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1. “This year I am the world's Intern. Its all about implementation and action.”

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2. “In order to get what other people have. You need to make them think and believe that whatever they are having or doing has no value. Its useless, and not important.So remember next time when someone makes you feel that way about yourself or about the things that you do. Just know they want something from you that you have or do and its a treat to them, but they will benefit from it. If you give it to them or give up completely.”

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3. “Perfection its not magic, but its the art of doing things over and over and over.I learn lot of things by Practicing them.The more mistakes I make on them, the closer I get to be right. You cant just be perfect or a master of something by just studying it. But you can be master and perfect by doing and practicing over and over. Repetition is equals to greatness and success.”

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4. “Perfection its not magic, but its the art of doing things over and over and over.”

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5. “Repetition is equals to greatness and success.”

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6. “Opportunities are endless but time is limited. So timing makes opportunity scarce . But if you use your time right. You will attract more Opportunities and you have a chance of getting more opportunities.”

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7. “The mind like any part of the body can be trained and be fit. Invest in learning and studying. If you keep your mind fit, It will keep you rich and wealthy.”

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8. “Biggest mistake you can make as a person in making sure that your never happy . Is to surround yourself with people who never appreciate you.”

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9. “Is is so ironic that I learn the truth about the people who think lies about me. I learned more on who they are than what they think of me. They look at me thinking I am a bad person, while its only them having bad evil thoughts about others.They judge other people while the problem is not with those people, but with their glass they use to see other people.”

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