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1. “The Aussies have spent so much time basking in the glory of the last generation that they have forgotten to plan for this one. It's just like the West Indies again; once their great names from the 1970s and 80s retired, the whole thing fell apart.The way things are going, the next Ashes series cannot come too quickly for England. What a shame that we have to wait until 2013 to play this lot again.”

Tags : 1970S 1980S 2010 11 Ashes Series 2010S 2011 2013 Ashes Series Australia Australia National Cricket Team Cricket England England Cricket Team The Ashes West Indies Cricket Team

2. “A jacketless Murdoch resumes his quiz, brushing off the assault as 'an overexcited autograph-hunter wanting to have his shaving foam signed.”

Tags : 2011 Assault Autographs Jonnie Marbles News International Phone Hacking Rupert Murdoch Shaving Cream Twitter
Author : Andy Zaltzman

3. “The rich run a global system that allows them to accumulate capital and pay the lowest possible price for labour. The freedom that results applies only to them. The many simply have to work harder, in conditions that grow ever more insecure, to enrich the few. Democratic politics, which purports to enrich the many, is actually in the pocket of those bankers, media barons and other moguls who run and own everything.”

Tags : 2011 Banks Capitalism Democracy Economic Inequality Economics Freedom Labour Media Politics Rupert Murdoch Social Class United Kingdom Wealth
Author : Charles Moore

4. “These are tough times for state governments. Huge deficits loom almost everywhere, from California to New York, from New Jersey to Texas.Wait—Texas? Wasn't Texas supposed to be thriving even as the rest of America suffered? Didn't its governor declare, during his re-election campaign, that 'we have billions in surplus'? Yes, it was, and yes, he did. But reality has now intruded, in the form of a deficit expected to run as high as $25 billion over the next two years.And that reality has implications for the nation as a whole. For Texas is where the modern conservative theory of budgeting—the belief that you should never raise taxes under any circumstances, that you can always balance the budget by cutting wasteful spending—has been implemented most completely. If the theory can't make it there, it can't make it anywhere.”

Tags : 2010 2011 Balanced Budget Budgets California Deficit Spending Economics Economy Of California Economy Of New Jersey Economy Of New York Economy Of Texas Economy Of The United States Financial Crisis Of 2007 2011 Governor Of Texas New Jersey New York Politics Rick Perry State Governments Of The Us Taxes Texas Texas Elections 2010 United States United States Elections 2010
Author : Paul Krugman

5. “It can certainly be misleading to take the attributes of a movement, or the anxieties and contradictions of a moment, and to personalize or 'objectify' them in the figure of one individual. Yet ordinary discourse would be unfeasible without the use of portmanteau terms—like 'Stalinism,' say—just as the most scrupulous insistence on historical forces will often have to concede to the sheer personality of a Napoleon or a Hitler. I thought then, and I think now, that Osama bin Laden was a near-flawless personification of the mentality of a real force: the force of Islamic jihad. And I also thought, and think now, that this force absolutely deserves to be called evil, and that the recent decapitation of its most notorious demagogue and organizer is to be welcomed without reserve. Osama bin Laden's writings and actions constitute a direct negation of human liberty, and vent an undisguised hatred and contempt for life itself.”

Tags : 2011 Adolf Hitler Cults Of Personality Death Of Osama Bin Laden Evil History Islam Islamism Jihad Liberty Napoleon Osama Bin Laden Religion September 11 Attacks Stalinism Terrorism Theocracy
Source : The Enemy

6. “I realise I'm behind on this but Rebekah Brooks was married to Ross Kemp of Gangs fame?! And she assaulted him? That explains so much.”

Tags : 2011 Domestic Violence Marriage News International Phone Hacking Rebekah Brooks Ross Kemp Ross Kemp On Gangs Twitter
Author : Mandy Wiener
Source : Killing Kebble: An Underworld Exposed

7. “Shrouded as he was for a decade in an apparent cloak of anonymity and obscurity, Osama bin Laden was by no means an invisible man. He was ubiquitous and palpable, both in a physical and a cyber-spectral form, to the extent that his death took on something of the feel of an exorcism. It is satisfying to know that, before the end came, he had begun at least to guess at the magnitude of his 9/11 mistake. It is essential to remember that his most fanatical and militant deputy, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, did not just leave his corpse in Iraq but was isolated and repudiated even by the minority Sunnis on whose presumed behalf he spilled so much blood and wrought such hectic destruction. It is even more gratifying that bin Laden himself was exposed as an excrescence on the putrid body of a bankrupt and brutish state machine, and that he found himself quite unable to make any coherent comment on the tide—one hopes that it is a tide, rather than a mere wave—of demand for an accountable and secular form of civil society. There could not have been a finer affirmation of the force of life, so warmly and authentically counterposed to the hysterical celebration of death, and of that death-in-life that is experienced in the stultifications of theocracy, where womanhood and music and literature are stifled and young men mutated into robotic slaughterers.”

Tags : 2011 Abu Musab Al Zarqawi Al Qaeda Al Qaeda In Iraq Arab Spring Death Death Of Osama Bin Laden Exorcism Feminism Iraq Islamism Life Literature Music Osama Bin Laden Pakistan Secularism September 11 Attacks Sunni Islam Terrorism Theocracy
Source : The Enemy

8. “Everyone loves a witch hunt as long as it's someone else's witch being hunted.”

Tags : 2011 2011 Tuscon Shooting Blame Game Hypocrisy Twitter Witch Hunts
Author : Walter Kirn

9. “Tip to all British tabloids: Do Not Hack Amy Winehouse's Phone. I repeat: Do Not Hack Amy Winehouse's Phone.”

Tags : 2011 Amy Winehouse Britain Death Journalism News International Phone Hacking Phone Hacking Tabloid Journalism Twitter

10. “I am just mystified by these people telling me I would think Obama was doing a great job if his skin contained less melanin.”

Tags : 2011 Barack Obama Bigotry Liberalism Politics Presidency Of Barack Obama Race Race Card Racism Twitter United States

11. “As the cleansing ocean closes over bin Laden's carcass, may the earth lie lightly on the countless graves of those he sentenced without compunction to be burned alive or dismembered in the street.”

Tags : 2011 Death Of Osama Bin Laden Fascism Mass Murder Obituary Osama Bin Laden September 11 Attacks
Source : The Enemy

12. “The great cause of the new Republican intake is the reduction of the deficit but to anyone seeking evidence of sincere attempts at deficit-reduction the evidence is baffling. The Republicans showed before Christmas that they would seek to reduce the deficit but not when it came to a matter of the tax breaks that had aggravated the deficit in the first place.Now there's a date set for the abolition of Barack Obama's healthcare plan, parts of which only came into operation at the start of this month. The Republicans are out to destroy the plan. Or, more precisely, to pretend to destroy the plan in the name of making good on election pledges. The measure won't get past the Senate.But suppose it did get past the Senate, what effect would this have on the deficit? The answer is it would aggravate the deficit. Somehow, somewhere, there's an override mechanism that makes destroying Obamacare more important than destroying the deficit. If only one could figure out how it works.”

Tags : 2010 2011 Barack Obama Bush Tax Cuts Christmas Healthcare Reform Healthcare Reform In The Us Politics Presidency Of Barack Obama Republican Party United States United States United States Elections 2010 United States Public Debt United States Senate
Author : James Fenton

13. “Incestuous, homogeneous fiefdoms of self-proclaimed expertise are always rank-closing and mutually self-defending, above all else.”

Tags : 2011 2011 Norway Attacks Consensus Elitism Expertise Experts Politics Twitter

14. “Republicans know well that a change of rhetorical pace is necessary. But efforts by their leaders to damp down the bellicosity of newly elected Tea Party types is running into the fact that the Tea Partiers have only the high volume setting on their amplifiers, just like Palin. They're like a couple having a fight at a funeral; politely sotto voce, then suddenly bursting out fortissimo with their plaints and accusations.”

Tags : 2011 2011 Tuscon Shooting Bickering Funerals Politics Republican Party United States Rhetoric Sarah Palin Tea Party Movement United States

15. “Tom Friedman says China is so awesome they make kosher pigs.”

Tags : 2011 China Judaism Kosher Foods Pigs Thomas Friedman Twitter

16. “I think there needs to be a meeting to set an agenda for more meetings about meetings.”

Tags : 2011 2011 Us Debt Ceiling Crisis Meetings Politics Twitter United States

17. “When Loughner himself speaks and we find out his real influences are Spiderman, 'Gnome Chomsky,' Taylor Swift, and Dr. Bronner, then what?”

Tags : 2011 2011 Tuscon Shooting Blame Game Emanuel Bronner Jared Lee Loughner Noam Chomsky Politics Presumption Spiderman Taylor Swift Twitter
Author : Walter Kirn

18. “Knowing, above all, that I would come looking, and find what he had left for me, all that remained of The Jungle Book in the pocket of his doctor’s coat, that folder-up, yellowed page torn from the back of the book, with a bristle of thick, coarse hairs clenced inside. Galina, says my grandfather’s handwriting, above and below a child’s drawing of the tiger, who is curved like the blade of a scimitar across the page. Galina, it says, and that is how I know to find him again, in Galina, in the story he hadn’t told me but perhaps wished he had.”

Tags : 2011 Debut Literature Magic Novel Superstition The Tigers Wife
Author : Téa Obreht

19. “The science is clear: if psi exists, the most reliable way to see it is through the lens of statistics. As a result, believers should stop and think before ever consulting a psychic.”

Tags : 2011 Parapsychology Psychics
Author : Steve Volk
Source : Fringe-ology: How I Tried to Explain Away the Unexplainable-And Couldn't

20. “[T]he anti-vitriol vitriol is getting ugly.”

Tags : 2011 2011 Tuscon Shooting Blame Game Twitter
Author : Walter Kirn

21. “Given Loughner's obsession with meaninglessness and language, maybe Foucault & Derrida deserve some fault here, too.”

Tags : 2011 2011 Tuscon Shooting Blame Game Jacques Derrida Jared Lee Loughner Language Michel Foucault Twitter
Author : Walter Kirn

22. “The Labour party on the whole has not been a very effective opposition since the election, partly because it spent months and months electing its new leader. I think the Labour party should, for one thing, stress much more that for most people in the past 13 years, the period was not one of collapse into chaos but actually one where the situation improved, and particularly in areas such as schools, hospitals and a variety of other cultural achievements—so the idea that somehow or other it all needs to be taken down and ground into the dust is not valid. I think we need to defend what most people think basically needs defending and that is the provision of some form of welfare from the cradle to the grave.”

Tags : 1990S 2000S 2010 2010S 2011 Culture Ed Miliband Hospitals Labour Party Uk Leftism Schools Uk General Election 2010 Welfare Welfare State
Author : Eric Hobsbawm

23. “Nice mix of Tory MPs saying this issue shouldn't be used for petty political pointscoring, & Tory MPs trying to score petty political points.”

Tags : 2011 Britain News International Phone Hacking Politics Tories Twitter United Kingdom
Author : Andy Zaltzman

24. “Genghis Miliband roars up to the despatch box like a caged donkey.”

Tags : 2011 Ed Miliband News International Phone Hacking Similes Twitter United Kingdom
Author : Andy Zaltzman

25. “The trick with getting Windows 10 to work well on my 2011 Windows 7 laptop computer was to use a HDMI cable and plug it into a full High Definition (HD) 1920x1080 resolution computer monitor at 60Hz as the sole display.”

Tags : 1080 1920 2011 60 7 Cable Computer Definition Full Hd Hdmi Hertz High Laptop Monitor Plug Resolution Sole Trick Well Windows Work
Author : Steven Magee

26. “At one conference Hameroff told Dennett, publicly, "You know, Dan, maybe the reason you like this [mechanistic] idea is because you're a zombie. And maybe the reason I see things differently is because, I'm not."Hameroff told me he was half-joking. But Dennett took offense. "I wound up apologizing," says Hameroff. "I guess he only likes the idea of being a zombie if we're all zombies.”

Tags : 2011 Compatibilism Consciousness Consciousness Explained Daniel Dennett Determinism Zombies
Author : Steve Volk
Source : Fringe-ology: How I Tried to Explain Away the Unexplainable-And Couldn't

27. “Scenár postupného oživenia európskej a teda aj slovenskej ekonomiky je aj naďalej vystavený viacerým rizikám. Tieto obavy vychádzajú najmä z faktu, že spúšťacím mechanizmom súčasnej recesie bola systémová kríza vo finančnom sektore, kde pretrvávajú naďalej problémy a treba otvorene povedať, že situácia sa nijako nezlepšuje ani za posledné roky. Európsky finančný systém nie je zdravý a pseudoriešenia dlhovej krízy vo forme prekrývania starých dlhov novými nie sú správne a celkový dlh v Európe nezmenšujú. No a v neposlednom rade treba spomedzi ďalších rizikových faktorov ohrozujúcich pozitívny vývoj Slovenska a EÚ uviesť slabú kondíciu trhu práce a už spomínaný nepriaznivý stav verejných financií vo väčšine krajín EÚ, čo v kombinácii s dlhovou krízou a problémami jednotlivých krajín prefinancovať svoj dlh zatiaľ nenabáda k prílišnému optimizmu.”

Tags : 2011 Analysis Slovakia
Source : Slovakia 2010. A report on the State of Society and Democracy and Trends for 2011

28. “The Fiddle Creek Steakhouse [in Stephenville, TX] started selling what they called an 'Alien Secretion' shot: ¾ shot of Malibu rum, ¾ shot of melon or Midori liqueur, ½ ounce of sweet and sour mix, ½ ounce of pineapple juice.”

Tags : 2008 2011 Cocktail Recipe Shot Ufos
Author : Steve Volk
Source : Fringe-ology: How I Tried to Explain Away the Unexplainable-And Couldn't

29. “Some libs took offense at my David Broder quip earlier. In my own defense, I was taught in college it's OK to disrespect dead white males.”

Tags : 2011 David S Broder Dead White Males Liberalism Offence Political Correctness Twitter
Author : James Taranto

30. “Kid 1: *examining my gorgeous strawberry and blueberry pies*: Wow, Mom, your pies don’t look awful this time.Me (Ilona): ...~A little later~Kid 2: *wandering into the kitchen*Kid 1: Hey, you’ve got to see these pies. *opening the stove*Kid 2: Wow. They are not ugly this time.Kid 1: I know, right?”

Tags : 2011 Funny Ilona Andrews Ilona Andrews Website Kids Pie Thanksgiving
Author : Ilona Andrews

31. “There is no one in the United States over the age of 18 who cannot be indicted for some federal crime. That is not an exaggeration.”

Tags : 2011 Criminal Justice System Federal Government Law United States Of America
Author : John Baker

32. “Scary discovery of the day: Most people who RT @yokoono's tweets do so without irony.”

Tags : 2011 Irony Twitter Yoko Ono
Author : James Taranto

33. “After two months of horrible computer problems, I had concluded that the free Windows 10 installation was an unreliable lobotomized operating system as compared to Windows 7 on a 2011 HP G72-B50US laptop computer.”

Tags : 10 2011 7 After Compared Computer Concluded Free Horrible Hp Installation Laptop Lobotomized Months Operating Problems System Unreliable Windows
Author : Steven Magee

34. “One upside of the heat. Kind of cool to see a cat pant.”

Tags : 2011 2011 North American Heat Wave Cats Heat Twitter

35. “Gov. Christie says 'New Jersey First.' State-based Isolationism!”

Tags : 2011 Chris Christie Isolationism New Jersey Politics Twitter United States

36. “Because of racism, he can't govern effectively' is not a great argument for re-election.”

Tags : 2011 Barack Obama Politics Racism Twitter United States Us Presidential Election 2012
Author : James Taranto

37. “Windows 10 on both an old 2011 upgraded computer and a new 2016 computer was an excruciating experience”

Tags : 10 2011 2016 Computer Desktop Excruciating Experience Free Home Laptop New Old Upgrade Upgraded Windows
Author : Steven Magee

38. “To all the revolutionaries fighting to throw off the yoke of tyranny around the world: look at British democracy. Is that what you want?”

Tags : 2011 Arab Spring Britain Democracy News International Phone Hacking Revolution Tyranny
Author : Andy Zaltzman

39. “How I get inspired?? (Good question!)I just read stuff which make me to get inspired, like horror, like facts, like books which give me the chance to look over the goverment...However I watch films like The Den, Truth or Die, Unknown 2011, Unknown 2015, You can't kill Stephen King, Dreamscapes and Nightmares, Breaking Bad, Monk and many others this series, films put me in Different situations and I just need to solve them...My life the whole is just an example what I mustn't do and somehow this make me inspired!”

Tags : 2011 2015 Films How Inspired Life Series Somehow Unknown 2011 Whole
Author : Deyth Banger

40. “Not reassuring when weathermen say 'Today will be terrible but don't worry it won't be as terrible as tomorrow or Friday.”

Tags : 2011 2011 North American Heat Wave Reassurance Twitter Weather

41. “This country has a UFO problem, after all. You might not have been aware we have one, or thought about it in these terms, but we do have a UFO problem: namely, we don't seem to understand what UFO really means. So here it is: a UFO is an unidentified flying object. So any time we see some object flying in the sky that we can't positively identify, we've seen a UFO. But in the same way the words paranormal and supernatural have been conflated, we now equate UFO with alien spacecraft.How this came to be is easily understandable. If we've learned one thing in this book already, people don't like the unknown very much. And so, if we believe we're being visited by other civilizations, we read the piles of books and articles on unexplained lights in the sky, then fill in the massive gaps—with wild tales of alien races, interstellar technology, and government conspiracies. If we don't believe, we hear someone saw an unexplained light in the sky and assume, first, that he's claiming to have seen E.T. Then we figure what he really saw was an airplane, Venus, swamp gas, or a helicopter, and he must be a bit foolish—maybe even a UFO nut. Then we laugh.”

Tags : 2011 Belief Critical Thinking Judgement Jumping To Conclusions Ufo
Author : Steve Volk
Source : Fringe-ology: How I Tried to Explain Away the Unexplainable-And Couldn't

42. “The American people are fed up...with political posturing.' True, but also an example of political posturing.”

Tags : 2011 2011 Us Debt Ceiling Crisis Barack Obama Hypocrisy Politics Posturing Twitter
Author : James Taranto

43. “I got my dad a great father's Day present. He called to say: 'Ach. Zis present is so good I now think it vas almost vorth having children.”

Tags : 2011 Children Father S Day Fathers Parents Presents Twitter
Author : Johann Hari

44. “My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we'll change the world.”

Tags : 2011 August 20 Inspirational Quotes
Author : Jack Layton

45. “American political culture quickly and always outpaces any attempt to satirize it.”

Tags : 2011 Politics Satire Twitter United States

46. “They all wait impatiently for the blessed cloak of darkness to cover their wretched little deeds, but the sun will not be hurried by the whims of men.”

Tags : 2011 P 119
Source : The Gallows Curse

47. “@bobbybaird i'm a writer, so are you. we try to compose our thoughts and words for effect as well as sense. vain of us? a bit.”

Tags : 2011 Robert L Baird Twitter Vanity Writing
Author : Walter Kirn

48. “The British version of 'Shit My Dad Says' is really entertaining.”

Tags : 2011 Hackgate James Murdoch Murdoch News International Phone Hacking Parliament Of The United Kingdom Rupert Murdoch Shit My Dad Says Twitter

49. “Memo to extreme partisans: If you can't bring yourselves to love your enemies, can you at least learn to hate your friends?”

Tags : 2011 2011 Tuscon Shooting Enemies Friends Partisanship Politics Twitter
Author : Walter Kirn

50. “This is how it works now with the news: the story begins with a moral, then a narrative is fashioned to support it.”

Tags : 2011 2011 Tuscon Shooting Media News Twitter
Author : Walter Kirn

51. “We can't tell you the origin of the experience. But we can tell you the brain does appear to be built to have these [mystical] experiences. There are examples of people reaching similar states, spontaneously. But for the most part, it takes work. Meditation and these powerful prayer experiences require dedication and practice. But people have figured out how to do this, and the question is, 'What is the source of that experience?' The answer is, 'We don't know.' Science doesn't really have an answer for you.”

Tags : 2011 Meditation Neurotheology Prayer Science Vs Religion The Great Work
Source : Fringe-ology: How I Tried to Explain Away the Unexplainable-And Couldn't

52. “It is the finding of neuroscience, in fact, that belief is at least in part a matter of emotion. Whatever we believe to be true lights up areas of our brain responsible for self-identification and the processing of feelings and sentiments. If we believe something, then, the object of our belief becomes an emotionally potent aspect of our own self-image. There is some common sense to this, too: the most passionate of believers and the most strident of New Atheists are palpably, visibly fired up and ready to defend their positions.”

Tags : 2011 Belief Neuroscience Neurotheology New Atheism
Author : Steve Volk
Source : Fringe-ology: How I Tried to Explain Away the Unexplainable-And Couldn't