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1. “Ah, Macy Joleen O'James, I love you. More than I ever knew it was possible to love someone. I want to laugh with you when you're happy and hold you when you're sad and--hell. I don't even know what all. This is uncharted territory for me, but I know that I Buzz Lightyear love you. You know--to infinity and beyond?”

Tags : Forever Infinity Love
Source : Burning Up

2. “If you can't say anything nice, at least have the decency to be vague.”

Tags : Compliment Insult
Source : Baby, Don't Go

3. “Only you could take one of my worst character faults and turn it into a virtue.”

Tags : Faults Virtues
Source : Baby, Don't Go

4. “You don't talk much, do you, angel-face? I like that in a woman.”

Tags : Angel Angel Face Insult Silence Talk Talking Woman Women
Source : Be My Baby

5. “What is it about men, anyway? You can't live with 'em and the law frowns on neutering them. It's not exactly a win-win situation.”

Tags : Frustration Men
Source : Burning Up

6. “And if her heart was breaking with every step she took, at least he would never know.”

Tags : Heartbreak Love Relationship
Source : Be My Baby

7. “Guys are a lot like kitchen floors – lay ‘em right the first time and you can walk all over them for years.”

Tags : Guys Laid Males Men Sex
Source : Baby, I'm Yours

8. “Why didn't anyone ever drop by unexpectedly when she was dressed to kill?”

Tags : Dressed Humor
Source : That Thing Called Love

9. “Frankly though, bud, your criteria for what constitutes a good date is kinda skewed, if you ask me. Homemade cookies are overrated man -- trust me on this. You can find a decent bakery just about anywhere you go.”

Tags : Bakery Cookies Date Dating Overrated
Source : Baby, I'm Yours

10. “Keep yourself healthy, my butt. Next you'll be flipping them all nasty one-handed gestures and telling me its an AMA approved method of controlling your blood pressure.”

Tags : Ama Blood Pressure Flip Off Healthy
Source : Baby, I'm Yours

11. “It was pretty much the male code not to let your friends have too much fun if there was any chance you could throw a wrench in their good times.”

Tags : Fun Men
Source : Burning Up

12. “I've been a perfect lady my entire life, and somebody just tried to shoot me, anyway. Grandmother was wrong. Goodness is not its own reward.”

Tags : Advice Behavior Good Goodness Lady Reward
Source : Be My Baby

13. “Be good. It'll be a new experience.”

Tags : Behavior Experience Good New
Source : Be My Baby

14. “Interesting outfit.”Clearly unabashed, she merely glanced down at herself, slicked long-fingered, bloodred-tipped hands over her hips and thighs. Then laughed low in her throat. “I know. It’s a little over the top, isn’t it? But I’ve got a hot date tonight and zero time to go home to change.”Shock reverberated in his gut and zinged down the nerve rich column of his spinal cord. Taking a hot step forward, he demanded before he could stop himself, “With who?”She gave him a cool look, clearly wondering what the hell business he thought it was of his. Still, she answered him, which he hadn’t actually expected.“Eduardo,” she said, drawing the syllables out, her lips caressing them as if they were made of Godiva chocolates. “He’s an—” Cutting herself off, she shook her head. “Well. You don’t give a rat’s rear end who he is.”“Sure I do,” he forced himself to say in a bored tone, dismayed to discover that part of him was seriously tempted to grab those spandex- wrapped arms and shake the information out of her.”

Tags : Jealous Hero
Source : Playing Dirty