : Army Death Disembarkation Friends Graves Guadalcanal Instinct
Author : James Jones
Source : The Thin Red Line

95. “All the blogs Christian,Military, Christian,Military, Operations Christians,Christ,Jesus,God,Prophecy and Ministry around the world.Warriors following Christ.”

Tags : Army Christ Christian God Jesus Military Christians Prophecy Special Operations Christians Veterans Warriors Following Christ

96. “Five GOP representative candidates this session have shocked me to my soul at how blatant they have trivialized rape. My prayers were answered in their defeat!”

Tags : Army Custom Gop Logic Military Rape Military Sexual Assault Politics Prejudice Rape Culture Truth
Source : Conduct Unbecoming: Rape, Torture, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from Military Commanders

97. “There should be a public outcry about what happened to me and other women in the name of our government! But history has shown “the customs of society and laws of the State allowed it to crush my aspirations and barred me from the the pursuit of almost every object worthy of an intelligent, rational mind.”45 What law has the right to entrust the interest of myself and my children into the hands of such an evil bunch of men? I did not occupy my rightful place in 1976.45. (paraphrased from Gurko, Miriram, The Ladies of Seneca Falls; the Birth of the Women's Rights Movement, 1974.”

Tags : Army History Injustice Justice Law Military Military Rape Military Sexual Assault Rape Culture Sexism Society Denial United States Womens Rights
Source : Conduct Unbecoming: Rape, Torture, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from Military Commanders

98. “The hostility and venomous response the topic of sexual trauma and rape in the military brings up, especially with men from my Era, is revealing. This opposition speaks to their guilt and toward the truth that stays hidden.”

Tags : Army Counter Attack Guilt Hidden Hiding Hostile Military Rape Military Sexual Assault Opposition Rape Rape Culture Secret Sexual Assault Sexual Trauma Truth Venomous
Source : Conduct Unbecoming: Rape, Torture, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from Military Commanders

99. “It seems like it might go on for a while, so Tausolo takes a seat and looks around the sergeant's cubicle. There's not much to see, since the guy just arrived at the WTB, only a blank form tacked to a wall that looks like every other army form in the world."Hurt Feelings Report," it is titled. "Whiner's name," it says under that. "Which ear were the words of hurtfulness spoken into?" it says under that. "Is there permanent feeling damage?" "Did you require a 'tissue' for tears?" "Has this resulted in a traumatic brain injury?""Reason for filing this report," it says under that. "Mark all that apply." "I am a wimp." "I am a crybaby." "I want my mommy." "I was told that I am not a hero." "Narrative," it says under that. "Tell us in your own sissy words how your feelings were hurt." Finally at the bottom of the form:We, as the Army, take hurt feelings seriously. If you don't have someone who can give you a hug and make things all better, please let us know and we will promptly dispatch a "hugger" to you ASAP. In the event we are unable to find a "hugger" we will notify the fire department and request that they send fire personnel to your location. If you are in need of supplemental support, upon written request, we will make every reasonable effort to provide you with a "blankey," a "binky" and/or a bottle if you so desire.”

Tags : Army Military Military Suicide Ptsd Soldiers Suicide
Author : David Finkel
Source : Thank You for Your Service

100. “Am I awake or dreaming? It doesn’t matter anymore. When I close my eyes I dream of death and war. When I open my eyes I see death and war.”

Tags : Army Death Dreaming Military Ptsd Soldiers War
Source : Mass Casualties: A Young Medic's True Story of Death, Deception, and Dishonor in Iraq

101. “War becomes a part of you. It is a feeling just as much as an experience. If you can’t feel it, you weren’t paying attention. And if you weren’t paying attention, you are probably dead anyway.”

Tags : Army Experience Iraq Military Ptsd Soldiers War
Source : Soft Spots: A Marine's Memoir of Combat and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

102. “I guess I was always looking for something. What it was, I didn’t know. I wanted help from the VA, but didn’t want to go back, didn’t want to be subjected to that second-rate treatment any longer. I wanted to find peace within myself, but didn’t know how or where to locate it. I wanted to be a sergeant again, a writer, less angry, a better husband, and to ward off the constant bombardment of war-related thoughts. Most of all, I didn’t want any more Americans coming home from Iraq in boxes or with jingle-jangled minds.”

Tags : Army Iraq Military Ptsd Soldiers Usa War
Source : Soft Spots: A Marine's Memoir of Combat and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

103. “Peace surfaced here. Hard to imagine a person finding peace through war, but no one finds peace in war—peace finds you. It crawls into your sleeping bag and helps you fall asleep, nudges your arm, tells you to turn over, think about home.”

Tags : Army Military Mind Peace Ptsd Soldiers War
Source : Soft Spots: A Marine's Memoir of Combat and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

104. “Everyone acted like they knew so much about the war. But none of them really knew anything besides what they had learned through Internet searches or shady half-truths political pundits spouted from the comfort of their news desks. Nothing could ever be flushed out because nobody bothered to ask the troops or look at both sides of the story.”

Tags : Army Iraq Military Ptsd Soldiers Vets
Source : Soft Spots: A Marine's Memoir of Combat and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

105. “As Lynn writes: "What angers me is the loss of control. At any moment someone could come to me, be dressed the right way and use the right code, and I no longer have free will. I will do anything that person requests.I hate them for that. Nothing else is as bad as known that I am always out of control; knowing that I am still a laboratory experiment, a puppet whose strings are hidden from ever but my handlers, and I don't yet know how to break free.p216”

Tags : Army Control Free Will Government Abuse Manipulation Military Mind Control Mkultra Organised Abuse Organized Abuse Programming Psychological Abuse Puppet Ritual Abuse Soldiers United States
Author : Lynn Hersha
Source : Secret Weapons: How Two Sisters Were Brainwashed To Kill For Their Country

106. “More proof that Lynn is still meant to continue with the government programme occurred during the winter of 2000, when she was sitting at a cafeteria table at the area college. It was later in the afternoon when a few people congregated there with books spread out so they could study while drinking coffee or snacking. Many tables were empty, yet after Lynn had been sitting for a few moments, an elderly man sat down across from her.The old man seemed familiar to Lynn, though, at first, she pretended to ignore him. He said nothing, just sat there as someone might when all the tables are filled and it is necessary to share space with a stranger. His presence made her uncomfortable, yet there was nothing specific that alerted her.A short while later, Mac, the man who had been Lynn's handler in Mexico, came out of the shadows and stopped at the table. He was younger than the old man. His clothes were military casual, the type of garments that veteran students who have military experience might recognise, but not think unusual. He leaned over Lynn and kissed her gently on the forehead, spoke quietly to her, and then said 'Wake up, Sleeping Beauty.' Those were the code words that would start the cover programme of which she was still part. The words led to her being switched from the control of the old man, a researcher she now believes may have been part of Dr Ewen Cameron's staff before coming to the United States for the latter part of his career, to the younger man.The change is like a re-enlistment in an army she never willingly joined. In a very real way, she is a career soldier who has never been paid, never allowed to retire and never given a chance to lead a life free from the fear of what she might do without conscious awareness.”

Tags : Army Government Abuse Military Mind Control Mkultra Organised Abuse Organized Abuse Programming Psychological Abuse Ritual Abuse Soldiers United States
Author : Lynn Hersha
Source : Secret Weapons: How Two Sisters Were Brainwashed To Kill For Their Country

107. “A decent moustache can intimidate a man, while a great moustache can frighten an army.”

Tags : Army Intimidate Men S Appearance Moustache
Author : Anya Wylde
Source : Penelope

108. “Killing people is easier than it should be.” Dad put on his beret. “Staying alive is harder.”

Tags : Army Killing Veterans War
Source : The Impossible Knife of Memory

109. “that feeling that I could touch the sky? That’s exactly how you make me feel.” (Ray)”

Tags : Army Deep Love Feeling
Source : The Last Hour

110. “Being in war itself is a gallant, awards are mere decorations.”

Tags : Army Awards Decoration Gallantry Award Soldier War
Author : Pushpa Rana
Source : Just the Way I Feel

111. “Live for something rather than die for nothing.”

Tags : Airmen Army Battle Battlefield George S Patton Inspiration Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Maurus Macgregor Motivation Motivational Motivational Quotes Sailors Soldiers Us Army War Ww2 Ww2 History

112. “Victory is a thing of the will.”

Tags : Airmen Army Battle Battlefield Inspiration Inspirational Inspirational Quotes Maurus Macgregor Motivation Motivational Motivational Quotes Sailors Soldiers Us Army War
Author : Marshal Foch

113. “Hopefully one day Wars will only be fought in movies. And may the best producer win!”

Tags : Airforce Army Life Marines Military Navy Reality Soldiers Unity War World Peace

114. “We All Bleed RedWe have a confirmed threat against the homeland and I for one am grateful for the Americans sitting in the Army conference room in Fort Stewart, Georgia. The display cubes and screens lets us see different locations, cities, departments of the armed forces. It also allows us to see three commonalities. (1) We are all different. I take such pleasure in seeing the diverse group we call the intelligence community. We are different races, nationalities, and ethnic groups.(2) This brings us to the second commonality…we are all Americans. Yes, we fuss, we have differences of opinions, but we are all Americans.(3) The third and most important commonality is the fact that we all bleed red. We are humankind.These are the bonds that unite us…bond us…make us better beings. I have not mentioned religion because my God allows me to respect other people’s belief. I just ask that as we work through this crisis that we hold dearly on to these three commonalities.The Director of National Intelligence”

Tags : Army Diversity Intelligence Marines Navy War Warrior World Peace

115. “He is a true casualty of battle. There's not a physical scar, but look at the man's heart, and his head, and there are scars galore.”

Tags : Army Battle Fight Head Heart Iraq Pain Scars Soldiers War Wounds
Author : David Finkel
Source : The Good Soldiers

116. “I feel like so much has been left undone. There are friends I won't see before I leave, there are bills I still need to pay. I haven't written as much as I've wanted, and there are countless things I've said that I wish I could correct, but this is a process that will never end. When my grandmother died she left a library full of books she never finished reading. This is how I feel now.”

Tags : Army Books Deployment Family Iraq Life Soldier War Writing
Source : Just Another Soldier: A Year on the Ground in Iraq

117. “Somehow whether or not the war is winnable is beyond our scope, an irrelevant detail. We don’t do it to win anymore; we do it because it’s what we know how to do. Get ready to go. Get ready to come back. And the moments in between we mark on the calendar. It’s our battle rhythm.”

Tags : Army Army Life Army Wives Deployment Peace War
Source : No Man's War: Irreverent Confessions of an Infantry Wife

118. “Iraq had forced massive changes to the Army's equipment, training, and strategy. But the most important legacy of the war had been cultural. The war had upended most of the service's basic assumption about how it should fight, undermining the Powell Doctrine with its emphasis on short, intense wars not replacing it with anything nearly so straightforward. Chiarelli wasn't sure he could predict what the next war would look like. But he knew what kind of officers would be needed. He wanted an officer corps that argued, debated, and took intellectual risks. Even that laudable goal was far from accepted within the Army.”

Tags : Army Generals Iraq War
Author : David Cloud
Source : The Fourth Star: Four Generals and the Epic Struggle for the Future of the United States Army

119. “Indeed, women like Peterman who admitted they joined the army for adventure as opposed to patriotism or love were often viewed with skepticism and derision by the press because their actions and motivations failed to conform to accepted romantic and cultural ideals.”

Tags : Army Civil War War Women

120. “The ones that’s not that going actually changed them its that they didn’t have something better waiting for them when they got back. They changed because its who they wanted to be. Not everyone is lucky enough to have the better half of his soul and the rest of his life waiting back home to remind him why he left in the first place.”

Tags : Army Change Hope Alcocer Life Long Distance Love Long Distance Relationships Military Love Military Romance
Author : Hope Alcocer
Source : Where Hope Lies

121. “I missed the war and the freedom that came with it. When you are that close to death, you feel free. Every breath you take could be your last. So you inhale and savor each breath, try not to think about your death even though signs of it are all around you. The freedom comes from knowing that if anybody gives you crap, you can eliminate them and the situation. Just shoot and get it over with.”

Tags : Army Breath Freedom Iraq Kill Military Soldiers War
Source : Soft Spots: A Marine's Memoir of Combat and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

122. “Put 'em who threaten possessions and power together with 'em who offend our tastes in sex and dope. Those who're touched, put 'em in asylums. Pack off old ones to 'senior communities,' nursing homes. Our children? Keep'em prisoner, baby-sitter as warden. School? Good for fifteen to twenty years. Army afterward. Liberated, we live in prison. No this, no that. Kill us before we die!”

Tags : Army Cultural Differences Cultural Revolution Elder Care Prison Senior Citizen Social Commentary Social Justice
Author : John Cage
Source : M: Writings '67-'72

123. “His friends told him that nobody was interested in his goddam soul unless it was the priest and he managed to answer that no priest taking orders from no pope was going to tamper with his soul. They told him he didn't have any soul and left for the brothel.He took a long time to believe them because he wanted to believe them. All he wanted was to believe them and get rid of it once and for all, and he saw opportunity here to get rid of it without corruption, to be converted to nothing instead of to evil. The army sent him halfway around the world and forgot him. He was wounded and they remembered him long enough to take the shrapnel out of his chest - they said they took it out but they never showed it to him and he felt it still in there, rusted, and poisoning him - and then they sent him to another desert and forgot him again. He had all the time he could want to study his soul in and assure himself that it was not there. When he was thoroughly convinced, he saw that this was something that he had always known.”

Tags : Army Atheism Boxing With God Rust Shrapnel Soul
Source : Wise Blood

124. “A clever general, therefore, avoids an army when its spirit is keen, but attacks it when it is sluggish and inclined to return.”

Tags : Army Attack Clever Spirit Strategy War
Author : Sun Tzu
Source : The Art of War

125. “A safe army is better than a safe border”

Tags : Army Border Politics Security
Author : B.R. Ambedkar

126. “The next day I was driven down to New York City to take the physical. It was one of the strangest things I’d ever seen. Several hundred young men, maybe even a thousand, in their skivvies, walking around an enormous room, all of us lost, dazed, and confused. Some of these guys had dodged the draft and were there under the watchful eyes of dozens of federal marshals lined up against one of the walls. After eight hours of being poked, prodded, stuck, and poked again, I was given a large red envelope. I had been rejected. I had the respiratory problems of an old man, high blood pressure, partial loss of hearing, very bad teeth, very flat, very wide feet and I tested positive for tuberculosis. “Frankly,” the doctor said, “I don’t know how the hell you’re even standing up,” and that was when the sergeant told me that if they bottled everything that was wrong with me “we could take over the world without a shot.”

Tags : Army Drafter Illness The Poor
Source : No time to say goodbye: memoirs of a life n foster care

127. “This discussion of war then lays the foundation for an understanding of change as a process and as an essential component of military affairs. Militaries must change to cope with the changing environment in which they function. The U.S. Army has a robust process to guide change in its combat developments community. Change is also present in the business world, as industry seeks a competitive advantage in order to survive and prosper. The present transformation initiatives in the U.S. Department of Defense seek to maintain the U.S. dominance in military capability in the world and to exploit the opportunities afforded by new technologies and concepts of organization and warfare that use those technologies.The future of military requirements remain a challenge to define. The transformation process tries to define that future and the capabilities needed in order to maintain the security of the United States. Yet enemies of the United States and its allies also seek to predict and mold this future to their advantage. The rise of Islamic fundamentalists or radicalism has changed the global security environment. Western nations must prepare to defeat this threat that is not really new but has risen to new levels of ferocity and lethality.Regardless of the changes in technology, organizational and operational concepts, and external or internal threats, people remain a constant as the crucial element in war. People make decisions to use military and other elements of national power to impose the will of a nation on another group or nations. People also comprise the military services and man the component systems within the services. Any study of war and warfare must address the impact that people make on the conduct of war and the effects of war on people. The political process always includes people. To paraphrase Carl von Clausewitz, war is a continuation of that political process. Leaders who make a decision to fight and those who lead those soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines into battle must not forget that people implement those decisions and are the object of any offense or defense. Protecting the citizens of the United States is why the nation maintains military forces.”

Tags : Army Defense Policy Military War
Author : John M. House
Source : Why War? Why an Army?

128. “Military force is another element of power. It provides a nation the capability to impose it's will on another nation through the threat or use of violence. Military force also provides a state the capability to resist another's coercive actions. The types of military forces required will depend on the state's physical characteristics and its enemies' capabilities. A landlocked state has little need for a navy. If a nation's opponent has a strong air force, then the nation should have strong air defenses.The size and composition of military force available will dictate the types of operations a state may conduct. A landlocked power with no navy will never dominate the seas. A state without an air force or navy today will have great difficulty projecting and sustaining military forces over great distances. A strong army with no ability to move to another area has little impact on foreign policy, except on protecting its homeland.The technological sophistication of its weaponry versus that of an opponent's will provide a state an advantage or disadvantage in projecting its will. All other things being equal, a state weapons that can kill an opponent's soldiers faster and more efficiency that those of the opponent's has an advantage. Of course, rarely are all other things equal. Technological superiority can provide an advantage, but it cannot guarantee success.Technology will also affect the state's ability to sustain its forces. Commonality of the civilian and military technological base will enhance logistical capabilities by making it easy for civilian industry to provide military forces the equipment needed.The location of military forces with respect to the theater of war and the enemy is another component of military power. If the military forces are near their warfighting positioning, their deterrent and warfare capabilities are greater.The degree of civilian control and willingness to employ military force prescribes the manner in which a state may employ its military power. This point relates to the national will element of power. If the will to employ the military force available does not exist, the military force has no utility. No power results from the simple existence of the military force. Power results from the will to use military power, or at least an enemy's perception of the willingness to do so, and the capability of that military force to defeat all enemy.Available reserves limit the duration of combat a state can endure. Once all the trained or trainable men and women are casualties, a state cannot continue. A state's manpower pool always serves as a limit on the size of the military force it can raise.”

Tags : Army Defense Policy Military Power War
Author : John M. House
Source : Why War? Why an Army?

129. “Appear at points which the enemy must hasten to defend; march swiftly to places where you are not expected.”

Tags : Appearence Army Enemies Marching Strategy Suprise War
Author : Sun Tzu
Source : The Art of War

130. “Among leaders who have made the greatest impact through ages, I would consider Muhammad before Jesus Christ.”

Tags : Army Atheist Christ Christian Fair Gavin General Greatest Humanity Islam Jesus Leader Lessons Love Mankind Message Muhammad Pbuh Peace Religion Science Speech Strength Struggle Tenderness Universal Us World
Author : James Gavin

131. “A murderer is a killer without a uniform.”

Tags : Army Kill Killer Military Murder Murderer Police Soldier Uniform

132. “The army is at once the worst place for egoists, and the best.”

Tags : Army Egoist
Source : A Dance to the Music of Time: 3rd Movement

133. “In cities where peace and the arts flourish, men are more consumed by jealousy, worry, and anxiety than they are in cities under the blight of a besieging army. Private sorrows are more bitter than public suffering.”

Tags : Anxiety Army Arts Cities Jealousy Peace Private Sorrow Worry
Author : Voltaire

134. “Oh Pia, I feel GOOD! Fully recovered!’ he always says in a dazzling tone that tells everyone within a ten-kilometre radius that he’s not.”

Tags : Army Army Humor Army Wife Best Of 2013 Funny Humor Indian Fiction Military Romance Military Wife
Source : Soldier and Spice - An Army Wife's Life

135. “All right, he thought, okay; if thats the way it is; a savagery of anger in him now at the picture. They call them "pin-up girls" and think its cute how "our boys," now that they're drafted, love to hang them in their wall lockers. And then close up all the whorehouses, every place they can, so our young men will not be contaminated.”

Tags : 1940S Morality Army Brothels Morality Pin Up Girls Sex Soldiers
Author : James Jones
Source : From Here to Eternity

136. “while you play bowling with one ball you will be late because untill come in that ball it's need time so you need more than one ball in order to defeat the whole army .”

Tags : Army Bowling Defeat Force Learning Process Military Political Sport World
Author : Ragir saeed

137. “In that moment, I understand the way that the noblest yearning for duty and sacrifice can be mixed up with all that is savage and shameful, like in the Bible, where a just and merciful God tells you to kill everyone, kill the children, kill the livestock, kill John Polling, leave nothing alive to sully this pure and just world. Except when it's all done you find out that wasn't really God after all, just some politician, or maybe it was God, but he taps you on the shoulder and says, 'No, dude, that isn't what I meant,' and leaves you sitting in a Dairy Queen in Bothell with blood on your hands and no further orders...”

Tags : Army Experience Faith God Hope Lost Lando Revolution
Source : The Army of the Republic: A Novel

138. “8 April 1891The obscenity of nostrils and mouths; the ignominious cupidity of smiles and women encountered in the street; the shifty baseness on every side, as of hyenas and wild beasts ready to bite: tradesmen in their shops and strollers on their pavements. How long must I suffer this? I have suffered it before, as a child, when, descending by chance to the servant's quarters, I overheard in astonishment their vile gossip, tearing up my own kind with their lovely teeth.This hostility to the entire race, this muted detestation of lynxes in human form, I must have rediscovered it later while at school. I had a repugnance and horror for all base instincts, but am I not myself instinctively violent and lewd, murderous and sensual? Am I any different, in essence, from the members of the riotous and murderous mob of a hundred years ago, who hurled the town sergeants into the Seine and cried, 'String up the aristos!' just as they shout 'Down with the army!' or 'Death to the Jews!”

Tags : Army Base Instincts Baseness Beast Class Warfare Decadence Decadent French Revolution Gossip Jews Lewd Misanthropy Murderous Obscenity Sensual Servant Violent
Author : Jean Lorrain
Source : Monsieur De Phocas

139. “He wasn't like some of the hippies in England, where the qualification to rebel is planted by the guilt raised from being a spoilt child with a good education. He was a real hippy born from being forced to kill for his army until he was twenty one. He had long hair because the army made him shave his head. The army made him shave every day too. Now he had a beard. His face for a long time was not his own. When this guy said he was all about peace he wasn't talking about peace because his mum never got him the horse he wanted for his eighteenth birthday, he was talking about peace because he’d seen war. He talked about love because he knew hate: hate for those above him, hate for those he had served with, hate for enemies not born his but who became so and, lastly, hate for himself for how his mind had been controlled.”

Tags : Army Jungle Life Soldier Thailand
Author : Craig Stone
Source : Life Knocks

140. “We were not told how Alexander the Great was the last person in history to successfully 'pacify' what would become Afghanistan, over 2,000 years ago.”

Tags : Afghanistan Alexander The Great Army Fight Military Pacify War
Author : Jake Wood
Source : Among You: The Extraordinary True Story of a Soldier Broken By War

141. “It's a thin line between what we're calling acceptable and not acceptable. As a leader, you're supposed to know when not to cross it. But how do you know? Does the army teach us how to control our emotions? Does the army teach us how to deal with a friend bleeding out in front of you? No.”

Tags : Afghanistan Army Bleeding Blood Friend Iraq Lesson Life Line Pain Question Soldiers War
Author : David Finkel
Source : The Good Soldiers

142. “Appearances can be misleading. You just never know what’s inside someone until he’s tested.”

Tags : Afghanistan Army Football Inspirational Iraq Military Sports War
Source : Rise: A Soldier, a Dream, and a Promise Kept

143. “Everyone's a knucklehead at one point or another.”

Tags : Afghanistan Army Iraq Memoir Soldier

144. “When you’re as small as I am, people don’t expect you to be much of an athlete. You either wilt under the weight of low expectations, or you rise above them.”

Tags : Afghanistan Army Football Inspirational Iraq Military Sports
Source : Rise: A Soldier, a Dream, and a Promise Kept

145. “I start thinking about what happened and then I start thinking about why I'm still here. It's pointless. They say on TV that the soldiers want to be there? I can't speak for every soldier, but I think if people went around and made a list of names of who fucking thinks we should actually be here and who wants to be here, ain't nobody that wants to be here, because there's no point. What are we getting out of fucking being here? Nothing.”

Tags : Afghanistan Army Iraq Life Point Politics Soldiers War
Author : David Finkel
Source : The Good Soldiers

146. “An infantryman’s job is to deliver his enemies into the waiting hands of Death. It is Doc’s job to protect his brothers from Death, to knock him aside and say, “Not today.”

Tags : Afghanistan Army Corpsman Iraq War Medic Medicine Military
Author : Adam Fenner

147. “When in doubt - make'em laugh.”

Tags : Afghanistan Army Iraq Memoir Soldier
Source : This Page Intentionally Left Blank FM 101 Knuckleheads

148. “You have a powerful army, Kublai, but the best force is one you do not have to use.”

Tags : Army Best Force Kublai Powerful Use
Author : Conn Iggulden
Source : Conqueror

149. “To where? We don't know. To do what? We don't know either. No one tells us anything. We just follow orders.”

Tags : Army Military Vietnam War
Author : Derrick Wolf
Source : Boys for Men

150. “Back on the block they probably call Big Al "Fat Albert" but here in the Nam we don't insult our friends.”

Tags : Army Military Vietnam War
Author : Derrick Wolf

151. “An army is a miniature of the society which produces it.”

Tags : Army Military Society Soldiers
Author : C.L.R. James
Source : The Black Jacobins: Toussaint L'Ouverture and the San Domingo Revolution

152. “I'll play baseball for the Army or fight for it, whatever they want me to do.”

Tags : Army Sports
Author : Mickey Mantle

153. “Disappointment and Depression are terrorists that kidnap people's original peace for no good reason. The Holy Spirit of God is a dependable army to drive them away! May you be free from being disappointed and depressed. May you have and share peace as long as you live!”

Tags : Army As Long As I Live Dependable Depression Disappointment Drive Food For Thought Free God Good Holy Spirit Israelmore Ayivor Kidnap Original Peace People Reason Share Peace Terror Terrorists
Source : The Great Hand Book of Quotes

154. “Esteem for the army - never in this country regarded, in the continental manner, as a popular expression of the national will - implies a kind of innocence.”

Tags : Army Innocence
Source : A Dance to the Music of Time: 3rd Movement

155. “They be marching hand in hand, like going to war.”

Tags : Army Couple Family Fight Love Relationship Strength Together United Unity War
Author : Alice Walker

156. “Boys torment each other when there’s nothing else to do and no Frenchmen to fight.”

Tags : Army Boys
Source : The Ill-Made Knight

157. “The other day, we went somewhere, and did something.”

Tags : Army Humor Iraq Military Something War
Author : Colby Buzzell
Source : My War: Killing Time in Iraq

158. “There are roads which must not be followed, armies which must be not attacked, towns which must not be besieged, positions which must not be contested, commands of the sovereign which must not be obeyed.”

Tags : Army Attack Command Obedience Roads Strategy War
Author : Sun Tzu
Source : The Art of War

159. “Soldier's fashion accessory is his weapon just like a jewelry for women.”

Tags : Accessory Army Fashion Fashion Accessory Soldier Weapon Women
Author : Pushpa Rana
Source : Just the Way I Feel

160. “An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government”

Tags : Army Freedom Government Idea Liberty Politics Revolution Ron Paul
Author : Ron Paul
Source : The Revolution: A Manifesto

161. “I pretended I was a Kez colonel pretending to be an Adran colonel,” Olem said. “It was disturbingly easy.”“They didn’t ask for papers or proof?”“In this rain?” Olem gestured at the downpour. “You don’t understand an enlisted man, sir. Nobody asks for bloody papers in this kind of weather.”

Tags : Army Funny Impersonation Pretending Weather
Source : The Crimson Campaign

162. “There is strong. There is Army Strong. And then there is Army Wife Strong.”

Tags : Army Army Wife Funny Girl Husband And Wife Military Military Wife Strong Wife
Source : Soldier and Spice - An Army Wife's Life

163. “But if you want him, you might have to fight for him." I let my head fall to the tabletop. "For the love of all that is dead and Chinese, please, no more fighting. This army needs a break.”

Tags : Army Break Fighting Love
Author : Paula Stokes
Source : The Art of Lainey

164. “I never really knew anything about friendship before I was in the Army. Did you Vince?" "Not a thing. It's the best thing there is. Just About.”

Tags : Army Friendship Salinger War
Author : J.D. Salinger
Source : Last Day of the Last Furlough

165. “Think about this truck. Make believe this is not the darkest, wettest, most miserable Army truck you have ever ridden in. This truck, you've got to tell yourself, is full of roses and blondes and vitamins. This here is a real pretty truck. This is a swell truck. You were lucky to get this job tonight. When you get back from the dance...Choose yo' pahtnuhs, folks!... you can write an immortal poem about this truck. This truck is a potential poem. You can call it, "Trucks I Have Rode In", or "War and Peace", or "This Sandwich Has No Mayonnaise." Keep it simple.”

Tags : Army Poetry Salinger War
Author : J.D. Salinger
Source : This Sandwich Has No Mayonnaise

166. “We are all regular people, Pia,’ she laughs. ‘But we are notregular wives.”

Tags : Army Army Wife Funny Military Proud Wife
Source : Soldier and Spice - An Army Wife's Life

167. “A wounded lover is more dangerous than a coward army.”

Tags : Army Coward Dangerous Lover Wounded
Source : A moment with God ; Poetry

168. “The attack came without warning, in the pre-dawn stillness on the day they were due to leave. A series of solid concussions shook the walls and sent Simon scrambling from his bunk. Max thrust a handgun at him, which he immediately fumbled and dropped.”

Tags : Action Army Battles Fighting Technology Thriller War Weapons
Source : Infected Connection

169. “No, amusing me only, I wonder if they realize how they are used?""Not a bit. They think they are the emperors of creation.""Poor lambs.""That's not how I'd describe them.""I was thinking of animal sacrifice.""Ah. That's closer.”

Tags : Army Lambs Soldiers Youngsters
Source : Shards of Honour

170. “Life in the Army is miserable that way. You fuck up, they scream at you, you fuck up some more and they scream some more, but overlying all the small, petty, stupid, basically foreordained fuckups looms the ever-present prospect of the life-fucking fuckup, a fuckup so profound and all-encompassing as to crush all hope of redemption.”

Tags : Army Fucking Up Life
Author : Ben Fountain
Source : Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

171. “where the Army we loved sold us out for careerist brass, a war-porn-fixated media and military-industrial-complex corporate greed; where the only honor and integrity seemed to exist among the troops on the line.”

Tags : Army Betrayal Honor Integrity Military
Source : Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever Who Saved Him

172. “I knew it all, the whole drab compass of marital disillusion; we had been through it together, the Army and I, from the first importunate courtship until now, when nothing remained to us except the chill bonds of law and duty and custom. I had played every scene in the domestic tragedy, had found the early tiffs become more frequent, the tears less affecting, the reconciliations less sweet, till they engendered a mood of aloofness and cool criticism, and the growing conviction that it was not myself but the loved one who was at fault. I caught the false notes in her voice and learned to listen for them apprehensively; I recognized the blank, resentful stare of incomprehension in her eyes, and the selfish, hard set of the corners of her mouth. I learned her, as one must learn a woman one has kept house with, day in, day out, for three and a half years; I learned her slatternly ways, the routine and mechanism of her charm, her jealousy and self-seeking, and her nervous trick with the fingers when she was lying. She was stripped of all enchantment now and I knew her for an uncongenial stranger to whom I had bound myself indissolubly in a moment of folly.”

Tags : Army Marriage Relationship
Author : Evelyn Waugh

173. “I knew it all, the whole drab compass of marital disillusion; we had been through it together, the Army and I, from the first importunate courtship until now, when nothing remained to us except the chill bonds of law and duty and custom. I had played every scene in the domestic tragedy, had found the early tiffs become more frequent, the tears less affecting, the reconciliations less sweet, tell they engendered a mood of aloofness and cool criticism, and the growing conviction that it was not myself but the loved one who was at fault. I caught the false notes in her voice and learned to listen for them apprehensively; I recognized the blank, resentful stare of incomprehension in her eyes, and the selfish, hard set of the corners of her mouth. I learned her, as one must learn a woman one has kept house with, day in, day out, for three and a half years; I learned her slatternly ways, the routine and mechanism of her charm, her jealousy and self-seeking, and her nervous trick with the fingers when she was lying. She was stripped of all enchantment now and I knew her for an uncongenial stranger to whom I had bound myself indissolubly in a moment of folly.”

Tags : Army Marriage Relationship
Author : Evelyn Waugh

174. “An Army wife is probably the only woman in the world whoknows and readily accepts that she is the mistress, because, let’sface it, the Army is the wife and the wife gets all the damnattention!”

Tags : Army Army Life Army Wife Heart Life Longing Love Military Spouse Passion Relationships True Wife
Source : Soldier and Spice - An Army Wife's Life

175. “…If one who slays one is a murderer then he who slays a thousand is not a hero,' said Lalu.- Pg. #112, Across the Black Waters.”

Tags : Army Deception Destruction Pain Reality Soldier Truth War

176. “It is curious to note that when for reasons of conscience, people refuse to kill, they are often exempted from active military duty. But there are no exemptions for people who, for reasons of conscience, refuse to financially support the bureaucracy that actually does the killing. Apparently, the state takes money more seriously than life.”

Tags : Anarchy Army Authoritarianism Beaurocracy Coercion Collectivism Communism Freedom Government Libertarian Liberty Non Aggression Principle Politics Socialism State Statism Taxation Theft Totalitarianism War
Author : Karl Hess

177. “There might, Gentlemen, be an impropriety in my taking notice, in this Address to you, of an anonymous production, but the manner in which that performance has been introduced to the army, the effect it was intended to have, together with some other circumstances, will amply justify my observations on the tendency of that Writing. With respect to the advice given by the Author, to suspect the Man, who shall recommend moderate measures and longer forbearance, I spurn it, as every Man, who regards liberty, and reveres that justice for which we contend, undoubtedly must; for if Men are to be precluded from offering their Sentiments on a matter, which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences, that can invite the consideration of Mankind, reason is of no use to us; the freedom of Speech may be taken away, and dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the Slaughter.”

Tags : Army Freedom Of Speech Liberty

178. “Look!" Hawkeye said. Duke looked where Hawkeye was pointing. In one corner, kneeling on the dirt floor with his elbows on his cot, a Bible in front of him, his lips moving slowly, and oblivious to all about him, was Major Jonathan Hobson."Jesus," Hawkeye said."It don't look like Him," Duke said.”

Tags : Army Humour Religion
Source : MASH: A Novel About Three Army Doctors

179. “One soldier picked up a dead Argentine, supported the corpse's weight underneath his arm, put a cigarette in the dead man's mouth, then one in his own. He then held a lighter under the corpse's cigarette and his friend took a photograph. They both laughed. I also laughed.This was foolish ― smoking can kill.”

Tags : Army Falklands Humour Soldiers
Author : Ken Lukowiak
Source : A Soldiers Song: True Stories From The Falklands

180. “This is the army! Nobody can do the best they can.”

Tags : Army Humor Mash
Author : Henry Blake

181. “...Chief without soldiers is just a very lonely man in a big bloody field”

Tags : Army War
Source : The Heroes

182. “I joined the army to learn how to kill my father. An irony; the only time the old man ever showed a glimmer of satisfaction with me was when I announced I was dropping out of college and enlisting. He thought I wanted to make the world safe for democracy, when in fact I wanted to make it safe from him. I intended to sign up under a false name. Become competent with a rifle. Then one night, while my father slept, I would sneak away from basic training, press the muzzle to his head - Harry Hines the failed and violent Pennsylvania farmer, Harry Hines the wife abuser and son beater, laying into me with his divining rods till my back was freckled with slivers of hazelwood - and blast him to Satan's backyard while he dreamed whatever dreams go through such a man's mind.”

Tags : Army Patricide

183. “You were never in Texas,” she says.He remembers the house on that strange treeless residential street, the green night growing up from the prairie, the flowers in the window, and says, “Absolutely I was.”“Doing what?”“Serving Uncle.”“Oh, in the Army; well that doesn’t count. Everybody’s been to Texas with the Army.”“You order whatever you think is good,” Rabbit tells Tothero.”

Tags : Army
Author : John Updike
Source : Rabbit, Run

184. “The second building was enormous. Its central corridor looked long enough to stage a hundred-yard-dash in. I contemplated making one. Ever since the Army, big institutions depressed me: channels, red tape, protocol, buck-passing, hurry up and wait. Only now and then you met a man with enough gumption to keep the big machine from bogging down of its own weight.”

Tags : Army
Source : The Doomsters

185. “My heart is full and my weapon is clean.”

Tags : Army Heart Life Soldier War
Source : Just Another Soldier: A Year on the Ground in Iraq

186. “One just voice is greater than an army.”

Tags : Army Justice Righteousness War

187. “Tu non sei pazzen; sei scemo, e gli scemi sono la spina dorsalen dell'eserciten!...”

Tags : Army Craziness Sturmtruppen
Author : Bonvi
Source : Sturmtruppen - La Raccolten, vol. 31: tavole dalla 4972 alla 5072

188. “Look now—in all of history men have been taught that killing of men is an evil thing not to be countenanced. Any man who kills must be destroyed because this is a great sin, maybe the worst sin we know. And then we take a soldier and put murder in his hands and we say to him, ‘Use it well, use it wisely.’ We put no checks on him. Go out and kill as many of a certain kind or classification of your brothers as you can. And we will reward you for it because it is a violation of your early training.”

Tags : Army Injustice Irony
Source : East of Eden

189. “The army was kept in as good state of fitness as the funds would allow.”

Tags : Army Taxes
Author : John Updike
Source : Memories of the Ford Administration

190. “Stealing is what the army does. Taking your father, and mine.”

Tags : Army War
Author : Markus Zusak
Source : The Book Thief

191. “The military operation swiftly became one of disaster management and damage control, search and rescue.”

Tags : Action Army Horror Military Paranoia Thriller
Source : Infected Connection

192. “We’re going to need a bigger army,” I said.”

Tags : Army
Author : Mark Lawrence
Source : King of Thorns

193. “I will always hate war, but will be forever proud of mine.”

Tags : Army Hate Iraq Marines Military Proud Soldiers War
Source : House to House: An Epic Memoir of War

194. “I am a Christian, but my time in Iraq has convinced me that God doesn't want to hear from me anymore. I've done things that He can never forgive. I've done them consciously. I've made decisions I must live with for years to come. I am not a victim. In each instance, I heard my conscience call for restraint, I told it to shut the fuck up and let me handle my business. All the sins I've committed, I've done with one objective: to keep my men alive.”

Tags : Army Conscience God Iraq Life Military Soldiers Terrorism War
Source : House to House: An Epic Memoir of War

195. “Evan stares at me.I try to hug him. He takes a step back. I pause, my heart in my throat. I’ve got to reach out to him, let myself be vulnerable. I find the courage, but he backs up again.“You can’t go to Iraq anymore.”“I know.”He looks up at Deanna, then back to me. “Did you fight bad guys? You told me you weren’t.” His voice is suspicious, full of accusation. He doesn’t trust me, and I don’t blame him for that.“No, Evan. I didn’t fight bad guys.”I can’t bring myself to tell him the complete truth. I want so desperately to go back into this fight. I miss it every day. I always felt I could change the world with a rifle in my hands and our flag on my shoulder.“Did you get shot?” he looks me over, apparently searching for bullet wounds.I grin a little. “No, Bud, I didn’t get shot.”“People get shot in Iraq.”“Yes, they do.” It strikes me then that Evan for the first time has a grasp on the dangers that are faced over there. He’s six now, and the world is coming into focus for him.“People get shot, Daddy. They die. Bad guys kill them.”I think of Edward Iwan and Sean Sims.“Yeah, I know they do, Evan.”

Tags : Army Dad Death Die Fight Guns Iraq Military Soldiers Son Terrorism War
Source : House to House: An Epic Memoir of War

196. “the shooting and killing weren’t as black-and-white as most people think. The actions live in that hazy area of blown-apart stone walls and hesitations. Sometimes I shot when I shouldn’t have; other times I didn’t shoot when I should have. There was no way to explain why I did either. Everything happened so fast. Decisions had to be made. After I got home I began to see things in slow motion, see the actions that might’ve been mistakes.”

Tags : Army Decisions Iraq Military Mistakes Remorse Soldiers War
Source : Soft Spots: A Marine's Memoir of Combat and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

197. “God works through people by stirring their hearts and sometimes people never know how they are helping others.”

Tags : Army God Goodness Help Iraq Military Soldiers War
Author : Colby Buzzell
Source : My War: Killing Time in Iraq

198. “I can see the little girl, the face of the little girl. And as much as people say that they don't care about these people and all that, I don't care about these people - but I do, at the same time, if that makes any sense. They don't want to help themselves, they're blowing us up, yeah, that hurts, but it also hurts to know that I've seen a girl that's as old as my little brother watch me shoot somebody in the head. And I don't care if she's Iraqi, Korean, African, white - she's still a little girl. And she watched me shoot somebody.”

Tags : Army Girl Guns Iraq Marines Shooting Soldiers War
Author : David Finkel
Source : The Good Soldiers

199. “Fuck it,” said Private First Class Chris Barnes, raising his hand. “Let’s do it. This sounds like a great fucking idea. Who wants to get blown up?” They started laughing. Watt, Barker, Cortez, and Private First Class Shane Hoeck all raised their hands. They did not give a damn anymore. It was all so absurd to them, that they were going to drive up and down a road for the next eight hours as bomb magnets. The only thing that they could do was laugh. “Hooray! We’re going out to get blown up!” they sang. “Who’s on board? Hey, who wants to come get blown up? Woohoo! Yeah, dude, I am ready to go fucking die! We are all going to fucking die!”

Tags : Army Death Die Iraq Military Soldiers War
Author : Jim Frederick
Source : Black Hearts: One Platoon's Descent Into Madness in Iraq's Triangle of Death

200. “I wanted people to know that we fired rounds into moving trucks and open windows to survive, not for anyone else’s freedom. Not for the Democrats. Not for Republicans. Just to survive.”

Tags : Army Freedom Iraq Military Politics Survive War
Source : Soft Spots: A Marine's Memoir of Combat and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder