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1. “Well, I think Leo's either going to learn a much needed lesson in social activity-- or go nuts and kill us all." -Crash”

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2. “Yeah, who's this Leo guy anyway?" "How would he even know where we are? He's not a problem." "False: I'm Leo, and I am a problem.”

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3. “Why do you live out here? You're a great healer; you could get work in the inner city if you wanted to. Even in E-star, I bet." "Well, I just don't want to live anywhere else," She looked up, smiling so that the lines at the edges of her eyes crinkled. As she looked out into the expanse of endless desert that led up to the crater wall, she seemed as though her thoughts were far away. "This place is our home. It was my mother's home, and her mother's before that. This is what we know, and even though our lives aren't as long as those with the clean air... this is our land.”

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Source : His Brother's Keeper