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1. “U will become a fool if you are being professional with unprofessional person!!”

Tags : Fool Professional Unprofessional

2. “I believe in employment, not in money.”

Tags : Nation Building

3. “In an organisation never follow a person follow the system - MB”

Tags : Organisation Organisational Structure System

4. “The Nation doesn't simple need what we have, It needs what we are.”

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5. “Innovation:Individuality:: Utilisation:Unity::”

Tags : Unity

6. “Your identity depends on your heart's ability to excuse not on the power or the money you own.”

Tags : Excuse Identity Money Power

7. “Business: It is all about generating employment not about generating money.”

Tags : Business Culture Employment Money

8. “I still have people from my past who treat me wrong, i thank them for making me strong.”

Tags : Enemies Past Strong

9. “Jealous makes tongue unconscious.”

Tags : Jealous Tongue

10. “My strength: My enemies, they keep me strong enough to face the worst - MB”

Tags : Enemies Strength Worst

11. “Life is all about what's happening now, dont wait for tomorrow- Keep it simple - MB”

Tags : Happening Life Simple Life Tomorrow

12. “Am not a politician to worry about my post,Am not a employee to worry about my designation,Am not a businessman to worry about market,Am a common man”

Tags : Political

13. “Thoughts make life tough.”

Tags : Life Thoughts Tough